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Address	Description						Valid Value Ranges
19238C	Possibly Acceleration					greater than 0
1C2698	Lap Counter						0-2
228A98	Time Minute Value					0-9
228A9C	Time Seconds Tens Position				0-5
228AA0	Time Seconds Ones Position				0-9
228AA4	Time Milliseconds Hundreds Position			0-9
228AA8	Time Milliseconds Tens Position				0-9
228AAC	Time Milliseconds Ones Position				0-9
193814	Camera Zoom Level/Character Ship Bobbing?		0-2
22883C	Toggle current selection Flashing animation pause menu	0 and 1 only
152668	Current Power Level(Needs Verifying)			0-5
1C27C4	Current Power Level(Needs Verifying)			0-5
1C27D0	Current Power Level(Needs Verifying)			0-5
1C27C8	Miss Counter(Needs Verifying)				0-5
1C27CC	Miss Counter(Needs Verifying)				0-5
1CE3CC	Horizontal Input Poll #(+/-)	
1CE3E8	Horizontal Input Poll #(+/-)	
1CE404	Horizontal Input Poll #(+/-)	
1CE3EC	Vertical Input Poll #(+/-)	
1CE408	Vertical Input Poll #(+/-)	
1CE3DO	Vertical Input Poll #(+/-)	
152668	Power							0-5
1C27C4	Power							0-5
1C27D0	Power							0-5
1C27C8	# of Misses						0-5
1C27CC	# of Misses						0-5
1939E0	interesting address	
1C3760	same	
192370	possibly speed result	
ICE380	address range suspected to be tied to user inputs	
ICE390	this value appears tied to resets/the menu system	
ICE3A0	may be more in this range I missed, test this area of memory for inputs	
(Source: Wave Race 64 NTSC-U RAM ADDRESSES)

Internal Data for Wave Race 64

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