Vagrant Story:skills

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256 x $34 bytes each skill starting at RAM 8004B9DC

$0	1	skills list
$1	1	? somehow points to the effect file(s)... (EFFPURGE)
$2	1	bit0:		?
		bits1-3:	type
				1	spell (costs MP)
				2	special attack / battle abil (costs RISK)
				3	break art (costs HP)
				4	? unused (costs weapon PP)
				5	item effect (costs nothing)
				6	normal (cost defined by weapon)
				7	trap
		bits4-7:	targeting parameters
$3	1	cost
$4	4	range
$8	4	area of effect range
$c	1	bits0-7:	WT/$100 (if $FF, use weapon's WT instead)
		bit15:		is learned
$14	2*4	1st-2nd hit parameters
                bits0-6:	skill effect
		bits7-12:	skill hitrate prereqs
		bits13-15:	skill hitrate calc
		bits16-21:	skill damage
		bits22-26:	attack multiplier
		bits27-28:	damage type (B/E/P) if zero use weapon's
		bits29-31:	damage affinity, if zero use weapon's
$1c	$18str	name