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Map Tracking

There are almost 400 unique locations in the game. 361 of them are counting towards 100% map completion. The rest is used for the cutscenes, alternative variants of rooms, or for debugging purposes.

Each time, you enter the room or watch a cutscene, the game tracks that event by setting the flag associated with it. Flags are stored in 64-byte region, starting at offset 0x8005ffd8. Each flag is represented by a single bit, so every byte can store up to 8 flags. By default all the flags are set to 0; when you enter the area or see the cutscene, they are set to 1.

The formula to determine which flag to set is following:

  1. Each location is stored in a MAPxxx.MPD file, where xxx is a unique 3-digit number,
  2. To get the number of byte in which the flag will be stored, divide the map number by 8,
  3. To determine which bit in this byte we need to set, calculate modulo of the map number and 8

Example: Room of Rotten Grapes map in the Wine Cellar zone is stored in the MAP021.MPD file.

Flag Byte Number = 21 / 8 = 2
Flag Bit Number = 21 % 8 = 5

Flag Byte Offset = 0x8005ffd8 + 2 = 0x8005ffda

Flag representing this map, is the 5th bit of the byte located at 0x8005ffda address.

NOTE: flags for maps that you visit directly with your avatar are set immediately, but the ones used for the cutscenes, are set after the scene finishes.

Map Completion Score

Because we need only 361 maps to get 100% map completion, and there are more maps (and flags) in the game, we need a way to eliminate the duds. Fortunately, we don't have to guess, because the key to decode this puzzle is already in the game. At the offset 0x800e8508 there is another 64-byte data region, which we can use. It stores the bit-masks used in the map completion % formula. It goes like this:

  1. Read the byte with the same number from the first and second region,
  2. Perform bit-wise AND on both values,
  3. Take the result and count all bits set to 1,
  4. Add this number to your total
  5. Repeat 64 times
  6. ...
  7. Profit!

Flag/Map List

Here's the list of 361 maps, that counts toward 100% completion.

The first column is the flag byte number (hex format), the second is the flag bit number, and the third is the map file name. The last two columns are the zone, and the map name.

  01  1  MAP009.MPD  Wine Cellar, Entrance to Darkness
  01  2  MAP010.MPD  Wine Cellar, Room of Cheap Red Wine
  01  3  MAP011.MPD  Wine Cellar, Room of Cheap White Wine
  01  4  MAP012.MPD  Wine Cellar, Hall of Struggle
  01  5  MAP013.MPD  Wine Cellar, Smokebarrel Stair
  01  6  MAP014.MPD  Wine Cellar, Wine Guild Hall
  01  7  MAP015.MPD  Wine Cellar, Wine Magnate's Chambers
  02  0  MAP016.MPD  Wine Cellar, Fine Vintage Vault
  02  1  MAP017.MPD  Wine Cellar, Chamber of Fear
  02  2  MAP018.MPD  Wine Cellar, The Reckoning Room
  02  3  MAP019.MPD  Wine Cellar, A Laborer's Thirst
  02  4  MAP020.MPD  Wine Cellar, The Rich Drown in Wine
  02  5  MAP021.MPD  Wine Cellar, Room of Rotten Grapes (v1)
  03  0  MAP024.MPD  Wine Cellar, The Greedy One's Den
  03  1  MAP025.MPD  Wine Cellar, The Hero's Winehall
  03  2  MAP026.MPD  Wine Cellar, The Gallows
  03  3  MAP027.MPD  Wine Cellar, Worker's Breakroom
  03  4  MAP028.MPD  Catacombs, Hall of Sworn Revenge
  03  5  MAP029.MPD  Catacombs, The Last Blessing
  03  6  MAP030.MPD  Catacombs, The Weeping Corridor
  03  7  MAP031.MPD  Catacombs, Persecution Hall
  04  0  MAP032.MPD  Catacombs, The Lamenting Mother (v1)
  04  1  MAP033.MPD  Catacombs, Rodent-Ridden Chamber
  04  2  MAP034.MPD  Catacombs, Shrine to the Martyrs
  04  4  MAP036.MPD  Catacombs, Hall of Dying Hope
  04  5  MAP037.MPD  Catacombs, Bandits' Hideout
  04  6  MAP038.MPD  Catacombs, The Bloody Hallway
  04  7  MAP039.MPD  Catacombs, Faith Overcame Fear
  05  0  MAP040.MPD  Catacombs, The Withered Spring
  05  1  MAP041.MPD  Catacombs, Repent, O ye Sinners
  05  2  MAP042.MPD  Catacombs, The Reaper's Victims
  05  3  MAP043.MPD  Catacombs, The Last Stab of Hope
  05  4  MAP044.MPD  Catacombs, Hallway of Heroes
  05  6  MAP046.MPD  Catacombs, The Beast's Domain
  05  7  MAP047.MPD  Sanctum, Prisoners' Niche
  06  0  MAP048.MPD  Sanctum, Corridor of the Clerics
  06  1  MAP049.MPD  Sanctum, Priests' Confinement
  06  2  MAP050.MPD  Sanctum, Alchemists' Laboratory
  06  3  MAP051.MPD  Sanctum, Theology Classroom
  06  4  MAP052.MPD  Sanctum, Shrine of the Martyrs
  06  5  MAP053.MPD  Sanctum, Advent Ground
  06  7  MAP055.MPD  Sanctum, Passage of the Refugees (v2)
  07  1  MAP057.MPD  Sanctum, Stairway to the Light
  07  2  MAP058.MPD  Sanctum, Hallowed Hope
  07  3  MAP059.MPD  Sanctum, The Academia Corridor
  07  4  MAP060.MPD  Sanctum, Hall of Sacrilege
  07  5  MAP061.MPD  Sanctum, The Cleansing Chantry
  07  7  MAP063.MPD  Great Cathedral B1, Sanity and Madness
  08  3  MAP067.MPD  Great Cathedral B1, Truth and Lies
  08  5  MAP069.MPD  Great Cathedral B1, Order and Chaos
  08  6  MAP070.MPD  Great Cathedral B1, The Victor's Laurels
  08  7  MAP071.MPD  Great Cathedral B1, Struggle for the Soul
  09  0  MAP072.MPD  Great Cathedral B1, An Offering of Souls
  09  2  MAP074.MPD  Great Cathedral L2, He Screams for Mercy
  09  3  MAP075.MPD  Great Cathedral L2, Light and Dark Wage War
  09  4  MAP076.MPD  Great Cathedral L2, Abasement from Above
  09  5  MAP077.MPD  Great Cathedral L3, The Heretics' Story
  09  6  MAP078.MPD  Great Cathedral L3, The Wine-Lecher's Fall
  09  7  MAP079.MPD  Great Cathedral L1, The Flayed Confessional
  0A  0  MAP080.MPD  Great Cathedral L1, Monk's Leap
  0A  1  MAP081.MPD  Great Cathedral L1, Where Darkness Spreads
  0A  2  MAP082.MPD  Great Cathedral L1, Hieratic Recollections
  0A  3  MAP083.MPD  Great Cathedral L1, A Light in the Dark
  0A  4  MAP084.MPD  Great Cathedral L1, The Poisoned Chapel
  0A  5  MAP085.MPD  Great Cathedral L1, Sin and Punishment
  0A  6  MAP086.MPD  Great Cathedral L1, Cracked Pleasures
  0A  7  MAP087.MPD  Great Cathedral L1, Into Holy Battle
  0B  0  MAP088.MPD  Great Cathedral L2, Maelstrom of Malice
  0B  1  MAP089.MPD  Great Cathedral L2, The Acolyte's Weakness
  0B  2  MAP090.MPD  Great Cathedral L2, The Hall of Broken Vows
  0B  3  MAP091.MPD  Great Cathedral L2, The Melodics of Madness
  0B  4  MAP092.MPD  Great Cathedral L2, Free from Base Desires
  0B  5  MAP093.MPD  Great Cathedral L2, The Convent Room
  0B  6  MAP094.MPD  Great Cathedral L3, Hopes of the Idealist
  0B  7  MAP095.MPD  Great Cathedral L2, An Arrow into Darkness
  0C  0  MAP096.MPD  Great Cathedral L2, What Ails You, Kills You
  0C  1  MAP097.MPD  Great Cathedral L3, Where the Soul Rots
  0C  2  MAP098.MPD  Great Cathedral L3, Despair of the Fallen
  0C  3  MAP099.MPD  Great Cathedral L4, The Atrium
  0C  5  MAP101.MPD  The Paling, Guildestern fight P1
  0C  6  MAP102.MPD  The Paling, Guildestern fight P2
  0D  1  MAP105.MPD  City Walls West, Students of Death
  0D  2  MAP106.MPD  City Walls West, The Gabled Hall
  0D  3  MAP107.MPD  City Walls West, Where the Master Fell
  0D  4  MAP108.MPD  City Walls South, The Weeping Boy
  0D  5  MAP109.MPD  City Walls South, Swords for the Land
  0D  6  MAP110.MPD  City Walls South, In Wait of the Foe
  0D  7  MAP111.MPD  City Walls South, Where Weary Riders Rest
  0E  0  MAP112.MPD  City Walls South, The Boy's Training Room
  0E  1  MAP113.MPD  City Walls East, Train and Grow Strong
  0E  2  MAP114.MPD  City Walls East, The Squire's Gathering
  0E  3  MAP115.MPD  City Walls East, The Invaders are Found
  0E  4  MAP116.MPD  City Walls East, The Dream-Weavers
  0E  5  MAP117.MPD  City Walls East, The Cornered Savage
  0E  6  MAP118.MPD  City Walls North, Traces of Invasion Past
  0E  7  MAP119.MPD  City Walls North, From Squire to Knight
  0F  0  MAP120.MPD  City Walls North, Be for Battle Prepared
  0F  1  MAP121.MPD  City Walls North, Destruction and Rebirth
  0F  2  MAP122.MPD  City Walls North, From Boy to Hero
  0F  3  MAP123.MPD  City Walls North, A Welcome Invasion
  0F  4  MAP124.MPD  The Keep, The Warrior's Rest
  0F  6  MAP126.MPD  The Keep, The Soldier's Bedding
  0F  7  MAP127.MPD  The Keep, A Storm of Arrows
  10  0  MAP128.MPD  The Keep, Urge the Boy On
  10  1  MAP129.MPD  The Keep, A Taste of the Spoils
  10  2  MAP130.MPD  The Keep, Wiping Blood from Blades
  11  3  MAP139.MPD  Temple of Kiltia, The Dark Coast
  11  4  MAP140.MPD  Temple of Kiltia, Hall of Prayer
  11  5  MAP141.MPD  Temple of Kiltia, Those who Drink the Dark
  11  6  MAP142.MPD  Temple of Kiltia, The Chapel of Meschaunce
  11  7  MAP143.MPD  Temple of Kiltia, The Resentful Ones
  12  0  MAP144.MPD  Temple of Kiltia, Those who Fear the Light
  12  1  MAP145.MPD  Temple of Kiltia, Chamber of Reason
  12  2  MAP146.MPD  Temple of Kiltia, Exit to City Center
  12  3  MAP147.MPD  Town Center West, Rue Vermillion
  12  4  MAP148.MPD  Town Center West, The Rene Coastroad
  12  5  MAP149.MPD  Town Center West, Rue Mal Fallde
  12  6  MAP150.MPD  Town Center West, Tircolas Flow
  12  7  MAP151.MPD  Town Center West, Glacialdra Kirk Ruins
  13  0  MAP152.MPD  Town Center West, Rue Bouquet
  13  1  MAP153.MPD  Town Center West, Villeport Way
  13  2  MAP154.MPD  Town Center West, Rue Sant D'alsa
  13  3  MAP155.MPD  Town Center South, Valdiman Gates
  13  4  MAP156.MPD  Town Center South, Rue Faltes
  13  5  MAP157.MPD  Town Center South, Forcas Rise
  13  6  MAP158.MPD  Town Center South, Rue Aliano
  13  7  MAP159.MPD  Town Center South, Rue Volnac
  14  0  MAP160.MPD  Town Center South, Rue Morgue
  14  2  MAP162.MPD  Town Center East, Rue Lejour
  14  3  MAP163.MPD  Town Center East, Kesch Bridge
  14  4  MAP164.MPD  Town Center East, Rue Crimnade
  14  5  MAP165.MPD  Town Center East, Rue Fisserano
  14  6  MAP166.MPD  Town Center East, Shasras Hill Park
  15  3  MAP171.MPD  Town Center East, Plateia Lumitar
  15  5  MAP173.MPD  Town Center West, Dinas Walk
  15  6  MAP174.MPD  Town Center South, Zebel's Walk
  15  7  MAP175.MPD  Town Center East, Gharmes Walk
  16  0  MAP176.MPD  Town Center South, The House Khazabas
  16  1  MAP177.MPD  Town Center East, The House Gilgitte
  16  3  MAP179.MPD  Snowfly Forest, The Hunt Begins
  16  4  MAP180.MPD  Snowfly Forest, Which Way Home
  16  5  MAP181.MPD  Snowfly Forest, The Giving Trees
  16  6  MAP182.MPD  Snowfly Forest, The Wounded Boar
  16  7  MAP183.MPD  Snowfly Forest, Golden Egg Way
  17  0  MAP184.MPD  Snowfly Forest, The Birds and the Bees
  17  1  MAP185.MPD  Snowfly Forest, The Woodcutter's Run
  17  2  MAP186.MPD  Snowfly Forest, The Wolves' Choice
  17  3  MAP187.MPD  Snowfly Forest, Howl of the Wolf King
  17  4  MAP188.MPD  Snowfly Forest, Fluttering Hope
  17  5  MAP189.MPD  Snowfly Forest, Traces of the Beast
  17  6  MAP190.MPD  Snowfly Forest, The Yellow Wood
  17  7  MAP191.MPD  Snowfly Forest, They Also Feed
  18  0  MAP192.MPD  Snowfly Forest, Where Soft Rains Fell
  18  1  MAP193.MPD  Snowfly Forest, The Spirit Trees
  18  2  MAP194.MPD  Snowfly Forest, The Silent Hedges
  18  3  MAP195.MPD  Snowfly Forest, Lamenting to the Moon
  18  4  MAP196.MPD  Snowfly Forest, The Hollow Hills
  18  5  MAP197.MPD  Snowfly Forest, Running with the Wolves
  18  6  MAP198.MPD  Snowfly Forest, You Are the Prey
  18  7  MAP199.MPD  Snowfly Forest, The Secret Path
  19  0  MAP200.MPD  Snowfly Forest, The Faerie Circle
  19  1  MAP201.MPD  Snowfly Forest, Return to the Land
  19  2  MAP202.MPD  Snowfly Forest, Forest River
  19  3  MAP203.MPD  Snowfly Forest, Hewn from Nature
  19  4  MAP204.MPD  Snowfly Forest, The Wood Gate
  19  5  MAP205.MPD  Catacombs, Workshop "Work of Art"
  19  6  MAP206.MPD  Town Center West, Workshop "Magic Hammer"
  19  7  MAP207.MPD  The Keep, Workshop "Keane's Crafts"
  1A  0  MAP208.MPD  Town Center East, Workshop "Metal Works"
  1A  1  MAP209.MPD  Town Center East, Workshop "Junction Point"
  1A  2  MAP210.MPD  Undercity West, Workshop "Godhands"
  1B  4  MAP220.MPD  Undercity West, The Bread Peddler's Way
  1B  5  MAP221.MPD  Undercity West, Way of the Mother Lode
  1B  6  MAP222.MPD  Undercity West, Sewer of Ravenous Rats
  1B  7  MAP223.MPD  Undercity West, Underdark Fishmarket
  1C  0  MAP224.MPD  Undercity West, The Sunless Way
  1C  1  MAP225.MPD  Undercity West, Remembering Days of Yore
  1C  2  MAP226.MPD  Undercity West, Where the Hunter Climbed
  1C  3  MAP227.MPD  Undercity West, Larder for a Lean Winter
  1C  4  MAP228.MPD  Undercity West, Hall of Poverty
  1C  5  MAP229.MPD  Undercity West, The Washing-Woman's Way
  1C  6  MAP230.MPD  Undercity West, Beggars of the Mouthharp
  1C  7  MAP231.MPD  Undercity West, Corner of the Wretched
  1D  0  MAP232.MPD  Undercity West, Path to the Greengrocer
  1D  1  MAP233.MPD  Undercity West, Crossroads of Rest
  1D  2  MAP234.MPD  Undercity West, Path of the Children
  1D  3  MAP235.MPD  Undercity West, Fear of the Fall
  1D  4  MAP236.MPD  Undercity West, Sinner's Corner
  1D  5  MAP237.MPD  Undercity West, Nameless Dark Oblivion
  1D  6  MAP238.MPD  Undercity West, Corner of Prayers
  1D  7  MAP239.MPD  Undercity West, Hope Obstructed
  1E  0  MAP240.MPD  Undercity West, The Children's Hideout
  1E  1  MAP241.MPD  Undercity West, The Crumbling Market
  1E  2  MAP242.MPD  Undercity West, Tears from Empty Sockets
  1E  3  MAP243.MPD  Undercity West, Where Flood Waters Ran
  1E  4  MAP244.MPD  Undercity West, The Body Fragile Yields
  1E  5  MAP245.MPD  Undercity West, Salvation for the Mother
  1E  6  MAP246.MPD  Undercity West, Bite the Master's Wounds
  1E  7  MAP247.MPD  Undercity East, Hall to a New World
  1F  0  MAP248.MPD  Undercity East, Place of Free Words
  1F  1  MAP249.MPD  Undercity East, Bazaar of the Bizarre
  1F  2  MAP250.MPD  Undercity East, Noble Gold and Silk
  1F  3  MAP251.MPD  Undercity East, A Knight Sells his Sword
  1F  4  MAP252.MPD  Undercity East, Gemsword Blackmarket
  1F  5  MAP253.MPD  Undercity East, The Pirate's Son
  1F  6  MAP254.MPD  Undercity East, Sale of the Sword
  1F  7  MAP255.MPD  Undercity East, Weapons Not Allowed
  20  0  MAP256.MPD  Undercity East, The Greengrocer's Stair
  20  1  MAP257.MPD  Undercity East, Where Black Waters Ran
  20  2  MAP258.MPD  Undercity East, Arms Against Invaders
  20  3  MAP259.MPD  Undercity East, Catspaw Blackmarket
  20  4  MAP260.MPD  Abandoned Mines B1, Dreamers' Entrance
  20  5  MAP261.MPD  Abandoned Mines B1, Miners' Resting Hall
  20  6  MAP262.MPD  Abandoned Mines B1, The Crossing
  20  7  MAP263.MPD  Abandoned Mines B1, Conflict and Accord
  21  0  MAP264.MPD  Abandoned Mines B1, The Suicide King
  21  1  MAP265.MPD  Abandoned Mines B1, The End of the Line
  21  2  MAP266.MPD  Abandoned Mines B1, The Battle's Beginning
  21  3  MAP267.MPD  Abandoned Mines B1, What Lies Ahead?
  21  4  MAP268.MPD  Abandoned Mines B1, The Fruits of Friendship
  21  5  MAP269.MPD  Abandoned Mines B1, The Earthquake's Mark
  21  6  MAP270.MPD  Abandoned Mines B1, Coal Mine Storage
  21  7  MAP271.MPD  Abandoned Mines B1, The Passion of Lovers
  22  0  MAP272.MPD  Abandoned Mines B1, The Hall of Hope
  22  1  MAP273.MPD  Abandoned Mines B1, The Dark Tunnel
  22  2  MAP274.MPD  Abandoned Mines B1, Rust in Peace
  22  3  MAP275.MPD  Abandoned Mines B1, Everwant Passage
  22  4  MAP276.MPD  Abandoned Mines B1, Mining Regrets
  22  5  MAP277.MPD  Abandoned Mines B1, The Smeltry
  22  6  MAP278.MPD  Abandoned Mines B1, Clash of Hyaenas
  22  7  MAP279.MPD  Abandoned Mines B1, Greed Knows No Bounds
  23  0  MAP280.MPD  Abandoned Mines B1, Live Long and Prosper
  23  1  MAP281.MPD  Abandoned Mines B1, Pray to the Mineral Gods
  23  2  MAP282.MPD  Abandoned Mines B1, Traitor's Parting
  23  3  MAP283.MPD  Abandoned Mines B1, Escapeway
  23  4  MAP284.MPD  Abandoned Mines B2, Gambler's Passage
  23  5  MAP285.MPD  Abandoned Mines B2, Treaty Room
  23  6  MAP286.MPD  Abandoned Mines B2, The Miner's End
  23  7  MAP287.MPD  Abandoned Mines B2, Work, Then Die
  24  0  MAP288.MPD  Abandoned Mines B2, Bandits' Hollow
  24  1  MAP289.MPD  Abandoned Mines B2, Delusions of Happiness
  24  2  MAP290.MPD  Abandoned Mines B2, Dining in Darkness
  24  3  MAP291.MPD  Abandoned Mines B2, Subtellurian Horrors
  24  4  MAP292.MPD  Abandoned Mines B2, Hidden Resources
  24  5  MAP293.MPD  Abandoned Mines B2, Way of Lost Children
  24  6  MAP294.MPD  Abandoned Mines B2, Hall of the Empty Sconce
  24  7  MAP295.MPD  Abandoned Mines B2, Acolyte's Burial Vault
  25  0  MAP296.MPD  Abandoned Mines B2, Hall of Contemplation
  25  1  MAP297.MPD  Abandoned Mines B2, The Abandoned Catspaw
  25  2  MAP298.MPD  Abandoned Mines B2, Tomb of the Reborn
  25  3  MAP299.MPD  Abandoned Mines B2, The Fallen Bricklayer
  25  4  MAP300.MPD  Abandoned Mines B2, Crossing of Blood
  25  5  MAP301.MPD  Abandoned Mines B2, Fool's Gold, Fool's Loss
  25  6  MAP302.MPD  Abandoned Mines B2, Cry of the Beast
  25  7  MAP303.MPD  Abandoned Mines B2, Senses Lost
  26  0  MAP304.MPD  Abandoned Mines B2, Desire's Passage
  26  1  MAP305.MPD  Abandoned Mines B2, Kilroy Was Here
  26  2  MAP306.MPD  Abandoned Mines B2, Suicidal Desires
  26  3  MAP307.MPD  Abandoned Mines B2, The Ore of Legend
  26  4  MAP308.MPD  Abandoned Mines B2, Lambs to the Slaughter
  26  5  MAP309.MPD  Abandoned Mines B2, A Wager of Noble Gold
  26  6  MAP310.MPD  Abandoned Mines B2, The Lunatic Veins
  26  7  MAP311.MPD  Limestone Quarry, Dark Abhors Light
  27  0  MAP312.MPD  Limestone Quarry, Dream of the Holy Land
  27  1  MAP313.MPD  Limestone Quarry, The Ore Road
  27  2  MAP314.MPD  Limestone Quarry, Atone for Eternity
  27  3  MAP315.MPD  Limestone Quarry, The Air Stirs
  27  4  MAP316.MPD  Limestone Quarry, Bonds of Friendship
  27  5  MAP317.MPD  Limestone Quarry, Stair to Sanctuary
  27  6  MAP318.MPD  Limestone Quarry, The Fallen Hall
  27  7  MAP319.MPD  Limestone Quarry, The Rotten Core
  28  0  MAP320.MPD  Limestone Quarry, Bacchus is Cheap
  28  1  MAP321.MPD  Limestone Quarry, Screams of the Wounded
  28  2  MAP322.MPD  Limestone Quarry, The Ore-Bearers
  28  3  MAP323.MPD  Limestone Quarry, The Dreamer's Climb
  28  4  MAP324.MPD  Limestone Quarry, Sinner's Sustenence
  28  5  MAP325.MPD  Limestone Quarry, The Timely Dew of Sleep
  28  6  MAP326.MPD  Limestone Quarry, Companions in Arms
  28  7  MAP327.MPD  Limestone Quarry, The Auction Block
  29  0  MAP328.MPD  Limestone Quarry, Ascension
  29  1  MAP329.MPD  Limestone Quarry, Where the Serpent Hunts
  29  2  MAP330.MPD  Limestone Quarry, Ants Prepare for Winter
  29  3  MAP331.MPD  Limestone Quarry, Drowned in Fleeting Joy
  29  4  MAP332.MPD  Limestone Quarry, The Laborer's Bonfire
  29  5  MAP333.MPD  Limestone Quarry, Stone and Sulfurous Fire
  29  6  MAP334.MPD  Limestone Quarry, Torture Without End
  29  7  MAP335.MPD  Limestone Quarry, Way Down
  2A  0  MAP336.MPD  Limestone Quarry, Excavated Hollow
  2A  1  MAP337.MPD  Limestone Quarry, Parting Regrets
  2A  2  MAP338.MPD  Limestone Quarry, Corridor of Tales
  2A  3  MAP339.MPD  Limestone Quarry, Dust Shall Eat the Days
  2A  4  MAP340.MPD  Limestone Quarry, Hall of the Wage-Paying
  2A  6  MAP342.MPD  Limestone Quarry, Tunnel of the Heartless
  2A  7  MAP343.MPD  Forgotten Pathway, Stair to the Sinners
  2B  0  MAP344.MPD  Forgotten Pathway, Slaugher of the Innocent
  2B  1  MAP345.MPD  Forgotten Pathway, The Fallen Knight
  2B  2  MAP346.MPD  Forgotten Pathway, The Oracle Sins No More
  2B  3  MAP347.MPD  Forgotten Pathway, Awaiting Retribution
  2B  4  MAP348.MPD  Snowfly Forest East, Steady the Boar-Spears
  2B  5  MAP349.MPD  Snowfly Forest East, The Boar's Revenge
  2B  6  MAP350.MPD  Snowfly Forest East, Nature's Womb
  2B  7  MAP351.MPD  Escapeway, Shelter From the Quake
  2C  0  MAP352.MPD  Escapeway, Buried Alive
  2C  1  MAP353.MPD  Escapeway, Movement of Fear
  2C  2  MAP354.MPD  Escapeway, Facing Your Illusions
  2C  3  MAP355.MPD  Escapeway, The Darkness Drinks
  2C  4  MAP356.MPD  Escapeway, Fear and Loathing
  2C  5  MAP357.MPD  Escapeway, Blood and the Beast
  2C  6  MAP358.MPD  Escapeway, Where Body and Soul Part
  2C  7  MAP359.MPD  Iron Maiden B1, The Cage
  2D  0  MAP360.MPD  Iron Maiden B1, The Cauldron
  2D  1  MAP361.MPD  Iron Maiden B1, Wooden Horse
  2D  2  MAP362.MPD  Iron Maiden B1, Starvation
  2D  3  MAP363.MPD  Iron Maiden B1, The Breast Ripper
  2D  4  MAP364.MPD  Iron Maiden B1, The Pear
  2D  5  MAP365.MPD  Iron Maiden B1, The Whirligig
  2D  6  MAP366.MPD  Iron Maiden B1, Spanish Tickler
  2D  7  MAP367.MPD  Iron Maiden B1, Heretic's Fork
  2E  0  MAP368.MPD  Iron Maiden B1, The Chair of Spikes
  2E  1  MAP369.MPD  Iron Maiden B1, Blooding
  2E  2  MAP370.MPD  Iron Maiden B1, Bootikens
  2E  3  MAP371.MPD  Iron Maiden B1, Burial
  2E  4  MAP372.MPD  Iron Maiden B1, Burning
  2E  5  MAP373.MPD  Iron Maiden B1, Cleansing the Soul
  2E  6  MAP374.MPD  Iron Maiden B1, The Garotte
  2E  7  MAP375.MPD  Iron Maiden B1, Hanging
  2F  0  MAP376.MPD  Iron Maiden B1, Impalement
  2F  1  MAP377.MPD  Iron Maiden B1, Knotting
  2F  2  MAP378.MPD  Iron Maiden B1, The Branks
  2F  3  MAP379.MPD  Iron Maiden B1, The Wheel
  2F  4  MAP380.MPD  Iron Maiden B1, The Judas Cradle
  2F  5  MAP381.MPD  Iron Maiden B1, The Ducking Stool
  2F  6  MAP382.MPD  Iron Maiden B2, The Eunics' Lot
  2F  7  MAP383.MPD  Iron Maiden B2, Ordeal By Fire
  30  0  MAP384.MPD  Iron Maiden B2, Tablillas
  30  1  MAP385.MPD  Iron Maiden B2, The Oven at Neisse
  30  2  MAP386.MPD  Iron Maiden B2, Strangulation
  30  3  MAP387.MPD  Iron Maiden B2, Pressing
  30  4  MAP388.MPD  Iron Maiden B2, The Strappado
  30  5  MAP389.MPD  Iron Maiden B2, The Mind Burns
  30  6  MAP390.MPD  Iron Maiden B2, Thumbscrews
  30  7  MAP391.MPD  Iron Maiden B2, The Rack
  31  0  MAP392.MPD  Iron Maiden B2, The Saw
  31  1  MAP393.MPD  Iron Maiden B2, Ordeal By Water
  31  2  MAP394.MPD  Iron Maiden B2, The Cold's Bridle
  31  3  MAP395.MPD  Iron Maiden B2, Brank
  31  4  MAP396.MPD  Iron Maiden B2, The Shin-Vice
  31  5  MAP397.MPD  Iron Maiden B2, Squassation
  31  6  MAP398.MPD  Iron Maiden B2, The Spider
  31  7  MAP399.MPD  Iron Maiden B2, Lead Sprinkler
  32  0  MAP400.MPD  Iron Maiden B2, Pendulum
  32  1  MAP401.MPD  Iron Maiden B2, Dragging
  32  2  MAP402.MPD  Iron Maiden B2, Tongue Slicer
  32  3  MAP403.MPD  Iron Maiden B2, Tormentum Insomniae
  32  4  MAP404.MPD  Iron Maiden B3, The Iron Maiden
  32  5  MAP405.MPD  Iron Maiden B3, Saint Elmo's Belt
  32  6  MAP406.MPD  Iron Maiden B3, Judgement
  32  7  MAP407.MPD  Iron Maiden B3, Dunking the Witch
  33  1  MAP409.MPD  Wine Cellar, Blackmarket of Wines
  33  2  MAP410.MPD  Abandoned Mines B2, Corridor of Shade
  33  3  MAP411.MPD  Abandoned Mines B2, Revelation Shaft