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Sliver X has hacked NES games since 1997. His first released hack was 1998's Final Fantasy Epic, a hack of Gauntlet. Following this was the 1998 release of a Dragon Warrior hack called Dragoon X, which was the precursor to 2001's Dragoon X Omega. (A later patch adding much to the hack was released in 2003)

He has released two other small hacks, 2001's Akumajou Densetsu, and 2005's Recca - Raging Fire.

He is currently working on a Final Fantasy hack with Gavin and Thaddeus called Dragoon X Omega II, the sequel to his previous Dragon Warrior hack.

Sliver X is known for hacking NES music, a feature very few hacks for the NES have at this time.

Sliver X is the administrator of, a site that's home to some of the most talented ROM hackers in the community.