The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons:RAM map

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NOTE: All values in Table are Hexadecimal unless noted otherwise.

RAM Purpose
C5C0-C5FF Unappraised rings carried
C602-C606 Player Name
C616-C61D Rings owned
C61E-C61F Deaths
C622-C625 Time passed since start of game
C63A Current level bank
C63B Current Overworld Screen
C63E Enemies killed since last Maple encounter
C64C-C65B Enemies killed since ???
C680-C691 Items
C6A2 Hearts
C6A3 Max Hearts
C6A5-C6A6 Rupees
C6A7-C6A8 Ore Chunks
C6A9 Shield level
C6AA Bombs
C6AC Sword level
C6B1 Boomerang level
C6B3 Slingshot level
C6B4 Roc's feather level
C6B5 Ember Seeds
C6B6 Scent Seeds
C6B7 Pegasus Seeds
C6B8 Gale Seeds
C6B9 Mystery Seeds
C6BA Gasha Seeds
C6BB Essences
C6C6 Ring Box level
C700-C7FF Overworld Screen Flags (used to track events and map exploration)
CC30 Enemies left on screen
CE00-CEAF Current Screen Collision Data (dynamically generated from the screen tile data. this space is also used as a temporary store for compressed level data read from ROM)
CF00-CFAF Current Screen Tile Data