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End Credits

  • The end credits have a special coding mechanism, as well as a unique .tbl file.

Per usual, the end credits consist of a series of tasks and names. The tasks are displayed in small, colored capital letters (red, yellow and pink). The names are displayed in large, white capital letters. Probably the greatest mental hurdle to get used to is the necessity to encode each *name* twice; the large, white letters are stored as top/bottom halves. As such, one actually programms a line of "top" values, immediately followed by a line of corresponding "bottom" values. Consult the following table for the respective codes:

Character - Top Half - Bottom Half

A - 5D - 83

B - 5E - 84

C - 5F - 85

D - 60 - 86

E - 61 - 87

F - 62 - 88

G - 63 - 89

H - 64 - 8A

I - 65 - 8B

J - 66 - 8C

K - 67 - 8D

L - 68 - 8E

M - 69 - 8F

N - 6A - 90

O - 6B - 91

P - 6C - 92

Q - 6D - 93

R - 6E - 94

S - 6F - 95

T - 70 - 96

U - 71 - 97

V - 72 - 98

W - 73 - 99

X - 74 - 9A

Y - 75 - 9B

Z - 76 - 9C

(period) - 9F - 37

(space) - 9F - 9F

Sound Ports

  • $012C - Music control:
               0x01 = Triforce opening
               0x02 = light world
               0x03 = legend theme
               0x04 = bunny link
               0x05 = lost woods
               0x06 = legend theme
               0x07 = kakkariko village
               0x08 = mirror warp
               0x09 = dark world
               0x0A = restoring the master sword
               0x0B = faerie theme
               0x0C = chase theme
               0x0D = dark world (skull woods)
               0x0E = game theme (Overworld only?)
               0x10 = hyrule castle
               0x13 = fanfare
               0x15 = boss theme
               0x16 = dark world dungeon
               0x17 = fortune teller
               0x18 = caves
               0x19 = sentiment of hope
               0x1A = crystal theme
               0x1B = faerie theme w/ arpeggio
               0x1C = fear & anxiety
               0x1D = Agahnim unleashed
               0x1E = surprise!
               0x1F = Ganondorf the Thief
               0x20 = nothing
               0x21 = Agahnim unleashed
               0x22 = surprise!
               0x23 = Ganondorf the Thief
               0xF1 = fade out
               0xF2 = half volume
               0xF3 = full volume
               0xFF = Load a new set of music.
  • $012D - Ambient Sound effects:
               0x03:   Rain
               0x05:   Silencio (turn off any ambient sound effects)
               0x15:   Door to Triforce room opens
               Any negative value fades out the sound effect

  • $012E - Sound Effects 1:
               0x00:   none (no change)
               0x01:   small sword swing 1 (Fighter Sword)
               0x02:   small sword swing 2 (Fighter Sword)
               0x03:   medium sword swing 1 (Master Sword and up)
               0x04:   fierce sword swing 2 (Master Sword and up)
               0x05:   object clinking against the wall
               0x06:   object clinking Link's shield or a hollow door when poked
               0x07:   shooting arrow (or red Goriyas shooting fireballs)
               0x08:   arrow hitting wall
               0x09:   really quiet sound
               0x0A:   hookshot cranking
               0x0B:   door shutting
               0x0C:   loud thud / heavy door shutting
               0x0D:   magic powder noise
               0x0E:   fire rod being fired
               0x0F:   ice rod being fired
               0x10:   hammer being used?
               0x11:   hammer pounding down stake
               0x12:   really familiar but can't place it exactly
               0x13:   playing the flute
               0x14:   Link picking something small up?
               0x15:   Bunny to link and vice-versa noise.
               0x16:   Link walking up staircase 1
               0x17:   Link walking up staircase 2 (finishing on next floor)
               0x18:   Link walking down staircase 1
               0x19:   Link walking down staircase 2 (finishing on next floor)
               0x1A:   Link walking through grass?
               0x1B:   sounds like a faint splash or thud
               0x1C:   Link walking in shallow water
               0x1D:   picking an object up
               0x1E:   some sort of hissing (walking through grass maybe?)
               0x1F:   object smashing to bits
               0x20:   item falling into a pit
               0x21:   sounds like a plop on wood, can't remember where it gets used
               0x22:   loud thunderous noise
               0x23:   pegasus boots slippy sound
               0x24:   Link making a splash in deep water (but having to come back out)
               0x25:   Link walking through swampy water
               0x26:   Link taking damage
               0x27:   Link passing out
               0x28:   item falling onto shallow water
               0x29:   rupees refill sound
               0x2A:   whiffy sound
               0x2B:   low life warning beep
               0x2C:   pulling master sword out
               0x2D:   taking magic power damage from enemy
               0x2E:   Seems like a sound related to Ganon's Tower opening
               0x2F:   Seems like a sound related to Ganon's Tower opening
               0x30:   chicken getting owned
               0x31:   big faerie healing your wounds
               0x32:   Bug catching net.
               0x33:   cheesy noise that happens when Agahnim makes chicks disappear
               0x34:   cheesy noise that happens when Agahnim makes chicks disappear
               0x35:   faint rumbling noise
               0x36:   faint rumbling noise
               0x37:   spin attack has powered up
               0x38:   swimming noise
               0x39:   thunderous noise while Ganon's tower opens
               0x3A:   some kind of clinky hit
               0x3B:   sounds like magic powder but unfamiliar
               0x3C:   Error noise
               0x3D:   something big falling into water? (Argghus?)
               0x3E:   playing the flute (quieter)
               0x3F:   magic powder

  • $012F - Sound Effects 2:
               0x00:   none (no change)
               0x01:   master sword beam
               0x02:   unintelligble switch noise
               0x03:   ????? yet another loud thud
               0x04:   Nutcase soldier getting pissed off
               0x05:   shooting a fireball (Lynel)
               0x06:   ?????
               0x07:   giant metal balls coming out of nodes
               0x08:   normal enemy taking a big hit
               0x09:   normal enemy dying
               0x0A:   collecting rupee
               0x0B:   collecting single heart
               0x0C:   text scrolling flute noise
               0x0D:   single heart filling in on HUD
               0x0E:   sound of a chest being opened
               0x0F:   you got an item sound 1
               0x10:   switching to map sound effect
               0x11:   menu screen going down
               0x12:   menu screen going up
               0x13:   throwing an item
               0x14:   clink (not sure what it's used for)
               0x15:   loud thud 1
               0x16:   loud thud 2
               0x17:   rats
               0x18:   dragging something
               0x19:   zora shooting fireball
               0x1A:   minor puzzle solved
               0x1B:   major puzzle solved
               0x1C:   doing minor damage to enemy
               0x1D:   taking magic power damage from enemy
               0x1E:   keese flitting around
               0x1F:   Link squealing like a bitch when he falls into a hole
               0x20:   switch menu item
               0x21:   boss taking damage
               0x22:   boss dying
               0x23:   spin attack sound
               0x24:   switching between different mode 7 map perspectives
               0x25:   triggering a switch
               0x26:   Agahnim's lightning
               0x27:   Agahnim powering up an attack
               0x28:   Agahnim / Ganon teleporting
               0x29:   Agahnim shooting a beam
               0x2A:   tougher enemy taking damage
               0x2B:   Link getting electromucuted
               0x2C:   bees buzzing
               0x2D:   Major achievement completed (e.g. getting a piece of heart)
               0x2E:   Major item obtained (e.g. Pendant or Heart Container)
               0x2F:   obtained small key
               0x30:   blop popping out of ground
               0x31:   Moldorm's weird track like noise
               0x32:   bouncing off a bungie
               0x33:   short unknown jingle
               0x34:   ...
               0x37:   Neat sound... consider using as a confirmation (though make sure it's not buggy)
               0x38:   ...
               0x39:   ...
               0x3C:   Obtained mid level item (e.g. bombs from a chest)
               0x3D:   ...
               0x3F:   More minor fanfares

Sprite Numbers

  • $0E20 - Normal Sprites:
               0x00 = Raven 
               0x01 = Vulture 
               0x02 = Flying Stalfos Head 
               0x03 = Unused (Don't use it, the sprite's ASM pointer is invalid. It will certainly crash the game.) 
               0x04 = Good Switch being pulled 
               0x05 = Some other sort of switch being pulled, but from above? 
               0x06 = Bad Switch 
               0x07 = switch again (facing up) 
               0x08 = Octorock 
               0x09 = Giant Moldorm (boss) 
               0x0A = Four Shooter Octorock 
               0x0B = Chicken / Chicken Transformed into Lady 
               0x0C = Octorock 
               0x0D = Normal Buzzblob / Morphed Buzzblob (tra la la... look for Sahashrala) 
               0x0E = Plants with big mouths 
               0x0F = Octobaloon (Probably the thing that explodes into 10 others) 
               0x10 = Small things from the exploder (exploder? wtf is that?) 
               0x11 = One Eyed Giants (bomb throwers) aka Hinox 
               0x12 = Moblin Spear Throwers 
               0x13 = Helmasaur? 
               0x14 = Gargoyle’s Domain Gate 
               0x15 = Fire Faery 
               0x16 = Sahashrala / Aginah, sage of the desert 
               0x17 = Water Bubbles? 
               0x18 = Moldorm 
               0x19 = Poe 
               0x1A = Dwarf, Mallet, and the shrapnel from it hitting 
               0x1B = Arrow in wall? 
               0x1C = Moveable Statue 
               0x1D = Weathervane 
               0x1E = Crystal Switch 
               0x1F = Sick Kid with Bug Catching Net 
               0x20 = Bomb Slugs 
               0x21 = Push Switch (like in Swamp Palace) 
               0x22 = Darkworld Snakebasket 
               0x23 = Red Onoff 
               0x24 = Blue Onoff 
               0x25 = Tree you can talk to? 
               0x26 = Charging Octopi? 
               0x27 = Dead Rocks? (Gorons bleh) 
               0x28 = Shrub Guy who talks about Triforce / Other storytellers 
               0x29 = Blind Hideout attendant 
               0x2A = Sweeping Lady 
               0x2B = Bum under the bridge + smoke and other effects like the fire 
               0x2C = Lumberjack Bros. 
               0x2D = Telepathic stones? 
               0x2E = Flute Boy’s Notes 
               0x2F = Heart Piece Race guy and girl 
               0x30 = Person? (HM name) 
               0x31 = Fortune Teller / Dwarf swordsmith 
               0x32 = ??? (something with a turning head) 
               0x33 = Pull the wall for rupees 
               0x34 = ScaredGirl2 (HM name) 
               0x35 = Innkeeper 
               0x36 = Witch / Cane of Byrna? 
               0x37 = Waterfall 
               0x38 = Arrow Target (e.g. Big Eye in Dark Palace) 
               0x39 = Middle Aged Guy in the desert 
               0x3A = Magic Powder Bat /The Lightning Bolt the bat hurls at you. 
               0x3B = Dash Item / such as Book of Mudora, keys 
               0x3C = Kid in village near the trough 
               0x3D = Signs? Chicken lady also showed up / Scared ladies outside houses. 
               0x3E = Rock Rupee Crabs 
               0x3F = Tutorial Soldiers from beginning of game 
               0x40 = Hyrule Castle Barrier to Agahnim’s Tower 
               0x41 = Soldier 
               0x42 = Blue Soldier 
               0x43 = Red Spear Soldier 
               0x44 = Crazy Blue Killer Soldiers 
               0x45 = Crazy Red Spear Soldiers (And green ones in the village) 
               0x46 = Blue Archer Soldiers 
               0x47 = Green Archer Soldiers (in the bushes) 
               0x48 = Red Spear Soldiers (in special armor) 
               0x49 = Red Spear Soldiers (in the bushes) 
               0x4A = Red Bomb Soldiers 
               0x4B = Green Soldier Recruits (the idiots) 
               0x4C = Sand Monsters 
               0x4D = Flailing Bunnies on the ground 
               0x4E = Snakebasket 
               0x4F = Blobs? 
               0x50 = Metal Balls (in Eastern Palace) 
               0x51 = Armos 
               0x52 = Giant Zora 
               0x53 = Armos Knights Boss 
               0x54 = Lanmolas boss 
               0x55 = Zora / Fireballs (including the blue Agahnim fireballs) 
               0x56 = Walking Zora 
               0x57 = Desert Palace Barriers 
               0x58 = Sandcrab 
               0x59 = Birds (boids) 
               0x5A = Squirrels 
               0x5B = Energy Balls (that crawl along the wall) 
               0x5C = Wall crawling fireballs 
               0x5D = Roller (vertical moving) 
               0x5E = Roller (vertical moving) 
               0x5F = Roller 
               0x60 = Roller (horizontal moving) 
               0x61 = Statue Sentry 
               0x62 = Master Sword plus pendants and beams of light 
               0x63 = Sand Lion Pit 
               0x64 = Sand Lion 
               0x65 = Shooting Gallery guy 
               0x66 = Moving cannon ball shooters 
               0x67 = Moving cannon ball shooters 
               0x68 = Moving cannon ball shooters 
               0x69 = Moving cannon ball shooters 
               0x6A = Ball N' Chain Trooper 
               0x6B = Cannon Ball Shooting Soldier (unused in original = WTF?) 
               0x6C = Warp Vortex created by Magic Mirror 
               0x6D = Mouse 
               0x6E = Snakes (forgot the Zelda 1 name) 
               0x6F = Bats / Also one eyed bats 
               0x70 = Splitting Fireballs from Helmasaur King 
               0x71 = Leever 
               0x72 = Activator for the ponds (where you throw in items) 
               0x73 = Link’s Uncle / Sage / Barrier that opens in the sanctuary 
               0x74 = Red Hat Boy who runs from you 
               0x75 = Bottle Vendor 
               0x76 = Princess Zelda 
               0x77 = Also Fire Faeries (seems like a different variety) 
               0x78 = Village Elder 
               0x79 = Good bee / normal bee 
               0x7A = Agahnim 
               0x7B = Agahnim energy blasts (not the duds) 
               0x7C = Boos? As in the Boos from SM3/SMW? That’s crazy talk! 
               0x7D = 32*32 Pixel Yellow Spike Traps 
               0x7E = Swinging Fireball Chains 
               0x7F = Swinging Fireball Chains 
               0x80 = Wandering Fireball Chains 
               0x81 = Waterhoppers 
               0x82 = Swirling Fire Faeries (Eastern Palace) 
               0x83 = Rocklops 
               0x84 = Red Rocklops 
               0x85 = Yellow Stalfos (drops to the ground, dislodges head) 
               0x86 = Fire Breathing Dinos? 
               0x87 = Flames 
               0x88 = Mothula 
               0x89 = Mothula’s beam 
               0x8A = Key holes? Spikes that move 
               0x8B = Gibdos 
               0x8C = Arghuss 
               0x8D = Arghuss spawn 
               0x8E = Chair Turtles you kill with hammers 
               0x8F = Blobs / Crazy Blobs via Magic powder or Quake Medallion 
               0x90 = Grabber things? 
               0x91 = Stalfos Knight 
               0x92 = Helmasaur King 
               0x93 = Bungie / Red Orb? (according to HM) 
               0x94 = Swimmers 
               0x95 = Eye laser 
               0x96 = Eye laser 
               0x97 = Eye laser 
               0x98 = Eye laser 
               0x99 = Penguin 
               0x9A = Moving Water Bubble (only in Swamp Palace) 
               0x9B = Wizzrobes 
               0x9C = Black sperm looking things 
               0x9D = Black sperm looking things 
               0x9E = The ostrich animal w/ the flute boy? 
               0x9F = Flute 
               0xA0 = Birds w/ the flute boy? 
               0xA1 = Ice man 
               0xA2 = Kholdstare 
               0xA3 = Another part of Kholdstare 
               0xA4 = Ice balls from above
               0xA5 = Blue Horse Knight, and Lynel Fireballs 
               0xA6 = Red Horse Knight 
               0xA7 = Red Stalfos Skeleton 
               0xA8 = Bomber Flying Creatures from Darkworld 
               0xA9 = Bomber Flying Creatures from Darkworld 
               0xAA = Like Like (O_o yikes) 
               0xAB = Maiden (as in, the maidens in the crystals after you beat a boss) 
               0xAC = Apples 
               0xAD = Old Man on the Mountain 
               0xAE = Down Pipe 
               0xAF = Up Pipe 
               0xB0 = Right Pipe 
               0xB1 = Left Pipe 
               0xB2 = Good bee again? 
               0xB3 = Hylian Inscription (near Desert Palace). Also near Master Sword 
               0xB4 = Thief’s chest (not the one that follows you, the one that you grab from the DW smithy house) 
               0xB5 = Bomb Salesman (elephant looking guy) 
               0xB6 = Kiki the monkey? 
               0xB7 = Maiden following you in Blind Dungeon 
               0xB8 = Monologue Testing Sprite (Debug Artifact) 
               0xB9 = Feuding Friends on Death Mountain 
               0xBA = Whirlpool 
               0xBB = Salesman / chestgame guy / 300 rupee giver guy / Chest game thief 
               0xBC = Drunk in the inn 
               0xBD = Vitreous (the large eyeball) 
               0xBE = Vitreous' smaller eyeballs 
               0xBF = Vitreous' lightning blast 
               0xC0 = Monster in Lake of Ill Omen / Quake Medallion 
               0xC1 = Agahnim teleporting Zelda to dark world 
               0xC2 = Boulders 
               0xC3 = Symbions 2 (vulnerable part) 
               0xC4 = Thief 
               0xC5 = Evil Fireball Spitters (THE FACES!!!) 
               0xC6 = Four Way Fireball Spitters (spit when you use your sword) 
               0xC7 = Fuzzy Stack 
               0xC8 = Big Healing Faeries / Faerie Dust 
               0xC9 = Ganon’s Firebat (HM also says Tektite?) 
               0xCA = Chain Chomp 
               0xCB = Trinexx 
               0xCC = Another Part of Trinexx 
               0xCD = Another Part of Trinexx (again) 
               0xCE = Blind the Thief 
               0xCF = Swamp Worms (from Swamp of Evil) 
               0xD0 = Lynel (centaur like creature) 
               0xD1 = A yellow hunter 
               0xD2 = Flopping fish 
               0xD3 = Animated Skulls Creatures 
               0xD4 = Landmines 
               0xD5 = Digging Game Proprietor 
               0xD6 = Ganon!
               0xD7 = Copy of Ganon, except invincible? 
               0xD8 = Heart refill 
               0xD9 = Green Rupee 
               0xDA = Blue Rupee 
               0xDB = Red Rupee 
               0xDC = Bomb Refill (1) 
               0xDD = Bomb Refill (4) 
               0xDE = Bomb Refill (8) 
               0xDF = Small Magic Refill 
               0xE0 = Full Magic Refill 
               0xE1 = Arrow Refill (5) 
               0xE2 = Arrow Refill (10) 
               0xE3 = Faerie 
               0xE4 = Key 
               0xE5 = Big Key 
               0xE6 = Red Shield (after dropped by pickit) 
               0xE7 = Mushroom 
               0xE8 = Fake Master Sword 
               0xE9 = Magic Shop dude / His items, including the magic powder 
               0xEA = Full Heart Container 
               0xEB = Quarter Heart Container 
               0xEC = Bushes 
               0xED = Cane of Somaria Platform 
               0xEE = Movable Mantle (in Hyrule Castle) 
               0xEF = Cane of Somaria Platform (same as 0xED but this index is not used) 
               0xF0 = Cane of Somaria Platform (same as 0xED but this index is not used) 
               0xF1 = Cane of Somaria Platform (same as 0xED but this index is not used) 
               0xF2 = Medallion Tablet

Extended Sprite Numbers

  • $0C4A - Extended Sprites:
               #$01 - Fireball from rats that copy you (going vertical)
               #$02 - fire rod flame (both flying and after hitting something)
               #$03 - Nothing
               #$04 - Master Sword beam disapearing after hitting something
               #$05 - Boomerang
               #$06 - Hit something metal off the wall (like boomerang/sword/hookshot/etc.) spark
               #$07 - Bomb explosion
               #$08 - Falling rocks from bombing wall
               #$09 - Arrow
               #$0A - Arrow (in wall)
               #$0B - Ice rod shot
               #$0C - Master Sword
               #$0D - Sparkles at the top of your sword when charging up
               #$0E - ???
               #$0F - ???
               #$10 - ???
               #$11 - Ice rod shot exploding
               #$12 - ???
               #$13 - ???
               #$14 - ?? Unused??
               #$15 - Water splash
               #$16 - Stars from hitting surface with hammer or hard surface with shovel
               #$17 - Shovel dirt
               #$18 - Ether effect
               #$19 - Bombos effect
               #$1A - Precursor to torch flame/Magic powder
               #$1B - Hitting something metal off the wall (again?)
               #$1C - Quake effect
               #$1D - Shake effect from running into wall while dashing
               #$1E - Dashing boots dust
               #$1F - Hookshot
               #$20 - Link's blankets
               #$21 - Z's when link is sleeping
               #$22 - Related to getting items as well as text.
               #$23 - Smoke
               #$24 - Garve stone sprite when moving
               #$25 - ?!?!?!? 
               #$26 - Sparkles when swinging lvl 2 or higher sword
               #$27 - Bird (when called by flute)
               #$28 - Item sprite that you throw into the magic fairy pond
               #$29 - Pendants and crystals
               #$2A - (Start of) Spin attack sparkles 
               #$2B - Spin attack sparkles
               #$2C - Block you make with that staff
               #$2D - Block exploding
               #$2E - Something exploding??
               #$2F - Torch flame
               #$30 - Cane of Byrna spark
               #$31 - Cane of Byrna sparkle twirly thing
               #$32 - Some weird ball?
               #$33 - Series of explosions after pulling switch
               #$34 - Burning effect in skull woods
               #$35 - Master sword ceremony?
               #$36 - Flute that pops out from ground
               #$37 - Weathervane explosion
               #$38 - Bird (enables flute)
               #$39 - Vane of Somaria blast
               #$3A - Super bomb explosion
               #$3B - Something metal hitting of a wall (smaller)
               #$3C - Sparkles from holding the sword out charging for a spin attack.
               #$3D - Spalsh effect when tings fall into the water
               #$3E - 3D crystal effect (or transition into 3D crystal?)
               #$3F - Smoke
               #$40 - Dwarf tasnformation cloud
               #$41 - Water splash in the water fall of wishing entrance (and swamp palace)
               #$42 - Rupees that you throw into pond
               #$43 - Gannon's seal being broken but does not open the tower