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Known functions

From To Size Description
0x8002F04 0x8002F1B 0x18 Retrieves the pointer to a resource.
  • R0: Table ID
  • R1: Resource ID

Returns the pointer via R0.

0x8004B18 0x8004B43 0x2C Plays a given background music.
  • R0: BGM index
0x8004B5C 0x8004B87 0x2C Plays a given sound effect.
  • R0: SFX index
0x80054B4 0x80056AB 0x1F8 The ECD decompression routine.
  • R0: Pointer to the ECD content
  • R1: Out-pointer to the buffer storing the decompressed content

Returns the number of bytes written to the output buffer via R0.

0x800E46C 0x800E4BF 0x54 Loads the IMG / PLT / PAT / TIM indices for a given unit's sprite.
  • R0: Unit ID
  • R1: Out-pointer to IMG index
  • R2: Out-pointer to PLT index
  • R3: Out-pointer to PAT index
  • Stack[0]: Out-pointer to TIM index

Data tables

From To Size Description Entry size Entry count
0x80690DC 0x80690E7 0xC Pointers to resource tables 4 3
0x806A754 0x8072CC3 0xE570 Pilot definitions 140 244
0x8072CC4 0x807C1C3 0x9500 Unit definitions 128 298
0x807C1C4 0x8083BA3 0x79E0 Weapon definitions 24 1300
0x8083C74 0x8084493 0x820 Terrain definitions 16 130
0x8084494 0x8091D3F 0xD8AC Unit spawn tables 28 1981
0x8091D40 0x8091E0F 0xD0 Pointers to unit spawn tables (one per scenario) 4 52
0x8096D7C 0x8097977 0xBFC Scenario map definitions 52 59
0x809929C 0x80A149B 0x8200 Battle background definitions 256 130
0x80A149C 0x80A1807 0x876 IMG / PLT / SCR resource indices for battle cut-in images 6 146
0x80A1C40 0x80A7F87 0x6348 Battle animation sprite definitions 12 2118
0x80B74EC 0x80B9D8B 0x28A0 Battle animation definitions 8 1300
0x8121FB4 0x812863F 0x668C Resource table 0 pointers 4 6563
0x8128640 0x868D8B3 0x565274 Resource table 0 contents N/A
0x868D8B4 0x868E947 0x1094 Resource table 1 pointers 4 1061
0x868E948 0x87379C7 0xA9080 Resource table 1 contents N/A
0x87379C8 0x87379CF 0x8 Resource table 2 pointers 4 2
0x87379D0 0x8771BB7 0x3A1E8 Resource table 2 contents N/A
0x8771BB8 0x8771BCF 0x18 Pointers to music track states 4 6
0x8771BD0 0x8771BE7 0x18 Pointers to sound effect track states 4 6
0x8771BE8 0x8771BF4 0xD Note length table 1 13
0x8771BF5 0x8771CF5 0x101 8-bit sine table 1 257
0x8771CF6 0x8771D9D 0xA8 Note period register values for GB pulse channels 2 84
0x8771D9E 0x8771E07 0x6A Note period register values for GB wave channel? 2 53

Special resource table entries

Table Entry index Description From To Size
0 2 Shift-JIS font 0x8128808 0x81570AF 0x2E8A8
0 3 Halfwidth font 0x81570B0 0x81588AF 0x1800
0 4 GB wave channel samples 0x81588B0 0x8158981 0xD2
0 5 GB noise channel instruments (music) 0x8158984 0x8158B2D 0x1AA
0 6 GB noise channel instruments (sound effects) 0x8158B30 0x8159115 0x5E6
0 7 GBA PCM instrument samples 0x8159118 0x818AA71 0x3195A
0 8 GBA PCM sound effect samples 0x818AA74 0x81D4E55 0x4A3E2
0 9 Music patterns 0x81D4E58 0x81F47A1 0x1F94A
0 10 Sound effect patterns 0x81F47A4 0x81F5E1B 0x1678
2 0 Battle message tables 0x87379D0 0x8771BB3 0x3A1E4

Internal Data for Super Robot Taisen R

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