Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island:RAM map

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7E1062	Baby Bowser's current damage
	end battle if = 3
7E1076	Big Bowser's current damage
	end battle if = 7
7E1078	Salvo's current health (2 bytes)
	end battle if less than #4C00
7E107C	Hookbill's current damage (increments by 2)
	end battle if = 6
7E1084	Salvo's defense mode
	if = #01 defense is down


700000-701FFF is mirrored by 006000-007FFF in the 65816 cpu
bank 70 is read as bank 00 by the SFX cpu


700070		joypad register
70008C		X position (2 bytes)
700090		Y position (2 bytes)
7000A8		Yoshi's current horizontal speed (2 bytes)
7000AA		Yoshi's current vertical speed (2 bytes)
7000C4		direction Yoshi is facing (00=right 02=left)
7000D0		jump mode
7000E4		X position of Egg target
7000E6		Y position of Egg target
7000EE		radial position of Egg target
700152		vert.extension of tongue
700154		horz.extension of tongue
7001B2		baby Mario status (bit 7=safe in saddle)
7001EE		time left before Yoshi automatically swallows what's in his mouth (2 bytes)
700F00-700F9F	object slot data?
700F00		baby Mario status (0A=safe on saddle 10=lost in bubble)
700FA0-70103F	???
701040-7010DF	objects
		byte 1	egg in stock? (00=yes 04=no)
		byte 2	
		byte 3	object byte
7010E0-70117F	X coord of objects (byte 3,4...4 bytes each)
701180-70121F	Y coord of objects (byte 3,4...4 bytes each)
701220-7012BF	speed of objects
		byte 1,2...horizontal speed
		byte 3,4...vertical speed
7012C0-70135F	???
701360-7013BF	object data (animation sequence pointers?)
701400-70149F	direction objects face (byte 3)
701814		Baseball Catcher's damage
701900,x	Burt's pants
701902,x	Burt's current health
		end battle when health = 0
70194A,4E	Crab's health (from 0-3)
70195C		Raphael's current health
		end battle when hit if health currently = 1
701964		Big Boo's current face width
701974		Level Timer in 60fps (2 bytes)
701976-7019CE?	object rotation data?
		upper bits affect angle of object, lower bits are the current sequence (ie.walking, idle, looking back and forth, etc.)
7019BA		Total damage to Big Boo (2 bytes)
		end battle when damage >= 01C1
701A33		Raphael's current mode (00=normal 01=angry 02=furious)
701A36-701A9E?	object size data?
701A7A		Big Boo's current body size
701A94  	Total damage to Prince Froggy (2 bytes, from 0 to FFFF)
		end battle when damage > FFFF
		must do at least #$2AAA damage each hit for 6-hit kill
701DF6		total number of eggs in stock (x2)
701DF8-701E03	6 egg slots (2 bytes each)


83A85C00	Yoshi destroys all enemies in his way
83A86E80	Monsters have no effect
83A8D700	Mario stays on saddle even if Yoshi hit
86CFB480	Mario stays on saddle even if Yoshi hit
8ADA2A01	infinite egg ricochets
83B106BD	eggs can ricochet through enemies
8ADA35FF	eggs do not leave when over-ricocheted
8BE0B3xx	jump height/speed
		FB=normal, less than FB=higher jumps
8BCE1C00	Moon jump

most of these codes only work in zsnes because snes9x can't alter SFX cpu assembly via cheat dialog