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Here is where each song's data begins in Super Mario Kart's SPC RAM.
To get the starting location in an SPC file, you must add 0x100 to the address.
The song pointers can be found at 1566-1591 in SPC RAM.

Value       Address in SPC RAM   Description
-----       ------------------   -----------
01          FF00                 Mario Kart GP intro
02          07CA                 Starting lights (Time Trial/Match Race/Battle Mode)
03          D783                 Starting lights with engine sounds (Mario Kart GP)
04          D000                 Track-specific music (normal tempo)
05          3E45                 Final Lap fanfare
06          D000                 Track-specific music (speeds up to final lap tempo in 2nd pattern; unused)
07          D000                 Track-specific music (final lap tempo)
08          10BF                 Using Starman
09          DAF9                 1st-4rd place finish (Mario Kart GP)/Finish with a new record (Time Trial)
0A          03DB                 Finish without a new record (Time Trial)
0B          06F0                 Ranked Out
0C          DD3B                 Mario's Theme
0D          DC37                 Luigi's Theme
0E          0506                 Bowser's Theme
0F          D989                 Princess's Theme
10          124E                 Donkey Kong Jr.'s Theme
11          05FE                 Koopa Troopa's Theme
12          3D24                 Toad's Theme
13          13D7                 Yoshi's Theme
14          DE33                 Game Over
15          D000                 Track-specific music (faster than final lap; unused)
16          D000                 Track-specific music (normal tempo)
(Source: Mattrizzle)

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