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Audio Data
Game Star Fox
Start Address 0x0C0000
End Address 0x0EFFFF
# of Entries unknown
Entry Length unknown
Total Length 196,608 bytes
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Audio Data

Audio clips are stored in BRR format. Each audio data block is 9 bytes long.

Offset  Size    Description
------- ----    -----------
 0x00   1       Flags
 0x01   8       16 Samples (4-bits each)

The first byte contains flags that apply to all of the samples in this block. If bit 0 is set, then this is the last block of the audio clip. If bit 1 is set, this block should be played in a loop. (Since loop information is handled separately in the audio directory, the loop bit is most likely ignored.)

The high nibble (4-bits) of the Flags field specifies the number of bits that each sample in this block should be shifted to the left.

The rest of the Flags field (bits 2-3) control a custom filter to be applied to each sample in the block. There are 4 possible filter values.

Audio Clips

Start Description
0C2B22 Mechanical
0C2F00 Mechanical 2
0C3A64 Laser
0C3FC5 Bomb
0C5EBE Hit
0C6D31 Incoming Enemy
0C7F0D Twin Blaster
0C8B1C Andross Laugh
0C8FC9 Repaired
0C9AD3 Noise
0C9CD6  ??
0C9D0C  ??
0C9D42 Timpani
0C36C3  ??
0C64E5 Noise 2
0C292A  ??
0C512C Crash
0C679A Mechanical 3
0C775A Damaged
0C877D Shield
0C976A Calliope
0C4589 Laser 2
0C6482 Noise 3
0C7547 Wing
0C9572 Mechanical 4
0CB08F Horns
0CB74F Strings
0CC5D4 Beep
0CC505 Beep 2
0CD2A0 Click
0CD4AA Snare
0CD26A Click 2
0CDB34 Beep 3
0CDC15 Bass Guitar
0CDD08 Synth Lead
0CE233 Click 3
0CE272 Noise 4
0CE767 Tom
0CEAF4 Beep 4
0CEB4F  ??
0CEBE7 Orchestra Hit
0CF1C6 Click 4
0CF163 Beep 5
0CF661 Flute
0CF886 Horns 2
0CFFCA Crash 2
0D2ADD Prepare For Launch
0D4F1C Radio Chatter
0D10E0 Treads
0D12B6 Emergency
0D791F Incoming Enemy Fighters
0D1282 Click 5
0D6995 Crash 3
0D7727 Synth Lead 2
0DA6BA Good Luck
0DB606 Haunting Music
0DC3FB Orchestra Hit 2
0DCEF3 Orchestra Hit 3
0E1BEC This Is Corneria
0E2B76 Pepper Speaking
0E5C8A I'm Heading Back To Corneria
0E6F35 Crash 4
0E7A7E Beep 6
0E7B25 Roger
0E79AF Synth Lead 3
0E958D Let's Go
0E3974 Congratulations
0EA73B Noise 5
0EC3C7 Horns 3
0EC50B French Horns
0ED2D3 Beep 7
0ED324 Strings Hit
0ED540 Horns 4
0EED82 Flute 2
0EEFA7 Horns 5