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Shadow Dancer's Objects List

This list is far from complete.

patterns_set refers to basic ennemies, whose pattern_loading_tables address are located at 0x8774.

If there's no patterns_set, then patterns are loaded from the ROMat the beginninng of the current stage (most of the time). Between parenthesis, there's the number of patterns loaded. If there's an asterisk, patterns are Nemesis-compressed, in which case the number of patterns can be computed as :

 len(decompressed_buffer) / 32
object_id description patterns_set patterns_addr multisprite_table
00 nothing
01 Green Soldier 1 0x6A358
02 Blue Soldier 2 0x6A654
03 Blue Soldier with Knife 3 0x6A37A
04 et 05 Red Soldier with Staff 4 0x6A676
06 Shield Man 5 0x6D0BC
07 Rolling Clawed Ninja 6 0x6D2F6
08 Gunman 7 0x6D524
09 Rolling Clawed Ninja 6 0x6D2F6
0A Ninja 0xC 0x6E102
0B Ninja 0xC 0x6E102
0C Ninja 0xC 0x6E102
0D Shield Man 5 0x6D0BC
0E Shield Man 5 0x6D0BC
0F Shield Man 5 0x6D0BC
10 Shield Man 5 0x6D0BC
11 Gunman 7 0x6D524
12 Gunman 7 6D524
13 nothing
14 Lizard Man 0xE 0x7028C
15 Ninja 0xC 0x6E102
16 Ninja 0xC 0x6E102
17 Ninja 0xC 0x6E102
18 Ninja 0xC 0x6E102
19 - 28 ? 0x71596
33 Gun Bullet 0x3B74A(2) 0x6D54A