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Room numbers


Data Values

Room number Description
0 outside cross town hs
1 trash pick up
2 grotto mall
3 outside sherman park
4 sherman park
5 moose's construction area
6 waterfront mall
7 capital ave bridge
8 benny and clyde's area
9 downtown
a outside wsl co warehouse front
b wsl co warehouse
c outside wsl co warehouse back
d outside armstrong thruway
e armstrong thruway
f turk's outside armstrong thruway
10 mojo's downtown
11 flatirons mall 1
12 flatirons mall 2
13 outside flatirons downtown
14 outside vacant 3rd wheel factory front
15 3rd wheel factory 1
16 3rd wheel factory 2
17 outside vacant 3rd wheel factory back
18 oak hill mall 1
19 oak hill mall 2
1a burb village sauna
1b burb village trash pick-up
1c outside river city hs
1d river city hs gym
1e river city hs floor 1
1f river city hs floor 2
20 river city hs floor 3
21 cyndy's room
22 river city hs roof

Internal Data for River City Ransom

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