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0x001326 to 0x001385 = Glass Joe (Minor Circuit)
 0x00132C = Stamina
 0x001335 = Opponent strength
 0x001353 = Mug shot, etc.
 0x00135C = countdown stat
 0x001360 = clock speed

0x0014D3 to 0x001532 = Don Flamenco (Major Circuit)
 0x0014D9 = Stamina

0x001533 to 0x001592 = Don Flamenco (World Circuit)
 0x001539 = Stamina

0x002C5E to 0x002CBD = King Hippo (Major Circuit, AWC)
 0x002C64 = Stamina
 0x002C6D = Opponent strength
 0x002C8B = Mug shot, etc.
 0x002C94 = countdown stat

0x0053D9 to 0x005438 = Great Tiger (Major Circuit, AWC)
 0x00540F = countdown stat

0x007887 to 0x0078E6 = Bald Bull (Demo play)

0x0078E7 to 0x007946 = Bald Bull (Major Circuit)
 0x0078ED = Stamina
 0x0078F6 = Opponent strength
 0x007914 = Mug shot, etc.
 0x00791D = countdown stat

0x007947 to 0x0079A6 = Bald Bull (World Circuit)
 0x00794D = Stamina
 0x007956 = Opponent strength
 0x007974 = Mug shot, etc.
 0x00797D = countdown stat

0x009A5C to 0x009ABB = Soda Popinski (World Circuit)
 0x009A62 = Stamina
 0x009A6B = Opponent strength
 0x009A89 = Mug shot, etc.
 0x009A92 = countdown stat

0x00B819 to 0x00B878 = Mike Tyson (Dream Fight)
 0x00B81F = Stamina

0x00BAE8 to 0x00BB47 = Piston Honda (World Circuit, AWC)
 0x00BAEE = Stamina
 0x00BAF7 = Opponent strength
 0x00BB15 = Mug shot, etc.
 0x00BB1E = countdown stat

0x00BB48 to 0x00BBA7 = Piston Honda (Minor Circuit)
 0x00BB4E = Stamina

Sound effect

0x00D210 to 0x00DD0F = Cheering sound


0x00EDB2 to 0x00EDBB = Password for Busy Signal
0x00EDBC to 0x00EDC5 = Password for Busy Signal
0x00EDC6 to 0x00EDCF = Password for Busy Signal
0x00EDD0 to 0x00EDD8 = Password for Another World Circuit
0x00EDD9 to 0x00EDE3 = Password for Credits
0x00EDE4 to 0x00EDED = Password for Dream Fight

0x00F111 to 0x00F11A = Password encryption
 * example: 06 03 00 00 06 03 06 00 00 05
	000 000 0000 is now password for Major Circuit
 * example: 09 06 08 09 09 03 08 00 07 04
	000 000 0000 is now password for World Circuit

Song pointers

0x01107E to 0x011085 = Opening credits song
0x0110EE to 0x0110F5 = Coming to center ring song
0x011106 to 0x01110D = Glass Joe intro song
0x01110E to 0x011115 = Don Flamenco intro song

Music data

Look Sharp intro

0x011176 to 0x0111B5 = Melody
0x0111B6 to 0x0111D2 = Harmony
0x0111D3 to 0x0111F0 = Bass
0x0111F1 to 0x01???? = Drums

Look Sharp main song

0x01???? to 

Look Sharp tag

0x0112A6 to 0x0112BF = Melody
0x0112C0 to 0x0112F0 = Harmony
0x0112F1 to 0x011316 = Bass
0x011317 to 0x011347 = Drums

Glass Joe intro

0x0117B0 to 0x0117E0 = Melody
0x0117E1 to 0x011812 = Harmony
0x011813 to 0x01183C = Bass
0x01183D to 0x011875 = Drums

Don Flamenco intro

0x011876 to 0x0118B6 = Melody
0x0118B7 to 0x0118F7 = Harmony
0x0118F8 to 0x011908 = Bass
0x011909 to 0x01194B = Drums

King Hippo intro

0x01194C to 0x01195C = Melody
0x01195D to 0x01196C = Harmony
0x01196D to 0x01197E = Bass
0x01197F to 0x0????? = Drums

Character Profile

0x012CE3 to 0x012CEB - Name of Glass Joe
0x012CF0 to 0x012CF5 - City of Glass Joe
0x012CF9 to 0x012CFE - Country of Glass Joe
0x012D03 to 0x012D04 - Age of Glass Joe
0x012D09 to 0x012D0B - Weight of Glass Joe

Song to play

0x014AEB - Song to play during Cast


0x019926 to 0x019945 = Palette for stat screen after fight

Song to play

0x01A530 - Song to play after bell dings on opening

Opponent Table

A0D1, length 3A (NES File 0x180E1)
2 bytes per value.  Match Number (RAM $01) * 2 is used to index into this table.
First Byte: Opponent Body (Also which ROM bank to use) (00-05), stored into RAM $02
 00 = Glass Joe / Don Flamenco
 01 = King Hippo
 02 = Von Kaiser / Great Tiger
 03 = Bald Bull / Mr. Sandman
 04 = Soda Popinski / Super Macho Man
 05 = Piston Honda / Mike Tyson
Second Byte: Opponent Matchup (00-40), stored into RAM $03
 00 = Glass Joe, Von Kaiser, King Hippo, Bald Bull (Demo)
 10 = Don Flamenco (Major Circuit), Great Tiger, Soda Popinski, Mr. Sandman
 20 = Piston Honda (World Circuit), Bald Bull (World Circuit), Don Flamenco (World Circuit)
 30 = Piston Honda (Minor Circuit), Bald Bull (Major Circuit), Super Macho Man
 40 = Mike Tyson
Any values not expected by the game will crash.

Opponent Rank Table

A18D, length 1D (NES File 0x1819D)
Match Number (RAM $01) is used to index into this table.

Lower nibble: Rank number of the opponent (0 for champion, values above 9 display as hex)
Upper nibble: Which circuit for the opponent
0 = Dream Fight
1 = World Circuit
2 = Major Circuit
3 = Minor Circuit
4 = Another World Circuit (Displays as "M  OR CIRCUIT", set RAM 013E to nonzero, and it will display "Another World Circuit" instead)
5-F = Not used (also displays as "M  OR CIRCUIT")


0x020010 to 0x040010 = Graphics

Internal Data for Punch-Out

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