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Scripting Codes

This information will be helpful with scripting. Below are raw codes for scripting and pokescript.

Other Actions

0x54   Hide
0x55   Show
0x56   Alert
0x57   Question
0x58   Love
0x5A   Pokeball
0x10   Delay0
0x11   Delay1
0x12   Delay2
0x13   Delay3
0x14   Delay4

0x00   Down0
0x01   Up0
0x02   Left0
0x03   Right0
0x04   Down1
0x05   Up1
0x06   Left1
0x07   Right1
0x08   Down2
0x09   Up2
0x0A   Left2
0x0B   Right2
0x17   Left3
0x18   Right3
0x15   Down3
0x16   Up3
0x2D   Down4
0x2E   Up4
0x2F   Left4
0x30   Right4

0x35   RunDown
0x36   RunUp
0x37   RunLeft
0x38   RunRight
0x7E   RunDown2
0x7F   RunUp2
0x80   RunLeft2
0x81   RunRight2
Hop & Jump

0x0C  HopTileDown
0x0D  HopTileUp
0x0E  HopTileLeft
0x0F  HopTileRight
0x3A  HighHopDown
0x3B  HighHopUp
0x3C  HighHopLeft
0x3D  HighHopRight
0x46  HopDown
0x47  HopUp
0x48  HopLeft
0x49  HopRight
0x4A  HopDown180
0x4B  HopUp180
0x4C  HopLeft180
0x4D  HopRight180
0x42  JumpDown
0x43  JumpUp
0x44  JumpLeft
0x45  JumpRight
Straf (May have glitches)

0x19  StDown1
0x1A  StUp1
0x1B  StLeft1
0x1C  StRight1
0x1D  StDown2
0x1E  StUp2
0x1F  StLeft2
0x20  StRight2
0x21  StDown3
0x22  StUp3
0x23  StLeft3
0x24  StRight3
0x25  StDown4
0x26  StUp4
0x27  StLeft4
0x28  StRight4
0x6A  StDown1i
0x6B  StUp1i
0x6C  StLeft1i
0x6D  StRight1i
0x6E  StDown5
0x6F  StUp5
0x70  StLeft5
0x71  StRight5

0x31  SlideFaceDown
0x32  SlideFaceUp
0x33  SlideFaceLeft
0x34  SlideFaceRight
0x86  IceSlideDown
0x87  IceSlideUp
0x88  IceSlideLeft
0x89 IceSlideRight

0x3E  Up0A
0x3F  Down0A
0x4E  Down0B
0x63  Up0B
0x65  Right0A
0x66  RunStopLoopDown
0x67  RunStopLoopUp
0x68  RunStopLoopLeft
0x69  RunStopLoopRight
0x72  Down15
0x73  Up15
0x74  Left15
0x75  Right15
0x7A  Down6
0x7B  Up6
0x7C  Left6
0x7D  Right6
0x82  Down7
0x83  Up7
0x84  Left7
0x85  Right7 


Commands and their hex bytes:

nop (00, 01 and C6)
end (02)
return (03)
call (04)
goto (05)
if (06)
jumpstd (08)
boxset (09)
message (0F)
setvar (16)
copyvar (19)
copyvarifnotzero (1A)
comparevars (1B)
comparevartobyte (1C)
comparevartofarbyte (1D)
comparefarbytetovar (1E)
comparefarbytetobyte (1F)
comparefarbytetofarbyte (20)
compare (21)
special (25)
special2 (26)
pause (28)
setflag (29)
clearflag (2A)
checkflag (2B)
cry (30)
fanfare (31)
waitfanfare (32)
playsound (33)
fadedefault (35)
fadesound (36)
fadeout (37)
fadein (38)
warp (39)
checkitem (47)
applymovement (4F)
movesprite (57)
faceplayer (5A)
trainerbattle (5C)
jingle (69)
lock (6A)
release (6C)
multi (6F)
givepokemon (79)
pokemart (86)
fadescreen (97)
checkgender (A0)
setmaptile (A2)
setweather (A4)
doweather (A5)

Internal Data for Pokémon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald

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