Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team:Text Formatting

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These character sequences can change the text when inserted.

Escape Character for 1-Byte Characters

The tilde character "~" (0x7E) can be used to display any 1-byte character. The tilde character must be followed by a hexadecimal code in ascii, written in two characters. Note that those are case-insensitive.


example: ~27 = '

Global String Variables

Note that the string names are case sensitive.

$dX - maybe floor number
$iX - unknown, maybe item
$mX - species name X = 0 Player Species
$nX - given name   X = 0 Player Name
$t - team name - defaults to ???? if not known

Text Macros

Note that all macros are case insensitive.

Text Color Change

One of the following macros must be written before the text to colour:

#C0 - White
#C1 - Blue
#C2 - Red
#C3 - Black
#C4 - Green 
#C5 - Cyan 
#C6 - Yellow
#C7 - White
#C8 - Darker Gray
#C9 - Dark Gray
#CA - White
#CB - White
#CC - Yellow
#CD - Yellow
#CE - Light Blue
#CF - White

The following macro is used to end the coloured text, resetting to the default color. If used on text beginning, will set default color to black.


Extra Message Command


Wait For Continue Command

When the text print reaches this macro, the text print will be suspended until pression of A or B button.


New Line

Note that this macro makes the line starting more on the left than using a command character.


Center Text Align

The characters following this macro are written aligned to the textbox center.