Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team:Personality Test Questions

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Personality Test Questions
Game Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team
Start Address 0x00F0054
End Address 0x00F2623
# of Entries 56
Entry Length varies
Total Length 9680 bytes (0x25D0)
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These are the personality test questions, with relative answers and nature points assigned.

Pointers Tree

question pointer from the Questions Pointer Table to
└three pointers to
 ├question text
 ├Answers Pointer Table (see structure below)
 │└answers text
 └Answers Nature Points (see structure below)

Answers Pointer Table Structure

Address   Size     Description
--------  ----   ----------------
  0000    0004   little-endian GBA pointer to answer text
  0004    0004   little-endian long int value starting from 0 and increasing by 1 in subseguent answers
Repeats until a 0000FFFF entry is reached.

Answers Nature Points Format

For every answer there is a 16-byte entry, in wich each byte indicates the amount of points for every nature given when that answer is chosen. The remaining 3 bytes are unused.

Address   Size    Nature
--------  ----   --------
  0000    0001    Hardy
  0001    0001    Docile
  0002    0001    Brave
  0003    0001    Jolly
  0004    0001    Impish
  0005    0001    Naive
  0006    0001    Timid
  0007    0001    Hasty
  0008    0001    Sassy
  0009    0001    Calm
  000A    0001    Relaxed
  000B    0001    Lonely
  000C    0001    Quirky
  000D    0001    unused
  000E    0001    unused
  000F    0001    unused
Repeats for the amount of answers.