Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team:Main Debug Menu Textbox

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Friend Area Locale Data
Game Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team
Start Address 0x00E7D30
End Address 0x00E7DFB
# of Entries 7
Entry Length {{{entrylength}}}
Total Length 187 bytes (0xCB)
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The debug menu can be accessed by changing byte 0xE5B08 to 0x10.

It's options do nothing.

It replaces the delete save data menu.


Preliminary Data

Offset    Size    Description
-------   -----   ------------
0x00      0x10    Two eight byte "pksdir0 " headers.

0x30      0x02    Horizontal messagebox displacement.
0x32      0x02    Vertical messagebox displacement.
0x34      0x02    Horizontal messagebox size.
0x36      0x02    Vertical messagebox size. Too large will cause corrupted option names.
0x38      0x02    Sprite Alignment - When set to the same number as vertical messagebox size, this will align the options correctly.
0x40      0x02    Unknown, causes random glitchy stuff to happen.

Selection Options

The pointers come in repeating 8 byte structures:

4 bytes - pointer to the selection option

4 bytes - unknown, maybe an index, can make an option unselectable.

There are 7 options total, and an eighth that must be 0x00000000 for the pointer and 0x0A000000 for the index in order to properly exit the menu.