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Dungeons Floors Data: Pokémon Found
Game Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team
Start Address 0x04B6064
End Address 0x04C2A9B
# of Entries 839
Entry Length varies
Total Length 51768 bytes (0xCA38)
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Each entry lists the Pokémon found in a floor with relative probability.

Entry Structure

Address   Size     Description
--------  ----   ---------------
  0000      0002   Pokémon ID plus 512 for each level starting from 0, written as hexadecimal number in little-endian form. Formula: ID+(Lv*512)
  0002      0002   Probability to spawn, written in little-endian form. This is subtracted by the sum of all of the precedent Pokémon probability values in the same entry.
  0004      0002   Seems irrelevant. It may be a discarted or debug data. In the original ROM data, it always matches to the precedent 2 bytes.
  0006      0002   Seems irrelevant. In the original ROM data, is always matches to two null (0x00) bytes.
Repeats until a line of 8 consecutive null (0x00) bytes is found.



  • Every couple of byte is written in reverse order due to the little-endian form.
  • The Pokémon ID values are different form the official Pokédex index values, starting from Unown; see list on notes page.
  • The probability values are set in order to get 10000 as last value, just for convenience. All the original probability values in the ROM are organized so, probability just to make it easier to read as raw code.
Code    Description
----  ---------------
1906  First Pokémon: Lv. 3 Pikachu. Pokémon ID is 25 (0x0019) plus 3*512=1536 (0x0600)
8813  First Pokémon probability value: 50.00%. Value is 5000 (0x1388)
8813  Repeating the previous value
0000  Null space
E31A  Second Pokémon: Lv. 13 Wobbuffet. Pokémon ID is 227 (0x00E3) plus 13*512=6656 (0x1A00)
401F  Second Pokémon probability value: 30.00%. Value is 3000 (0x0BB8) plus the previous of 5000 (0x1388) = 8000 (0x1F40)
401F  Repeating the previous value
0000  Null space
3B0F  Third Pokémon: Lv. 7 Nincada. Pokémon ID is 315 (0x013B) plus 7*512=3584 (0x0E00)
1027  Third Pokémon probability value: 20.00%. Value is 2000 (0x07D0) plus the previous of 8000 (0x1F40) = 10000 (0x2710)
1027  Repeating the previous value
0000  Null space
0000  Ending line of 8 null (0x00) characters