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Zero Page Function Details
0x0053 # Bosses Remaining When = #00, Mark gets Key. Programming error in original game makes completion of Level 7 impossible if all three bosses are killed.
0x0054 Bert Counter Counts upward; audible warning begins at #19; #22 is final value before reverting back to Mark.
0x0097 Current Level, minus one
0x009E Mark's health meter
0x00A9 Start of Password Value Entry
0x00B1 End of Password Value Entry

RAM Function Details
0x0100 Stack Also appears to be involved with Music Handling
0x0200 Sprites Like most NES games, sprite data is written to $200-2ff before being sent to SPR-RAM.
0x0346 Frame Counter Counts upward at a rate of 60 fps.
0x03CB Mark's Y-coordinates
0x03D6 Mark's X-coordinates
0x0423 Direction Faced by Mark/Bert #00 = Rightward; #40 = Leftward

Internal Data for Monster Party

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