Mighty Final Fight:RAM map

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RAM Address Function Details
0x003E Lives Contains Number of Lives.
0x0061 Stage Contains Current Stage.
0x003A Health Contains Current Health (Max Health 104. Depends upon experience).
0x006C/D Experience Contains Player's Current Experience in Low and High Byte.
0x006B Level Contains Current Level Experience (0x0 to 0x02).
0x003B Invincible Makes Player Invincible.
0x0022 Stage Data Contains Stage Related Data.
0x0360 Player's x-position x-Position of Current Player.
0x03C0 Player's y-position y-Position of Current Player.
0x00A9 Weapon Status (Dropped = 0x00, Picked = 0xFF)
0x0030 Game Action Contains Various Actions/Behaviour of Player and On screen Stage.
Action Value in HEX
Player Jumping 0x01
Player Picking Weapon 0x92
Player Punching 0x03
Player Grabbing Enemy 0x04
Player Got Hit 0x05
Player Falling Down 0x06
Player Selection Screen 0x07
Continue Screen 0x09
Cody's Throw 0x0B
Player Hitting Position 0x0C
Skip Stage 0x0E
HeadSmasher EarthQuake Effect 0x0F
Hagger's Power 0x10
Player Hitting with Weapon 0x11
Hagger's HeadSmasher 0x12
Guy's Throw 0x13
Cody's Slash 0x14
Hagger's BackThrow 0x15
Player's Special Power 0x17
Player Laying Down 0x1F
Player's Grapple Hit 0x21
Cody's Power 0x23
Player Falling (invincible) 0x25
Guy's Power 0x27
0x0034 Player ID Contains ID of Current Player.
Player Name Player ID
Cody 0x00
Guy 0x01
Hagger 0x02
0x033C Enemy ID Contains ID's of All enemies.
Enemy Name Enemy ID (HEX)
Poison 0x20 , 0x26 , 0x30
Two P 0x21 , 0x27 , 0x31
Bred 0x22 , 0x28 , 0x32
AxL 0x23 , 0x29 , 0x33
El Gado 0x24 , 0x2A , 0x34
Andore 0x25 , 0x2B , 0x35
Bosses Starts from here.
Thrasher 0x80
Sodom_Easy 0x81
Sodom_Hard 0x83
AbiGail 0x90
Cyborg Belger 0x74
Miscellaneous Objects Starts from here.
Drums 0x72
Go_Sign 0x6F
Enemy Killed 0x16
Cyborg Killed 0x9B
0x031C Enemy State (Killed = 0x0, Alive = 0x80)
0x049B/E Enemy Life Contains Enemies Life.
0x0063 Enemy Timer Timer to check when to load next Enemy.
0x036C/D Enemy x-position x-Position of Enemy.
0x03CC/D Enemy y-position y-Position of Enemy.
0x04FC Enemy Sprite Air Contains ID Enemy Air Sprite.
0x05BC Enemy Sprite Down Contains ID Enemy Laying Down Sprite.
0x009E Total Enemies Total Number of Enemies.