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Text Values

  • 09C2F0-09CD2F = Battle text
  • 09CD50-09D38F = Denjuu names
  • 09D3A0-09D3CF = Denjuu types
  • 09D3E0-09D40F = Denjuu personalities
  • 09D420-09D49F = Status effects
  • 09D4B0-09D5AF = Map locations
  • 09D5D0-09DD2F = Attack names
  • 09E1C0-09E9BF = Item descriptions

Denjuu Data

  • 4F6BD8-4F7DCF = Denjuu Stats, Movesets, Evolutions, and Types (Power Version)
  • 4F68B8-4F7AAF = Denjuu Stats, Movesets, Evolutions, and Types (Speed Version)

In both versions, the format of data is 23 (17h) bytes for each Denjuu and is as follows:
aa bb cc dd ee ff gg hh ii jj kk ll mm nn oo pp qq rr ss tt uu vv ww

  • aa = Type
    • 00 = Mountain
    • 01 = Grassland
    • 02 = Forest
    • 03 = Aquatic
    • 04 = Sky
    • 05 = Desert
    • Anything else = glitch type
  • bb = HP growth rate group (each stat has 8 preset groups of growth rates, which can be found here:
  • cc = HP stat multiplier (divided by 128)
  • dd = Speed growth rate group
  • ee = Speed stat multiplier
  • ff = Attack growth rate group
  • gg = Attack stat multiplier
  • hh = Defense growth rate group
  • ii = Defense stat multiplier
  • jj = Denma growth rate group
  • kk = Denma stat multiplier
  • ll = Move 1
  • mm = Move 2
  • nn = Move 3
  • oo = Move 4
    • This is always a Denma Attack, meaning it will deplete DP depending on the move, and run off the Denma stat. It is possible to stick an ordinary move that isn't normally used as a Denma Attack in this slot without any problems (and vice-versa), except it will now run off the Denma stat. Also, since ordinary moves were never meant to be put in the 4th slot, it will deplete no DP, and Denma Attacks will not deplete DP in the first three slots.
  • pp = Level of learning 5th move
    • If the Denjuu doesn't learn a fifth move, then this value is FF.
  • qq = Move 5
    • This move replaces the 2nd moveslot. A lot of Denjuu, if not all, happen to learn this move BEFORE Move 4. If it doesn't learn a move that replaces the 2nd moveslot, this value is 00.
  • rr = Level of learning 3rd move
  • ss = Level of learning 4th move
  • tt = Level of Natural Evolution
    • If a Denjuu doesn't evolve naturally, this value is 00. This is true even if it mod evolves.
  • uu = Denjuu it naturally evolves into
    • Unlike Telefang 1, this doesn't go by the order of the game's Picture Book. Rather, it uses this order:
      Just take the index number on that page and convert it to hex. If a Denjuu doesn't naturally evolve, this is 00 (this means that no Denjuu can ever evolve into the Basic form of Muscovy, because its index number is 00).
  • vv = ???
  • ww = ???

Unlike Telefang 1, the order that the Denjuu appear in the ROM is different from the picture book order, similar to the 21st byte (uu) in the data. Here's the order that the game internally orders Denjuu:

Internal Data for Keitai Denjuu Telefang 2

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