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N64 File lists

Here's a question:

I happen to have roughly 270 complete N64 ROM filelists for roughly 130 games plus a few dozen incomplete ones. Most aren't excruciatingly long, but the longer ones have over 14000 entries. These also span multiple region releases, so yes, there will be 3-4 of these for each game.

I already assume the formatting will need to change somewhat, but would really like to know exactly what would be acceptable before converting a few hundred files.

They're currently formatted for a certain extraction tool. Coded names for different compression types or special formatting are used, which obviously will need to be changed. Filesizes aren't always given when they can be assumed from the following entry, and decompressed sizes are something of an exception. Filenames may or may not be present, and depends greatly on them being encoded in the ROM. If they're absolutely mandatory I'll have to write a script to generate them. Comments can be omitted, especially ones that outline formatting.

Typical entries look like such:

0x381E10 bin

An entry that states the filesize (or in the case of compressed files, the compressed size) looks like:

0x3AB9E0, 0x84D8 bin 3AB9E0.11.bin

An entry giving compressed and decompressed size would be:

0xE7220, 0x500 (0x590) Aidyn E7220.1.bin

There's about 100 identified compression formats, but very few games would use more than half a dozen. Replacing those names wouldn't be an issue.

So, two big questions:

1) Can the filelists simply be attached as text, concidering the number and length of each?

2) What kind of formatting change would be acceptable?

Two things:
1: As long as the presentation is consistent and understandable, I don't see a problem. Just add the file lists within <pre> tags. If necessary, slap a boilerplate explanation to the top of each page. If you're adding a game, though, you really should be creating a proper page for it, and that includes, at least, the page sections, even if empty ("Hacks", "Utilities", etc.), a title screen at proper resolution, and the info pane for the N64 template properly filled out. If it's not done when the page is created, it will probably never get done and next thing you know, the wiki will be flooding with ugly, incomplete pages.
2: Please sign your posts in talk pages. Do this by adding four tildes (~~~~) to the end of your text, which gets replaced with your username and a timestamp, like so: Snarfblam (talk) 18:39, 25 February 2014 (EST)