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Main System Memory Locations

This is a map of 68k memory as used by the main gameplay engine.

RAM offset Description
$FF0000- $FFD3DB Unknown
$FFD3DC - $FFD3DC Current item
$FFD3DD- $FFFFFF Unknown

Inventory Items

The items available for your inventory are controlled on a per level basis. This means it is not possible to use the teleporter from the later levels in the earlier ones without considerable modification.

Level 1

Value Description
$01 Gun
$02 Holocube
$0A Cartridge 0
$1C Stone
$1D Teleporter
$21 Key
$2A Stone
$30 Shield
$3A Stone
$41 Credits 0
$42 Credits 10
$43 Credits 50
$44 Credits 500
$45 Credits 100
$48 ID Card
$49 Save (Not normally collectable)
$4A Old Man (Not normally collectable)
$4B Anti G Belt
$4C Wounded Man (Not normally collectable)