Final Fantasy VI:ROM map/Assembly C3B

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C3/B033 unknow

C3/B033:	64E0    	STZ $E0
C3/B035:	64E4    	STZ $E4
C3/B037:	64E5    	STZ $E5
C3/B039:	64E3    	STZ $E3
C3/B03B:	A600    	LDX $00
C3/B03D:	A599    	LDA $99
C3/B03F:	C908    	CMP #$08
C3/B041:	D036    	BNE $B079
C3/B043:	BF899D7E	LDA $7E9D89,X
C3/B047:	D007    	BNE $B050
C3/B049:	E6E0    	INC $E0
C3/B04B:	E8      	INX
C3/B04C:	C908    	CMP #$08
C3/B04E:	D0F3    	BNE $B043
C3/B050:	A600    	LDX $00
C3/B052:	BF899D7E	LDA $7E9D89,X
C3/B056:	05E3    	ORA $E3
C3/B058:	85E3    	STA $E3
C3/B05A:	E8      	INX
C3/B05B:	E00800  	CPX #$0008
C3/B05E:	D0F2    	BNE $B052
C3/B060:	66E3    	ROR $E3
C3/B062:	B004    	BCS $B068
C3/B064:	E6E4    	INC $E4
C3/B066:	80F8    	BRA $B060
C3/B068:	46E4    	LSR $E4
C3/B06A:	06E4    	ASL $E4
C3/B06C:	C221    	REP #$21
C3/B06E:	A5E4    	LDA $E4
C3/B070:	69513A  	ADC #$3A51
C3/B073:	85E7    	STA $E7
C3/B075:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B077:	803B    	BRA $B0B4
C3/B079:	BF899D7E	LDA $7E9D89,X
C3/B07D:	1F8A9D7E	ORA $7E9D8A,X
C3/B081:	D009    	BNE $B08C
C3/B083:	E6E0    	INC $E0
C3/B085:	E8      	INX
C3/B086:	E8      	INX
C3/B087:	E02000  	CPX #$0020
C3/B08A:	D0ED    	BNE $B079
C3/B08C:	A600    	LDX $00
C3/B08E:	BF899D7E	LDA $7E9D89,X
C3/B092:	05E3    	ORA $E3
C3/B094:	85E3    	STA $E3
C3/B096:	E8      	INX
C3/B097:	E8      	INX
C3/B098:	E02000  	CPX #$0020
C3/B09B:	D0F1    	BNE $B08E
C3/B09D:	66E3    	ROR $E3
C3/B09F:	B004    	BCS $B0A5
C3/B0A1:	E6E4    	INC $E4
C3/B0A3:	80F8    	BRA $B09D
C3/B0A5:	46E4    	LSR $E4
C3/B0A7:	06E4    	ASL $E4
C3/B0A9:	C221    	REP #$21
C3/B0AB:	A5E4    	LDA $E4
C3/B0AD:	694938  	ADC #$3849
C3/B0B0:	85E7    	STA $E7
C3/B0B2:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B0B4:	4CB7B0  	JMP $B0B7

C3/B0B7 unknow

C3/B0B7:	7B      	TDC
C3/B0B8:	AD0602  	LDA $0206      (Monster to fight)
C3/B0BB:	AA      	TAX
C3/B0C0:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B0C2:	0A      	ASL A
C3/B0C3:	AA      	TAX
C3/B0C4:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B0C6:	7CC9B0  	JMP ($B0C9,X)

C3/B0C9 unknow

C3/B0C9:	D3B0    	
C3/B0CB:	F8B0      	
C3/B0CD:	E2B0    	
C3/B0CF:	EAB0    	
C3/B0D1:	EEB0 

C3/B0D3 unknow

C3/B0D3:	64E0    	STZ $E0
C3/B0D5:	C220    	REP #$20	(16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B0D7:	A5E7    	LDA $E7
C3/B0D9:	38      	SEC
C3/B0DA:	E9C0    	SBC #$C0
C3/B0DC:	00      	BRK 
C3/B0DD:        8591		STA $91
C3/B0DF:	E220    	SEP #$20     (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B0E1:	60  		RTS

C3/B0E2 unknow

C3/B0E2:	C6E0		DEC $E0
C3/B0E4:        1002    	BPL $B0E8
C3/B0E6:	64E0    	STZ $E0
C3/B0E8:	800E    	BRA $B0F8
C3/B0EA:	E6E0    	INC $E0
C3/B0EC:	800A    	BRA $B0F8
C3/B0EE:	C6E0    	DEC $E0
C3/B0F0:	C6E0    	DEC $E0
C3/B0F2:	C6E0    	DEC $E0
C3/B0F4:	1002    	BPL $B0F8
C3/B0F6:	64E0    	STZ $E0

C3/B0F8 unknow

C3/B0F8:	7B      	TDC
C3/B0F9:	A5E0    	LDA $E0
C3/B0FB:	C221    	REP #$21
C3/B0FD:	0A      	ASL A
C3/B0FE:	0A      	ASL A
C3/B0FF:	0A      	ASL A
C3/B100:	0A      	ASL A
C3/B101:	0A      	ASL A
C3/B102:	0A      	ASL A
C3/B103:	65E7    	ADC $E7
C3/B105:	8591    	STA $91
C3/B107:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B109:	60      	RTS

C3/B10A unknow

C3/B10A:	A01000  	LDY #$0010
C3/B10D:	84E3    	STY $E3
C3/B10F:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B111:	A400    	LDY $00
C3/B113:	9C1821  	STZ $2118
C3/B116:	C8      	INY
C3/B117:	C4E3    	CPY $E3
C3/B119:	D0F8    	BNE $B113
C3/B11B:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B11D:	60      	RTS

C3/B11E unknow

C3/B11E:	A5FF    	LDA $FF
C3/B120:	D007    	BNE $B129
C3/B122:	A01000  	LDY #$0010
C3/B125:	84E3    	STY $E3
C3/B127:	801C    	BRA $B145
C3/B129:	A00800  	LDY #$0008
C3/B12C:	84E3    	STY $E3
C3/B12E:	2045B1  	JSR $B145
C3/B131:	9B      	TXY
C3/B132:	A20800  	LDX #$0008
C3/B135:	7B      	TDC
C3/B136:	B7F5    	LDA [$F5],Y
C3/B138:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B13A:	8D1821  	STA $2118
C3/B13D:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B13F:	C8      	INY
C3/B140:	CA      	DEX
C3/B141:	D0F3    	BNE $B136
C3/B143:	BB      	TYX
C3/B144:	60      	RTS

C3/B145 unknow

C3/B145:	9B      	TXY
C3/B146:	A600    	LDX $00
C3/B148:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B14A:	B7F5    	LDA [$F5],Y
C3/B14C:	8D1821  	STA $2118
C3/B14F:	C8      	INY
C3/B150:	C8      	INY
C3/B151:	E8      	INX
C3/B152:	E4E3    	CPX $E3
C3/B154:	D0F4    	BNE $B14A
C3/B156:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B158:	BB      	TYX
C3/B159:	60      	RTS

C3/B15A unknow

C3/B15A:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B15C:	A5F1    	LDA $F1
C3/B15E:	29FF03  	AND #$03FF
C3/B161:	0A      	ASL A
C3/B162:	0A      	ASL A
C3/B163:	0A      	ASL A
C3/B164:	0A      	ASL A
C3/B165:	AA      	TAX
C3/B166:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B168:	A0A930  	LDY #$30A9
C3/B16B:	8C8121  	STY $2181
C3/B16E:	A02000  	LDY #$0020
C3/B171:	BF2078D2	LDA $D27820,X  (monster palettes)
C3/B175:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C3/B178:	E8      	INX
C3/B179:	88      	DEY
C3/B17A:	D0F5    	BNE $B171
C3/B17C:	60      	RTS

C3/B17D unknow

C3/B17D:	A46D    	LDY $6D
C3/B17F:	F015    	BEQ $B196
C3/B181:	8467    	STY $67
C3/B183:	A04F7E  	LDY #$7E4F
C3/B186:	20E5B1  	JSR $B1E5
C3/B189:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/B18B:	85E1    	STA $E1
C3/B18D:	A9A8    	LDA #$A8
C3/B18F:	85E2    	STA $E2
C3/B191:	A569    	LDA $69
C3/B193:	20F3B1  	JSR $B1F3      (JMP!)
C3/B196:	60      	RTS

C3/B197 unknow

C3/B197:	A46F    	LDY $6F
C3/B199:	F015    	BEQ $B1B0
C3/B19B:	8467    	STY $67
C3/B19D:	A05D7E  	LDY #$7E5D
C3/B1A0:	20E5B1  	JSR $B1E5
C3/B1A3:	A958    	LDA #$58
C3/B1A5:	85E1    	STA $E1
C3/B1A7:	A9A8    	LDA #$A8
C3/B1A9:	85E2    	STA $E2
C3/B1AB:	A56A    	LDA $6A
C3/B1AD:	20F3B1  	JSR $B1F3      (JMP!)
C3/B1B0:	60      	RTS

C3/B1B1 unknow

C3/B1B1:	A471    	LDY $71
C3/B1B3:	F015    	BEQ $B1CA
C3/B1B5:	8467    	STY $67
C3/B1B7:	A06B7E  	LDY #$7E6B
C3/B1BA:	20E5B1  	JSR $B1E5
C3/B1BD:	A990    	LDA #$90
C3/B1BF:	85E1    	STA $E1
C3/B1C1:	A9A8    	LDA #$A8
C3/B1C3:	85E2    	STA $E2
C3/B1C5:	A56B    	LDA $6B
C3/B1C7:	20F3B1  	JSR $B1F3      (JMP!)
C3/B1CA:	60      	RTS

C3/B1CB unknow

C3/B1CB:	A473    	LDY $73
C3/B1CD:	F015    	BEQ $B1E4
C3/B1CF:	8467    	STY $67
C3/B1D1:	A0797E  	LDY #$7E79
C3/B1D4:	20E5B1  	JSR $B1E5
C3/B1D7:	A9C8    	LDA #$C8
C3/B1D9:	85E1    	STA $E1
C3/B1DB:	A9A8    	LDA #$A8
C3/B1DD:	85E2    	STA $E2
C3/B1DF:	A56C    	LDA $6C
C3/B1E1:	20F3B1  	JSR $B1F3      (JMP!)
C3/B1E4:	60      	RTS

C3/B1E5 unknow

C3/B1E5:	20CF34  	JSR $34CF
C3/B1E8:	A902    	LDA #$02
C3/B1EA:	A05F7A  	LDY #$7A5F
C3/B1ED:	207311  	JSR $1173      (put C3/7A5F in the queue)
C3/B1F0:	9B      	TXY
C3/B1F1:	7B      	TDC
C3/B1F2:	60      	RTS

C3/B1F3 unknow

C3/B1F3:	0A      	ASL A
C3/B1F4:	AA      	TAX
C3/B1F5:	C220    	REP #$20       (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B1F7:	BF6969C3	LDA $C36969,X  (Xth character's working RAM offset)
C3/B1FB:	AA      	TAX
C3/B1FC:	E220    	SEP #$20       (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B1FE:	BD1400  	LDA $0014,X    (Statuses)
C3/B201:	2920    	AND #$20       (Mask all but imp)
C3/B203:	F005    	BEQ $B20A      (Branch if imp not set)
C3/B205:	7B      	TDC           (probably to clear out upper bits)
C3/B206:	A90F    	LDA #$0F       (load Imp's spritesheet)
C3/B208:	8004    	BRA $B20E
C3/B20A:	7B      	TDC           (probably to clear out upper bits)
C3/B20B:	BD0100  	LDA $0001,X    (load character's spritesheet)
C3/B20E:	20FA78  	JSR $78FA      (draw the sprite?)
C3/B211:	A9D8    	LDA #$D8
C3/B213:	99CA35  	STA $35CA,Y    (save bank pointer to OAM data)
C3/B216:	A5E1    	LDA $E1
C3/B218:	99CA33  	STA $33CA,Y
C3/B21B:	A5E2    	LDA $E2
C3/B21D:	994A34  	STA $344A,Y
C3/B220:	7B      	TDC
C3/B221:	99CB33  	STA $33CB,Y
C3/B224:	994B34  	STA $344B,Y
C3/B227:	A900    	LDA #$00
C3/B229:	48      	PHA
C3/B22A:	AB      	PLB
C3/B22B:	60      	RTS

C3/B22C determine prize and monster on item bet at Colosseum

C3/B22C:	7B      	TDC
C3/B22D:	AD0502  	LDA $0205
C3/B230:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B232:	0A      	ASL A
C3/B233:	0A      	ASL A
C3/B234:	AA      	TAX
C3/B235:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B237:	BF00B6DF	LDA $DFB600,X  (monster to face)
C3/B23B:	8D0602  	STA $0206
C3/B23E:	BF02B6DF	LDA $DFB602,X  (item to win)
C3/B242:	8D0702  	STA $0207
C3/B245:	BF03B6DF	LDA $DFB603,X  (mask item to win)
C3/B249:	8D0902  	STA $0209
C3/B24C:	60      	RTS

C3/B24D unknow

C3/B24D:	AD0502  	LDA $0205      (item bet)
C3/B250:	A22B79  	LDX #$792B     (position onscreen to draw name)
C3/B253:	800E    	BRA $B263

C3/B255 unknow

C3/B255:	AD0902  	LDA $0209      (load item mask flag)
C3/B258:	F003    	BEQ $B25D      (branch if not set to mask item won)
C3/B25A:	4C86B2  	JMP $B286

C3/B25D unknow

C3/B25D:	AD0702  	LDA $0207      (item to win)
C3/B260:	A20D79  	LDX #$790D     (position onscreen to draw name)
C3/B263:	48      	PHA
C3/B264:	A08B9E  	LDY #$9E8B
C3/B267:	8C8121  	STY $2181
C3/B26A:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B26C:	8A      	TXA
C3/B26D:	8F899E7E	STA $7E9E89
C3/B271:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B273:	AD1242  	LDA $4212
C3/B276:	2940    	AND #$40       (are we in H-blank?)
C3/B278:	F0F9    	BEQ $B273      (branch if not)
C3/B27A:	68      	PLA
C3/B27B:	20CE80  	JSR $80CE      (Write out item name)
C3/B27E:	7B      	TDC
C3/B27F:	8F989E7E	STA $7E9E98
C3/B283:	4CD97F  	JMP $7FD9

C3/B286 unknow

C3/B286:	A027B4  	LDY #$B427     ("?????????????")
C3/B289:	20F902  	JSR $02F9
C3/B28C:	60      	RTS

C3/B28D unknow

C3/B28D:	C220    	REP #$20       (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B28F:	A94F7C  	LDA #$7C4F     (position onscreen to draw name)
C3/B292:	8F899E7E	STA $7E9E89
C3/B296:	E220    	SEP #$20       (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B298:	200954  	JSR $5409
C3/B29B:	7B      	TDC
C3/B29C:	AD0602  	LDA $0206      (monster to face)
C3/B29F:	206784  	JSR $8467      (write the name)
C3/B2A2:	4CD97F  	JMP $7FD9

C3/B2A5 unknow

C3/B2A5:	8B      	PHB
C3/B2A6:	A900    	LDA #$00
C3/B2A8:	48      	PHA
C3/B2A9:	AB      	PLB
C3/B2AA:	7B      	TDC
C3/B2AB:	A54B    	LDA $4B
C3/B2AD:	0A      	ASL A
C3/B2AE:	AA      	TAX
C3/B2AF:	B46D    	LDY $6D,X
C3/B2B1:	F02C    	BEQ $B2DF
C3/B2B3:	8467    	STY $67
C3/B2B5:	A0757C  	LDY #$7C75
C3/B2B8:	20CF34  	JSR $34CF
C3/B2BB:	A902    	LDA #$02
C3/B2BD:	0447    	TSB $47
C3/B2BF:	A902    	LDA #$02
C3/B2C1:	A0427B  	LDY #$7B42
C3/B2C4:	207311  	JSR $1173      (put C3/7B42 in the queue)
C3/B2C7:	A901    	LDA #$01
C3/B2C9:	9F49367E	STA $7E3649,X
C3/B2CD:	9B      	TXY
C3/B2CE:	7B      	TDC
C3/B2CF:	A9B8    	LDA #$B8
C3/B2D1:	85E1    	STA $E1
C3/B2D3:	A968    	LDA #$68
C3/B2D5:	85E2    	STA $E2
C3/B2D7:	20ECB2  	JSR $B2EC
C3/B2DA:	20F3B1  	JSR $B1F3
C3/B2DD:	8003    	BRA $B2E2
C3/B2DF:	20E5B2  	JSR $B2E5
C3/B2E2:	AB      	PLB
C3/B2E3:	38      	SEC
C3/B2E4:	60      	RTS

C3/B2E5 unknow

C3/B2E5:	A006B4  	LDY #$B406     ("      ", maybe to blank stray letters from character name after switching?)
C3/B2E8:	20F902  	JSR $02F9
C3/B2EB:	60      	RTS

C3/B2EC unknow

C3/B2EC:	7B      	TDC
C3/B2ED:	A54B    	LDA $4B
C3/B2EF:	AA      	TAX
C3/B2F0:	B569    	LDA $69,X
C3/B2F2:	60      	RTS

C3/B2F3 code and table jump

C3/B2F3:	AA      	TAX
C3/B2F4:	7CF7B2  	JMP ($B2F7,X)

C3/B2F7:	FBB2
C3/B2F9:	1EB3

C3/B2FB unknow

C3/B2FB:	A62D    	LDX $2D
C3/B2FD:	C220    	REP #$20	(16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B2FF:	A987EC  	LDA #$EC87
C3/B302:	9DC932  	STA $32A9,X
C3/B305:	A97000    	LDA #$0070
C3/B308:	9DCA33  	STA $33CA,X
C3/B30B:	A96000    	LDA #$60
C3/B30E:	9D4A34  	STA $344A,X
C3/B311:	E220    	SEP #$20
C3/B313:	FE4936  	INC $3649,X    (execute the next entry in this queue's jump table)
C3/B316:	A9D8    	LDA #$D8
C3/B318:	9DCA35  	STA $35CA,X    (save bank pointer to OAM data)
C3/B31B:	200612  	JSR $1206
C3/B31E:	202112  	JSR $1221      (draw the sprites!)
C3/B321:	38      	SEC            (not done with this queue yet)
C3/B322:	60      	RTS

C3/B323 unknow

C3/B323:	A032B3  	LDY #$B332
C3/B326:	4CFE05  	JMP $05FE

C3/B329 unknow

C3/B329:	202D07  	JSR $072D
C3/B32C:	A037B3  	LDY #$B337
C3/B32F:	4C4006  	JMP $0640

C3/B332 data: hotspot

C3/B332:	01 00 00 04 01

C3/B337 data: finger positions

C3/B337:	10B0
C3/B339:	48B0
C3/B33B:	80B0
C3/B33D:	B8B0

C3/B33F data: windows

C3/B33F:	8B580D02	(window that holds item to win)
C3/B343:	A9580D02	(window that holds item bet)
C3/B347:	CB5C1C07	(window that holds the foolish challengers that will fight :P)

C3/B34B unknow

C3/B34B:	C220    	REP #$20
C3/B34D:	AF8C16E7	LDA $E7168C
C3/B351:	85F3    	STA $F3
C3/B353:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B355:	AF8E16E7	LDA $E7168E
C3/B359:	85F5    	STA $F5
C3/B35B:	20F2B3  	JSR $B3F2
C3/B35E:	A00068  	LDY #$6800
C3/B361:	8C1621  	STY $2116
C3/B364:	A00010  	LDY #$1000
C3/B367:	84E7    	STY $E7
C3/B369:	A600    	LDX $00
C3/B36B:	20C6B3  	JSR $B3C6
C3/B36E:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B370:	AF9216E7	LDA $E71692
C3/B374:	85F3    	STA $F3
C3/B376:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B378:	AF9416E7	LDA $E71694
C3/B37C:	85F5    	STA $F5
C3/B37E:	20F2B3  	JSR $B3F2
C3/B381:	A00070  	LDY #$7000
C3/B384:	8C1621  	STY $2116
C3/B387:	A00010  	LDY #$1000
C3/B38A:	84E7    	STY $E7
C3/B38C:	A600    	LDX $00
C3/B38E:	20C6B3  	JSR $B3C6
C3/B391:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B393:	AF7A18E7	LDA $E7187A
C3/B397:	85F3    	STA $F3
C3/B399:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B39B:	A9E7    	LDA #$E7
C3/B39D:	85F5    	STA $F5
C3/B39F:	20F2B3  	JSR $B3F2
C3/B3A2:	20D8B3  	JSR $B3D8
C3/B3A5:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B3A7:	A9B00A  	LDA #$0AB0
C3/B3AA:	85E7    	STA $E7
C3/B3AC:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B3AE:	A9E7    	LDA #$E7
C3/B3B0:	85E9    	STA $E9
C3/B3B2:	A2C930  	LDX #$30C9
C3/B3B5:	8E8121  	STX $2181
C3/B3B8:	A400    	LDY $00
C3/B3BA:	B7E7    	LDA [$E7],Y
C3/B3BC:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C3/B3BF:	C8      	INY
C3/B3C0:	C06000  	CPY #$0060
C3/B3C3:	D0F5    	BNE $B3BA
C3/B3C5:	60      	RTS

C3/B3C6 unknow

C3/B3C6:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B3C8:	BF8DB67E	LDA $7EB68D,X
C3/B3CC:	8D1821  	STA $2118
C3/B3CF:	E8      	INX
C3/B3D0:	E8      	INX
C3/B3D1:	E4E7    	CPX $E7
C3/B3D3:	D0F3    	BNE $B3C8
C3/B3D5:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B3D7:	60      	RTS

C3/B3D8 unknow

C3/B3D8:	A600    	LDX $00
C3/B3DA:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B3E0:	38      	SEC
C3/B3E1:	E98003  	SBC #$0380
C3/B3E4:	9F49597E	STA $7E5949,X
C3/B3E8:	E8      	INX
C3/B3E9:	E8      	INX
C3/B3EA:	E08005  	CPX #$0580
C3/B3ED:	D0ED    	BNE $B3DC
C3/B3EF:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B3F1:	60      	RTS

C3/B3F2 unknow

C3/B3F2:	A08DB6  	LDY #$B68D     (Decompression destination address)
C3/B3F5:	84F6    	STY $F6
C3/B3F7:	A97E    	LDA #$7E       (Decompression destination bank)
C3/B3F9:	85F8    	STA $F8
C3/B3FB:	8B      	PHB
C3/B3FC:	A97E    	LDA #$7E
C3/B3FE:	48      	PHA
C3/B3FF:	AB      	PLB
C3/B400:	226DFFC2	JSL $C2FF6D    (LZ decompression routine)
C3/B404:	AB      	PLB
C3/B405:	60      	RTS

C3/B406 data: strings

C3/B406:	757CFFFFFFFFFFFF00                                  ("      ")
C3/B40F:	157D929EA59E9CADFFADA19EFF9CA19AA5A59EA7A09EAB00    ("Select the challenger")
C3/B427:	0D79BFBFBFBFBFBFBFBFBFBFBFBFBF00                    ("?????????????")

C3/B437 unknow

C3/B437:	7B		TDC
C3/B438:	AA      	TAX
C3/B439:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B43B:	9F71A27E	STA $7EA271,X
C3/B43F:	E8      	INX
C3/B440:	E8      	INX
C3/B441:	E4F3    	CPX $F3
C3/B443:	D0F6    	BNE $B43B
C3/B445:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B447:	60      	RTS

C3/B448 unknow

C3/B448:	01
C3/B449:	0900023E
C3/B44D:	01
C3/B44E:	0900123E

C3/B452 oam data

OAM data, format is pointer, timer, pointer, timer, pointer, end
C3/B452:	48B4
C3/B454:	02
C3/B455:	4DB4
C3/B457:	02
C3/B458:	48B4
C3/B45A:	FF

C3/B45B unknow

C3/B45B:	00      	(config screen OAM data points here....but this would indicate that there's nothing)
C3/B45C:	01
C3/B45D:	8082033E
C3/B461:	01      	(config screen OAM data points here)
C3/B462:	800003BE	(position 80,0, 03 is ?, giant arrow pointing up)

C3/B466 initiate shop menu

DP $26 is #$24 - initiate the shop menu
C3/B466:	202F35  	JSR $352F      (fade out screen, disable H/DMA)
C3/B469:	200469  	JSR $6904
C3/B46C:	20086A  	JSR $6A08
C3/B46F:	A903    	LDA #$03
C3/B471:	8D0721  	STA $2107
C3/B474:	A9C0    	LDA #$C0
C3/B476:	1443    	TRB $43        (eventually disable channels 6 and 7 of HDMA)
C3/B478:	A902    	LDA #$02
C3/B47A:	8546    	STA $46
C3/B47C:	644A    	STZ $4A
C3/B47E:	2086B8  	JSR $B886
C3/B481:	208FB8  	JSR $B88F
C3/B484:	20B007  	JSR $07B0      (finger OAM initiating)
C3/B487:	20C4B8  	JSR $B8C4
C3/B48A:	202B7E  	JSR $7E2B
C3/B48D:	2018C0  	JSR $C018
C3/B490:	A925    	LDA #$25
C3/B492:	8527    	STA $27        (queue up to execute at C3/B49B)
C3/B494:	A901    	LDA #$01
C3/B496:	8526    	STA $26        (transition)
C3/B498:	4C4135  	JMP $3541

C3/B49B sustain shop menu

DP $26 is #$25 - sustain the shop menu
C3/B49B:	208CB8  	JSR $B88C
C3/B49E:	A508    	LDA $08
C3/B4A0:	8980    	BIT #$80       (did you press A?)
C3/B4A2:	F006    	BEQ $B4AA      (branch if not, BPL...)
C3/B4A4:	20B20E  	JSR $0EB2		(makes the click sound)
C3/B4A7:	4C92B7  	JMP $B792

C3/B4AA:	A509    	LDA $09
C3/B4AC:	8980    	BIT #$80       (did you press B?)
C3/B4AE:	F00C    	BEQ $B4BC      (branch if not, BPL...)
C3/B4B0:	20A90E  	JSR $0EA9
C3/B4B3:	9C0502  	STZ $0205
C3/B4B6:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C3/B4B8:	8527    	STA $27
C3/B4BA:	6426    	STZ $26
C3/B4BC:	60      	RTS

C3/B4BD buy item

DP $26 is #$26 - buying
C3/B4BD:	A910    	LDA #$10
C3/B4BF:	0445    	TSB $45
C3/B4C1:	20390F  	JSR $0F39
C3/B4C4:	20A6B8  	JSR $B8A6
C3/B4C7:	2084BC  	JSR $BC84
C3/B4CA:	20A8BC  	JSR $BCA8
C3/B4CD:	A509    	LDA $09
C3/B4CF:	8980    	BIT #$80       (did you press B?)
C3/B4D1:	F006    	BEQ $B4D9      (branch if not, BPL...)
C3/B4D3:	20A90E  	JSR $0EA9
C3/B4D6:	4C60B7  	JMP $B760

C3/B4D9:	A508    	LDA $08
C3/B4DB:	8980    	BIT #$80       (did you press A?)
C3/B4DD:	F006    	BEQ $B4E5      (branch if not, BPL...)
C3/B4DF:	202FB8  	JSR $B82F
C3/B4E2:	20E6B7  	JSR $B7E6
C3/B4E5:	60      	RTS
C3/B4E6:	A910    	LDA #$10
C3/B4E8:	1445    	TRB $45
C3/B4EA:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/B4EC:	0445    	TSB $45
C3/B4EE:	60      	RTS
C3/B4EF:	200883  	JSR $8308
C3/B4F2:	20C2BF  	JSR $BFC2
C3/B4F5:	4C3857  	JMP $5738

C3/B4F8:	200883  	JSR $8308
C3/B4FB:	7B      	TDC
C3/B4FC:	A54B    	LDA $4B
C3/B4FE:	AA      	TAX
C3/B4FF:	BD6918  	LDA $1869,X		(Items currently in inventory)
C3/B502:	4C3857  	JMP $5738

C3/B505 deciding on how many items to buy

DP $26 is #$27 - deciding on how many to buy
C3/B505:	20E6B4  	JSR $B4E6
C3/B508:	20EFB4  	JSR $B4EF
C3/B50B:	2053BB  	JSR $BB53
C3/B511:	A50B    	LDA $0B
C3/B513:	8901    	BIT #$01
C3/B515:	F022    	BEQ $B539
C3/B517:	20A30E  	JSR $0EA3
C3/B51A:	A528    	LDA $28        (Number of items to buy) 
C3/B51C:	C56A    	CMP $6A        (Compare to current maximum) 
C3/B51E:	F05C    	BEQ $B57C      (Branch if equal) 
C3/B520:	E628    	INC $28        (Increase the number by one) 
C3/B522:	2053BB  	JSR $BB53 
C3/B525:	AD6018  	LDA $1860      (Current GP, low byte) 
C3/B528:	C5F1    	CMP $F1        (Compare to that of the price) 
C3/B52A:	AD6118  	LDA $1861      (Current GP, middle byte) 
C3/B52D:	E5F2    	SBC $F2        (Subtract to that of the price) 
C3/B52F:	AD6218  	LDA $1862      (Current GP, high byte) 
C3/B532:	E5F3    	SBC $F3        (Subtact to that of the price) 
C3/B534:	B002    	BCS $B538      (Exit if money total is sufficient) 
C3/B536:	C628    	DEC $28        (Decrease the number of items to buy) 
C3/B538:	60      	RTS

C3/B539 unknow

C3/B539:	A50B    	LDA $0B
C3/B53B:	8902    	BIT #$02
C3/B53D:	F00B    	BEQ $B54A
C3/B53F:	20A30E  	JSR $0EA3
C3/B542:	A528    	LDA $28
C3/B544:	C901    	CMP #$01
C3/B546:	F056    	BEQ $B59E
C3/B548:	C628    	DEC $28
C3/B54A:	A50B    	LDA $0B
C3/B54C:	8908    	BIT #$08
C3/B54E:	F033    	BEQ $B583
C3/B550:	20A30E  	JSR $0EA3
C3/B553:	A90A    	LDA #$0A
C3/B555:	18      	CLC
C3/B556:	6528    	ADC $28
C3/B558:	C56A    	CMP $6A
C3/B55A:	F002    	BEQ $B55E
C3/B55C:	B021    	BCS $B57F
C3/B55E:	8528    	STA $28
C3/B560:	2053BB  	JSR $BB53
C3/B563:	AD6018  	LDA $1860
C3/B566:	C5F1    	CMP $F1
C3/B568:	AD6118  	LDA $1861
C3/B56B:	E5F2    	SBC $F2
C3/B56D:	AD6218  	LDA $1862
C3/B570:	E5F3    	SBC $F3
C3/B572:	B007    	BCS $B57B
C3/B574:	A528    	LDA $28
C3/B576:	38      	SEC
C3/B577:	E90A    	SBC #$0A
C3/B579:	8528    	STA $28
C3/B57B:	60      	RTS
C3/B57C:	4C9EB5  	JMP $B59E

C3/B57F unknow

C3/B57F:	A528    	LDA $28
C3/B581:	80DB    	BRA $B55E
C3/B583:	A50B    	LDA $0B
C3/B585:	8904    	BIT #$04
C3/B587:	F015    	BEQ $B59E
C3/B589:	20A30E  	JSR $0EA3
C3/B58C:	A528    	LDA $28
C3/B58E:	38      	SEC
C3/B58F:	E90A    	SBC #$0A
C3/B591:	3007    	BMI $B59A
C3/B593:	C901    	CMP #$01
C3/B595:	9007    	BCC $B59E
C3/B597:	8528    	STA $28
C3/B599:	60      	RTS

C3/B59A unknow

C3/B59A:	A901    	LDA #$01
C3/B59C:	8528    	STA $28
C3/B59E:	A509    	LDA $09
C3/B5A0:	8980    	BIT #$80       (did you press B?)
C3/B5A2:	F006    	BEQ $B5AA      (branch if not, BPL...)
C3/B5A4:	20A90E  	JSR $0EA9
C3/B5A7:	4CB3B7  	JMP $B7B3

C3/B5AA unknow

C3/B5AA:	A508    	LDA $08
C3/B5AC:	8980    	BIT #$80       (did you press A?)
C3/B5AE:	F006    	BEQ $B5B6      (branch if not, BPL...)
C3/B5B0:	20CE0E  	JSR $0ECE		(Makes the Cha-ching sound play)
C3/B5B3:	20B7B5  	JSR $B5B7		(Buying function)
C3/B5B6:	60      	RTS

C3/B5B7 buy function

C3/B5B7:	20C2BF  	JSR $BFC2		(Function loads A with item index taken from $4B)
C3/B5BA:	A400    	LDY $00		(Load Y with $00)
C3/B5BC:	D96918  	CMP $1869,Y 	(Is this item [in A] in the inventory [at Y]?)
C3/B5BF:	F020    	BEQ $B5E1		(If so, branch -> Load A with $28)
C3/B5C1:	C8      	INY			(Otherwise, increment Y to check the next index)
C3/B5C2:	C00001  	CPY #$0100		(Is Y 255 yet?)
C3/B5C5:	D0F5    	BNE $B5BC		(If not, branch -> check inventory list again)
C3/B5C7:	A400    	LDY $00		(Load Y with $00)
C3/B5C9:	B96918  	LDA $1869,Y 	(Load inventory item Y)
C3/B5CC:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF		(Is it the "empty" byte?)
C3/B5CE:	F003    	BEQ $B5D3		(If so, branch -> don't need to keep checking, this is it and we don't have it yet)
C3/B5D0:	C8      	INY			(Otherwise, increment Y to check the next index)
C3/B5D1:	80F6    	BRA $B5C9		(Go to the next item)
C3/B5D3:	A528    	LDA $28		(Load A with $28 [holds the quantity to add])
C3/B5D5:	996919  	STA $1969,Y		(Store it as the quantity of this item [had none before])
C3/B5D8:	BF899D7E	LDA $7E9D89,X	(Load working RAM for the X location on the list)
C3/B5DC:	996918  	STA $1869,Y 	(Store it in items currently in inventory at Y)
C3/B5DF:	8009    	BRA $B5EA		(Go to function [see below])
C3/B5E1:	A528    	LDA $28		(Load A with $28 [the quantity to add])
C3/B5E3:	18      	CLC			(Clear carry)
C3/B5E4:	796919  	ADC $1969,Y 	(Add the old quantity to the new)
C3/B5E7:	996919  	STA $1969,Y 	(Store it in the quantity of this item)
C3/B5EA:	2053BB  	JSR $BB53		?????
C3/B5ED:	38      	SEC			(Set the carry in case of borrowing)
C3/B5EE:	AD6018  	LDA $1860		(Load gold low byte)
C3/B5F1:	E5F1    	SBC $F1		(Subtract the price low byte)
C3/B5F3:	8D6018  	STA $1860		(Store it in the gold low byte)
C3/B5F6:	C220    	REP #$20      	(16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B5F8:	AD6118  	LDA $1861		(Load the gold upper bytes)
C3/B5FB:	E5F2    	SBC $F2		(Subtract the price upper byte)
C3/B5FD:	8D6118  	STA $1861		(Store the new balance of the gold upper bytes)
C3/B600:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B602:	20CE32  	JSR $32CE		
C3/B605:	A0BDC3  	LDY #$C3BD
C3/B608:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      ("Bye!           ")
C3/B60B:	4C7DB8  	JMP $B87D

C3/B60E unknow

DP $26 is #$28
C3/B60E:	A520    	LDA $20
C3/B610:	D003    	BNE $B615
C3/B612:	20B3B7  	JSR $B7B3
C3/B615:	60      	RTS

C3/B616 sell function

DP $26 is #$29 - selling
C3/B616:	A910    	LDA #$10
C3/B618:	0445    	TSB $45
C3/B61A:	7B      	TDC
C3/B61B:	852A    	STA $2A
C3/B61D:	20FD0E  	JSR $0EFD
C3/B620:	20641F  	JSR $1F64
C3/B623:	B050    	BCS $B675
C3/B625:	20227D  	JSR $7D22
C3/B628:	A509    	LDA $09
C3/B62A:	8980    	BIT #$80       (did you press B?)
C3/B62C:	F006    	BEQ $B634      (branch if not, BPL...)
C3/B62E:	20A90E  	JSR $0EA9
C3/B631:	4C60B7  	JMP $B760

C3/B634 unknow

C3/B634:	A508    	LDA $08
C3/B636:	8980    	BIT #$80       (did you press A?)
C3/B638:	F03B    	BEQ $B675      (branch if not, BPL...)
C3/B63D:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C3/B63F:	F02E    	BEQ $B66F
C3/B641:	20B20E  	JSR $0EB2		(makes the click sound)
C3/B644:	A9C0    	LDA #$C0
C3/B646:	1446    	TRB $46
C3/B648:	20156A  	JSR $6A15
C3/B64B:	20FD0E  	JSR $0EFD
C3/B64E:	206813  	JSR $1368      (trigger NMI)
C3/B651:	A92A    	LDA #$2A
C3/B653:	8526    	STA $26        (execute at C3/B676)
C3/B655:	A20800  	LDX #$0008
C3/B658:	8655    	STX $55
C3/B65A:	A23400  	LDX #$0034
C3/B65D:	8657    	STX $57
C3/B65F:	20A5BA  	JSR $BAA5
C3/B662:	20D3BA  	JSR $BAD3
C3/B665:	A0B1C3  	LDY #$C3B1
C3/B668:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      ("How many?")
C3/B66B:	206DB8  	JSR $B86D
C3/B66E:	60      	RTS

C3/B66F unknow

C3/B66F:	20C00E  	JSR $0EC0		(makes the buzzer sound)
C3/B672:	205D30  	JSR $305D
C3/B675:	60      	RTS

C3/B676 deciding how many items to sell

DP $26 is #$2A - deciding how many items to sell
C3/B676:	20E6B4  	JSR $B4E6
C3/B679:	20F8B4  	JSR $B4F8
C3/B67C:	2065BB  	JSR $BB65
C3/B67F:	20B7BB  	JSR $BBB7
C3/B682:	A50B    	LDA $0B
C3/B684:	8901    	BIT #$01
C3/B686:	F00D    	BEQ $B695
C3/B688:	20A30E  	JSR $0EA3
C3/B68B:	A528    	LDA $28
C3/B68D:	C564    	CMP $64
C3/B68F:	F04F    	BEQ $B6E0
C3/B691:	E628    	INC $28
C3/B693:	804B    	BRA $B6E0
C3/B695:	A50B    	LDA $0B
C3/B697:	8902    	BIT #$02
C3/B699:	F00B    	BEQ $B6A6
C3/B69B:	20A30E  	JSR $0EA3
C3/B69E:	A528    	LDA $28
C3/B6A0:	C901    	CMP #$01
C3/B6A2:	F03C    	BEQ $B6E0
C3/B6A4:	C628    	DEC $28
C3/B6A6:	A50B    	LDA $0B
C3/B6A8:	8908    	BIT #$08
C3/B6AA:	F018    	BEQ $B6C4
C3/B6AC:	20A30E  	JSR $0EA3
C3/B6AF:	A90A    	LDA #$0A
C3/B6B1:	18      	CLC
C3/B6B2:	6528    	ADC $28
C3/B6B4:	C564    	CMP $64
C3/B6B6:	F006    	BEQ $B6BE
C3/B6B8:	B004    	BCS $B6BE
C3/B6BA:	8528    	STA $28
C3/B6BC:	8022    	BRA $B6E0
C3/B6BE:	A564    	LDA $64
C3/B6C0:	8528    	STA $28
C3/B6C2:	801C    	BRA $B6E0
C3/B6C4:	A50B    	LDA $0B
C3/B6C6:	8904    	BIT #$04
C3/B6C8:	F016    	BEQ $B6E0
C3/B6CA:	20A30E  	JSR $0EA3
C3/B6CD:	A528    	LDA $28
C3/B6CF:	38      	SEC
C3/B6D0:	E90A    	SBC #$0A
C3/B6D2:	3008    	BMI $B6DC
C3/B6D4:	C901    	CMP #$01
C3/B6D6:	9008    	BCC $B6E0
C3/B6D8:	8528    	STA $28
C3/B6DA:	8004    	BRA $B6E0
C3/B6DC:	A901    	LDA #$01
C3/B6DE:	8528    	STA $28
C3/B6E0:	A509    	LDA $09
C3/B6E2:	8980    	BIT #$80
C3/B6E4:	F015    	BEQ $B6FB
C3/B6E6:	20A90E  	JSR $0EA9
C3/B6E9:	A600    	LDX $00
C3/B6EB:	8639    	STX $39
C3/B6ED:	863B    	STX $3B
C3/B6EF:	205AB9  	JSR $B95A
C3/B6F2:	A026C3  	LDY #$C326
C3/B6F5:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "Sell")
C3/B6F8:	4CCFB7  	JMP $B7CF

C3/B6FB unknow

C3/B6FB:	A508    	LDA $08
C3/B6FD:	8980    	BIT #$80       (did you press A?)
C3/B6FF:	F006    	BEQ $B707      (branch if not, BPL...)
C3/B701:	20CE0E  	JSR $0ECE		(Makes the Cha-ching sound play)
C3/B704:	2008B7  	JSR $B708      (this JSR is useless...)
C3/B707:	60      	RTS

C3/B708 sell function

C3/B708:	2065BB  	JSR $BB65
C3/B70B:	18      	CLC
C3/B70C:	AD6018  	LDA $1860		(Load the gold lower byte)
C3/B70F:	65F1    	ADC $F1		(Add the new amount (probably selling price))
C3/B711:	8D6018  	STA $1860		(Store the new total in the gold lower byte)
C3/B714:	C220    	REP #$20      	(16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B716:	AD6118  	LDA $1861		(Load the gold upper bytes)
C3/B719:	65F2    	ADC $F2		(Add the new amount)
C3/B71B:	8D6118  	STA $1861		(Store it back to the gold upper bytes)
C3/B71E:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B720:	A564    	LDA $64		(Load $64 [number in possession at first?])
C3/B722:	C528    	CMP $28		(Did you sell that many?)
C3/B724:	F00E    	BEQ $B734		(If you did, branch -> Sold them all)
C3/B726:	20CBBF  	JSR $BFCB		(Still have some: Function $BFCB)
C3/B729:	B96919  	LDA $1969,Y 	(Load quantity of item Y)
C3/B72C:	38      	SEC			(Set the carry in case of borrowing)
C3/B72D:	E528    	SBC $28		(Subtract number sold)
C3/B72F:	996919  	STA $1969,Y 	(Store it back to quantity of item Y)
C3/B732:	800C    	BRA $B740
C3/B734:	20CBBF  	JSR $BFCB		(Sold them all: Function $BFCB)
C3/B737:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF		(Load an "empty" item)
C3/B739:	996918  	STA $1869,Y 	(Store it in inventory at Y)
C3/B73C:	7B      	TDC			(Clear A)
C3/B73D:	996919  	STA $1969,Y 	(Now put zero into quantity for item Y)
C3/B740:	20CE32  	JSR $32CE
C3/B743:	A0BDC3  	LDY #$C3BD
C3/B746:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      ("Bye!          ")
C3/B749:	A92B    	LDA #$2B
C3/B74B:	8526    	STA $26        (execute at C3/B752)
C3/B74D:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/B74F:	8520    	STA $20
C3/B751:	60      	RTS

C3/B752 sold an item

DP $26 is #$2B - sold an item
C3/B752:	A520    	LDA $20
C3/B754:	D009    	BNE $B75F
C3/B756:	A600    	LDX $00
C3/B758:	8639    	STX $39
C3/B75A:	863B    	STX $3B
C3/B75C:	20CFB7  	JSR $B7CF
C3/B75F:	60      	RTS

C3/B760 unknow

C3/B760:	A9C0    	LDA #$C0
C3/B762:	1446    	TRB $46
C3/B764:	6447    	STZ $47
C3/B766:	2086B8  	JSR $B886
C3/B769:	208FB8  	JSR $B88F
C3/B76C:	20FD0E  	JSR $0EFD
C3/B76F:	204EB9  	JSR $B94E
C3/B772:	206813  	JSR $1368      (trigger NMI)
C3/B775:	20390F  	JSR $0F39
C3/B778:	205AB9  	JSR $B95A
C3/B77B:	A026C3  	LDY #$C326
C3/B77E:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      ("BUY  SELL  EXIT")
C3/B781:	A06FC3  	LDY #$C36F
C3/B784:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      ("Hi! Can I help you?")
C3/B787:	A400    	LDY $00
C3/B789:	8439    	STY $39
C3/B78B:	843B    	STY $3B
C3/B78D:	A925    	LDA #$25
C3/B78F:	8526    	STA $26
C3/B791:	60      	RTS

C3/B792 code and table jump

C3/B792:	7B      	TDC
C3/B793:	A54B    	LDA $4B
C3/B795:	0A      	ASL A
C3/B796:	AA      	TAX
C3/B797:	7C9AB7  	JMP ($B79A,X)

C3/B79A:	A3B7    	
C3/B79C:	C7B7    	
C3/B79E:	A0B7  

C3/B7A0 unknow

C3/B7A0:	4CB3B4    	JMP $B4B3

C3/B7A3 unknow

C3/B7A3:	20A0B8  	JSR $B8A0
C3/B7A6:	20A9B8  	JSR $B8A9
C3/B7A9:	A908    	LDA #$08
C3/B7AB:	1447    	TRB $47
C3/B7AD:	209AC0  	JSR $C09A
C3/B7B0:	203BC2  	JSR $C23B
C3/B7B3:	A00001  	LDY #$0100
C3/B7B6:	8439    	STY $39
C3/B7B8:	A400    	LDY $00
C3/B7BA:	843B    	STY $3B
C3/B7BC:	2086B9  	JSR $B986
C3/B7C2:	A926    	LDA #$26
C3/B7C4:	8526    	STA $26
C3/B7C6:	60      	RTS

C3/B7C7 unknow

C3/B7C7:	20390F  	JSR $0F39
C3/B7CA:	20E0BB  	JSR $BBE0
C3/B7CD:	8003    	BRA $B7D2
C3/B7CF:	2002BC  	JSR $BC02
C3/B7D2:	205AB9  	JSR $B95A
C3/B7D5:	A026C3  	LDY #$C326
C3/B7D8:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "BUY  SELL  EXIT")
C3/B7DB:	A0A2C3  	LDY #$C3A2
C3/B7DE:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "Whatcha got?")
C3/B7E1:	A929    	LDA #$29
C3/B7E3:	8526    	STA $26
C3/B7E5:	60      	RTS

C3/B7E6 unknow

C3/B7E6:	20C2BF  	JSR $BFC2
C3/B7E9:	202183  	JSR $8321		(Multiply A by 30)
C3/B7EC:	AE3421  	LDX $2134		(Load X with the result)
C3/B7EF:	BF0050D8	LDA $D85000,X  (Load item type X)
C3/B7F3:	2907    	AND #$07
C3/B7F5:	D013    	BNE $B80A      (branch if not a "Tool")
C3/B7F7:	2092BC  	JSR $BC92
C3/B7FA:	A564    	LDA $64
C3/B7FC:	F00C    	BEQ $B80A      (branch if you have none of this tool)
C3/B7FE:	20C00E  	JSR $0EC0      (makes the buzzer sound)
C3/B801:	A0F5C3  	LDY #$C3F5
C3/B804:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "One's plenty!")
C3/B807:	4C7DB8  	JMP $B87D      (note that all this does is prevent you from buying more after you already have one...)

C3/B80A unknow

C3/B80A:	AD6218  	LDA $1862
C3/B80D:	D02F    	BNE $B83E
C3/B80F:	7B      	TDC
C3/B810:	A54B    	LDA $4B
C3/B812:	0A      	ASL A
C3/B813:	AA      	TAX
C3/B814:	C220    	REP #$20      	(16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B816:	BF099F7E	LDA $7E9F09,X	(Load the price that was stored to working RAM)
C3/B81A:	CD6018  	CMP $1860		(Is it equal to the 2 lower gold bytes?)
C3/B81D:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B81F:	F01D    	BEQ $B83E		(If so, branch -> )
C3/B821:	901B    	BCC $B83E		(If it's less, branch anyway -> )
C3/B823:	20C00E  	JSR $0EC0		(Otherwise, it's more than you have -> buzzer sound for you)
C3/B826:	A0CEC3  	LDY #$C3CE
C3/B829:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "You need more GP!")
C3/B82C:	4C7DB8  	JMP $B87D

C3/B82F unknow

C3/B82F:	A564    	LDA $64
C3/B831:	18      	CLC
C3/B832:	6565    	ADC $65
C3/B834:	8569    	STA $69
C3/B836:	A963    	LDA #$63
C3/B838:	38      	SEC
C3/B839:	E569    	SBC $69
C3/B83B:	856A    	STA $6A
C3/B83D:	60      	RTS

C3/B83E unknow

C3/B83E:	A569    	LDA $69
C3/B840:	C963    	CMP #$63
C3/B842:	900C    	BCC $B850      (branch if less than 99 of item)
C3/B844:	20C00E  	JSR $0EC0      (makes the buzzer sound)
C3/B847:	A0E2C3  	LDY #$C3E2
C3/B84A:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "Too many!")
C3/B84D:	4C7DB8  	JMP $B87D

C3/B850 unknow

C3/B850:	20B20E  	JSR $0EB2      (makes the click sound)
C3/B853:	A20800  	LDX #$0008
C3/B856:	8655    	STX $55
C3/B858:	A23400  	LDX #$0034
C3/B85B:	8657    	STX $57
C3/B85D:	A927    	LDA #$27
C3/B85F:	8526    	STA $26
C3/B861:	20A5BA  	JSR $BAA5
C3/B864:	20BABA  	JSR $BABA
C3/B867:	A096C3  	LDY #$C396
C3/B86A:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "How many?")
C3/B86D:	A00001  	LDY #$0100
C3/B870:	843B    	STY $3B
C3/B872:	A400    	LDY $00
C3/B874:	8439    	STY $39
C3/B876:	2096A7  	JSR $A796
C3/B879:	20F4A6  	JSR $A6F4
C3/B87C:	60      	RTS

C3/B87D unknow

C3/B87D:	A928    	LDA #$28
C3/B87F:	8526    	STA $26
C3/B881:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/B883:	8520    	STA $20
C3/B885:	60      	RTS

C3/B886 unknow

C3/B886:	A095B8  	LDY #$B895
C3/B889:	4CFE05  	JMP $05FE

C3/B88C unknow

C3/B88C:	202D07  	JSR $072D
C3/B88F:	A09AB8  	LDY #$B89A
C3/B892:	4C4006  	JMP $0640

C3/B895 data: hot spot for shops

C3/B895:	01 00 00 03 01

C3/B89A data: finger positions

Finger positioning data for shops
C3/B89A:	0834
C3/B89C:	3034
C3/B89E:	6034

C3/B8A0 unknow

C3/B8A0:	A0AFB8  	LDY #$B8AF
C3/B8A3:	4CFE05  	JMP $05FE

C3/B8A6 unknow

C3/B8A6:	202D07  	JSR $072D
C3/B8A9:	A0B4B8  	LDY #$B8B4
C3/B8AC:	4C4006  	JMP $0640

C3/B8AF data: hot spots for buying

C3/B8AF:	80 00 00 01 08

C3/B8B4 data: finger positions for buying

C3/B8B4:	0034
C3/B8B6:	0040
C3/B8B8:	004C
C3/B8BA:	0058
C3/B8BC:	0064
C3/B8BE:	0070
C3/B8C0:	007C
C3/B8C2:	0088

C3/B8C4 unknow

C3/B8C4:	20286A  	JSR $6A28
C3/B8C7:	202D6A  	JSR $6A2D
C3/B8CA:	20326A  	JSR $6A32
C3/B8CD:	A01BBC  	LDY #$BC1B		;Title window in shop/sell menu
C3/B8D0:	204103  	JSR $0341
C3/B8D3:	A01FBC  	LDY #$BC1F		;Window behind "Hi! Can I help you?" text in shop	
C3/B8D6:	204103  	JSR $0341
C3/B8D9:	A023BC  	LDY #$BC23		;Buy Sell Exit window in shop
C3/B8DC:	204103  	JSR $0341
C3/B8DF:	A027BC  	LDY #$BC27		;Window behind gil in shop
C3/B8E2:	204103  	JSR $0341
C3/B8E5:	A02BBC  	LDY #$BC2B		;Empty window at the bottom of shop/item list while selling
C3/B8E8:	204103  	JSR $0341
C3/B8EB:	A02FBC  	LDY #$BC2F		;Title window in buy menu
C3/B8EE:	204103  	JSR $0341
C3/B8F1:	A033BC  	LDY #$BC33		;Window behind "Help yourself!" text in buy menu
C3/B8F4:	204103  	JSR $0341
C3/B8F7:	A03BBC  	LDY #$BC3B		;Window behind characters in buy menu
C3/B8FA:	204103  	JSR $0341
C3/B8FD:	A037BC  	LDY #$BC37		;Window behind item list in buy menu
C3/B900:	204103  	JSR $0341
C3/B903:	A03FBC  	LDY #$BC3F		;Title window while buying/selling item
C3/B906:	204103  	JSR $0341
C3/B909:	A053BC  	LDY #$BC53		;Gil Owned Equipped window while buying/selling item
C3/B90C:	204103  	JSR $0341
C3/B90F:	A04BBC  	LDY #$BC4B		;Window behind description while buying/selling item
C3/B912:	204103  	JSR $0341
C3/B915:	A043BC  	LDY #$BC43		;Window behind "How many?" while buying/selling item
C3/B918:	204103  	JSR $0341
C3/B91B:	A04FBC  	LDY #$BC4F		;Window behind characters while buying/selling item
C3/B91E:	204103  	JSR $0341
C3/B921:	A047BC  	LDY #$BC47		;Window behind item being bought/sold in shop
C3/B924:	204103  	JSR $0341
C3/B927:	20520E  	JSR $0E52
C3/B92A:	20600E  	JSR $0E60
C3/B92D:	204EB9  	JSR $B94E
C3/B930:	20280E  	JSR $0E28
C3/B933:	20440E  	JSR $0E44
C3/B936:	205AB9  	JSR $B95A
C3/B939:	A026C3  	LDY #$C326
C3/B93C:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "BUY  SELL  EXIT")
C3/B93F:	A06FC3  	LDY #$C36F
C3/B942:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "Hi! Can I help you?")
C3/B945:	20991B  	JSR $1B99
C3/B948:	206E0E  	JSR $0E6E
C3/B94B:	4C7C0E  	JMP $0E7C

C3/B94E unknow

C3/B94E:	20156A  	JSR $6A15
C3/B951:	20196A  	JSR $6A19
C3/B954:	201E6A  	JSR $6A1E
C3/B957:	4C236A  	JMP $6A23

C3/B95A unknow

C3/B95A:	203C6A  	JSR $6A3C
C3/B95D:	20416A  	JSR $6A41
C3/B960:	20466A  	JSR $6A46
C3/B963:	20D3BF  	JSR $BFD3
C3/B966:	20F7C2  	JSR $C2F7
C3/B969:	A038C3  	LDY #$C338
C3/B96C:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "GP")
C3/B96F:	20F2C2  	JSR $C2F2
C3/B972:	AC6018  	LDY $1860
C3/B975:	84F1    	STY $F1
C3/B977:	AD6218  	LDA $1862
C3/B97A:	85F3    	STA $F3
C3/B97C:	208205  	JSR $0582
C3/B97F:	A2337A  	LDX #$7A33
C3/B982:	20AC04  	JSR $04AC
C3/B985:	60      	RTS

C3/B986 unknow

C3/B986:	205AB9  	JSR $B95A
C3/B989:	A085C3  	LDY #$C385
C3/B98C:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "Help yourself!")
C3/B98F:	20E1C2  	JSR $C2E1      (display "Owned:" and "Equipped:")
C3/B992:	A400    	LDY $00
C3/B994:	84F1    	STY $F1
C3/B996:	64E6    	STZ $E6
C3/B998:	C220    	REP #$20       (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B99A:	A5F1    	LDA $F1
C3/B99C:	0A      	ASL A
C3/B99D:	AA      	TAX
C3/B9A2:	8F899E7E	STA $7E9E89
C3/B9A6:	A5F1    	LDA $F1
C3/B9A8:	18      	CLC
C3/B9A9:	6567    	ADC $67
C3/B9AB:	1A      	INC A
C3/B9AC:	AA      	TAX
C3/B9AD:	E220    	SEP #$20       (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B9B3:	A6F1    	LDX $F1
C3/B9B5:	9F899D7E	STA $7E9D89,X
C3/B9B9:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C3/B9BB:	F027    	BEQ $B9E4
C3/B9BD:	2068C0  	JSR $C068      (write the item name)
C3/B9C0:	20D97F  	JSR $7FD9      (write text written to $2180)
C3/B9C3:	A6F1    	LDX $F1
C3/B9C5:	BF899D7E	LDA $7E9D89,X
C3/B9C9:	202183  	JSR $8321      (Multiply the index by 30)
C3/B9CC:	200CBA  	JSR $BA0C		
C3/B9CF:	202E05  	JSR $052E
C3/B9D2:	C220    	REP #$20       (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B9D4:	AF899E7E	LDA $7E9E89
C3/B9D8:	18      	CLC
C3/B9D9:	691A00  	ADC #$001A
C3/B9DC:	AA      	TAX
C3/B9DD:	E220    	SEP #$20       (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/B9DF:	209A04  	JSR $049A      (write GP cost)
C3/B9E2:	E6E6    	INC $E6
C3/B9E4:	A4F1    	LDY $F1
C3/B9E6:	C8      	INY
C3/B9E7:	84F1    	STY $F1
C3/B9E9:	C00800  	CPY #$0008     (have we done 8 items?)
C3/B9EC:	D0AA    	BNE $B998      (branch if not)
C3/B9EE:	A5E6    	LDA $E6
C3/B9F0:	8554    	STA $54
C3/B9F2:	2057BC  	JSR $BC57
C3/B9F5:	2084BC  	JSR $BC84
C3/B9F8:	20A8BC  	JSR $BCA8
C3/B9FB:	60      	RTS

C3/B9FC data

C3/B9FC:	0D7A    	(position of item 1)
C3/B9FE:	8D7A    	(position of item 2)
C3/BA00:	0D7B    	(position of item 3)
C3/BA02:	8D7B    	(position of item 4)
C3/BA04:	0D7C    	(position of item 5)
C3/BA06:	8D7C    	(position of item 6)
C3/BA08:	0D7D    	(position of item 7)
C3/BA0A:	8D7D    	(position of item 8)

C3/BA0C unknow

C3/BA0C:	C220    	REP #$20
C3/BA0E:	AD3421  	LDA $2134
C3/BA11:	18      	CLC
C3/BA12:	691C00    	ADC #$001C
C3/BA15:	AA		TAX
C3/BA16:	BF0050D8	LDA $D85000,X	(Load item type X)
C3/BA1A:	202CBA  	JSR $BA2C
C3/BA1D:	85F3    	STA $F3
C3/BA1F:	A5F1    	LDA $F1
C3/BA21:	0A      	ASL A
C3/BA22:	AA      	TAX
C3/BA23:	A5F3    	LDA $F3
C3/BA25:	9F099F7E	STA $7E9F09,X
C3/BA29:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BA2B:	60      	RTS

C3/BA2C modify shop costs

Modify shop costs, depending on Shop's Cost Modifier and/or leader of party
C3/BA2C:	48      	PHA
C3/BA2D:	A667    	LDX $67
C3/BA2F:	7B      	TDC
C3/BA30:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BA32:	BFC07AC4	LDA $C47AC0,X  (Shop modifcation byte)
C3/BA36:	2938    	AND #$38       (only uses bits 3, 4, and 5)
C3/BA38:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BA3A:	4A      	LSR A
C3/BA3B:	4A      	LSR A
C3/BA3C:	AA      	TAX
C3/BA3D:	68      	PLA
C3/BA3E:	7C41BA  	JMP ($BA41,X)

C3/BA41 pointers: shop costs modifications

C3/BA41:	55BA    	(1.0x cost)
C3/BA43:	4FBA    	(1.5x cost)
C3/BA45:	56BA    	(2.0x cost)
C3/BA47:	58BA    	(0.5x cost)
C3/BA49:	5ABA    	(0.5x cost if female leads, 1.5x otherwise)
C3/BA4B:	76BA    	(0.5x cost if male leads, 1.5x otherwise)
C3/BA4D:	92BA    	(0.5x cost if Edgar leads, 1.0x otherwise)

C3/BA4F unknow

C3/BA4F:	85E7    	STA $E7
C3/BA51:	4A      	LSR A
C3/BA52:	18      	CLC
C3/BA53:	65E7    	ADC $E7
C3/BA55:	60      	RTS

C3/BA56 unknow

C3/BA56:	0A      	ASL A
C3/BA57:	60      	RTS

C3/BA58 unknow

C3/BA58:	4A      	LSR A
C3/BA59:	60      	RTS

C3/BA5A unknow

C3/BA5A:	48      	PHA
C3/BA5B:	E220    	SEP #$20       (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BA5D:	AD0202  	LDA $0202      (party leader)
C3/BA60:	C906    	CMP #$06       (is it Celes?)
C3/BA62:	F00D    	BEQ $BA71      (branch if so, cut cost in half)
C3/BA64:	C908    	CMP #$08       (is it Relm?)
C3/BA66:	F009    	BEQ $BA71      (branch if so, cut cost in half)
C3/BA68:	C900    	CMP #$00       (is it Terra?)
C3/BA6A:	F005    	BEQ $BA71      (branch if so, cut cost in half)
C3/BA6C:	C220    	REP #$20       (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BA6E:	68      	PLA
C3/BA6F:	80DE    	BRA $BA4F      (cost is 1.5x)
C3/BA71:	C220    	REP #$20       (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BA73:	68      	PLA
C3/BA74:	80E2    	BRA $BA58      (cost is 0.5x)
C3/BA76:	48      	PHA
C3/BA77:	E220    	SEP #$20       (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BA79:	AD0202  	LDA $0202      (party leader)
C3/BA7C:	C906    	CMP #$06       (is it Celes?)
C3/BA7E:	F00D    	BEQ $BA8D      (branch if so, make cost half again)
C3/BA80:	C908    	CMP #$08       (is it Relm?)
C3/BA82:	F009    	BEQ $BA8D      (branch if so, make cost half again)
C3/BA84:	C900    	CMP #$00       (is it Terra?)
C3/BA86:	F005    	BEQ $BA8D      (branch if so, make cost half again)
C3/BA88:	C220    	REP #$20       (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BA8A:	68      	PLA
C3/BA8B:	80CB    	BRA $BA58      (cost is 0.5x)
C3/BA8D:	C220    	REP #$20       (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BA8F:	68      	PLA
C3/BA90:	80BD    	BRA $BA4F      (cost is 1.5x)
C3/BA92:	48      	PHA
C3/BA93:	E220    	SEP #$20       (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BA95:	AD0202  	LDA $0202      (party leader)
C3/BA98:	C904    	CMP #$04       (is it Edgar?)
C3/BA9A:	F004    	BEQ $BAA0
C3/BA9C:	C220    	REP #$20       (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BA9E:	68      	PLA
C3/BA9F:	60      	RTS

C3/BAA0 unknow

C3/BAA0:	C220    	REP #$20       (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BAA2:	68      	PLA
C3/BAA3:	80B3    	BRA $BA58      (cost is 0.5x)

C3/BAA5 unknow

C3/BAA5:	20390F  	JSR $0F39
C3/BAA8:	205AB9  	JSR $B95A
C3/BAAB:	20E1C2  	JSR $C2E1      (display "Owned:" and "Equipped:")
C3/BAAE:	C220    	REP #$20       (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BAB0:	A90F7A  	LDA #$7A0F     (position of item aftering confirming wanting to buy)
C3/BAB3:	8F899E7E	STA $7E9E89
C3/BAB7:	E220    	SEP #$20       (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BAB9:	60      	RTS

C3/BABA unknow

C3/BABD:	2084BC  	JSR $BC84
C3/BAC0:	20A8BC  	JSR $BCA8
C3/BAC3:	20C2BF  	JSR $BFC2
C3/BAC6:	2068C0  	JSR $C068      (write item name)
C3/BAC9:	20D97F  	JSR $7FD9
C3/BACC:	A901    	LDA #$01
C3/BACE:	8528    	STA $28

C3/BAD3 unknow

C3/BAD3:	209DBC  	JSR $BC9D
C3/BAD6:	2066BF  	JSR $BF66
C3/BAD9:	20F2BA  	JSR $BAF2
C3/BADF:	2068C0  	JSR $C068      (write item name)
C3/BAE2:	20D97F  	JSR $7FD9
C3/BAE5:	A901    	LDA #$01
C3/BAE7:	8528    	STA $28

C3/BAEC unknow

C3/BAEF:	4CF8BA  	JMP $BAF8		(BRA is better)

C3/BAF2 unknow

C3/BAF5:	4CF8BA  	JMP $BAF8		(why?)

C3/BAF8 unknow

C3/BAF8:	202183  	JSR $8321		(Multiply A by 30)
C3/BAFB:	AE3421  	LDX $2134		(Load X with the result)
C3/BAFE:	BF0050D8	LDA $D85000,X	(Load item type X)
C3/BB02:	2907    	AND #$07		(Zero out upper nibble)
C3/BB04:	F04C    	BEQ $BB52		(If it's a tool [item type 0], branch and exit)
C3/BB06:	C906    	CMP #$06		(Is it an "item" item?)
C3/BB08:	F048    	BEQ $BB52		(If it is, branch and exit)
C3/BB0A:	C901    	CMP #$01		(Is it a weapon?)
C3/BB0C:	F022    	BEQ $BB30		(If it is, branch )
C3/BB0E:	20F2C2  	JSR $C2F2      (set text color to white)
C3/BB11:	BF1450D8	LDA $D85014,X	(Load def. pwr)
C3/BB15:	20E004  	JSR $04E0
C3/BB18:	A2A97B  	LDX #$7BA9     (position of defense value)
C3/BB1B:	20C004  	JSR $04C0
C3/BB1E:	20F7C2  	JSR $C2F7      (set text color to blue)
C3/BB21:	A061C3  	LDY #$C361
C3/BB24:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      ("Defense")
C3/BB27:	A06BC3  	LDY #$C36B
C3/BB2A:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      ("...")
C3/BB2D:	4CF2C2  	JMP $C2F2      (set text color to white)

C3/BB30 unknow

C3/BB30:	20F2C2  	JSR $C2F2      (set text color to white)
C3/BB33:	BF1450D8	LDA $D85014,X	(Load attack pwr)
C3/BB37:	20E004  	JSR $04E0
C3/BB3A:	A2A97B  	LDX #$7BA9     (position of attack's value)
C3/BB3D:	20C004  	JSR $04C0
C3/BB40:	20F7C2  	JSR $C2F7      (set text color white)
C3/BB43:	A057C3  	LDY #$C357
C3/BB46:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      ("Bat Pwr")
C3/BB49:	A06BC3  	LDY #$C36B
C3/BB4C:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      ("...")
C3/BB4F:	20F2C2  	JSR $C2F2      (set text color to white)
C3/BB52:	60      	RTS

C3/BB53 unknow

C3/BB53:	7B      	TDC
C3/BB54:	A54B    	LDA $4B
C3/BB56:	0A      	ASL A
C3/BB57:	AA      	TAX
C3/BB58:	C220    	REP #$20      	(16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BB5A:	BF099F7E	LDA $7E9F09,X	(Load the price from working RAM)
C3/BB5E:	85F1    	STA $F1		(Store to $F1)
C3/BB60:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BB62:	4C81BB  	JMP $BB81      (BRA would work here)

C3/BB65 unknow

C3/BB68:	202183  	JSR $8321		(Multiply A by 30)
C3/BB6B:	C220    	REP #$20      	(16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BB6D:	AD3421  	LDA $2134		(Load X with the result)
C3/BB70:	18      	CLC
C3/BB71:	691C00  	ADC #$001C
C3/BB74:	AA      	TAX
C3/BB75:	BF0050D8	LDA $D85000,X	(With above, this loads the price)
C3/BB79:	4A      	LSR A			(Divide by 2)
C3/BB7A:	85F1    	STA $F1		(Store the result in $F1)
C3/BB7C:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BB7E:	4C81BB  	JMP $BB81		(why?)

C3/BB81 multiplier function

(16-bit $F1 * 8-bit $28 -> 24-bit $ED)
C3/BB81:	A5F1    	LDA $F1
C3/BB83:	8D0242  	STA $4202
C3/BB86:	A528    	LDA $28
C3/BB88:	8D0342  	STA $4203
C3/BB8B:	64EF    	STZ $EF
C3/BB8D:	EA      	NOP 
C3/BB8E:	EA      	NOP 
C3/BB8F:	AE1642  	LDX $4216
C3/BB92:	86ED    	STX $ED
C3/BB94:	A5F2    	LDA $F2
C3/BB96:	8D0242  	STA $4202
C3/BB99:	A528    	LDA $28
C3/BB9B:	8D0342  	STA $4203
C3/BB9E:	C221    	REP #$21		(16 bit memory/accum. and clear carry)
C3/BBA0:	A5EE    	LDA $EE
C3/BBA2:	6D1642  	ADC $4216
C3/BBA5:	85F2    	STA $F2
C3/BBA7:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BBA9:	A5ED    	LDA $ED
C3/BBAB:	85F1    	STA $F1
C3/BBAD:	60      	RTS

C3/BBAE unknow

C3/BBAE:	20C0BB  	JSR $BBC0      (display "GP" and number to buy)
C3/BBB1:	2053BB  	JSR $BB53

C3/BBB7 unknow

C3/BBB7:	20C0BB  	JSR $BBC0      (display "GP" and number to sell)
C3/BBBA:	2065BB  	JSR $BB65

C3/BBC0 unknow

C3/BBC0:	20F7C2  	JSR $C2F7      (set text color blue)
C3/BBC3:	A03DC3  	LDY #$C33D
C3/BBC6:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      ("GP")
C3/BBC9:	20F2C2  	JSR $C2F2      (set text color to white)
C3/BBCC:	A528    	LDA $28
C3/BBCE:	20E004  	JSR $04E0
C3/BBD1:	A22B7A  	LDX #$7A2B     (position of how many to buy/sell)
C3/BBD4:	4CB604  	JMP $04B6

C3/BBD7 unknow

C3/BBD7:	208205  	JSR $0582
C3/BBDA:	A2A17A  	LDX #$7AA1     (position of price of how many at x cost)
C3/BBDD:	4CAC04  	JMP $04AC      (write price of how many at x cost)

C3/BBE0 unknow

C3/BBE0:	A901    	LDA #$01
C3/BBE2:	8D0721  	STA $2107
C3/BBE5:	A9F5    	LDA #$F5
C3/BBE7:	855C    	STA $5C
C3/BBE9:	A90A    	LDA #$0A
C3/BBEB:	855A    	STA $5A
C3/BBED:	A901    	LDA #$01
C3/BBEF:	855B    	STA $5B
C3/BBF1:	201C7D  	JSR $7D1C
C3/BBF4:	A44D    	LDY $4D
C3/BBF6:	844F    	STY $4F
C3/BBF8:	A54A    	LDA $4A
C3/BBFA:	18      	CLC
C3/BBFB:	6550    	ADC $50
C3/BBFD:	8550    	STA $50
C3/BBFF:	20257D  	JSR $7D25
C3/BC02:	200D7E  	JSR $7E0D
C3/BC05:	201F09  	JSR $091F      (set arrow's initial position)
C3/BC08:	C220    	REP #$20      	(16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BC0A:	A97000  	LDA #$0070
C3/BC0D:	9F4A357E	STA $7E354A,X
C3/BC11:	A95800  	LDA #$0058
C3/BC14:	9FCA347E	STA $7E34CA,X
C3/BC18:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BC1A:	60      	RTS

C3/BC1B unknow

C3/BC1B:	8B      	PHB
C3/BC1C:	58      	CLI 
C3/BC1D:	0702    	ORA [$02]
C3/BC1F:	9D5813  	STA $1358,X
C3/BC22:	028B    	COP #$8B
C3/BC24:	591002  	EOR $0210,Y
C3/BC27:	AF590A02	LDA $020A59
C3/BC2B:	8B      	PHB
C3/BC2C:	5A      	PHY
C3/BC2D:	1C108B  	TRB $8B10
C3/BC30:	60      	RTS

C3/BC31 unknow

C3/BC31:	0702    	ORA [$02]
C3/BC33:	9D6013  	STA $1360,X
C3/BC36:	028B    	COP #$8B
C3/BC38:	611C    	ADC ($1C,X)
C3/BC3A:	0C0B65  	TSB $650B
C3/BC3D:	1C068B  	TRB $8B06
C3/BC40:	68      	PLA
C3/BC41:	0702    	ORA [$02]
C3/BC43:	9D6813  	STA $1368,X
C3/BC46:	028B    	COP #$8B
C3/BC48:	6911    	ADC #$11
C3/BC4A:	07CB    	ORA [$CB]
C3/BC4C:	6B      	RTL

C3/BC4D unknow

C3/BC4D:	1C030B  	TRB $0B03
C3/BC50:	6D1C06  	ADC $061C
C3/BC53:	B169    	LDA ($69),Y
C3/BC55:	0907    	ORA #$07

C3/BC57 unknow

C3/BC57:	A2C99D  	LDX #$9DC9
C3/BC5A:	8E8121  	STX $2181
C3/BC5D:	7B      	TDC
C3/BC5E:	AA      	TAX
C3/BC5F:	DA      	PHX
C3/BC60:	A400    	LDY $00
C3/BC62:	BF899D7E	LDA $7E9D89,X
C3/BC66:	D96918  	CMP $1869,Y    (Items currently in inventory)
C3/BC69:	F00B    	BEQ $BC76
C3/BC6B:	C8      	INY
C3/BC6C:	C00001  	CPY #$0100
C3/BC6F:	D0F5    	BNE $BC66
C3/BC71:	9C8021  	STZ $2180      (end this string)
C3/BC74:	8006    	BRA $BC7C
C3/BC76:	B96919  	LDA $1969,Y 	(Quantity of items)
C3/BC79:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C3/BC7C:	FA      	PLX
C3/BC7D:	E8      	INX
C3/BC7E:	E00800  	CPX #$0008
C3/BC81:	D0DC    	BNE $BC5F
C3/BC83:	60      	RTS

C3/BC84 unknow

C3/BC84:	2092BC  	JSR $BC92
C3/BC87:	A564    	LDA $64
C3/BC89:	20E004  	JSR $04E0
C3/BC8C:	A23F7B  	LDX #$7B3F     (position of number owned)
C3/BC8F:	4CB604  	JMP $04B6      (write number owned)

C3/BC92 unknow

C3/BC92:	7B      	TDC
C3/BC93:	A54B    	LDA $4B
C3/BC95:	AA      	TAX
C3/BC96:	BFC99D7E	LDA $7E9DC9,X
C3/BC9A:	8564    	STA $64
C3/BC9C:	60      	RTS

C3/BC9D unknow

C3/BC9D:	7B      	TDC
C3/BC9E:	A54B    	LDA $4B
C3/BCA0:	A8      	TAY
C3/BCA1:	B96919  	LDA $1969,Y 	(Quantity of items)
C3/BCA4:	8564    	STA $64
C3/BCA6:	80DF    	BRA $BC87

C3/BCA8 unknow

C3/BCA8:	20C2BF  	JSR $BFC2
C3/BCAB:	4C69BF  	JMP $BF69

C3/BCAE unknow

C3/BCB1:	9014    	BCC $BCC7
C3/BCB3:	7B      	TDC
C3/BCB4:	A54B    	LDA $4B
C3/BCB6:	C220    	REP #$20      	(16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BCB8:	0A      	ASL A
C3/BCB9:	0A      	ASL A
C3/BCBA:	0A      	ASL A
C3/BCBB:	0A      	ASL A
C3/BCBC:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BCBE:	18      	CLC
C3/BCBF:	65E0    	ADC $E0
C3/BCC1:	AA      	TAX
C3/BCC2:	BF8DAA7E	LDA $7EAA8D,X  (Load inventory location X)
C3/BCC6:	60      	RTS

C3/BCC7 unknow

C3/BCC7:	7B      	TDC
C3/BCC8:	60      	RTS

C3/BCC9 unknow

C3/BCC9:	8B      	PHB
C3/BCCA:	A900    	LDA #$00
C3/BCCC:	48      	PHA
C3/BCCD:	AB      	PLB
C3/BCCE:	7B      	TDC
C3/BCCF:	8DD811  	STA $11D8
C3/BCD2:	7B      	TDC
C3/BCD3:	A5E0    	LDA $E0
C3/BCD5:	AA      	TAX
C3/BCD6:	BF099E7E	LDA $7E9E09,X
C3/BCDA:	20489C  	JSR $9C48
C3/BCDD:	7B      	TDC
C3/BCDE:	A54B    	LDA $4B
C3/BCE0:	AA      	TAX
C3/BCE1:	BF899D7E	LDA $7E9D89,X
C3/BCE5:	202183  	JSR $8321		(Multiply A by 30)
C3/BCE8:	AE3421  	LDX $2134		(Load X with the result)
C3/BCEB:	C220    	REP #$20      	(16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BCED:	BF0150D8	LDA $D85001,X	(Load equippable chars)
C3/BCF1:	25E7    	AND $E7
C3/BCF3:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BCF5:	F003    	BEQ $BCFA
C3/BCF7:	AB      	PLB
C3/BCF8:	38      	SEC
C3/BCF9:	60      	RTS
C3/BCFA:	AB      	PLB
C3/BCFB:	18      	CLC
C3/BCFC:	60      	RTS

C3/BCFD unknow

C3/BD00:	A08DAA  	LDY #$AA8D
C3/BD03:	84F3    	STY $F3        (this seems pointless, why not just store it directly?)
C3/BD05:	7B      	TDC
C3/BD06:	AA      	TAX
C3/BD07:	A4F3    	LDY $F3
C3/BD09:	8C8121  	STY $2181
C3/BD0C:	DA      	PHX
C3/BD0D:	BF899D7E	LDA $7E9D89,X	(Load index X out of RAM)
C3/BD11:	859F    	STA $9F		(Store it in $9F)
C3/BD13:	202183  	JSR $8321		(Multiply A by 30)
C3/BD16:	AE3421  	LDX $2134		(Load X with the result)
C3/BD19:	BF1450D8	LDA $D85014,X	(Load attack pwr./battle pwr./def. pwr etc)
C3/BD1D:	859E    	STA $9E		(Store it in $9E)
C3/BD1F:	BF0050D8	LDA $D85000,X	(Load item type)
C3/BD23:	2907    	AND #$07		(Zero out upper nibble)
C3/BD25:	C901    	CMP #$01		(Is it a weapon [type 1]?)
C3/BD27:	F07C    	BEQ $BDA5		(If so, branch -> go to weapon handler)
C3/BD29:	C902    	CMP #$02		(Is it an armor [type 2]?)
C3/BD2B:	F018    	BEQ $BD45		(If so, branch -> go to armor handler)
C3/BD2D:	C903    	CMP #$03		(Is it a shield [type 3]?)
C3/BD2F:	F00E    	BEQ $BD3F		(If so, branch -> go to shield handler)
C3/BD31:	C904    	CMP #$04		(Is it a hat [type 4]?)
C3/BD33:	F00D    	BEQ $BD42		(If so, branch -> go to hat handler)
C3/BD35:	C905    	CMP #$05		(Is it a relic [type 5]?)
C3/BD37:	F003    	BEQ $BD3C		(If so, branch -> go to relic handler)
C3/BD39:	4C0ABF  	JMP $BF0A		(Otherwise, it must be an "item" item or tool, go to $BF0A to handle it)
C3/BD3C:	4C18BF  	JMP $BF18		(Go to relic handler at $BF18)
C3/BD3F:	4C35BE  	JMP $BE35		(Go to shield handler at $BE35)
C3/BD42:	4CBDBE  	JMP $BEBD		(Go to hat handler at $BEBD)

C3/BD45 armor handler

Armor Handler (begrudgingly)
C3/BD45:	7B      	TDC
C3/BD46:	AA      	TAX
C3/BD47:	DA      	PHX
C3/BD48:	C220    	REP #$20      	(16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BD4D:	3F679CC3	AND $C39C67,X
C3/BD51:	F034    	BEQ $BD87
C3/BD53:	BF6969C3	LDA $C36969,X	(Xth character's working RAM offset)
C3/BD57:	A8      	TAY
C3/BD58:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BD5A:	7B      	TDC
C3/BD5B:	B92200  	LDA $0022,Y
C3/BD5E:	C59F    	CMP $9F
C3/BD60:	F01C    	BEQ $BD7E
C3/BD62:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C3/BD64:	F010    	BEQ $BD76
C3/BD66:	202183  	JSR $8321		(Multiply A by 30)
C3/BD69:	AE3421  	LDX $2134		(Put the result in X)
C3/BD6C:	BF1450D8	LDA $D85014,X	(Load attack pwr./battle pwr./def. pwr etc)
C3/BD70:	C59E    	CMP $9E
C3/BD72:	F00E    	BEQ $BD82
C3/BD74:	B004    	BCS $BD7A
C3/BD76:	A902    	LDA #$02
C3/BD78:	800A    	BRA $BD84
C3/BD7A:	A903    	LDA #$03
C3/BD7C:	8006    	BRA $BD84
C3/BD7E:	A901    	LDA #$01
C3/BD80:	8002    	BRA $BD84
C3/BD82:	A904    	LDA #$04
C3/BD84:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C3/BD87:	FA      	PLX
C3/BD88:	E8      	INX
C3/BD89:	E8      	INX
C3/BD8A:	E02000  	CPX #$0020     (have we checked 32 armors yet?)
C3/BD8D:	D0B8    	BNE $BD47
C3/BD8F:	C221    	REP #$21
C3/BD91:	A5F3    	LDA $F3
C3/BD93:	691000  	ADC #$0010
C3/BD96:	85F3    	STA $F3
C3/BD98:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BD9A:	FA      	PLX
C3/BD9B:	E8      	INX
C3/BD9C:	E00800  	CPX #$0008
C3/BD9F:	D001    	BNE $BDA2
C3/BDA1:	60      	RTS
C3/BDA2:	4C07BD  	JMP $BD07

C3/BDA5 weapon handler

Weapon Handler (grrr)
C3/BDA5:	7B      	TDC
C3/BDA6:	AA      	TAX
C3/BDA7:	DA      	PHX
C3/BDA8:	C220    	REP #$20      	(16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BDAD:	3F679CC3	AND $C39C67,X
C3/BDB1:	F074    	BEQ $BE27
C3/BDB3:	BF6969C3	LDA $C36969,X	(Xth character's working RAM offset)
C3/BDB7:	A8      	TAY
C3/BDB8:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BDBA:	B91F00  	LDA $001F,Y
C3/BDBD:	C59F    	CMP $9F
C3/BDBF:	F05D    	BEQ $BE1E
C3/BDC1:	B92000  	LDA $0020,Y
C3/BDC4:	C59F    	CMP $9F
C3/BDC6:	F056    	BEQ $BE1E
C3/BDC8:	7B      	TDC
C3/BDC9:	B91F00  	LDA $001F,Y
C3/BDCC:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF		(Is it the "empty" item?)
C3/BDCE:	F010    	BEQ $BDE0
C3/BDD0:	202183  	JSR $8321		(Multiply A by 30)
C3/BDD3:	AE3421  	LDX $2134		(Load X with the result)
C3/BDD6:	BF0050D8	LDA $D85000,X	(Load item type X)
C3/BDDA:	2907    	AND #$07		(Zero out upper nibble)
C3/BDDC:	C901    	CMP #$01		(Is it a weapon [type 1]?)
C3/BDDE:	F01E    	BEQ $BDFE		(If so, branch -> )
C3/BDE0:	7B      	TDC			(Otherwise, it should be an armor...Clear A)
C3/BDE1:	B92000  	LDA $0020,Y		
C3/BDE4:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF		(Is it the "empty" item?)
C3/BDE6:	F02E    	BEQ $BE16		(If so, branch -> )
C3/BDE8:	202183  	JSR $8321		(Multiply A by 30)
C3/BDEB:	AE3421  	LDX $2134		(Load X with the result)
C3/BDEE:	BF0050D8	LDA $D85000,X	(Load item X type)
C3/BDF2:	2907    	AND #$07		(Zero out upper nibble)
C3/BDF4:	C901    	CMP #$01		(Is it a weapon [type 1]?)
C3/BDF6:	D006    	BNE $BDFE		(If not, branch -> )
C3/BDF8:	7B      	TDC
C3/BDF9:	B92000  	LDA $0020,Y
C3/BDFC:	8004    	BRA $BE02
C3/BDFE:	7B      	TDC			(Clear A)
C3/BDFF:	B91F00  	LDA $001F,Y
C3/BE02:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF		(Is it the "empty" item?)
C3/BE04:	F010    	BEQ $BE16
C3/BE06:	202183  	JSR $8321		(Multiply A by 30)
C3/BE09:	AE3421  	LDX $2134		(Load X with the result)
C3/BE0C:	BF1450D8	LDA $D85014,X	(Load attack pwr./battle pwr./def. pwr etc)
C3/BE10:	C59E    	CMP $9E
C3/BE12:	F00E    	BEQ $BE22
C3/BE14:	B004    	BCS $BE1A
C3/BE16:	A902    	LDA #$02
C3/BE18:	800A    	BRA $BE24
C3/BE1A:	A903    	LDA #$03
C3/BE1C:	8006    	BRA $BE24
C3/BE1E:	A901    	LDA #$01
C3/BE20:	8002    	BRA $BE24
C3/BE22:	A904    	LDA #$04
C3/BE24:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C3/BE27:	FA      	PLX
C3/BE28:	E8      	INX
C3/BE29:	E8      	INX
C3/BE2A:	E02000  	CPX #$0020     (have we checked 32 weapons yet? there's 90 in all...)
C3/BE2D:	D003    	BNE $BE32      (branch if not)
C3/BE32:	4CA7BD  	JMP $BDA7

C3/BE35 shield handler

C3/BE35:	7B      	TDC
C3/BE36:	AA      	TAX
C3/BE37:	DA      	PHX
C3/BE38:	C220    	REP #$20      	(16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BE3D:	3F679CC3	AND $C39C67,X
C3/BE41:	F06C    	BEQ $BEAF
C3/BE43:	BF6969C3	LDA $C36969,X	(Xth character's working RAM offset)
C3/BE47:	A8      	TAY
C3/BE48:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BE4A:	B91F00  	LDA $001F,Y
C3/BE4D:	C59F    	CMP $9F
C3/BE4F:	F055    	BEQ $BEA6
C3/BE51:	B92000  	LDA $0020,Y
C3/BE54:	C59F    	CMP $9F
C3/BE56:	F04E    	BEQ $BEA6
C3/BE58:	7B      	TDC
C3/BE59:	B92000  	LDA $0020,Y
C3/BE5C:	202183  	JSR $8321		(Multiply A by 30)
C3/BE5F:	AE3421  	LDX $2134		(Load X with the result)
C3/BE62:	BF0050D8	LDA $D85000,X	(Load item type)
C3/BE66:	2907    	AND #$07		(Zero out upper nibble)
C3/BE68:	C903    	CMP #$03		(Is it a shield [type 3]?)
C3/BE6A:	F01A    	BEQ $BE86
C3/BE6C:	7B      	TDC
C3/BE6D:	B91F00  	LDA $001F,Y
C3/BE70:	202183  	JSR $8321		(Multiply A by 30)
C3/BE73:	AE3421  	LDX $2134		(Load X with the result)
C3/BE76:	BF0050D8	LDA $D85000,X	(Load item type)
C3/BE7A:	2907    	AND #$07		(Zero out upper nibble)
C3/BE7C:	C903    	CMP #$03		(Is it a shield [type 3]?)
C3/BE7E:	D01E    	BNE $BE9E
C3/BE80:	7B      	TDC
C3/BE81:	B91F00  	LDA $001F,Y
C3/BE84:	8004    	BRA $BE8A
C3/BE86:	7B      	TDC
C3/BE87:	B92000  	LDA $0020,Y
C3/BE8A:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C3/BE8C:	F010    	BEQ $BE9E
C3/BE8E:	202183  	JSR $8321		(Multiply A by 30)
C3/BE91:	AE3421  	LDX $2134		(Load X with the result)
C3/BE94:	BF1450D8	LDA $D85014,X	(Load attack pwr./battle pwr./def. pwr etc)
C3/BE98:	C59E    	CMP $9E
C3/BE9A:	F00E    	BEQ $BEAA
C3/BE9C:	B004    	BCS $BEA2
C3/BE9E:	A902    	LDA #$02
C3/BEA0:	800A    	BRA $BEAC
C3/BEA2:	A903    	LDA #$03
C3/BEA4:	8006    	BRA $BEAC
C3/BEA6:	A901    	LDA #$01
C3/BEA8:	8002    	BRA $BEAC
C3/BEAA:	A904    	LDA #$04
C3/BEAC:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C3/BEAF:	FA      	PLX
C3/BEB0:	E8      	INX
C3/BEB1:	E8      	INX
C3/BEB2:	E02000  	CPX #$0020     (have we checked 32 shields yet? there's 15 in all...)
C3/BEB5:	D003    	BNE $BEBA
C3/BEBA:	4C37BE  	JMP $BE37

C3/BEBD hat handler

C3/BEBD:	7B      	TDC
C3/BEBE:	AA      	TAX
C3/BEBF:	DA      	PHX
C3/BEC0:	C220    	REP #$20      	(16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BEC5:	3F679CC3	AND $C39C67,X
C3/BEC9:	F034    	BEQ $BEFF
C3/BECB:	BF6969C3	LDA $C36969,X	(Xth character's working RAM offset)
C3/BECF:	A8      	TAY
C3/BED0:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BED2:	7B      	TDC
C3/BED3:	B92100  	LDA $0021,Y
C3/BED6:	C59F    	CMP $9F
C3/BED8:	F01C    	BEQ $BEF6
C3/BEDA:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C3/BEDC:	F010    	BEQ $BEEE
C3/BEDE:	202183  	JSR $8321		(Multiply A by 30)
C3/BEE1:	AE3421  	LDX $2134		(Load X with the result)
C3/BEE4:	BF1450D8	LDA $D85014,X	(Load attack pwr./battle pwr./def. pwr etc)
C3/BEE8:	C59E    	CMP $9E
C3/BEEC:	B004    	BCS $BEF2
C3/BEEE:	A902    	LDA #$02
C3/BEF0:	800A    	BRA $BEFC
C3/BEF2:	A903    	LDA #$03
C3/BEF4:	8006    	BRA $BEFC
C3/BEF6:	A901    	LDA #$01
C3/BEF8:	8002    	BRA $BEFC
C3/BEFA:	A904    	LDA #$04
C3/BEFC:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C3/BEFF:	FA      	PLX
C3/BF00:	E8      	INX
C3/BF01:	E8      	INX
C3/BF02:	E02000  	CPX #$0020     (have we checked 32 helmets yet? there's 27 in all...)
C3/BF05:	D0B8    	BNE $BEBF
C3/BF07:	4C8FBD  	JMP $BD8F

C3/BF0A unknow

C3/BF0A:	7B      	TDC
C3/BF0B:	AA      	TAX
C3/BF0C:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C3/BF0F:	E8      	INX
C3/BF10:	E01000  	CPX #$0010
C3/BF13:	D0F7    	BNE $BF0C
C3/BF15:	4C8FBD  	JMP $BD8F

C3/BF18 relic handler

Relic Handler (supposedly)
C3/BF18:	7B      	TDC
C3/BF19:	AA      	TAX
C3/BF1A:	DA      	PHX
C3/BF1B:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BF20:	3F679CC3	AND $C39C67,X
C3/BF24:	F01E    	BEQ $BF44
C3/BF26:	BF6969C3	LDA $C36969,X	(Xth character's working RAM offset)
C3/BF2A:	A8      	TAY
C3/BF2B:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BF2D:	7B      	TDC
C3/BF2E:	B92300  	LDA $0023,Y    (relic slot 1)
C3/BF31:	C59F    	CMP $9F
C3/BF33:	F00A    	BEQ $BF3F
C3/BF35:	B92400  	LDA $0024,Y    (relic slot 2)
C3/BF38:	C59F    	CMP $9F
C3/BF3A:	F003    	BEQ $BF3F
C3/BF3C:	7B      	TDC
C3/BF3D:	8002    	BRA $BF41
C3/BF3F:	A901    	LDA #$01
C3/BF41:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C3/BF44:	FA      	PLX
C3/BF45:	E8      	INX
C3/BF46:	E8      	INX
C3/BF47:	E02000  	CPX #$0020
C3/BF4A:	D0CE    	BNE $BF1A

C3/BF4F unknow

C3/BF4F:	8B      	PHB
C3/BF50:	A97E    	LDA #$7E
C3/BF52:	48      	PHA
C3/BF53:	AB      	PLB
C3/BF54:	7B      	TDC
C3/BF55:	AA      	TAX
C3/BF56:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BF58:	9E8DAA  	STZ $AA8D,X
C3/BF5B:	E8      	INX
C3/BF5C:	E8      	INX
C3/BF5D:	E08000  	CPX #$0080
C3/BF60:	D0F6    	BNE $BF58
C3/BF62:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BF64:	AB      	PLB
C3/BF65:	60      	RTS

C3/BF66 unknow

C3/BF69:	85E0    	STA $E0
C3/BF6B:	6465    	STZ $65
C3/BF6D:	A21F16  	LDX #$161F
C3/BF70:	86E7    	STX $E7
C3/BF72:	A900    	LDA #$00
C3/BF74:	85E9    	STA $E9
C3/BF76:	A600    	LDX $00
C3/BF78:	DA      	PHX
C3/BF79:	C220    	REP #$20      	(16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BF7B:	8A      	TXA
C3/BF7C:	0A      	ASL A
C3/BF7D:	AA      	TAX
C3/BF81:	3F679CC3	AND $C39C67,X
C3/BF85:	F01E    	BEQ $BFA5
C3/BF87:	BF6969C3	LDA $C36969,X	(Xth character's working RAM offset)
C3/BF8B:	AA      	TAX
C3/BF8C:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BF8E:	BD0000  	LDA $0000,X
C3/BF91:	C90E    	CMP #$0E		(Is it Leo or higher??)
C3/BF93:	B010    	BCS $BFA5
C3/BF95:	A400    	LDY $00
C3/BF97:	B7E7    	LDA [$E7],Y
C3/BF99:	C5E0    	CMP $E0
C3/BF9B:	D002    	BNE $BF9F
C3/BF9D:	E665    	INC $65
C3/BF9F:	C8      	INY
C3/BFA0:	C00600  	CPY #$0006
C3/BFA3:	D0F2    	BNE $BF97
C3/BFA5:	C221    	REP #$21
C3/BFA7:	A92500  	LDA #$0025
C3/BFAA:	65E7    	ADC $E7
C3/BFAC:	85E7    	STA $E7
C3/BFAE:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BFB0:	FA      	PLX
C3/BFB1:	E8      	INX
C3/BFB2:	E01000  	CPX #$0010
C3/BFB5:	D0C1    	BNE $BF78
C3/BFB7:	A565    	LDA $65
C3/BFB9:	20E004  	JSR $04E0
C3/BFBC:	A23F7C  	LDX #$7C3F     (position of number equipped)
C3/BFBF:	4CB604  	JMP $04B6      (display number equipped)

C3/BFC2 unknow

C3/BFC2:	7B      	TDC
C3/BFC3:	A54B    	LDA $4B
C3/BFC5:	AA      	TAX
C3/BFC6:	BF899D7E	LDA $7E9D89,X	(copy of inventory list)
C3/BFCA:	60      	RTS

C3/BFCB unknow

C3/BFCB:	7B      	TDC
C3/BFCC:	A54B    	LDA $4B
C3/BFCE:	A8      	TAY
C3/BFCF:	B96918  	LDA $1869,Y 	(Items currently in inventory)
C3/BFD2:	60      	RTS

C3/BFD3 unknow

C3/BFD3:	20F7C2  	JSR $C2F7      (set text color to blue)
C3/BFD6:	AD1242  	LDA $4212
C3/BFD9:	2940    	AND #$40       (are we in H-blank?)
C3/BFDB:	F0F9    	BEQ $BFD6      (branch if not)
C3/BFDD:	AD0102  	LDA $0201
C3/BFE0:	8D1B21  	STA $211B
C3/BFE3:	9C1B21  	STZ $211B
C3/BFE6:	A909    	LDA #$09
C3/BFE8:	8D1C21  	STA $211C
C3/BFEB:	8D1C21  	STA $211C
C3/BFEE:	AE3421  	LDX $2134
C3/BFF1:	8667    	STX $67
C3/BFF3:	BFC07AC4	LDA $C47AC0,X	(Load Specs for Shop X)
C3/BFF7:	2907    	AND #$07
C3/BFF9:	0A      	ASL A
C3/BFFA:	AA      	TAX
C3/BFFB:	C220    	REP #$20      	(16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/BFFD:	BF0CC0C3	LDA $C3C00C,X	(Load pointer to Shop Title X)
C3/C001:	85E7    	STA $E7
C3/C003:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/C005:	A9C3    	LDA #$C3       (JMP $02FB could've saved some bytes here...)
C3/C007:	85E9    	STA $E9        (JMP $02FD could've saved some bytes here...)
C3/C009:	4CFF02  	JMP $02FF