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C2/30DC unknow

C2/30DC: 98           TYA
C2/30DD: EB           XBA 
C2/30DE: A9 25        LDA #$25     (multiple by 37 bytes, size of character block)
C2/30E0: 20 81 47     JSR $4781
C2/30E3: A8           TAY 
C2/30E4: B9 00 16     LDA $1600,Y  (sprite?  actual # of character?)
C2/30E7: 60           RTS 

C2/30E8 loads battle formation data

C2/30E8: 08           PHP
C2/30E9: C2 30        REP #$30      (Set 16-bit A, X, & Y)
C2/30EB: AD B9 3E     LDA $3EB9
C2/30EE: 85 EE        STA $EE
C2/30F0: A2 1C 00     LDX #$001C
C2/30F3: A5 EE        LDA $EE
C2/30F5: 10 10        BPL $3107
C2/30F7: BF 80 37 CF  LDA $CF3780,X
C2/30FB: CD E0 11     CMP $11E0   
C2/30FE: D0 07        BNE $3107     (If Battle formation is not 1C4 (SrBehemoth))
C2/3100: BF 82 37 CF  LDA $CF3782,X
C2/3104: 8D E0 11     STA $11E0     (Change Battle formation to 1A8 (SrBehemoth undead))
C2/3107: 06 EE        ASL $EE
C2/3109: CA           DEX 
C2/310A: CA           DEX 
C2/310B: CA           DEX 
C2/310C: CA           DEX 
C2/310D: 10 E4        BPL $30F3
C2/310F: A9 00 80     LDA #$8000
C2/3112: 1C E0 11     TRB $11E0     (Clear highest bit of battle formation)
C2/3115: F0 10        BEQ $3127     (Branch if not rand w/ next 3)
C2/3117: E2 30        SEP #$30
C2/3119: 7B           TDC 
C2/311A: 20 5A 4B     JSR $4B5A     (0 to 255)
C2/311D: 29 03        AND #$03      (0 to 3)
C2/311F: C2 31        REP #$31      (set 16-bit A, X and Y.  clear Carry)
C2/3121: 6D E0 11     ADC $11E0
C2/3124: 8D E0 11     STA $11E0     (Add 0 to 3 to battle formation)
C2/3127: AD D4 3E     LDA $3ED4
C2/312A: 0A           ASL 
C2/312B: AD E0 11     LDA $11E0     (Battle formation)
C2/312E: 90 03        BCC $3133     (If highest bit of Battle formation not set)
C2/3130: 8D D4 3E     STA $3ED4
C2/3133: 0A           ASL 
C2/3134: 0A           ASL 
C2/3135: AA           TAX 
C2/3136: BF 02 59 CF  LDA $CF5902,X  (bytes 2-3 of extra enemy formation data)
C2/313A: 8D 4A 2F     STA $2F4A      
C2/313D: BF 00 59 CF  LDA $CF5900,X  (bytes 0-1 of extra enemy formation data)
C2/3141: 49 F0 00     EOR #$00F0     (invert the top nibble of byte 0, which contains the
                                      attack formations masked -- Front, Back, Pincer, Side)
C2/3143: 8D 48 2F     STA $2F48
C2/3147: AD E0 11     LDA $11E0
C2/314A: 0A           ASL 
C2/314B: 0A           ASL 
C2/314C: 0A           ASL 
C2/314D: 0A           ASL 
C2/314E: 38           SEC 
C2/314F: ED E0 11     SBC $11E0     (A = Monster formation * 15)
C2/3152: AA           TAX 
C2/3153: 7B           TDC 
C2/3154: A8           TAY 
C2/3155: BF 00 62 CF  LDA $CF6200,X (Load Battle formation data)
C2/3159: 99 44 3F     STA $3F44,Y
C2/315C: E8           INX 
C2/315D: E8           INX 
C2/315E: C8           INY 
C2/315F: C8           INY 
C2/3160: C0 10 00     CPY #$0010
C2/3163: 90 F0        BCC $3155
C2/3165: 28           PLP
C2/3166: 60           RTS

C2/3167 unknow

C2/3167: A9 80        LDA #$80
C2/3169: 14 B3        TRB $B3     (Set Ignore Clear)
C2/316B: A9 0C        LDA #$0C
C2/316D: 04 BA        TSB $BA     (Sets Can target dead/hidden entities, and
                                   Don't retarget if target invalid)
C2/316F: 9C 1B 34     STZ $341B
C2/3172: C2 20        REP #$20
C2/3174: BD 18 30     LDA $3018,X
C2/3177: 85 B8        STA $B8     (Sets attacker as target)
C2/3179: E2 20        SEP #$20

C2/317B character executes one hit

Character Executes One Hit (Loops for Multiple-Strike Attack)
C2/317B: DA           PHX
C2/317C: A5 BD        LDA $BD
C2/317E: 85 BC        STA $BC     (Damage increment)
C2/3180: A9 FF        LDA #$FF
C2/3182: 8D 82 3A     STA $3A82   (Null Golem block)
C2/3185: 8D 83 3A     STA $3A83   (Null Dog block)
C2/3188: AD 00 34     LDA $3400   (Spell # for a second attack.  Used by the Magicite item,
                                   weapons with normal addition magic [Flame Sabre,
                                   Pearl Lance, etc], and Tempest.

                                   Sketch also sets $3400, but the variable is swapped into
                                   $B6 by the Sketch command (C2/151F) rather than by this
                                   routine.  Thus, $3400 will always be null at this point
                                   for Sketch.)
C2/318B: 1A           INC 
C2/318C: D0 25        BNE $31B3   (Branch if there is a spell [i.e. the spell # is not FFh])

C2/318E: AD 13 34     LDA $3413   (If Fight or Capture command, holds command number.
                                   [Note that Rage's Battle and Special also qualify as
                                   That way, if a spell is cast by a weapon for one strike
                                   (which will overwrite the command # and attack data),
                                   we'll be able to continue with the Fight/Capture command
                                   and use the weapon as normal on the next strike.

                                   If command isn't Fight or Capture, this holds FFh. )
C2/3191: 30 20        BMI $31B3   (branch if negative)

C2/3193: 85 B5        STA $B5     (Restore command #)
C2/3195: 20 D3 26     JSR $26D3   (Load command data and data of "Battle" spell)
C2/3198: AD 70 3A     LDA $3A70   (# of extra attacks - set by Quadra Slam, Dragon Horn,
                                   Offering, etc)
C2/319B: 1A           INC         (add one.  even number will check right hand, odd number
                                   the left.  so in a Genji Glove+Offering sequence, for
                                   instance, we'd have: 8 = Right, 7 = Left, 6 = Right,
                                   5 = Left, 4 = Right, 3 = Left, 2 = Right, then 1 = Left)
C2/319C: 4A           LSR         (put bottommost bit of # attacks in carry flag)
C2/319D: 20 9F 29     JSR $299F   (Load weapon data into attack data.
                                   Plus Sniper Sight, Offering and more)
C2/31A0: AD A6 11     LDA $11A6   
C2/31A3: D0 03        BNE $31A8
C2/31A5: 4C 75 32     JMP $3275   (branch if zero battle power, which can result from a hand
                                   without a weapon, among other things.  Fight/Capture set
                                   the strike quantity to 2 -- or 8 if you have Offering --
                                   regardless of whether you have Genji Glove.  thus, when
                                   there's only 1 attack hand, this branch is what skips all
                                   the even or odd strikes corresponding to the other hand.)
C2/31A8: A5 B5        LDA $B5
C2/31AA: C9 06        CMP #$06
C2/31AC: D0 05        BNE $31B3   (branch if command isn't Capture)
C2/31AE: A9 A4        LDA #$A4    (Causes attack to also steal)
C2/31B0: 8D A9 11     STA $11A9   (save special effect)
C2/31B3: 20 EB 37     JSR $37EB   (Set up weapon addition magic, Tempest's Wind Slash,
                                   and Espers summoned by the Magicite item)

C2/31B6: A9 20        LDA #$20
C2/31B8: 14 B2        TRB $B2     (Bit 5 is set to begin a turn)
C2/31BA: F0 05        BEQ $31C1   (branch if it was already clear -- in other words, if
                                   we're on the second strike or later of this turn.)
C2/31BC: 2C A3 11     BIT $11A3
C2/31BF: D0 04        BNE $31C5   (Branch if Retarget if target invalid/dead)
C2/31C1: A9 04        LDA #$04
C2/31C3: 04 BA        TSB $BA     (NOTE: in $BA, the bit now means *Don't* retarget
                                   if target dead/invalid)

(To recap the above: if we're on the 1st strike, "Don't Retarget if no valid targets" will
 depend on the attack stats.  If we're on a later strike, it always gets set.  This explains
 why Genji Glove's [sans Offering] second strike will always smack the initial target, even
 if the first one killed it.  However, most multi-strike attacks -- Offering, Dragon Horn,
 and Quadra Slam/Slice -- set "Randomize Target", which makes you retarget anyway.)

C2/31C5: A5 B8        LDA $B8
C2/31C7: 05 B9        ORA $B9
C2/31C9: D0 08        BNE $31D3   (branch if at least one target exists)
C2/31CB: A9 04        LDA #$04
C2/31CD: 24 B3        BIT $B3
C2/31CF: F0 02        BEQ $31D3
C2/31D1: 14 BA        TRB $BA     (clear "Don't retarget if target invalid"..
                                   iow, retarget if target invalid)

C2/31D3: AD 15 34     LDA $3415   (will be zero for: the attack performed via Sketch,
                                   Umaro's Blizzard, Runic, Tempest's Wind Slash, and
                                   Espers summoned with the Magicite item)
C2/31D6: 30 04        BMI $31DC   (otherwise, it's FFh, so branch.)
C2/31D8: A9 40        LDA #$40
C2/31DA: 04 BA        TSB $BA     (Set randomize targets)

C2/31DC: A5 B3        LDA $B3
C2/31DE: 4A           LSR 
C2/31DF: B0 08        BCS $31E9   (branch if Bit 0 of $B3 set.  to my knowledge, it's
                                   only UNset by a failed Blitz input.)
C2/31E1: A9 04        LDA #$04
C2/31E3: 04 BA        TSB $BA     (set Don't retarget if target invalid)
C2/31E5: 64 B8        STZ $B8
C2/31E7: 64 B9        STZ $B9     (clear targets)

C2/31E9: 20 66 36     JSR $3666
C2/31EC: AD 17 34     LDA $3417  
C2/31EF: 30 01        BMI $31F2   (branch if Sketcher is null)
C2/31F1: AA           TAX         (use Sketcher as attacker)
C2/31F2: AD 7C 3A     LDA $3A7C
C2/31F5: C9 1E        CMP #$1E    (is command Enemy Roulette?)
C2/31F7: D0 08        BNE $3201   (branch if not)
C2/31F9: 64 B8        STZ $B8
C2/31FB: 64 B9        STZ $B9     (clear targets)
C2/31FD: A9 04        LDA #$04
C2/31FF: 85 BA        STA $BA     (Don't retarget if target invalid)
C2/3201: AD A5 11     LDA $11A5
C2/3204: F0 1F        BEQ $3225   (If 0 MP cost)
C2/3206: BD E5 3E     LDA $3EE5,X
C2/3209: 89 08        BIT #$08
C2/320B: D0 0E        BNE $321B   (Branch if Mute)
C2/320D: BD E4 3E     LDA $3EE4,X
C2/3210: 89 20        BIT #$20    (Check for Imp status)
C2/3212: F0 11        BEQ $3225   (Branch if not ^)
C2/3214: AD 10 34     LDA $3410
C2/3217: C9 23        CMP #$23
C2/3219: F0 0A        BEQ $3225   (Branch if spell is Imp?)
C2/321B: 8A           TXA 
C2/321C: 4A           LSR 
C2/321D: EB           XBA 
C2/321E: A9 0E        LDA #$0E
C2/3220: 20 BF 62     JSR $62BF
C2/3223: 80 50        BRA $3275
C2/3225: 20 2B 35     JSR $352B   (Runic function)
C2/3228: 20 38 38     JSR $3838   (Check Air Anchor action death)
C2/322B: 20 9D 2B     JSR $2B9D   (Damage Calculation)
C2/322E: 20 4A 0D     JSR $0D4A   (Atlas Armlet / Earring)
C2/3231: C2 20        REP #$20    (Set 16-bit Accumulator)
C2/3233: 20 92 32     JSR $3292
C2/3236: AD A2 11     LDA $11A2
C2/3239: 4A           LSR 
C2/323A: B0 07        BCS $3243   (Branch if physical attack)
C2/323C: A5 A6        LDA $A6     (Reflected spell or Launcher/Super Ball special effect?)
C2/323E: F0 03        BEQ $3243   (branch if not)
C2/3240: 20 83 34     JSR $3483   (Super Ball, Launcher, and Reflected spells function)
C2/3243: AD 30 3A     LDA $3A30
C2/3246: 85 B8        STA $B8
C2/3248: E2 20        SEP #$20    (Set 8-bit Accumulator)
C2/324A: 20 91 43     JSR $4391   (update statuses for everybody onscreen)
C2/324D: 20 3E 36     JSR $363E   (handle random addition magic for weapons,
                                   in preparation for next strike)
C2/3250: AD 01 34     LDA $3401
C2/3253: C9 FF        CMP #$FF    (is there text to display for the command or attack?)
C2/3255: F0 0B        BEQ $3262   (branch if not)
C2/3257: EB           XBA 
C2/3258: A9 02        LDA #$02
C2/325A: 20 BF 62     JSR $62BF   (queue display of text?)
C2/325D: A9 FF        LDA #$FF
C2/325F: 8D 01 34     STA $3401   (no more text to display)
C2/3262: AD A7 11     LDA $11A7
C2/3265: 89 02        BIT #$02
C2/3267: F0 0C        BEQ $3275   (if there's no text if spell hits, branch)
C2/3269: E0 08        CPX #$08
C2/326B: 90 08        BCC $3275   (if attacker isn't monster, branch)
C2/326D: A5 B6        LDA $B6     (get attack/spell #)
C2/326F: EB           XBA 
C2/3270: A9 02        LDA #$02
C2/3272: 20 BF 62     JSR $62BF   (queue display of text for spell that hit)
C2/3275: A9 FF        LDA #$FF
C2/3277: 8D 14 34     STA $3414   (clear Ignore Damage Modification)
C2/327A: 8D 15 34     STA $3415
C2/327D: 8D 1C 34     STA $341C
C2/3280: AD 83 3A     LDA $3A83   (get Dog block)
C2/3283: 30 03        BMI $3288   (if it didn't occur, branch)
C2/3285: 8D 16 34     STA $3416   (save backup of who benefitted from Dog block
                                   as $3A83 will be nulled on next strike should
                                   it be a multi-strike attack.)
C2/3288: FA           PLX 
C2/3289: CE 70 3A     DEC $3A70   (# more attacks set by Offering, Quadra Slam,
                                   Dragon Horn, etc)
C2/328C: 30 03        BMI $3291   (if it's negative, there's no more, so exit)
C2/328E: F4 7A 31     PEA $317A   (if there are more, repeat this $317B function)
C2/3291: 60           RTS 

C2/3292: 9C 5A 3A     STZ $3A5A
C2/3295: 9C 54 3A     STZ $3A54
C2/3298: 20 00 64     JSR $6400   (Zero $A0 through $AF)
C2/329B: 20 7E 58     JSR $587E   (targeting function)
C2/329E: DA           PHX 
C2/329F: A5 B8        LDA $B8     (load targets)
C2/32A1: 20 0E 52     JSR $520E   (Number of bits set in A)
C2/32A4: 8E C9 3E     STX $3EC9   (# of targets)
C2/32A7: FA           PLX 
C2/32A8: 20 3B 12     JSR $123B   (True Knight and Love Token)
C2/32AB: 20 C2 57     JSR $57C2
C2/32AE: 20 65 38     JSR $3865
C2/32B1: AD 4C 3A     LDA $3A4C   (actual MP cost to caster)
C2/32B4: F0 36        BEQ $32EC   (if there is none, skip these affordability checks)
C2/32B6: 38           SEC          (set Carry for upcoming subtraction)
C2/32B7: BD 08 3C     LDA $3C08,X  (attacker MP)
C2/32BA: ED 4C 3A     SBC $3A4C    (MP cost to attacker)
C2/32BD: 9C 4C 3A     STZ $3A4C    (clear MP cost)
C2/32C0: B0 1E        BCS $32E0    (branch if attacker had sufficient MP)
C2/32C2: E0 08        CPX #$08
C2/32C4: 90 04        BCC $32CA    (branch if character)
C2/32C6: A0 12        LDY #$12
C2/32C8: 84 B5        STY $B5
C2/32CA: 20 AD 35     JSR $35AD
C2/32CD: 64 A2        STZ $A2
C2/32CF: 64 A4        STZ $A4
C2/32D1: A9 02 00     LDA #$0002
C2/32D4: 1C A7 11     TRB $11A7     (clear Text if Hits bit)
C2/32D7: A9 02 28     LDA #$2802
C2/32DA: 20 9B 62     JSR $629B     (Copy $3A28-$3A2B variables into ($76) buffer)
C2/32DD: 4C DB 63     JMP $63DB     (Copy $An variables to ($78) buffer)
C2/32E0: 9D 08 3C     STA $3C08,X   (attacker MP = attacker MP - spell MP cost)
C2/32E3: A9 80 00     LDA #$0080
C2/32E6: 1D 04 32     ORA $3204,X
C2/32E9: 9D 04 32     STA $3204,X
C2/32EC: E2 20        SEP #$20      (Set 8-bit Accumulator)
C2/32EE: AD 12 34     LDA $3412
C2/32F1: C9 06        CMP #$06
C2/32F3: D0 5A        BNE $334F
C2/32F5: DA           PHX 
C2/32F6: A9 02        LDA #$02
C2/32F8: 04 B2        TSB $B2     (Set no critical & ignore True Knight)
C2/32FA: 4A           LSR 
C2/32FB: 04 A0        TSB $A0
C2/32FD: BD 81 3C     LDA $3C81,X
C2/3300: 85 B7        STA $B7
C2/3302: BD 2D 32     LDA $322D,X  (get monster's special attack)
C2/3305: 48           PHA 
C2/3306: 0A           ASL        (is bit 6, "Do no damage," set?)
C2/3307: 10 08        BPL $3311  (if it isn't, branch)
C2/3309: 9C A6 11     STZ $11A6  (clear Battle Power)
C2/330C: A9 01        LDA #$01
C2/330E: 0C A7 11     TSB $11A7  (set to "Miss if No Status Set or Clear")
C2/3311: 90 05        BCC $3318  (branch if Bit 7 wasn't set)
C2/3313: A9 20        LDA #$20
C2/3315: 0C A4 11     TSB $11A4  (set Can't be Dodged)
C2/3318: 68           PLA 
C2/3319: 29 3F        AND #$3F   (get bottom 6 bits of monster's special attack)
C2/331B: C9 30        CMP #$30   
C2/331D: 90 1A        BCC $3339  (branch if value < 30h, "Absorb HP")
C2/331F: C9 32        CMP #$32   
C2/3321: B0 0F        BCS $3332  (branch if value > 31h, "Absorb MP")
C2/3323: 4A           LSR        (get bottom bit)
C2/3324: A9 02        LDA #$02  
C2/3326: 0C A4 11     TSB $11A4  (turn on Redirection bit of spell)
C2/3329: 90 23        BCC $334E  (branch if bottom bit of attack byte was 0)
C2/332B: A9 80        LDA #$80
C2/332D: 0C A3 11     TSB $11A3  (Set to Concern MP)
C2/3330: 80 1C        BRA $334E
C2/3332: A9 04        LDA #$04   (s/b reached if bottom 6 bits of attack byte >= 32h.
                                  so real examples are 32h, "Remove Reflect", and
                                  Skull Dragon's 3Fh, which had "???" for description)
C2/3334: 0C A4 11     TSB $11A4  (turn on "Lift status" spell bit)
C2/3337: A9 17        LDA #$17   (act is if just "Reflect" is in attack byte, so
                                  there'll be no attack power)
C2/3339: C9 20        CMP #$20
C2/333B: 90 08        BCC $3345  (if value < 20h, there is no Attack Level boost, but
                                  there is a status to alter)
C2/333D: E9 20        SBC #$20
C2/333F: 65 BC        ADC $BC
C2/3341: 85 BC        STA $BC    (add attack level btwn 0 and Fh, plus the carry flag
                                  [which is always 1 here], to Damage Incrementer)
C2/3343: 80 09        BRA $334E  (don't mess with statuses)

C2/3345: 20 17 52     JSR $5217    (transform the attack byte value 0 to 1F into
                                    a spell status bit to set in $11AA, $11AB,
                                    $11AC, or $11AD)
C2/3348: 1D AA 11     ORA $11AA,X
C2/334B: 9D AA 11     STA $11AA,X
C2/334E: FA           PLX 

C2/334F: A9 40        LDA #$40
C2/3351: 04 B2        TSB $B2     (Clear little Runic sword animation?)
C2/3353: D0 0F        BNE $3364   (If it wasn't set to begin with, branch over
                                   this animation code.)
C2/3355: A9 25        LDA #$25
C2/3357: EB           XBA 
C2/3358: A9 06        LDA #$06
C2/335A: 20 BF 62     JSR $62BF
C2/335D: 20 DB 63     JSR $63DB   (Copy $An variables to ($78) buffer)
C2/3360: A9 10        LDA #$10
C2/3362: 14 A0        TRB $A0
C2/3364: A9 08        LDA #$08
C2/3366: 3C F9 3E     BIT $3EF9,X
C2/3369: F0 04        BEQ $336F   (Branch if attacker not morphed)
C2/336B: E6 BC        INC $BC
C2/336D: E6 BC        INC $BC     (Double damage if morphed)
C2/336F: AD A2 11     LDA $11A2
C2/3372: 4A           LSR 
C2/3373: 90 09        BCC $337E   (Branch if magic damage)
C2/3375: A9 10        LDA #$10
C2/3377: 3C E5 3E     BIT $3EE5,X
C2/337A: F0 02        BEQ $337E   (Branch if attacker not berserked)
C2/337C: E6 BC        INC $BC     (Add 50% damage if berserk and physical attack)
C2/337E: AD A2 11     LDA $11A2
C2/3381: 89 40        BIT #$40
C2/3383: D0 0D        BNE $3392   (Branch if no split damage)
C2/3385: AD C9 3E     LDA $3EC9
C2/3388: C9 02        CMP #$02
C2/338A: 90 06        BCC $3392   (Branch if only one target)
C2/338C: 4E B1 11     LSR $11B1
C2/338F: 6E B0 11     ROR $11B0   (Cut damage in half)
C2/3392: A9 20        LDA #$20
C2/3394: 24 B3        BIT $B3
C2/3396: D0 0B        BNE $33A3   (Branch if ignore attacker row)
C2/3398: 3C A1 3A     BIT $3AA1,X
C2/339B: F0 06        BEQ $33A3   (Branch if attacker in Front Row)
C2/339D: 4E B1 11     LSR $11B1
C2/33A0: 6E B0 11     ROR $11B0   (Cut damage in half)
C2/33A3: 20 AD 14     JSR $14AD
C2/33A6: 20 7D 3E     JSR $3E7D   (Special effect code from 42E1, once per strike)
C2/33A9: C2 20        REP #$20    (Set 16-bit Accumulator)
C2/33AB: AC 05 34     LDY $3405   (# of hits left from Super Ball/Launcher)
C2/33AE: 30 01        BMI $33B1   (If there aren't any, those special effects aren't being
                                   used, so jump to the normal Combat function.
                                   If there are, we skip the Combat function, as C2/3483
                                   more or less takes its place.)
C2/33B0: 60           RTS 

C2/33B1 combat function

C2/33B1: A0 12        LDY #$12
C2/33B3: B9 18 30     LDA $3018,Y
C2/33B6: 24 A4        BIT $A4
C2/33B8: F0 07        BEQ $33C1   (Skip if spell doesn't target that target)
C2/33BA: 20 0D 22     JSR $220D   (Hit or miss function)
C2/33BD: 90 02        BCC $33C1
C2/33BF: 14 A4        TRB $A4     (Makes attack miss target)
C2/33C1: 88           DEY 
C2/33C2: 88           DEY 
C2/33C3: 10 EE        BPL $33B3   (Do for all 10 possible targets)
C2/33C5: E2 20        SEP #$20    (Set 8-bit accumulator)
C2/33C7: AD 1C 34     LDA $341C
C2/33CA: 30 0A        BMI $33D6   (branch if not a missable weapon spellcasting)
C2/33CC: A5 A4        LDA $A4
C2/33CE: 05 A5        ORA $A5
C2/33D0: D0 04        BNE $33D6   (Branch if at least one target hit)
C2/33D2: A9 12        LDA #$12
C2/33D4: 85 B5        STA $B5     (use null animation for strike)
C2/33D6: AD 1D 34     LDA $341D
C2/33D9: 30 0A        BMI $33E5   (branch if an insta-kill weapon hasn't activated
                                   instant death this turn.)
C2/33DB: A5 A2        LDA $A2
C2/33DD: 05 A3        ORA $A3
C2/33DF: D0 04        BNE $33E5   (Branch if at least one target targetted)
C2/33E1: A9 12        LDA #$12
C2/33E3: 85 B5        STA $B5     (use null animation for strike)
C2/33E5: A9 40        LDA #$40
C2/33E7: 3C 95 3C     BIT $3C95,X 
C2/33EA: F0 06        BEQ $33F2   (Branch if not auto critical when Imp)
C2/33EC: 4A           LSR 
C2/33ED: 3C E4 3E     BIT $3EE4,X
C2/33F0: D0 1A        BNE $340C   (If Attacker is imp do auto critical)
C2/33F2: A9 02        LDA #$02
C2/33F4: 24 B3        BIT $B3
C2/33F6: F0 14        BEQ $340C   (Automatic critical if bit 1 of $B3 not set)
C2/33F8: 24 B2        BIT $B2
C2/33FA: D0 18        BNE $3414   (No critical if bit 1 of $B2 set)
C2/33FC: 24 BA        BIT $BA
C2/33FE: F0 14        BEQ $3414   (No critical if not attacking opposition)
C2/3400: 20 5A 4B     JSR $4B5A   (Random Number 0 to 255)
C2/3403: C9 08        CMP #$08    (1 in 32 chance)
C2/3405: B0 0D        BCS $3414
C2/3407: AD C9 3E     LDA $3EC9
C2/340A: F0 08        BEQ $3414   (No critical if no targets)
C2/340C: E6 BC        INC $BC     (Critical hit x2 damage)
C2/340E: E6 BC        INC $BC
C2/3410: A9 20        LDA #$20    (Set to flash screen?)
C2/3412: 04 A0        TSB $A0
C2/3414: 20 AD 35     JSR $35AD
C2/3417: C2 20        REP #$20
C2/3419: AD B0 11     LDA $11B0   (Maximum Damage)
C2/341C: 20 0B 37     JSR $370B   (Increment damage function)
C2/341F: 8D B0 11     STA $11B0   (Maximum Damage)
C2/3422: E2 20        SEP #$20
C2/3424: AD A3 11     LDA $11A3
C2/3427: 0A           ASL 
C2/3428: 10 04        BPL $342E   (Branch if not Caster dies)
C2/342A: 9B           TXY 
C2/342B: 20 52 38     JSR $3852    (Kill caster)
C2/342E: BC B9 32     LDY $32B9,X  (who's Controlling this entity?)
C2/3431: 30 09        BMI $343C    (branch if nobody is)
C2/3433: DA           PHX 
C2/3434: BB           TYX          (X points to controller)
C2/3435: BC B8 32     LDY $32B8,X  (Y = whom the controller is controlling
                                    [in other words, the entity we previously
                                     had in X])
C2/3438: 20 2F 37     JSR $372F    (regenerate the Control menu.  it will
                                    account for the MP cost of a spell cast
                                    this turn, but unfortunately, the call is too
                                    early to account for actual MP damage/healing/
                                    draining done by the spell, so the menu will
                                    lag a turn behind in that respect.)
C2/343B: FA           PLX          (restore X pointing to original entity)
C2/343C: C2 20        REP #$20
C2/343E: A0 12        LDY #$12
C2/3440: B9 18 30     LDA $3018,Y
C2/3443: 14 A4        TRB $A4     (Make spell miss target)
C2/3445: F0 25        BEQ $346C   (Skip if not target of spell)
C2/3447: 2C 54 3A     BIT $3A54
C2/344A: F0 02        BEQ $344E   
C2/344C: E6 BC        INC $BC     (Increment damage)
C2/344E: 20 E3 35     JSR $35E3   (initialize several variables for counterattack
C2/3451: CC F8 33     CPY $33F8   (Has this target used Zinger?)
C2/3454: F0 16        BEQ $346C   (If it has, branch to next target)
C2/3456: 9C 48 3A     STZ $3A48
C2/3459: 20 06 44     JSR $4406   (determine status to be set/removed when attack hits;
                                   miss if attack doesn't change target status)
C2/345C: 20 7E 38     JSR $387E   (Special effect code for target)
C2/345F: AD 48 3A     LDA $3A48
C2/3462: D0 08        BNE $346C   (If $3A48 is not 0)
C2/3464: B9 18 30     LDA $3018,Y
C2/3467: 04 A4        TSB $A4     (Make attack hit target)
C2/3469: 20 83 0B     JSR $0B83   (Modify Damage, Heal Undead, and Elemental modification)
C2/346C: 88           DEY 
C2/346D: 88           DEY 
C2/346E: 10 D0        BPL $3440
C2/3470: 20 EF 62     JSR $62EF
C2/3473: 20 D6 36     JSR $36D6   (Learn lore)
C2/3476: A5 A4        LDA $A4
C2/3478: D0 06        BNE $3480   (Branch if 1 or more targets)
C2/347A: A9 02 00     LDA #$0002
C2/347D: 1C A7 11     TRB $11A7   (Clear text if hit if no targets hit)
C2/3480: 4C DB 63     JMP $63DB   (Copy $An variables to ($78) buffer)

(Super Ball / Launcher / Reflected off targets function.
 Seems to be a specialized counterpart of the "Combat Function" at C2/33B1.
 For Super Ball / Launcher, it replaces that function.  For Reflect, this is called
 shortly after that function.)

C2/3483: DA           PHX
C2/3484: 48           PHA 
C2/3485: 20 00 64     JSR $6400  (Zero $A0 through $AF)
C2/3488: 9C 5A 3A     STZ $3A5A  (Set no targets as missed)
C2/348B: E2 20        SEP #$20   (Set 8-bit Accumulator)
C2/348D: A9 22        LDA #$22
C2/348F: 0C A3 11     TSB $11A3  (Set Retarget on dead, not reflectable)
C2/3492: A9 40        LDA #$40
C2/3494: 85 BB        STA $BB    (Set to cursor start on enemy.  Note we're NOT 
                                  doing any spread-aim here, as the game hits at
                                  most one target for each target reflected off.
                                  Likewise, each Launcher firing or Super Ball bounce
                                  will only hit 1 target.)
C2/3496: A9 50        LDA #$50
C2/3498: 04 BA        TSB $BA    (Sets randomize target & Reflected)
C2/349A: A5 B6        LDA $B6
C2/349C: 8D 2A 3A     STA $3A2A  (Stores final damage)
C2/349F: AE 05 34     LDX $3405  (# more times to attack, for Super Ball or Launcher)
C2/34A2: 30 08        BMI $34AC  (branch if negative, which should only happen if this
                                  function was reached due to Reflection)

C2/34A4: A9 10        LDA #$10
C2/34A6: 14 BA        TRB $BA    (Clear Reflected property)
C2/34A8: A9 15        LDA #$15
C2/34AA: 80 02        BRA $34AE
C2/34AC: A9 09        LDA #$09
C2/34AE: 20 9B 62     JSR $629B  (Copy $3A28-$3A2B variables into ($76) buffer)
C2/34B1: A9 FF        LDA #$FF
C2/34B3: A0 09        LDY #$09
C2/34B5: 99 A0 00     STA $00A0,Y ($A0 thru $A9 = #$FF)
C2/34B8: 88           DEY 
C2/34B9: 10 FA        BPL $34B5   (loop 10 times.  as this little loop suggests, you can't go
                                   setting the Launcher/Super Ball effect to have more than
                                   10 "hits."  that means that $3405 can have a maximum of 9,
                                   for those of you planning your own special effect.)

C2/34BB: C2 20        REP #$20    (Set 16-bit Accumulator)
C2/34BD: 4E B0 11     LSR $11B0   (Half damage)
C2/34C0: A0 12        LDY #$12
C2/34C2: B9 18 30     LDA $3018,Y
C2/34C5: 23 01        AND $01,S   (is the target among those being "reflected off" by
                                   Reflect/Super Ball/Launcher ?)
C2/34C7: F0 46        BEQ $350F   (if not, skip it)
C2/34C9: BB           TYX         (save loop variable)
C2/34CA: 20 7E 58     JSR $587E   (get new targets..  since the targeting at C2/3494 was set
                                   to "cursor start on enemy" and X holds the "reflected off"
                                   target going into the call, we're essentially performing
                                   a reflection here)

C2/34CD: A5 B8        LDA $B8     (new targets after reflection)
C2/34CF: F0 3E        BEQ $350F   (if there's none, skip our current loop target)
C2/34D1: 5A           PHY 
C2/34D2: 20 F9 51     JSR $51F9   (Y = [Number of highest target after reflection] * 2)
C2/34D5: DA           PHX 
C2/34D6: E2 20        SEP #$20    (Set 8-bit Accumulator)
C2/34D8: 8A           TXA 
C2/34D9: 4A           LSR 
C2/34DA: AA           TAX         ( [onscreen target # of reflected off target] / 2.
                                   so characters are now 0-3, and enemies are 4-9)

C2/34DB: AD 05 34     LDA $3405   (# more times to attack, for Super Ball or Launcher)
C2/34DE: 30 04        BMI $34E4   (branch if negative, which should only happen if this
                                   function was reached due to Reflection)
C2/34E0: CE 05 34     DEC $3405   (decrement it)
C2/34E3: AA           TAX         (replace reflected off target # with our iterator
                                   for Super Ball/Launcher?)
C2/34E4: 98           TYA
C2/34E5: 4A           LSR         (A = bit # of highest target after reflection)
C2/34E6: 95 A0        STA $A0,X   (Reflect: $A0,reflected_off_target =  new_target
                                   Super Ball/Launcher: $A0,hit_iterator = new_target )

C2/34E8: C2 20        REP #$20    (Set 16-bit Accumulator)
C2/34EA: FA           PLX 
C2/34EB: 20 0D 22     JSR $220D   (Determine if attack hits)
C2/34EE: B0 19        BCS $3509   (branch if it misses)
C2/34F0: 9C 48 3A     STZ $3A48
C2/34F3: 20 E3 35     JSR $35E3   (initialize several variables for counterattack
C2/34F6: 20 06 44     JSR $4406   (determine status to be set/removed when attack hits;
                                   miss if attack doesn't change target status)
C2/34F9: 20 7E 38     JSR $387E    (special effect code for target)
C2/34FC: AD 48 3A     LDA $3A48    (does attack miss due to status unchange [immunity] ?)
C2/34FF: D0 08        BNE $3509    (if so, branch)
C2/3501: BD 18 30     LDA $3018,X
C2/3504: 04 AE        TSB $AE     (Set this Reflector as AN originator of the attack
                                   graphically?  Since $AE will get overwritten later in
                                   the case of Super Ball / Launcher, this setting only
                                   applies to Reflection)

C2/3506: 20 83 0B     JSR $0B83   (Modify Damage, Heal Undead, and Elemental modification)
C2/3509: 7A           PLY 
C2/350A: AE 05 34     LDX $3405   (# more times to attack, for Super Ball or Launcher)
C2/350D: 10 B3        BPL $34C2   (If it's positive, go again.  This means that for
                                   Super Ball/Launcher, if "reflecting off" a certain initial
                                   target produces at least one valid final target, *all* our
                                   final targets will be determined by that initial one.

                                   Also note that "reflecting off" multiple initial targets
                                   for Super Ball / Launcher -- which the game never does --
                                   would produce rather meaningless results.  $3405 would
                                   equal FFh after the first such target, but the main loop
                                   would still get repeated by C2/3511.  Shouldn't glitch
                                   anything, though. )

C2/350F: 88           DEY 
C2/3510: 88           DEY 
C2/3511: 10 AF        BPL $34C2   (loop for everybody on screen)

(Uh oh..!  If there were no targets found to reflect onto above, we can reach this point
 with $3405 not being FFh.  As a result, the branch at C2/33AE will keep skipping the normal
 "Combat function" at C2/33B1..  bugging up the current battle.  This will continue until
 another Launcher/Super Ball is attempted when there are actually target(s) to hit.  C2/3483
 will then loop through those targets, bringing $3405 to a "safe" FFh in the process.)

C2/3513: 68           PLA 
C2/3514: FA           PLX 
C2/3515: A9 10 00     LDA #$0010
C2/3518: 24 BA        BIT $BA     (was there Reflection?)
C2/351A: D0 09        BNE $3525   (branch if so)
C2/351C: BD 18 30     LDA $3018,X
C2/351F: 85 AE        STA $AE     (Set the missile launcher or the Super Ball thrower as
                                   THE originator of attack graphically?)
C2/3521: 64 AA        STZ $AA
C2/3523: 64 AC        STZ $AC
C2/3525: 20 EF 62     JSR $62EF   (Related to display of damage and healing numbers
                                   and "Miss" messages)
C2/3528: 4C DB 63     JMP $63DB   (Copy $An variables to ($78) buffer)

C2/352B runic function

C2/352B: AD A3 11     LDA $11A3
C2/352E: 89 08        BIT #$08     (can this spell by absorbed by Runic?)
C2/3530: F0 7A        BEQ $35AC    (Exits function if not)
C2/3532: 64 EE        STZ $EE
C2/3534: 64 EF        STZ $EF      (start off assuming no eligible Runickers)
C2/3536: A0 12        LDY #$12
C2/3538: B9 A0 3A     LDA $3AA0,Y
C2/353B: 4A           LSR          (is this a valid target?)
C2/353C: 90 20        BCC $355E    (branch if not)
C2/353E: B9 4C 3E     LDA $3E4C,Y
C2/3541: 89 06        BIT #$06
C2/3543: F0 19        BEQ $355E    (Branch if not runic or enemy runic)
C2/3545: 29 FB        AND #$FB
C2/3547: 99 4C 3E     STA $3E4C,Y  (clear runic)
C2/354A: F4 C0 80     PEA $80C0    (Sleep, Death, Petrify)
C2/354D: F4 10 22     PEA $2210    (Freeze, Hide, Stop)   
C2/3550: 20 64 58     JSR $5864
C2/3553: 90 09        BCC $355E    (Branch if entity has any of above ailments)
C2/3555: C2 20        REP #$20
C2/3557: B9 18 30     LDA $3018,Y
C2/355A: 04 EE        TSB $EE      (mark this entity as an eligible Runicker)
C2/355C: E2 20        SEP #$20     (Set 8-bit Accumulator) 
C2/355E: 88           DEY 
C2/355F: 88           DEY          (have we run through all 10 entities yet?)
C2/3560: 10 D6        BPL $3538    (loop if not)
C2/3562: A5 EE        LDA $EE
C2/3564: 05 EF        ORA $EF      (are there any eligible Runickers?)
C2/3566: F0 44        BEQ $35AC    (Exits function if not)
C2/3568: DA           PHX 
C2/3569: 20 65 38     JSR $3865
C2/356C: 9C 15 34     STZ $3415
C2/356F: C2 20        REP #$20     (Set 16-bit Accumulator)
C2/3571: A5 EE        LDA $EE      (get eligible Runickers)
C2/3573: 85 B8        STA $B8      (save as targets)
C2/3575: 20 0E 52     JSR $520E    (X = # of bits set in A, i.e. the # of targets)
C2/3578: 9C AA 11     STZ $11AA
C2/357B: 9C AC 11     STZ $11AC    (Make attack set no statuses)
C2/357E: A9 82 21     LDA #$2182
C2/3581: 8D A3 11     STA $11A3    (Set concern MP, not reflectable, Unblockable, Heal)
C2/3584: E2 20        SEP #$20     (Set 8-bit Accumulator)
C2/3586: A9 60        LDA #$60
C2/3588: 8D A2 11     STA $11A2    (Set ignore defense, no split damage)
C2/358B: 7B           TDC 
C2/358C: AD A5 11     LDA $11A5    (MP cost of spell)
C2/358F: 20 92 47     JSR $4792    (divide by X)
C2/3592: 8D A6 11     STA $11A6    (save as Battle Power)
C2/3595: 20 5E 38     JSR $385E    (Sets level, magic power to 0)
C2/3598: 9C 14 34     STZ $3414    (Skip damage modification)
C2/359B: A9 40        LDA #$40
C2/359D: 14 B2        TRB $B2      (Flag little Runic sword animation?)
C2/359F: A9 04        LDA #$04
C2/35A1: 85 BA        STA $BA      (Don't retarget if target invalid)
C2/35A3: A9 03        LDA #$03    
C2/35A5: 1C A7 11     TRB $11A7    (turn off text and miss if status isn't set or clear)
C2/35A8: 9C A9 11     STZ $11A9    (Set attack to no special effect)
C2/35AB: FA           PLX 
C2/35AC: 60           RTS 

C2/35AD unknow

C2/35AD: DA           PHX
C2/35AE: AE 72 3A     LDX $3A72   (get ($76) animation buffer pointer)
C2/35B1: 8E 71 3A     STX $3A71   (copy to "previous ($76) animation buffer pointer"?)
C2/35B4: FA           PLX 
C2/35B5: 20 D4 35     JSR $35D4
C2/35B8: 4C 9E 62     JMP $629E

C2/35BB change atma weapon length

C2/35BB: 20 D4 35     JSR $35D4
C2/35BE: DA           PHX         (preserve X)
C2/35BF: 08           PHP 
C2/35C0: AE 72 3A     LDX $3A72
C2/35C3: DA           PHX         (preserve animation buffer pointer)
C2/35C4: AE 71 3A     LDX $3A71   (get "previous ($76) animation buffer pointer"?)
C2/35C7: 8E 72 3A     STX $3A72   (copy it into current ($76) animation buffer pointer)
C2/35CA: 20 9E 62     JSR $629E   (update animation data in the previous ($76) buffer
C2/35CD: FA           PLX 
C2/35CE: 8E 72 3A     STX $3A72   (restore ($76) animation buffer pointer)
C2/35D1: 28           PLP 
C2/35D2: FA           PLX         (restore X)
C2/35D3: 60           RTS 

C2/35D4 unknow

(Copy animation data from $B4 - $B7 into $3A28 - $3A2B variables)
C2/35D4: 08           PHP
C2/35D5: C2 20        REP #$20    (Set 16-bit Accumulator)
C2/35D7: A5 B4        LDA $B4
C2/35D9: 8D 28 3A     STA $3A28
C2/35DC: A5 B6        LDA $B6
C2/35DE: 8D 2A 3A     STA $3A2A
C2/35E1: 28           PLP 
C2/35E2: 60           RTS 

C2/35E3 initialize counterattack variables

(Initialize several variables for counterattack purposes)
C2/35E3: 08           PHP
C2/35E4: E2 30        SEP #$30
C2/35E6: 20 1B 36     JSR $361B
C2/35E9: 8A           TXA 
C2/35EA: 99 90 32     STA $3290,Y   (save attacker [or reflector if reflection involved] #)
C2/35ED: AD 7C 3A     LDA $3A7C
C2/35F0: 99 48 3D     STA $3D48,Y   (save command #)
C2/35F3: AD 10 34     LDA $3410
C2/35F6: C9 FF        CMP #$FF
C2/35F8: F0 07        BEQ $3601     (branch if there's no Spell # [or a Skean/Tool/
                                     piece of equipment using a spell] defined for attack.)
C2/35FA: 99 49 3D     STA $3D49,Y   (save the spell #)
C2/35FD: 8A           TXA 
C2/35FE: 99 91 32     STA $3291,Y   (save attacker [or reflector if reflection involved] #)
C2/3601: AD 11 34     LDA $3411
C2/3604: C9 FF        CMP #$FF
C2/3606: F0 07        BEQ $360F     (branch if there's no Item # [or a Skean/Tool that
                                     doesn't use a spell] defined for attack.)
C2/3608: 99 5C 3D     STA $3D5C,Y   (save item #)
C2/360B: 8A           TXA 
C2/360C: 99 A4 32     STA $32A4,Y   (save attacker [or reflector if reflection involved] #)
C2/360F: AD A1 11     LDA $11A1
C2/3612: 99 5D 3D     STA $3D5D,Y   (save attack's element/s)
C2/3615: 8A           TXA 
C2/3616: 99 A5 32     STA $32A5,Y   (save attacker [or reflector if reflection involved] #)
C2/3619: 28           PLP 
C2/361A: 60           RTS 

C2/361B unknow

C2/361B: 08           PHP
C2/361C: E2 21        SEP #$21      (Set 8-bit Accumulator, and set Carry)
C2/361E: B9 E0 32     LDA $32E0,Y
C2/3621: 10 05        BPL $3628     (branch if this target doesn't yet have an attacker
                                     [which can be a reflector, if reflection is involved])
C2/3623: 20 53 4B     JSR $4B53
C2/3626: 90 05        BCC $362D     (50% chance this attacker overwrites current one)
C2/3628: 8A           TXA 
C2/3629: 6A           ROR           ( [onscreen index of attacker] / 2.
                                     so characters are now 0-3, and enemies are 4-9)
C2/362A: 99 E0 32     STA $32E0,Y   (save index in bottom 7 bits, and turn on top bit)
C2/362D: 28           PLP 
C2/362E: 60           RTS 

C2/362F unknow

C2/362F: 48           PHA
C2/3630: 08           PHP 
C2/3631: B9 E0 32     LDA $32E0,Y
C2/3634: 30 05        BMI $363B    (branch if this target already has an attacker for
                                    this turn)
C2/3636: 8A           TXA 
C2/3637: 6A           ROR          (Bits 0-6 = [onscreen index of attacker] / 2.
                                     so characters are now 0-3, and enemies are 4-9.
                                    Bit 7 = Carry flag passed by caller.  sadly, it's
                                    arbitrary gibberish from three of the callers:
                                    function C2/0C2D, function C2/384A when called
                                    via C2/387E, and function C2/384A when called via
C2/3638: 99 E0 32     STA $32E0,Y
C2/363B: 28           PLP 
C2/363C: 68           PLA 
C2/363D: 60           RTS 

C2/363E weapon spell cast

(Weapon "addition magic")
C2/363E: A5 B5        LDA $B5
C2/3640: C9 16        CMP #$16   (is Command Jump?)
C2/3642: D0 05        BNE $3649  (if not, branch)
C2/3644: AD 70 3A     LDA $3A70  (are there more attacks to do from Offering /
                                  Quadra Slam / Dragon Horn / etc?)
C2/3647: D0 1C        BNE $3665  (if so, exit function)
C2/3649: AD 89 3A     LDA $3A89
C2/364C: 89 40        BIT #$40   (is "cast randomly with fight" bit set in the
                                  weapon spellcast byte?)
C2/364E: F0 15        BEQ $3665  (if not, Exit function)
C2/3650: EB           XBA 
C2/3651: 20 5A 4B     JSR $4B5A  (random #, 0 to 255)
C2/3654: C9 40        CMP #$40
C2/3656: B0 0D        BCS $3665  (if that # is 64 or greater, exit function.  iow, exit
                                  3/4 of time.)
C2/3658: EB           XBA 
C2/3659: 29 3F        AND #$3F   (isolate spell # of weapon in bottom 6 bits)
C2/365B: 8D 00 34     STA $3400  (save it)
C2/365E: A9 10        LDA #$10
C2/3660: 14 B2        TRB $B2    (this bit distinguishes traditional "addition magic"
                                  spellcasts from Tempest's Wind Slash in a few ways in
                                 (one is that it'll cause the targeting byte to be set to
                                  only "Cursor start on enemy" for the followup spell.
                                  maybe the goal is to prevent the spell from targeting
                                  multiple enemies..?  but i'm not sure when the spellcast
                                  would even try to target anything other than the target
                                  whacked by the weapon, unless the spell randomizes
                                  targets, which no normal "addition magic" does.)
C2/3662: EE 70 3A     INC $3A70  (increment # of attacks remaining.  since the calling
                                  code will soon decrement this, the addition magic
                                  should be cast with the same # of attacks remaining
                                  as the weapon strike preceding it was)
C2/3665: 60           RTS 

C2/3666 unknow

C2/3666: A9 01        LDA #$01
C2/3668: 14 B2        TRB $B2
C2/366A: F0 F9        BEQ $3665
C2/366C: AD 12 34     LDA $3412
C2/366F: 30 F4        BMI $3665
C2/3671: DA           PHX 
C2/3672: 9B           TXY 
C2/3673: 8D 29 3A     STA $3A29
C2/3676: 0A           ASL 
C2/3677: AA           TAX 
C2/3678: A9 01        LDA #$01
C2/367A: 8D 28 3A     STA $3A28
C2/367D: FC C4 36     JSR ($36C4,X)
C2/3680: 8D 2A 3A     STA $3A2A
C2/3683: FA           PLX 
C2/3684: 4C 9E 62     JMP $629E

C2/3687: A5 B6        LDA $B6
C2/3689: 60           RTS 

C2/368A: AD 7D 3A     LDA $3A7D
C2/368D: 60           RTS 

C2/368E: 38           SEC
C2/368F: A5 B6        LDA $B6
C2/3691: E9 36        SBC #$36
C2/3693: 60           RTS 

C2/3694: A5 B5        LDA $B5
C2/3696: 60           RTS 

C2/3697: A9 11        LDA #$11
C2/3699: 8D 28 3A     STA $3A28
C2/369C: B9 A8 33     LDA $33A8,Y
C2/369F: 8D 29 3A     STA $3A29
C2/36A2: B9 A9 33     LDA $33A9,Y
C2/36A5: 60           RTS 

C2/36A6 joker doom

(Joker Dooms)
C2/36A6: A9 02        LDA #$02
C2/36A8: 0C 46 3A     TSB $3A46   (set flag to let attack target normally untargetable
                                   entities: Jumpers [err, scratch that, since they'd
                                   have to be un-Hidden, which i don't think is
                                   possible], Seized characters, etc.)
C2/36AB: 1C A2 11     TRB $11A2   (Clear miss if death protected)
C2/36AE: A9 20        LDA #$20
C2/36B0: 0C A4 11     TSB $11A4   (Sets unblockable)
C2/36B3: A9 00        LDA #$00
C2/36B5: 8D 29 3A     STA $3A29
C2/36B8: A9 55        LDA #$55    (Joker Doom)
C2/36BA: 60           RTS 

C2/36BB unknow

C2/36BB: A9 00        LDA #$00
C2/36BD: 8D 29 3A     STA $3A29
C2/36C0: AD 7D 3A     LDA $3A7D
C2/36C3: 60           RTS 

C2/36C4 pointers: commands

C2/36C4: 87 36   (Magic, non-Summoning non-Joker Doom Slot, successful Dance, Lore,
                  Magitek, enemy non-Specials, and many others)
C2/36C6: 8A 36   (Item)
C2/36C8: 8E 36   (Esper Summon)
C2/36CA: 65 36 
C2/36CC: 87 36   (SwdTech)
C2/36CE: 94 36   (GP Rain)
C2/36D0: 97 36   (enemy Special)
C2/36D2: A6 36   (Slot - Joker Dooms)
C2/36D4: BB 36   (Blitz)

C2/36D6 learn lore if casted

C2/36D6: DA           PHX
C2/36D7: 08           PHP
C2/36D8: E2 20        SEP #$20
C2/36DA: AD A3 11     LDA $11A3
C2/36DD: 89 04        BIT #$04
C2/36DF: F0 27        BEQ $3708   (Branch if not learn when casted)
C2/36E1: AC 07 30     LDY $3007
C2/36E4: 30 22        BMI $3708   (Exit if Strago not in party)
C2/36E6: F4 C3 B0     PEA $B0C3   (Death, Petrify, Zombie, Dark, Sleep, Muddled, Berserk)
C2/36E9: F4 10 23     PEA $2310   (Stop, Hide, Rage, Freeze)
C2/36EC: 20 64 58     JSR $5864
C2/36EF: 90 17        BCC $3708   (Exit function if any set)
C2/36F1: A5 B6        LDA $B6
C2/36F3: E9 8B        SBC #$8B
C2/36F5: 18           CLC 
C2/36F6: 20 17 52     JSR $5217
C2/36F9: E0 03        CPX #$03
C2/36FB: B0 0B        BCS $3708
C2/36FD: 3C 29 1D     BIT $1D29,X (Known lores)
C2/3700: D0 06        BNE $3708
C2/3702: 1D 84 3A     ORA $3A84,X (Lores to learn)
C2/3705: 9D 84 3A     STA $3A84,X
C2/3708: 28           PLP 
C2/3709: FA           PLX 
C2/370A: 60           RTS 

C2/370B damage increment function

Damage = damage * (1 + (.5 * $BC))
C2/370B: 5A           PHY
C2/370C: A4 BC        LDY $BC
C2/370E: F0 1D        BEQ $372D   (Exit if $BC = 0)
C2/3710: 48           PHA 
C2/3711: A5 B2        LDA $B2
C2/3713: 0A           ASL 
C2/3714: 2D A1 11     AND $11A1   
C2/3717: 0A           ASL 
C2/3718: 0A           ASL 
C2/3719: 0A           ASL 
C2/371A: 68           PLA 
C2/371B: B0 10        BCS $372D   (Exit function if Ignores defense and bit 4 of $B3
                                   [Ignore Damage Increment on Ignore Defense] is set)
C2/371D: 85 EE        STA $EE
C2/371F: 46 EE        LSR $EE
C2/3721: 18           CLC 
C2/3722: 65 EE        ADC $EE     (Add 50% damage)
C2/3724: 90 02        BCC $3728
C2/3726: 7B           TDC 
C2/3727: 3A           DEC         (Set damage to 65535)
C2/3728: 88           DEY 
C2/3729: D0 F6        BNE $3721   (Do this $BC times)
C2/372B: 84 BC        STY $BC     (Store 0 in $BC)
C2/372D: 7A           PLY 
C2/372E: 60           RTS 

C2/372F control menu

C2/372F: DA           PHX
C2/3730: 5A           PHY 
C2/3731: 08           PHP 
C2/3732: C2 31        REP #$31       (set 16-bit A, X and Y.  clear Carry)
C2/3734: BF 4A 54 C2  LDA $C2544A,X  (address of controlling character's menu?)
C2/3738: 69 30 00     ADC #$0030
C2/373B: 8F 81 21 00  STA $002181
C2/373F: BB           TYX
C2/3740: BD 08 3C     LDA $3C08,X    (MP of monster?)
C2/3743: 1A           INC 
C2/3744: 85 EE        STA $EE        (add 1, as it'll make future comparisons easier)
C2/3746: BD F9 1F     LDA $1FF9,X    (Monster Type)
C2/3749: 0A           ASL 
C2/374A: 0A           ASL 
C2/374B: AA           TAX            (X = monster number * 4)
C2/374C: E2 20        SEP #$20       (set 8-bit accumulator)
C2/374E: 7B           TDC            (clear A)
C2/374F: 8F 83 21 00  STA $002183
C2/3753: A0 04 00     LDY #$0004
C2/3756: 7B           TDC
C2/3757: 48           PHA 
C2/3758: BF 00 3D CF  LDA $CF3D00,X  (get Relm's Control command)
C2/375C: 8F 80 21 00  STA $002180    (store it in a menu)
C2/3760: C9 FF        CMP #$FF       
C2/3762: F0 1C        BEQ $3780      (branch if the command [aka the spell #] was null)
C2/3764: EB           XBA 
C2/3765: A9 0E        LDA #$0E       (there are 14d bytes per spell in magic data)
C2/3767: 20 81 47     JSR $4781      (spell number * 14)
C2/376A: DA           PHX 
C2/376B: AA           TAX 
C2/376C: BF C5 6A C4  LDA $C46AC5,X  (get MP cost)
C2/3770: EB           XBA 
C2/3771: BF C0 6A C4  LDA $C46AC0,X  (get targeting byte)
C2/3775: FA           PLX            (restore X = monster num * 4)
C2/3776: 83 01        STA $01,S      (replace zero value on stack from C2/3757 with
                                      targeting byte?)
C2/3778: 18           CLC            (clear carry)
C2/3779: A5 EF        LDA $EF        (retrieve (MP of monster + 1) / 256 ?)
C2/377B: D0 03        BNE $3780      (if it's nonzero, branch.  spell MP costs are
                                      only 1 byte, so we don't have to worry whether
                                      it's castable)
C2/377D: EB           XBA            (get MP cost of spell)
C2/377E: C5 EE        CMP $EE        (carry will be clear if the Cost of spell is less
                                      than (monster MP + 1), or if the foe has >= 255 MP)
                                     (IOW, if the spell is affordable.)

C2/3780: 6A           ROR            (rotate carry into top bit of A.  doubt the other bits
                                      matter, given the XBA above is only done sometimes..)
C2/3781: 8F 80 21 00  STA $002180
C2/3785: 68           PLA            (get the targeting byte, or zero if the menu entry
                                      was null)
C2/3786: 8F 80 21 00  STA $002180
C2/378A: E8           INX 
C2/378B: 88           DEY 
C2/378C: D0 C8        BNE $3756      (loop 4 times, once for each Control command)
C2/378E: 28           PLP 
C2/378F: 7A           PLY 
C2/3790: FA           PLX 
C2/3791: 60           RTS 

C2/3792 sketch and control chance

(Returns Carry clear if successful, set if fails)
C2/3792: DA           PHX
C2/3793: B9 18 3B     LDA $3B18,Y (Target's Level)
C2/3796: 90 07        BCC $379F   (if sketch/control chance isn't boosted by equip, branch)
C2/3798: EB           XBA 
C2/3799: A9 AA        LDA #$AA
C2/379B: 20 81 47     JSR $4781   (Multiply target level by #$AA)
C2/379E: EB           XBA         (Multiply target level by 170 / 256)
C2/379F: 48           PHA         (save target level (or target level * 170/256))
C2/37A0: 7B           TDC 
C2/37A1: BD 18 3B     LDA $3B18,X (Attacker's Level)
C2/37A4: EB           XBA         (* 256)
C2/37A5: FA           PLX         (restore target level (or target level * 170/256))
C2/37A6: 20 92 47     JSR $4792   (A / X)
C2/37A9: 48           PHA 
C2/37AA: 18           CLC 
C2/37AB: EB           XBA 
C2/37AC: D0 05        BNE $37B3   (Automatically hit if result of division is >= 256)
C2/37AE: 20 5A 4B     JSR $4B5A   (random #: 0 to 255)
C2/37B1: C3 01        CMP $01,S   (compare to result of division)
C2/37B3: 68           PLA 
C2/37B4: FA           PLX 
C2/37B5: 60           RTS 

C2/37B6 reduce gold for steal or GP rain

Reduce gold for GP Rain or Enemy Steal
Gold = Gold - A (no lower than 0)
For GP Rain: A = Level * 30 (Gold if gold < level * 30)
For Enemy Steal: High A = Enemy level, low A = 20 (14 hex) (Enemy level * 256 + 20)
                 (Gold if gold < (Enemy level * 256) + 20)
C2/37B6: 48           PHA
C2/37B7: 38           SEC 
C2/37B8: AD 60 18     LDA $1860   (party's gold, bottom 16 bits)
C2/37BB: 85 EE        STA $EE
C2/37BD: E3 01        SBC $01,S
C2/37BF: 8D 60 18     STA $1860   (subtract A from gold)
C2/37C2: E2 20        SEP #$20    (8-bit mem/acc)
C2/37C4: AD 62 18     LDA $1862   (party's gold, top 8 bits)
C2/37C7: E9 00        SBC #$00
C2/37C9: 8D 62 18     STA $1862   (now continue subtraction with borrow)
C2/37CC: C2 20        REP #$20    (16-bit mem/acc)
C2/37CE: B0 0A        BCS $37DA   (branch if party's gold was >= amount thrown or stolen)
C2/37D0: A5 EE        LDA $EE
C2/37D2: 83 01        STA $01,S   (otherwise, lower amount thrown/stolen to what the
                                   party's gold was)
C2/37D4: 9C 60 18     STZ $1860
C2/37D7: 9C 61 18     STZ $1861   (zero the party's gold, all 3 bytes)
C2/37DA: 68           PLA 
C2/37DB: 60           RTS 

C2/37DC pick random esper

Pick a random Esper (not Odin or Raiden)
C2/37DC: A9 19        LDA #$19
C2/37DE: 20 65 4B     JSR $4B65   (0 to $18)
C2/37E1: C9 0B        CMP #$0B
C2/37E3: 90 02        BCC $37E7   (Branch if A < $0B)
C2/37E5: 1A           INC         (Add 2 if over $0B)
C2/37E6: 1A           INC 
C2/37E7: 18           CLC 
C2/37E8: 69 36        ADC #$36
C2/37EA: 60           RTS 

C2/37EB setup weapon addition magic

(Set up weapon addition magic, Tempest's Wind Slash, and Espers summoned
 by the Magicite item)
C2/37EB: AD 00 34     LDA $3400
C2/37EE: C9 FF        CMP #$FF
C2/37F0: F0 45        BEQ $3837   (Exit if $3400 = #$FF)
C2/37F2: 85 B6        STA $B6     (Set spell #)
C2/37F4: 20 BF 1D     JSR $1DBF   (Get command based on attack/spell number.
                                   A bottom = Command #, A top = Attack #)
C2/37F7: 85 B5        STA $B5     (Set command to that type)
C2/37F9: 20 D3 26     JSR $26D3   (load command and spell data)
C2/37FC: 20 51 29     JSR $2951   (Load Magic Power / Vigor and Level)
C2/37FF: 9C A5 11     STZ $11A5   (Set MP cost to 0)
C2/3802: A9 FF        LDA #$FF
C2/3804: 8D 00 34     STA $3400   (null out the "spell # for a second attack", as
                                   we've already processed it.)
C2/3807: A9 02        LDA #$02
C2/3809: 04 B2        TSB $B2     (Set no critical & ignore True Knight)
C2/380B: A9 10        LDA #$10
C2/380D: 24 B2        BIT $B2     
C2/380F: F0 03        BEQ $3814   (branch if it's weapon addition magic, which won't
                                   let the followup spell hit anybody but the initial
                                   weapon victim.  why the hell doesn't this just
                                   branch directly to $3816?)
C2/3811: 9C 15 34     STZ $3415
C2/3814: D0 17        BNE $382D   (and why the hell isn't this an unconditional BRA?
                                   i'm tempted to make a Readability patch just
                                   combining these two trivial changes..)

(To be clear: Traditional weapon "addition magic" will start its journey at C2/3816.
 As far as I know, anything else will take the C2/382D path.  That includes Espers
 summoned by the Magicite item and Tempest's Wind Slash [which is technically
 addition magic, but a special case].)

C2/3816: A9 0C        LDA #$0C
C2/3818: 1C A3 11     TRB $11A3   (Clear learn if cast, clear enable Runic)
C2/381B: 04 BA        TSB $BA     (Set Don't retarget if target invalid, and
                                   Can target dead/hidden targets)
C2/381D: A9 40        LDA #$40
C2/381F: 85 BB        STA $BB     (Set only to cursor start on enemy [and clear any
                                   multi-targeting ability]).
C2/3821: A9 10        LDA #$10
C2/3823: 2C A4 11     BIT $11A4
C2/3826: F0 05        BEQ $382D   (Branch if Stamina can't block)
C2/3828: 9C 1C 34     STZ $341C   (this makes a weapon spell -- like Soul Sabre's
                                   Doom -- have its animation skipped entirely when
                                   missing rather than show a "Miss" message)
C2/382B: 80 05        BRA $3832
C2/382D: A9 20        LDA #$20
C2/382F: 0C A4 11     TSB $11A4   (Set Unblockable)
C2/3832: A9 02        LDA #$02
C2/3834: 0C A3 11     TSB $11A3   (Set Not Reflectable)
C2/3837: 60           RTS 

C2/3838 air anchor effect: kill target if it acts

C2/3838: BD 05 32     LDA $3205,X
C2/383B: 89 04        BIT #$04
C2/383D: D0 0A        BNE $3849   (Exit function if not under Air Anchor effect)
C2/383F: 09 04        ORA #$04
C2/3841: 9D 05 32     STA $3205,X (Clear Air Anchor effect)
C2/3844: A9 40        LDA #$40
C2/3846: 0C A3 11     TSB $11A3   (Set caster dies)
C2/3849: 60           RTS 

C2/384A unknow

C2/384A: BD E9 3D     LDA $3DE9,X
C2/384D: 09 20        ORA #$20
C2/384F: 9D E9 3D     STA $3DE9,X  (Mark Hide status to be set)
C2/3852: 20 2F 36     JSR $362F
C2/3855: A9 80        LDA #$80
C2/3857: 1D D4 3D     ORA $3DD4,X
C2/385A: 9D D4 3D     STA $3DD4,X  (Mark Death status to be set)
C2/385D: 60           RTS 

C2/385E null level and magic power

Sets level, and magic power for attack to 0
C2/385E: 9C AF 11     STZ $11AF
C2/3861: 9C AE 11     STZ $11AE
C2/3864: 60           RTS 

C2/3865 unknow

C2/3865: 08           PHP
C2/3866: C2 20        REP #$20
C2/3868: AD 14 34     LDA $3414
C2/386B: 30 07        BMI $3874
C2/386D: AD 30 3A     LDA $3A30
C2/3870: 85 B8        STA $B8
C2/3872: 80 08        BRA $387C
C2/3874: A5 B8        LDA $B8
C2/3876: 8D 30 3A     STA $3A30
C2/3879: 0C 4E 3A     TSB $3A4E
C2/387C: 28           PLP 
C2/387D: 60           RTS 

C2/387E calls special effect for attacks

C2/387E: DA           PHX
C2/387F: 5A           PHY 
C2/3880: 08           PHP 
C2/3881: E2 30        SEP #$30
C2/3883: AE A9 11     LDX $11A9
C2/3886: FC CD 3D     JSR ($3DCD,X)
C2/3889: 28           PLP 
C2/388A: 7A           PLY 
C2/388B: FA           PLX 
C2/388C: 60           RTS 

C2/388D special effect: scimitar

( Slice/Scimitar special effect starts here )
C2/388D: 38           SEC
C2/388E: A9 EE        LDA #$EE
C2/3890: EB           XBA         (Call from Kill with "X" effect enters here,
                                   with A = #$7E)
C2/3891: B9 A1 3A     LDA $3AA1,Y
C2/3894: 89 04        BIT #$04
C2/3896: D0 F4        BNE $388C   (Exit function if prot. from death)
C2/3898: B0 05        BCS $389F   (Skip code to make auto hit undead)
C2/389A: B9 95 3C     LDA $3C95,Y 
C2/389D: 30 0C        BMI $38AB   (If Undead auto hit 100% of time)
C2/389F: 20 5A 4B     JSR $4B5A   (Random number 0 to 255)
C2/38A2: C9 40        CMP #$40
C2/38A4: B0 E6        BCS $388C   (Exit 75% chance)
C2/38A6: 20 B2 23     JSR $23B2   (Check if Stamina blocks)
C2/38A9: B0 E1        BCS $388C   (Exit if it does)
C2/38AB: AD 70 3A     LDA $3A70   (number of strikes remaining from Offering /
                                   Dragon Horn / etc)
C2/38AE: F0 06        BEQ $38B6   (if this is final strike, branch)
C2/38B0: A5 B5        LDA $B5
C2/38B2: C9 16        CMP #$16
C2/38B4: F0 D6        BEQ $388C   (Exit if Command = Jump)
C2/38B6: B9 18 30     LDA $3018,Y
C2/38B9: 04 A4        TSB $A4     (Related to animation?  This special effect function is
                                   different in that it jumps to C2/63DB instead of
                                   immediately returning.  When it does return, the caller
                                   sets $A4 in an identical fashion, so I can't think of
                                   any reason to do it here outside of animation.)

C2/38BB: 1C 4E 3A     TRB $3A4E   (Remove this [character] target from a
                                   "backup targets byte", which stops Offering/
                                   Genji Glove/etc from beating on their corpse..)
C2/38BE: B9 19 30     LDA $3019,Y
C2/38C1: 04 A5        TSB $A5     (see note at C2/38B9.)
C2/38C3: 1C 4F 3A     TRB $3A4F   (Remove this [monster] target from a "backup targets
                                   byte".  see C2/38BB note for elaboration.)
C2/38C6: A9 10        LDA #$10
C2/38C8: 04 A0        TSB $A0
C2/38CA: A9 80        LDA #$80
C2/38CC: 20 32 0E     JSR $0E32   (Set Death in Status to Set)
C2/38CF: 9C 1D 34     STZ $341D   (this will make C2/33B1 null the animation for each
                                   strike in the remainder of this turn where no targets
                                   are found.  this is part of the "corpse beating"
                                   prevention described above.  without this instruction,
                                   the character will wave their hand around like an

C2/38D2: 9C A6 11     STZ $11A6   (set Battle Power to 0)
C2/38D5: A9 02        LDA #$02
C2/38D7: 85 B5        STA $B5
C2/38D9: EB           XBA 
C2/38DA: 85 B6        STA $B6
C2/38DC: C9 EE        CMP #$EE
C2/38DE: D0 0C        BNE $38EC   (Kill with 'X' branches)
C2/38E0: C0 08        CPY #$08    (Check for monster or character)
C2/38E2: 90 08        BCC $38EC   (branch if character target)
C2/38E4: B9 E9 3D     LDA $3DE9,Y
C2/38E7: 09 20        ORA #$20
C2/38E9: 99 E9 3D     STA $3DE9,Y (Set Hide in Status to Set)
C2/38EC: 20 AD 35     JSR $35AD
C2/38EF: 4C DB 63     JMP $63DB   (Copy $An variables to ($78) buffer)

C2/38F2 special effect: double damage for humans

C2/38F2: B9 95 3C     LDA $3C95,Y
C2/38F5: 89 10        BIT #$10
C2/38F7: F0 04        BEQ $38FD   (Exit if target not human)
C2/38F9: E6 BC        INC $BC
C2/38FB: E6 BC        INC $BC     (Double damage dealt)
C2/38FD: 60           RTS 

C2/38FE special effect: throw weapon

Sniper/Hawk Eye effect
C2/38FE: 20 53 4B     JSR $4B53   (0 or 1)
C2/3901: 90 FA        BCC $38FD   (50% chance exit)
C2/3903: E6 BC        INC $BC     (Add 1 to damage incrementor)
C2/3905: B9 F9 3E     LDA $3EF9,Y
C2/3908: 10 F3        BPL $38FD   (Exit if not target not Floating)
C2/390A: A5 B5        LDA $B5
C2/390C: C9 00        CMP #$00
C2/390E: D0 ED        BNE $38FD   (Exit if command not Fight?)
C2/3910: E6 BC        INC $BC
C2/3912: E6 BC        INC $BC
C2/3914: E6 BC        INC $BC     (Add another 3 to damage incrementor)
C2/3916: A9 08        LDA #$08
C2/3918: 85 B5        STA $B5     (Store Throw for *purposes of animation*)
C2/391A: A5 B7        LDA $B7
C2/391C: 3A           DEC 
C2/391D: 85 B6        STA $B6
C2/391F: 4C BB 35     JMP $35BB

C2/3922 special effect: stone lore effect

C2/3922: A3 05        LDA $05,S
C2/3924: AA           TAX 
C2/3925: BD 18 3B     LDA $3B18,X (Attacker's level)
C2/3928: D9 18 3B     CMP $3B18,Y (Target's Level)
C2/392B: D0 06        BNE $3933   (If not same level, exit)
C2/392D: A9 0D        LDA #$0D    (Add 13 to damage incrementer)
C2/392F: 65 BC        ADC $BC
C2/3931: 85 BC        STA $BC
C2/3933: 60           RTS 

C2/3934 special effect: palidor

C2/3934: A9 01        LDA #$01
C2/3936: 20 4C 46     JSR $464C
C2/3939: B9 CC 32     LDA $32CC,Y
C2/393C: 48           PHA 
C2/393D: 20 54 4E     JSR $4E54
C2/3940: 99 CC 32     STA $32CC,Y
C2/3943: A8           TAY 
C2/3944: 0A           ASL 
C2/3945: AA           TAX 
C2/3946: 68           PLA 
C2/3947: C9 FF        CMP #$FF
C2/3949: F0 03        BEQ $394E
C2/394B: 99 84 31     STA $3184,Y
C2/394E: 7B           TDC 
C2/394F: 9D 20 36     STA $3620,X
C2/3952: C2 20        REP #$20
C2/3954: 9D 20 35     STA $3520,X
C2/3957: A9 16 00     LDA #$0016
C2/395A: 9D 20 34     STA $3420,X
C2/395D: 60           RTS

C2/395E special effect: engulf

C2/395E: B9 18 30     LDA $3018,Y
C2/3961: 0C 8A 3A     TSB $3A8A   (Set character as engulfed)
C2/3964: 80 06        BRA $396C   (Branch to remove from combat code)

C2/3966 special effect: bababreath

Bababreath from 3DCD
C2/3966: B9 18 30     LDA $3018,Y
C2/3969: 0C 88 3A     TSB $3A88   (flag to remove target from party at end of battle)
C2/396C: C2 20        REP #$20    (Special effect $27 & $38 & $4B jump here)
                                  (Escape, Sneeze, Smoke Bomb)
C2/396E: B9 18 30     LDA $3018,Y
C2/3971: 0C 4C 2F     TSB $2F4C   (mark target to removed from the battlefield?)
C2/3974: 0C 39 3A     TSB $3A39
C2/3977: 60           RTS 

C2/3978 special effect: dischord

C2/3978: BB           TYX
C2/3979: FE 18 3B     INC $3B18,X (Level)
C2/397C: 5E 18 3B     LSR $3B18,X (Half level rounded up)
C2/397F: 60           RTS 

C2/3980 special effect: R. polarity

C2/3980: B9 A1 3A     LDA $3AA1,Y (Target's Row)
C2/3983: 49 20        EOR #$20
C2/3985: 99 A1 3A     STA $3AA1,Y (Switch)
C2/3988: 60           RTS 

C2/3989 special effect: wall change

C2/3989: 7B           TDC
C2/398A: A9 FF        LDA #$FF
C2/398C: 20 2A 52     JSR $522A   (Pick a random bit)
C2/398F: 99 E0 3B     STA $3BE0,Y (Set your weakness to A)
C2/3992: 49 FF        EOR #$FF
C2/3994: 99 CD 3B     STA $3BCD,Y (Nullify all other elements)
C2/3997: 20 2A 52     JSR $522A   (Pick a random bit, not the one picked for weakness)
C2/399A: 99 CC 3B     STA $3BCC,Y (Absorb that element)
C2/399D: 60           RTS 

C2/399E special effect: steal

C2/399E: A3 05        LDA $05,S   (Attacker)
C2/39A0: AA           TAX 
C2/39A1: A9 01        LDA #$01
C2/39A3: 8D 01 34     STA $3401   (=1) (Sets message to "Doesn't have anything!")
C2/39A6: E0 08        CPX #$08    (Check if attacker is monster)
C2/39A8: B0 5F        BCS $3A09   (Branch if monster)
C2/39AA: C2 20        REP #$20    (Set 16-bit accumulator)
C2/39AC: B9 08 33     LDA $3308,Y (Target's stolen items)
C2/39AF: 1A           INC 
C2/39B0: E2 21        SEP #$21    (Set 8-bit Accumulator AND Carry Flag)
C2/39B2: F0 4D        BEQ $3A01   (Fail to steal if no items)
C2/39B4: EE 01 34     INC $3401   (now = 2) (Sets message to "Couldn't steal!!")
C2/39B7: BD 18 3B     LDA $3B18,X (Attacker's Level)
C2/39BA: 69 32        ADC #$32    (adding 51, since Carry Flag was set)
C2/39BC: B0 1A        BCS $39D8   (Automatically steal if level >= 205)
C2/39BE: F9 18 3B     SBC $3B18,Y (Subtract Target's Level, along with an extra 1 because
                                   Carry Flag is unset at this point.  Don't worry; this
                                   cancels out with the extra 1 from C2/39BA.)

                                  (StealValue = [attacker level + 51] - [target lvl + 1]
                                   = Attacker level + 50 - Target level )

C2/39C1: 90 3E        BCC $3A01   (Fail to steal if StealValue < 0)

C2/39C3: 30 13        BMI $39D8   (Automatically steal if StealValue >= 128)
C2/39C5: 85 EE        STA $EE     (save StealValue)
C2/39C7: BD 45 3C     LDA $3C45,X 
C2/39CA: 4A           LSR 
C2/39CB: 90 02        BCC $39CF   (If no sneak ring)
C2/39CD: 06 EE        ASL $EE     (Double value)
C2/39CF: A9 64        LDA #$64
C2/39D1: 20 65 4B     JSR $4B65   (Random: 0 to 99)
C2/39D4: C5 EE        CMP $EE
C2/39D6: B0 29        BCS $3A01   (Fail to steal if the random number >= StealValue)
C2/39D8: 5A           PHY 
C2/39D9: 20 5A 4B     JSR $4B5A   (Random: 0 to 255)
C2/39DC: C9 20        CMP #$20
C2/39DE: 90 01        BCC $39E1   (branch 1/8 of the time, so Rare steal slot
                                   will be checked)
C2/39E0: C8           INY         (Check the 2nd [Common] slot 7/8 of the time)
C2/39E1: B9 08 33     LDA $3308,Y (Target's stolen item)
C2/39E4: 7A           PLY 
C2/39E5: C9 FF        CMP #$FF    (If no item)
C2/39E7: F0 18        BEQ $3A01   (Fail to steal)
C2/39E9: 8D 35 2F     STA $2F35   (Item stolen, for message purposes)
C2/39EC: 9D F4 32     STA $32F4,X (Store in "Acquired item")
C2/39EF: BD 18 30     LDA $3018,X
C2/39F2: 0C 8C 3A     TSB $3A8C   (flag character to have any applicable item in
                                   $32F4,X added to inventory when turn is over.)
C2/39F5: A9 FF        LDA #$FF
C2/39F7: 99 08 33     STA $3308,Y  (Set to no item to steal)
C2/39FA: 99 09 33     STA $3309,Y  (in both slots)
C2/39FD: EE 01 34     INC $3401    (now = 3) (Sets message to "Stole #whatever ")
C2/3A00: 60           RTS 

If no items to steal
C2/3A01: E2 20        SEP #$20
C2/3A03: A9 00        LDA #$00
C2/3A05: 99 48 3D     STA $3D48,Y 
C2/3A08: 60           RTS 

(Steal for monsters)
C2/3A09: 9C 3A 2F     STZ $2F3A
C2/3A0C: EE 01 34     INC $3401     (Sets message to "Couldn't steal!!")
C2/3A0F: 20 5A 4B     JSR $4B5A     (random #: 0 to 255)
C2/3A12: C9 C0        CMP #$C0
C2/3A14: B0 EB        BCS $3A01     (fail to steal 1/4 of the time)
C2/3A16: CE 01 34     DEC $3401     (Sets message to "Doesn't have anything!")
C2/3A19: BD 18 3B     LDA $3B18,X   (enemy level)
C2/3A1C: EB           XBA 
C2/3A1D: A9 14        LDA #$14      (enemy will swipe: level * 256 + 20 gold)
C2/3A1F: C2 20        REP #$20      (set 16-bit A)
C2/3A21: 20 B6 37     JSR $37B6     (subtract swiped gold from party's inventory)
C2/3A24: F0 DB        BEQ $3A01     (branch if party had zero gold before
                                     the steal)
C2/3A26: 8D 38 2F     STA $2F38     (save gold swiped for message output)
C2/3A29: 18           CLC 
C2/3A2A: 7D 98 3D     ADC $3D98,X   (add amount stolen to gold possessed by enemy)
C2/3A2D: 90 02        BCC $3A31     (branch if no overflow)
C2/3A2F: 7B           TDC 
C2/3A30: 3A           DEC           (if sum overflowed, set enemy's gold to 65535)
C2/3A31: 9D 98 3D     STA $3D98,X   (update enemy's gold)
C2/3A34: E2 20        SEP #$20      (set 8-bit A)
C2/3A36: A9 3F        LDA #$3F
C2/3A38: 8D 01 34     STA $3401     (Set message to "# GP was stolen!!")
C2/3A3B: 60           RTS 

C2/3A3C special effect: metamorph

C2/3A3C: C0 08        CPY #$08    (Checks if target is monster)
C2/3A3E: 90 4A        BCC $3A8A   (branch if not)
C2/3A40: B9 94 3C     LDA $3C94,Y (Metamorph info: Morph chance in bits 5-7,
                                   and Morph pack in bits 0-4)
C2/3A43: 48           PHA 
C2/3A44: 29 1F        AND #$1F    (isolate pack #)
C2/3A46: 20 53 4B     JSR $4B53   (Random number 0 or 1)
C2/3A49: 2A           ROL 
C2/3A4A: 20 53 4B     JSR $4B53   (Random number 0 or 1)
C2/3A4D: 2A           ROL 
C2/3A4E: AA           TAX         (now we have the Metamorph pack # in bits 2-6,
                                   and a random 0-3 index into that pack in bits 0-1)
C2/3A4F: BF 40 7F C4  LDA $C47F40,X  (get the item we're attempting to Metamorph
                                      the enemy into)
C2/3A53: 8D 35 2F     STA $2F35      (save it for message purposes)
C2/3A56: A9 02        LDA #$02
C2/3A58: 8D 28 3A     STA $3A28
C2/3A5B: A9 1D        LDA #$1D
C2/3A5D: 8D 29 3A     STA $3A29
C2/3A60: 20 BE 35     JSR $35BE
C2/3A63: 20 AD 35     JSR $35AD
C2/3A66: 68           PLA 
C2/3A67: 4A           LSR 
C2/3A68: 4A           LSR 
C2/3A69: 4A           LSR 
C2/3A6A: 4A           LSR 
C2/3A6B: 4A           LSR            (isolate 0-7 Metamorph Chance index)
C2/3A6C: AA           TAX            (copy it to X)
C2/3A6D: 20 5A 4B     JSR $4B5A      (Random number 0 to 255)
C2/3A70: DF C5 3D C2  CMP $C23DC5,X  (compare to actual Metamorph Chance)
C2/3A74: B0 14        BCS $3A8A      (if greater than or equal, branch and fail to
C2/3A76: A3 05        LDA $05,S
C2/3A78: AA           TAX 
C2/3A79: AD 35 2F     LDA $2F35     (get ID of Metamorphed item)
C2/3A7C: 9D F4 32     STA $32F4,X   (save it in this character's
                                     "Item to add to inventory" variable)
C2/3A7F: BD 18 30     LDA $3018,X
C2/3A82: 0C 8C 3A     TSB $3A8C     (flag this character to have their inventory
                                     variable checked when the turn ends)
C2/3A85: A9 80        LDA #$80
C2/3A87: 4C 32 0E     JMP $0E32   (Mark death status to be set)
C2/3A8A: 4C 1B 3B     JMP $3B1B   (flag Miss message)

C2/3A8D special effect: debilitator

C2/3A8D: 7B           TDC
C2/3A8E: B9 E0 3B     LDA $3BE0,Y (Elements weak against)
C2/3A91: 0D C8 3E     ORA $3EC8   (Elements nullified by ForceField)
C2/3A94: 49 FF        EOR #$FF
C2/3A96: F0 F2        BEQ $3A8A   (Miss if weak to all)
C2/3A98: 20 2A 52     JSR $522A   (Randomly pick an element not weak to that hasn't
                                   been nullified by ForceField)
C2/3A9B: 48           PHA 
C2/3A9C: 20 F0 51     JSR $51F0
C2/3A9F: 8A           TXA 
C2/3AA0: 18           CLC 
C2/3AA1: 69 0B        ADC #$0B
C2/3AA3: 8D 01 34     STA $3401   (Set to display that element as text)
C2/3AA6: A3 01        LDA $01,S
C2/3AA8: 19 E0 3B     ORA $3BE0,Y
C2/3AAB: 99 E0 3B     STA $3BE0,Y (Make weak vs. that element)
C2/3AAE: 68           PLA 
C2/3AAF: 49 FF        EOR #$FF
C2/3AB1: 48           PHA 
C2/3AB2: 39 E1 3B     AND $3BE1,Y
C2/3AB5: 99 E1 3B     STA $3BE1,Y (Make not resist that element)
C2/3AB8: A3 01        LDA $01,S
C2/3ABA: EB           XBA 
C2/3ABB: 68           PLA 
C2/3ABC: C2 20        REP #$20    (Set 16-bit accumulator)
C2/3ABE: 39 CC 3B     AND $3BCC,Y
C2/3AC1: 99 CC 3B     STA $3BCC,Y (Make not absorb or nullify that element)
C2/3AC4: 60           RTS 

C2/3AC5 special effect: control

C2/3AC5: C0 08        CPY #$08
C2/3AC7: 90 4D        BCC $3B16   (Miss w/text if target is character)
C2/3AC9: B9 80 3C     LDA $3C80,Y
C2/3ACC: 30 48        BMI $3B16   (Miss w/text if Can't Control bit set)
C2/3ACE: F4 D2 B0     PEA $B0D2   (Death, Petrify, Clear, Zombie, Sleep, Muddled, Berserk)
C2/3AD1: F4 00 29     PEA $2900   (Rage, Morph, Hide)
C2/3AD4: 20 64 58     JSR $5864
C2/3AD7: 90 3D        BCC $3B16   (Miss w/text if any set on target)
C2/3AD9: B9 B9 32     LDA $32B9,Y 
C2/3ADC: 10 38        BPL $3B16   (If already controlled then miss w/text)
C2/3ADE: A3 05        LDA $05,S
C2/3AE0: AA           TAX 
C2/3AE1: BD 45 3C     LDA $3C45,X (Coronet "boost Control chance" in Bit 3)
C2/3AE4: 4A           LSR 
C2/3AE5: 4A           LSR 
C2/3AE6: 4A           LSR 
C2/3AE7: 4A           LSR 
C2/3AE8: 20 92 37     JSR $3792   (Sketch/Control Chance - pass bit 3 of $3C45 as carry)
C2/3AEB: B0 2E        BCS $3B1B   (Miss w/o text)
C2/3AED: 98           TYA 
C2/3AEE: 9D B8 32     STA $32B8,X (save who attacker is Controlling)
C2/3AF1: 8A           TXA 
C2/3AF2: 99 B9 32     STA $32B9,Y (save who target is Controlled by)
C2/3AF5: B9 19 30     LDA $3019,Y
C2/3AF8: 0C 54 2F     TSB $2F54
C2/3AFB: BD 4D 3E     LDA $3E4D,X
C2/3AFE: 09 01        ORA #$01
C2/3B00: 9D 4D 3E     STA $3E4D,X
C2/3B03: BD F9 3E     LDA $3EF9,X
C2/3B06: 09 10        ORA #$10
C2/3B08: 9D F9 3E     STA $3EF9,X (Set spell status to attacker)
C2/3B0B: B9 A1 3A     LDA $3AA1,Y
C2/3B0E: 09 40        ORA #$40
C2/3B10: 99 A1 3A     STA $3AA1,Y (Set controlled bit to target)
C2/3B13: 4C 2F 37     JMP $372F   (generate the Control menu)

C2/3B16: A9 04        LDA #$04
C2/3B18: 8D 01 34     STA $3401   (Set to display text #4)
C2/3B1B: C2 20        REP #$20    (Set 16-bit Accumulator)
C2/3B1D: B9 18 30     LDA $3018,Y (Represents the target)
C2/3B20: 8D 48 3A     STA $3A48   (Indicate a Miss, due to the attack not changing any
                                   statuses or due to checks in its special effect)
C2/3B23: 0C 5A 3A     TSB $3A5A   (Set target as missed)
C2/3B26: 14 A4        TRB $A4     (Miss target)
C2/3B28: 60           RTS 

C2/3B29 sketch related

C2/3B29: C0 08        CPY #$08
C2/3B2B: 90 EE        BCC $3B1B    (Miss if aimed at party)
C2/3B2D: B9 80 3C     LDA $3C80,Y
C2/3B30: 89 20        BIT #$20
C2/3B32: D0 30        BNE $3B64    (Branch if can't sketch)
C2/3B34: A3 05        LDA $05,S
C2/3B36: AA           TAX 
C2/3B37: BD 45 3C     LDA $3C45,X  (Beret "boost Sketch chance" in Bit 2)
C2/3B3A: 4A           LSR 
C2/3B3B: 4A           LSR 
C2/3B3C: 4A           LSR 
C2/3B3D: 20 92 37     JSR $3792    (Sketch/Control chance - pass bit 2 of $3C45 as carry)
C2/3B40: B0 D9        BCS $3B1B    (branch if sketch missed)
C2/3B42: 8C 17 34     STY $3417    (save Target as Sketchee)
C2/3B45: 98           TYA 
C2/3B46: E9 07        SBC #$07     (subtract 8, as Carry is clear)
C2/3B48: 4A           LSR 
C2/3B49: 85 B7        STA $B7      (save 0-5 index of our Sketched monster)
C2/3B4B: 20 BB 35     JSR $35BB
C2/3B4E: 20 5A 4B     JSR $4B5A    (random: 0 to 255)
C2/3B51: C9 40        CMP #$40     (75% chance for second sketch attack)
C2/3B53: C2 30        REP #$30     (Set 16-bit Accumulator and Index registers)
C2/3B55: B9 F9 1F     LDA $1FF9,Y  (get monster #)
C2/3B58: 2A           ROL        
C2/3B59: AA           TAX 
C2/3B5A: BF 00 43 CF  LDA $CF4300,X
C2/3B5E: E2 30        SEP #$30     (Set 8-bit A,X & Y)
C2/3B60: 8D 00 34     STA $3400    (Set attack to sketched attack)
C2/3B63: 60           RTS 

C2/3B64: A9 1F        LDA #$1F
C2/3B66: 8D 01 34     STA $3401   (Store can't sketch message)
C2/3B69: 80 B0        BRA $3B1B   (Make attack miss)

C2/3B6B special effect: quake

C2/3B6B: B9 F9 3E     LDA $3EF9,Y 
C2/3B6E: 30 AB        BMI $3B1B   (If Float status set, miss)
C2/3B70: 60           RTS 

C2/3B71 special effect: leap

C2/3B71: AD 49 2F     LDA $2F49
C2/3B74: 89 08        BIT #$08
C2/3B76: D0 18        BNE $3B90   (Miss w/text)
C2/3B78: AD 76 3A     LDA $3A76   (Number of characters in party)
C2/3B7B: C9 02        CMP #$02
C2/3B7D: 90 11        BCC $3B90   (Miss w/text)
C2/3B7F: A3 05        LDA $05,S
C2/3B81: AA           TAX 
C2/3B82: BD E9 3D     LDA $3DE9,X
C2/3B85: 09 20        ORA #$20
C2/3B87: 9D E9 3D     STA $3DE9,X (Mark Hide status to be set in attacker)
C2/3B8A: A9 04        LDA #$04
C2/3B8C: 8D 6E 3A     STA $3A6E
C2/3B8F: 60           RTS 

C2/3B90: A9 05        LDA #$05
C2/3B92: 8D 01 34     STA $3401   (Set to display text #5)
C2/3B95: 4C 1B 3B     JMP $3B1B   (Miss target)

C2/3B98 special effect: possess

C2/3B98: A3 05        LDA $05,S
C2/3B9A: AA           TAX 
C2/3B9B: BD 18 30     LDA $3018,X
C2/3B9E: 0C 4C 2F     TSB $2F4C    (mark Possessor to be removed from battlefield?)
                                   (what about the Possessee?)
C2/3BA1: 0C 88 3A     TSB $3A88    (flag to remove Possessor from party at end of
C2/3BA4: 20 4A 38     JSR $384A
C2/3BA7: DA           PHX 
C2/3BA8: BB           TYX 
C2/3BA9: 20 4A 38     JSR $384A
C2/3BAC: 7A           PLY 
C2/3BAD: 4C 1B 36     JMP $361B

C2/3BB0 special effect: mind blast

C2/3BB0: C2 20        REP #$20    (Set 16-bit Accumulator)
C2/3BB2: 20 FF 44     JSR $44FF   (Clear Status to Set and Status to Clear bytes)
C2/3BB5: B9 18 30     LDA $3018,Y
C2/3BB8: A2 06        LDX #$06
C2/3BBA: 3C 5C 3A     BIT $3A5C,X (is this target in list of "Mind Blast victims"?
                                   [this list was created previously in the other
                                   Mind Blast special effect function.])
C2/3BBD: F0 07        BEQ $3BC6   (branch if not)
C2/3BBF: 48           PHA 
C2/3BC0: DA           PHX 
C2/3BC1: 20 D0 3B     JSR $3BD0   (Randomly mark a status from attack data to be set)
C2/3BC4: FA           PLX 
C2/3BC5: 68           PLA 
C2/3BC6: CA           DEX 
C2/3BC7: CA           DEX 
C2/3BC8: 10 F0        BPL $3BBA   (Do for all 4 list entries.  an entity who's listed
                                   N times can get N statuses from this spell.)
C2/3BCA: 60           RTS 

C2/3BCB special effect: evil toot

(Sets a random status from attack data)
C2/3BCB: C2 20        REP #$20    (Set 16-bit Accumulator)
C2/3BCD: 20 FF 44     JSR $44FF   (Clear Status to Set and Status to Clear bytes)
C2/3BD0: AD AA 11     LDA $11AA
C2/3BD3: 20 0E 52     JSR $520E   (X = Number of statuses set by attack in bytes 1 & 2)
C2/3BD6: 86 EE        STX $EE
C2/3BD8: AD AC 11     LDA $11AC
C2/3BDB: 20 0E 52     JSR $520E   (X = Number of statuses set by attack in bytes 3 & 4)
C2/3BDE: E2 20        SEP #$20    (Set 8-bit Accumulator)
C2/3BE0: 8A           TXA 
C2/3BE1: 18           CLC 
C2/3BE2: 65 EE        ADC $EE     (A = # of total statuses flagged in attack data)
C2/3BE4: 20 65 4B     JSR $4B65   (random number: 0 to A - 1)
C2/3BE7: C5 EE        CMP $EE     (Clear Carry if the random status we want to
                                   set is in spell status byte 1 or 2;
                                   Set Carry if it's in byte 3 or 4.)
C2/3BE9: C2 20        REP #$20    (Set 16-bit Accumulator)
C2/3BEB: 08           PHP 
C2/3BEC: AD AA 11     LDA $11AA
C2/3BEF: 90 03        BCC $3BF4   (branch if we're attempting to set a status
                                   from status byte 1 or 2)
C2/3BF1: AD AC 11     LDA $11AC   (otherwise, it's from byte 3 or 4)
C2/3BF4: 20 2A 52     JSR $522A   (randomly pick a bit set in A)
C2/3BF7: 28           PLP 
C2/3BF8: B0 03        BCS $3BFD
C2/3BFA: 4C 32 0E     JMP $0E32   (Set status picked bytes 1 or 2)
C2/3BFD: 19 E8 3D     ORA $3DE8,Y (Set status picked bytes 3 or 4)
C2/3C00: 99 E8 3D     STA $3DE8,Y
C2/3C03: 60           RTS 

C2/3C04 special effect: rippler

C2/3C04: A3 05        LDA $05,S
C2/3C06: AA           TAX             
C2/3C07: C2 20        REP #$20      (Set 16-bit Accumulator)
C2/3C09: BD E4 3E     LDA $3EE4,X   (status bytes 1-2, caster)
C2/3C0C: 39 E4 3E     AND $3EE4,Y   (status bytes 1-2, target)
C2/3C0F: 49 FF FF     EOR #$FFFF    
C2/3C12: 85 EE        STA $EE       (save the statuses that aren't shared among caster
                                     and target.  iow, turn on any bits that aren't
                                     set in both)
C2/3C14: BD E4 3E     LDA $3EE4,X     
C2/3C17: 25 EE        AND $EE       (get statuses exclusive to caster)
C2/3C19: 99 D4 3D     STA $3DD4,Y   (target status to set = statuses that were only set
                                     in caster)
C2/3C1C: 9D FC 3D     STA $3DFC,X   (caster status to clear = statuses that were only set
                                     in caster)
C2/3C1F: B9 E4 3E     LDA $3EE4,Y   
C2/3C22: 25 EE        AND $EE       (get statuses exclusive to target)
C2/3C24: 9D D4 3D     STA $3DD4,X   (caster status to set = statuses that were only set
                                     in target)
C2/3C27: 99 FC 3D     STA $3DFC,Y   (target status to clear = statuses that were only set
                                     in target)

C2/3C2A: BD F8 3E     LDA $3EF8,X   (status bytes 3-4, caster)
C2/3C2D: 39 F8 3E     AND $3EF8,Y   (status bytes 3-4, target)
C2/3C30: 49 FF FF     EOR #$FFFF
C2/3C33: 85 EE        STA $EE       (save the statuses that aren't shared among caster
                                     and target.  iow, turn on any bits that aren't
                                     set in both)
C2/3C35: BD F8 3E     LDA $3EF8,X
C2/3C38: 25 EE        AND $EE       (get statuses exclusive to caster)
C2/3C3A: 99 E8 3D     STA $3DE8,Y   (target status to set = statuses that were only set
                                     in caster)
C2/3C3D: 9D 10 3E     STA $3E10,X   (caster status to clear = statuses that were only set
                                     in caster)
C2/3C40: B9 F8 3E     LDA $3EF8,Y
C2/3C43: 25 EE        AND $EE       (get statuses exclusive to target)
C2/3C45: 9D E8 3D     STA $3DE8,X   (caster status to set = statuses that were only set
                                     in target)
C2/3C48: 99 10 3E     STA $3E10,Y   (target status to clear = statuses that were only set
                                     in target)
C2/3C4B: 60           RTS 

C2/3C4C special effect: exploder

Exploder effect from 3DCD
C2/3C4C: A3 05        LDA $05,S
C2/3C4E: AA           TAX 
C2/3C4F: 86 EE        STX $EE
C2/3C51: C4 EE        CPY $EE
C2/3C53: D0 05        BNE $3C5A
C2/3C55: BD 18 30     LDA $3018,X          
C2/3C58: 14 A4        TRB $A4
C2/3C5A: 60           RTS 

C2/3C5B special effect: scan

C2/3C5B: B9 80 3C     LDA $3C80,Y
C2/3C5E: 89 10        BIT #$10
C2/3C60: D0 06        BNE $3C68   (Branch if can't scan)
C2/3C62: BB           TYX 
C2/3C63: A9 27        LDA #$27
C2/3C65: 4C 91 4E     JMP $4E91

C2/3C68: A9 2C        LDA #$2C
C2/3C6A: 8D 01 34     STA $3401   (Store "Can't Scan" message)
C2/3C6D: 60           RTS 

C2/3C6E special effect: suplex

C2/3C6E: B9 80 3C     LDA $3C80,Y
C2/3C71: 89 04        BIT #$04    (Is Can't Suplex set in Misc/Special enemy byte?)
C2/3C73: F0 E5        BEQ $3C5A   (If not, exit function)
C2/3C75: 4C 1B 3B     JMP $3B1B   (Makes miss)

C2/3C78 special effect: air anchor

C2/3C78: B9 A1 3A     LDA $3AA1,Y
C2/3C7B: 89 04        BIT #$04
C2/3C7D: D0 F6        BNE $3C75   (Miss if death prot.)
C2/3C7F: A9 13        LDA #$13
C2/3C81: 8D 01 34     STA $3401   (Display text $13 - "Move, and you're dust!")
C2/3C84: B9 05 32     LDA $3205,Y
C2/3C87: 29 FB        AND #$FB
C2/3C89: 99 05 32     STA $3205,Y (Set Air Anchor effect)
C2/3C8C: 9C 1A 34     STZ $341A   (Special Effect $23 -- X-Zone, Odin, etc -- jumps here)
C2/3C8F: 60           RTS 

C2/3C90 special effect: L? peral

C2/3C90: 60           RTS

C2/3C91 special effect: charm

C2/3C91: A3 05        LDA $05,S
C2/3C93: AA           TAX 
C2/3C94: BD 94 33     LDA $3394,X
C2/3C97: 10 DC        BPL $3C75   (Miss if attacker already charmed a target)
C2/3C99: 98           TYA 
C2/3C9A: 9D 94 33     STA $3394,X (Attacker data: save which target they charmed)
C2/3C9D: 8A           TXA 
C2/3C9E: 99 95 33     STA $3395,Y (Target data: save who has charmed them)
C2/3CA1: 60           RTS 

C2/3CA2 special effect: tapir

C2/3CA2: B9 E5 3E     LDA $3EE5,Y
C2/3CA5: 10 CE        BPL $3C75   (Miss if target is not asleep)
C2/3CA7: C2 20        REP #$20    (Set 16-bit Accumulator)
C2/3CA9: B9 1C 3C     LDA $3C1C,Y
C2/3CAC: 99 F4 3B     STA $3BF4,Y (Set HP to max HP)
C2/3CAF: C2 20        REP #$20    (Pep Up and Elixir/Megalixir branch here)
C2/3CB1: B9 30 3C     LDA $3C30,Y 
C2/3CB4: 99 08 3C     STA $3C08,Y (Set MP to max MP)
C2/3CB7: 60           RTS 

C2/3CB8 special effect: pep up

C2/3CB8: A3 05        LDA $05,S
C2/3CBA: AA           TAX 
C2/3CBB: 20 4A 38     JSR $384A   (Mark death and hide to be set)
C2/3CBE: C2 20        REP #$20    (Set 16-bit Accumulator)
C2/3CC0: BD 18 30     LDA $3018,X
C2/3CC3: 0C 4C 2F     TSB $2F4C   (mark caster to be removed from the battlefield?)
C2/3CC6: 9E F4 3B     STZ $3BF4,X (Set caster HP to 0)
C2/3CC9: 9E 08 3C     STZ $3C08,X (Set caster MP to 0)
C2/3CCC: 80 E1        BRA $3CAF   (Set target's MP to max MP)

C2/3CCE special effect: seize

C2/3CCE: A3 05        LDA $05,S
C2/3CD0: AA           TAX 
C2/3CD1: BD 58 33     LDA $3358,X  (who attacker is Seizing)
C2/3CD4: 10 9F        BPL $3C75    (branch if already Seizing someone.
                                    this jumps to $3B1B - Miss)
C2/3CD6: C0 08        CPY #$08
C2/3CD8: B0 9B        BCS $3C75    (If target is not character - Miss)
C2/3CDA: 98           TYA 
C2/3CDB: 9D 58 33     STA $3358,X  (save who attacker is Seizing)
C2/3CDE: 8A           TXA 
C2/3CDF: 99 59 33     STA $3359,Y  (save who target is Seized by)
C2/3CE2: BD AC 3D     LDA $3DAC,X
C2/3CE5: 09 80        ORA #$80
C2/3CE7: 9D AC 3D     STA $3DAC,X
C2/3CEA: B9 18 30     LDA $3018,Y
C2/3CED: 1C 03 34     TRB $3403
C2/3CF0: B9 A0 3A     LDA $3AA0,Y
C2/3CF3: 29 7F        AND #$7F     (Clear bit 7)
C2/3CF5: 99 A0 3A     STA $3AA0,Y
C2/3CF8: A9 40        LDA #$40
C2/3CFA: 4C 4C 46     JMP $464C

C2/3CFF special effect: discard

C2/3CFD: A3 05        LDA $05,S
C2/3CFF: AA           TAX 
C2/3D00: BD AC 3D     LDA $3DAC,X
C2/3D03: 29 7F        AND #$7F
C2/3D05: 9D AC 3D     STA $3DAC,X
C2/3D08: A9 FF        LDA #$FF
C2/3D0A: 9D 58 33     STA $3358,X  (attacker Seizing nobody)
C2/3D0D: 99 59 33     STA $3359,Y  (target Seized by nobody)
C2/3D10: B9 18 30     LDA $3018,Y
C2/3D13: 0C 03 34     TSB $3403
C2/3D16: 60           RTS 

C2/3D17 special effect: elixir

(Special effect $4C - Elixir and Megalixir.  In Item data, this appears as
 Special effect $04)
C2/3D17: A9 80        LDA #$80
C2/3D19: 20 4C 46     JSR $464C   (Sets bit 7 in $3204,Y)
C2/3D1C: 80 91        BRA $3CAF   (Set MP to Max MP)

C2/3D1E special effect: overcast

C2/3D1E: B9 4D 3E     LDA $3E4D,Y
C2/3D21: 09 02        ORA #$02
C2/3D23: 99 4D 3E     STA $3E4D,Y  (Turn on Overcast bit, which will be checked by
                                    function C2/450D to give a dying target Zombie
C2/3D26: 60           RTS 

C2/3D27 special effect: zinger

C2/3D27: A3 05        LDA $05,S
C2/3D29: AA           TAX 
C2/3D2A: 8E F8 33     STX $33F8   (save attacker as the Zingerer)
C2/3D2D: 8C F9 33     STY $33F9   (save target as who's being Zingered)
C2/3D30: BD 19 30     LDA $3019,X
C2/3D33: 0C 4D 2F     TSB $2F4D   (mark attacker to be removed from the battlefield?)
C2/3D36: 60           RTS 

C2/3D37 special effect: love token

C2/3D37: A3 05        LDA $05,S
C2/3D39: AA           TAX 
C2/3D3A: 98           TYA 
C2/3D3B: 9D 6C 33     STA $336C,X  (Attacker data: save which target takes damage
                                    for them)
C2/3D3E: 8A           TXA 
C2/3D3F: 99 6D 33     STA $336D,Y  (Target data: save who they're taking damage for)
C2/3D42: 60           RTS 

C2/3D43 special effect: kill target

(Auto hit undead, Restores undead)
C2/3D43: 18           CLC
C2/3D44: A9 7E        LDA #$7E
C2/3D46: 20 90 38     JSR $3890
C2/3D49: B9 95 3C     LDA $3C95,Y  (Doom effect jumps here)
C2/3D4C: 10 14        BPL $3D62    (Exit function if not undead)
C2/3D4E: C0 08        CPY #$08
C2/3D50: B0 11        BCS $3D63    (Branch if not character)
C2/3D52: B9 D4 3D     LDA $3DD4,Y
C2/3D55: 29 7F        AND #$7F
C2/3D57: 99 D4 3D     STA $3DD4,Y  (Remove Death from Status to Set)
C2/3D5A: C2 20        REP #$20
C2/3D5C: B9 1C 3C     LDA $3C1C,Y
C2/3D5F: 99 F4 3B     STA $3BF4,Y  (Fully heal HP)
C2/3D62: 60           RTS 

C2/3D63 unknow

C2/3D63: 7B           TDC
C2/3D64: B9 E9 3D     LDA $3DE9,Y
C2/3D67: 09 20        ORA #$20
C2/3D69: 99 E9 3D     STA $3DE9,Y (Add hide to target)
C2/3D6C: B9 19 30     LDA $3019,Y
C2/3D6F: EB           XBA 
C2/3D70: C2 20        REP #$20    (Set 16-bit Accumulator)
C2/3D72: 85 B8        STA $B8
C2/3D74: A2 0A        LDX #$0A
C2/3D76: A9 24 00     LDA #$0024
C2/3D79: 4C 91 4E     JMP $4E91

C2/3D7C special effect: phantasm

C2/3D7C: B9 4D 3E     LDA $3E4D,Y
C2/3D7F: 09 40        ORA #$40
C2/3D81: 99 4D 3E     STA $3E4D,Y  (give Seizure-like quasi status to target)
C2/3D84: 60           RTS 

C2/3D85 special effect: stunner

(Only a Hit Rate / 256 chance it will actually try to inflict
 statuses on the target)
C2/3D85: 20 5A 4B     JSR $4B5A   (random: 0 to 255)
C2/3D88: CD A8 11     CMP $11A8
C2/3D8B: 90 1A        BCC $3DA7   (If less than hit rate then exit)
C2/3D8D: C2 20        REP #$20    (Set 16-bit Accumulator)
C2/3D8F: AD AA 11     LDA $11AA   (Spell's Status to Set bytes 1+2)
C2/3D92: 49 FF FF     EOR #$FFFF
C2/3D95: 39 D4 3D     AND $3DD4,Y (Subtract it from target's
                                   Status to Set bytes 1+2)
C2/3D98: 99 D4 3D     STA $3DD4,Y
C2/3D9B: AD AC 11     LDA $11AC   (Spell's Status to Set bytes 3+4)
C2/3D9E: 49 FF FF     EOR #$FFFF
C2/3DA1: 39 E8 3D     AND $3DE8,Y (Subtract it from target's
                                   Status to Set bytes 3+4)
C2/3DA4: 99 E8 3D     STA $3DE8,Y
C2/3DA7: 60           RTS 

C2/3DA8 special effect: targeting

C2/3DA8: A3 05        LDA $05,S
C2/3DAA: AA           TAX 
C2/3DAB: 98           TYA 
C2/3DAC: 9D F5 32     STA $32F5,X  (Stores target)
C2/3DAF: 60           RTS 

C2/3DB0 special effect: fallen one

C2/3DB0: C2 20        REP #$20    (Set 16-bit Accumulator)
C2/3DB2: 7B           TDC         (Clear Accumulator)
C2/3DB3: 1A           INC 
C2/3DB4: 99 F4 3B     STA $3BF4,Y (Store 1 in HP)
C2/3DB7: 60           RTS 

C2/3DB8 special effect: super ball

C2/3DB8: 20 5A 4B     JSR $4B5A   (Random Number 0 to 255)
C2/3DBB: 29 07        AND #$07    (Random Number 0 to 7)
C2/3DBD: 1A           INC         (1 to 8)
C2/3DBE: 8D B1 11     STA $11B1   (Set damage to 256 to 2048 in steps of 256)
C2/3DC1: 9C B0 11     STZ $11B0   
C2/3DC4: 60           RTS 

C2/3DC5 data: metamorph chance

C2/3DC5: FF
C2/3DC6: C0
C2/3DC7: 80
C2/3DC8: 40
C2/3DC9: 20
C2/3DCA: 10
C2/3DCB: 08
C2/3DCC: 00

C2/3DCD pointers: special effects

C2/3DCD: 8C 38
C2/3DCF: 8C 38
C2/3DD1: 8C 38
C2/3DD3: 43 3D ($03)
C2/3DD5: F2 38 ($04)
C2/3DD7: 8C 38
C2/3DD9: 8C 38
C2/3DDB: 8C 38
C2/3DDD: FE 38 ($08)
C2/3DDF: 8C 38
C2/3DE1: 8C 38
C2/3DE3: 8C 38
C2/3DE5: 8C 38
C2/3DE7: 8D 38 ($0D)
C2/3DE9: 8C 38
C2/3DEB: 8C 38
C2/3DED: 5B 3C ($10)
C2/3DED: 8C 38 
C2/3DF1: 3C 3A ($12)
C2/3DF3: 34 39 ($13)
C2/3DF5: 8C 38 
C2/3DF7: 8C 38
C2/3DF9: 8C 38
C2/3DFB: A2 3C ($17)
C2/3DFD: 8C 38
C2/3DFF: 4C 3C ($19)
C2/3E01: 8C 38
C2/3E03: 8C 38
C2/3E05: 90 3C ($1C)
C2/3E08: 8C 38 
C2/3E09: 8C 38
C2/3E0B: 78 39 ($1F)
C2/3E0D: B8 3C ($20)
C2/3E0F: 04 3C ($21)
C2/3E11: 22 39 ($22)
C2/3E13: 8C 3C ($23)
C2/3E15: 8C 38
C2/3E17: 6B 3B ($25)
C2/3E19: 89 39 ($26)      
C2/3E1B: 6C 39 ($27)
C2/3E1D: B0 3B ($28)
C2/3E1F: 8C 38
C2/3E21: 8C 38
C2/3E23: 80 39 ($2B)
C2/3E25: 8C 38 
C2/3E27: 37 3D ($2D)
C2/3E29: CE 3C ($2E)
C2/3E2B: A8 3D ($2F)
C2/3E2D: 6E 3C ($30)
C2/3E2F: 8C 38 
C2/3E31: 8C 38
C2/3E33: 66 39 ($33)
C2/3E35: 91 3C ($34)
C2/3E37: 49 3D ($35)
C2/3E39: 8C 38 
C2/3E3B: 1E 3D ($37)
C2/3E3D: 6C 39 ($38)
C2/3E3F: 5E 39 ($39)
C2/3E41: 27 3D ($3A)
C2/3E43: CB 3B ($3B)
C2/3E45: 8C 38 
C2/3E47: 8C 38
C2/3E49: 7C 3D ($3E)
C2/3E4B: 85 3D ($3F)
C2/3E4D: B0 3D ($40)
C2/3E4F: 8C 38 
C2/3E51: 8C 38
C2/3E53: 8C 38
C2/3E55: FD 3C ($44)
C2/3E57: 8C 38 
C2/3E59: 8C 38 
C2/3E5B: 8C 38
C2/3E5D: 8C 38
C2/3E5F: 8C 38
C2/3E61: B8 3D ($4A) 
C2/3E63: 6C 39 ($4B)
C2/3E65: 17 3D ($4C)
C2/3E67: 8C 38
C2/3E69: 8C 38
C2/3E6B: 8C 38
C2/3E6D: 98 3B ($50)
C2/3E6F: 8C 38
C2/3E71: 9E 39 ($52)
C2/3E73: C5 3A ($53)
C2/3E75: 71 3B ($54)
C2/3E77: 29 3B ($55)
C2/3E79: 8D 3A ($56)
C2/3E7B: 78 3C ($57)

C2/3E7D unknow

C2/3E7D: DA           PHX
C2/3E7E: 08           PHP
C2/3E7F: E2 30        SEP #$30
C2/3E81: 9B           TXY 
C2/3E82: AE A9 11     LDX $11A9    
C2/3E85: FC E1 42     JSR ($42E1,X) (Calls special effect code)
C2/3E88: 28           PLP 
C2/3E89: FA           PLX 
C2/3E8A: 60           RTS 

C2/3E8B special effect: random steal

C2/3E8B: 20 53 4B     JSR $4B53   (50% chance to steal)
C2/3E8E: B0 0F        BCS $3E9F
C2/3E90: A9 A4        LDA #$A4    (Add steal effect to attack)
C2/3E92: 8D A9 11     STA $11A9
C2/3E95: A5 B5        LDA $B5     
C2/3E97: C9 00        CMP #$00
C2/3E99: D0 04        BNE $3E9F   (Exit if $B5 is not 0)
C2/3E9B: A9 06        LDA #$06
C2/3E9D: 85 B5        STA $B5     (Set $B5 to $06)
C2/3E9F: 60           RTS 

C2/3EA0 special effect: step mine

C2/3EA0: 9C 14 34     STZ $3414   (Set to ignore damage modifiers)
C2/3EA3: C2 20        REP #$20    (Set 16-bit Accumulator)
C2/3EA5: 7B           TDC 
C2/3EA6: 3A           DEC 
C2/3EA7: 8D B0 11     STA $11B0   (Store 65535 in maximum damage)
C2/3EAA: AD 67 18     LDA $1867   (Steps High 2 Bytes)
C2/3EAD: AE A6 11     LDX $11A6   (Spell Power)
C2/3EB0: 20 92 47     JSR $4792   (Division function Steps / Spell Power)
C2/3EB3: E2 20        SEP #$20    (Set 8-bit Accumulator)
C2/3EB5: EB           XBA 
C2/3EB6: D0 11        BNE $3EC9   (If the top byte of quotient is nonzero, we know the
                                   final result will exceed 2 bytes, so leave it
                                   at 65535 and branch)
C2/3EB8: 8A           TXA 
C2/3EB9: EB           XBA 
C2/3EBA: 8D B1 11     STA $11B1   (Store in Maximum Damage high byte)
C2/3EBD: AD 66 18     LDA $1866   (Steps Low Byte)
C2/3EC0: AE A6 11     LDX $11A6   (Spell Power)
C2/3EC3: 20 92 47     JSR $4792   (Division function)
C2/3EC6: 8D B0 11     STA $11B0   (Store in Maximum Damage low byte)
C2/3EC9: 60           RTS 

C2/3ECA special effect: weapon randomly breaks

(Ogre Nix - Weapon randomly breaks.  Also uses MP for criticals)
C2/3ECA: A5 B1        LDA $B1
C2/3ECC: 4A           LSR 
C2/3ECD: B0 53        BCS $3F22   (Jump to code for attack with MP if bit 0 of $B1 is set)
C2/3ECF: B9 A0 3A     LDA $3AA0,Y
C2/3ED2: 89 04        BIT #$04
C2/3ED4: D0 4C        BNE $3F22   (Jump to code for attack with MP if bit 2 of $3AA0,Y is set)
C2/3ED6: B9 F5 3B     LDA $3BF5,Y (Load high byte of HP)
C2/3ED9: EB           XBA 
C2/3EDA: B9 F4 3B     LDA $3BF4,Y (Load low byte of HP)
C2/3EDD: A2 0A        LDX #$0A
C2/3EDF: 20 92 47     JSR $4792   (HP / 10.  X = remainder, or the ones digit)
C2/3EE2: E8           INX 
C2/3EE3: 8A           TXA 
C2/3EE4: 20 65 4B     JSR $4B65   (Random number 0 to last digit of HP)
C2/3EE7: 3A           DEC 
C2/3EE8: 10 38        BPL $3F22   (If number was not 0, branch)
C2/3EEA: 98           TYA 
C2/3EEB: 4A           LSR 
C2/3EEC: AA           TAX         (X = target [0, 1, 2, 3, etc])
C2/3EED: FE 30 2F     INC $2F30,X (flag character's properties to be recalculated from
                                   his/her equipment at end of turn.)
C2/3EF0: EB           XBA 
C2/3EF1: A9 05        LDA #$05
C2/3EF3: 20 81 47     JSR $4781   (Multiplication function)
C2/3EF6: 85 EE        STA $EE     (save target # * 5)
C2/3EF8: BB           TYX 
C2/3EF9: AD 70 3A     LDA $3A70   (# of strikes remaining in attack.  with Fight/Capture,
                                   this value is always odd when the right hand is
                                   striking, and even when the left is.  unfortunately,
                                   that's not the case with Jump -- the hand used has
                                   nothing to do with the strike # (in fact, it's random
                                   when Genji Glove is worn) -- resulting in a bug where
                                   Ogre Nix fails to break when it should [as C2/3F0B
                                   will check the wrong hand].)
C2/3EFC: 4A           LSR         (Carry = 1 for right hand, 0 for left)
C2/3EFD: B0 07        BCS $3F06   (branch if right hand is attacking)
C2/3EFF: E8           INX         (point to left hand equipment slot)
C2/3F00: A5 EE        LDA $EE
C2/3F02: 69 14        ADC #$14
C2/3F04: 85 EE        STA $EE      (point to the character's left hand in their
                                    menu data?)
C2/3F06: 9E 68 3B     STZ $3B68,X  (zero this hand's Battle Power)
C2/3F09: A6 EE        LDX $EE
C2/3F0B: BD 86 2B     LDA $2B86,X  (get item in this hand)
C2/3F0E: C9 17        CMP #$17
C2/3F10: D0 10        BNE $3F22    (Branch if it's not Ogre Nix)
C2/3F12: A9 FF        LDA #$FF
C2/3F14: 9D 86 2B     STA $2B86,X  (null this hand slot in the character's menu data)
C2/3F17: 9D 87 2B     STA $2B87,X
C2/3F1A: 9E 89 2B     STZ $2B89,X
C2/3F1D: A9 44        LDA #$44
C2/3F1F: 8D 01 34     STA $3401   (Display weapon broke text)
C2/3F22: A9 0C        LDA #$0C    (Special Effect 7 - Use MP for criticals - jumps here.
                                   Featured in weapons such as Rune Edge and Illumina.)
C2/3F24: 85 EE        STA $EE     
C2/3F26: A5 B2        LDA $B2
C2/3F28: 89 02        BIT #$02
C2/3F2A: D0 23        BNE $3F4F   (Exit function if "No Critical and Ignore True Knight"
                                   is set)
C2/3F2C: AD C9 3E     LDA $3EC9
C2/3F2F: F0 1E        BEQ $3F4F   (Exit function if no targets)
C2/3F31: 7B           TDC         (Clear 16-bit A)
C2/3F32: 20 5A 4B     JSR $4B5A   (random #: 0 to 255)
C2/3F35: 29 07        AND #$07    (now random #: 0 to 7)
C2/3F37: 18           CLC 
C2/3F38: 65 EE        ADC $EE     (Add to $EE [#$0C])
C2/3F3A: C2 20        REP #$20    (Set 16-bit Accumulator)
C2/3F3C: 85 EE        STA $EE
C2/3F3E: B9 08 3C     LDA $3C08,Y (MP)
C2/3F41: C5 EE        CMP $EE
C2/3F43: 90 0A        BCC $3F4F   (Exit function if weapon would drain more MP than the
                                   wielder currently has)
C2/3F45: E5 EE        SBC $EE
C2/3F47: 99 08 3C     STA $3C08,Y (MP - $EE)
C2/3F4A: A9 00 02     LDA #$0200
C2/3F4D: 14 B2        TRB $B2     (Set always critical)
C2/3F4F: 60           RTS

C2/3F50 special effect: use MP for criticals (unused)

C2/3F50: A9 1C        LDA #$1C
C2/3F52: 80 D0        BRA $3F24

C2/3F54 special effect: pearl wind

C2/3F54: A9 60        LDA #$60
C2/3F56: 0C A2 11     TSB $11A2   (Sets no split damage, and ignore defense)
C2/3F59: 9C 14 34     STZ $3414   (Set to not modify damage)
C2/3F5C: C2 20        REP #$20
C2/3F5E: B9 F4 3B     LDA $3BF4,Y (HP)
C2/3F61: 8D B0 11     STA $11B0   (Maximum Damage = HP)
C2/3F64: 60           RTS 

C2/3F65 special effect: golem

C2/3F65: C2 20        REP #$20
C2/3F67: B9 F4 3B     LDA $3BF4,Y (HP)
C2/3F6A: 8D 36 3A     STA $3A36   (HP that Golem will absorb)
C2/3F6D: 60           RTS 

C2/3F6E special effect: soul sabre

C2/3F6E: A9 80        LDA #$80    
C2/3F70: 0C A3 11     TSB $11A3   (Sets attack to Concern MP)
C2/3F73: A9 08        LDA #$08    (Special Effect 5 - Drainer jumps here)
C2/3F75: 0C A2 11     TSB $11A2   (Sets attack to heal undead)
C2/3F78: A9 02        LDA #$02
C2/3F7A: 0C A4 11     TSB $11A4   (Sets attack to redirection)
C2/3F7D: 60           RTS

C2/3F7E special effect: heal rod

C2/3F7E: A9 20        LDA #$20
C2/3F80: 0C A2 11     TSB $11A2   (Sets attack to ignore defense)
C2/3F83: A9 01        LDA #$01
C2/3F85: 0C A4 11     TSB $11A4   (Sets attack to heal)
C2/3F88: 60           RTS 

C2/3F89 special effect: valiant knife

C2/3F89: A9 20        LDA #$20
C2/3F8B: 0C A2 11     TSB $11A2   (Sets attack to ignore defense)
C2/3F8E: C2 20        REP #$20
C2/3F90: 38           SEC 
C2/3F91: B9 1C 3C     LDA $3C1C,Y (Max HP)
C2/3F94: F9 F4 3B     SBC $3BF4,Y (HP)
C2/3F97: 18           CLC 
C2/3F98: 6D B0 11     ADC $11B0   (Add Max HP - Current HP to damage)
C2/3F9B: 8D B0 11     STA $11B0
C2/3F9E: 60           RTS 

C2/3F9F special effect: wind slash

(Wind Slash - Tempest)
C2/3F9F: 20 5A 4B     JSR $4B5A   (Random Number Function: 0 to 255)
C2/3FA2: C9 80        CMP #$80
C2/3FA4: B0 10        BCS $3FB6   (50% chance exit function)
C2/3FA6: 9C A6 11     STZ $11A6   (Clear Battle Power)
C2/3FA9: A9 65        LDA #$65    (Wind Slash spell number)
C2/3FAB: 80 03        BRA $3FB0

C2/3FAD special effect: magicite

C2/3FAD: 20 DC 37     JSR $37DC   (Picks random Esper, not Odin or Raiden)
C2/3FB0: 8D 00 34     STA $3400   (Save the spell number)
C2/3FB3: EE 70 3A     INC $3A70   (Increment the number of attacks remaining)
C2/3FB6: 60           RTS 

C2/3FB7 special effect: GP rain

C2/3FB7: B9 18 3B     LDA $3B18,Y (Attacker's Level)
C2/3FBA: EB           XBA 
C2/3FBB: A9 1E        LDA #$1E
C2/3FBD: 20 81 47     JSR $4781   (attack will cost: Attacker's Level * 30)
C2/3FC0: C2 20        REP #$20    (Set 16-bit accumulator)
C2/3FC2: C0 08        CPY #$08
C2/3FC4: B0 0D        BCS $3FD3   (Branch if attacker is monster)
C2/3FC6: 20 B6 37     JSR $37B6   (deduct thrown gold from party's inventory)
C2/3FC9: D0 1E        BNE $3FE9   (branch if there was actually some GP to throw)
C2/3FCB: 64 A4        STZ $A4     (Makes attack target nothing)
C2/3FCD: A2 08        LDX #$08
C2/3FCF: 8E 01 34     STX $3401   (Set to display text 8 - "No money!!")
C2/3FD2: 60           RTS 

C2/3FD3: 85 EE        STA $EE     (Level * 30)
C2/3FD5: B9 98 3D     LDA $3D98,Y (Gold monster gives)
C2/3FD8: F0 F1        BEQ $3FCB   (Miss all w/text if = 0)
C2/3FDA: E5 EE        SBC $EE
C2/3FDC: B0 06        BCS $3FE4   (Branch if monster's gold >= Level * 30)
C2/3FDE: B9 98 3D     LDA $3D98,Y
C2/3FE1: 85 EE        STA $EE     (if gold to consume was more than current
                                   gold, set $EE to current gold)
C2/3FE3: 7B           TDC 
C2/3FE4: 99 98 3D     STA $3D98,Y (Set Gold to 0 or Gold - Level * 30)
C2/3FE7: A5 EE        LDA $EE     (get amount of gold to consume)
C2/3FE9: A2 02        LDX #$02
C2/3FEB: 86 E8        STX $E8
C2/3FED: 20 B7 47     JSR $47B7   (24-bit $E8 = A * 2)
C2/3FF0: A5 E8        LDA $E8     (A = gold to consume * 2)
C2/3FF2: AE C9 3E     LDX $3EC9   (Number of targets)
C2/3FF5: 20 92 47     JSR $4792   (A / number of targets) 
C2/3FF8: 8D B0 11     STA $11B0   (Sets maximum damage)
C2/3FFB: 60           RTS 

C2/3FFC special effect: exploder

C2/3FFC: BB           TYX
C2/3FFD: 64 BC        STZ $BC
C2/3FFF: A9 10        LDA #$10
C2/4001: 04 B0        TSB $B0
C2/4003: 9C 14 34     STZ $3414   (Set to not modify damage)
C2/4006: C2 20        REP #$20    (Set 16-bit A)
C2/4008: A5 A4        LDA $A4     (Load target hit)
C2/400A: 48           PHA 
C2/400B: BD 18 30     LDA $3018,X
C2/400E: 85 B8        STA $B8
C2/4010: 20 C2 57     JSR $57C2
C2/4013: 20 DB 63     JSR $63DB   (Copy $An variables to ($78) buffer)
C2/4016: A3 01        LDA $01,S
C2/4018: 85 B8        STA $B8
C2/401A: 20 C2 57     JSR $57C2
C2/401D: 68           PLA 
C2/401E: 1D 18 30     ORA $3018,X
C2/4021: 85 A4        STA $A4
C2/4023: BD F4 3B     LDA $3BF4,X
C2/4026: 8D B0 11     STA $11B0   (Sets damage to HP)
C2/4029: 4C AD 35     JMP $35AD