Final Fantasy VI:ROM map/Assembly C17

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C1/7000 unknow

C1/7000:	A60A    	LDX $0A		(Load the buttons pressed value)
C1/7002:	F028    	BEQ $702C		(Branch if none)
C1/7004:	A60A    	LDX $0A		(Load the buttons pressed value (there must be something)
C1/7006:	ECE2E9  	CPX $E9E2		(Compare to previous button pressed value)
C1/7009:	F029    	BEQ $7034		(Branch if no change)
C1/700B:	A940    	LDA #$40
C1/700D:	8DE4E9  	STA $E9E4      (set frame counter now that a button has been pressed)
C1/7010:	ADE1E9  	LDA $E9E1
C1/7013:	290F    	AND #$0F
C1/7015:	0A      	ASL A
C1/7016:	AA      	TAX 
C1/7017:	EEE1E9  	INC $E9E1
C1/701A:	C220    	REP #$20      	(16 bit accum./memory)
C1/701C:	A50A    	LDA $0A		(Load the button pressed value)
C1/701E:	8DE2E9  	STA $E9E2		(Store this new button pressed value)
C1/7021:	1DFEE9  	ORA $E9FE,X
C1/7024:	9DFEE9  	STA $E9FE,X
C1/7027:	7B      	TDC 
C1/7028:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit accum./memory)
C1/702A:	8008    	BRA $7034
C1/702C:	8EE2E9  	STX $E9E2	(Store a button-pressed value)
C1/702F:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/7031:	8DE5E9  	STA $E9E5
C1/7034:	CEE4E9  	DEC $E9E4      (has the frame counter been reduced to 0?)
C1/7037:	D005    	BNE $703E      (branch if not)
C1/7039:	7B      	TDC 
C1/703A:	AA      	TAX 
C1/703B:	8EFEE9  	STX $E9FE      (set first element of blitz input to 0, guaranteeing failure)
C1/703E:	AD6862  	LDA $6268      (load buttons pressed)
C1/7041:	1039    	BPL $707C      (branch if you didn't press A)
C1/7043:	E696    	INC $96
C1/7045:	20906F  	JSR $6F90	   	(Compare entered blitz to specifications)
C1/7048:	8D6861  	STA $6168
C1/704B:	20566D  	JSR $6D56
C1/704E:	AD6861  	LDA $6168
C1/7051:	99B02B  	STA $2BB0,Y
C1/7054:	AD7D7B  	LDA $7B7D
C1/7057:	99B12B  	STA $2BB1,Y
C1/705A:	AD7E7B  	LDA $7B7E
C1/705D:	99B22B  	STA $2BB2,Y
C1/7060:	ADCA62  	LDA $62CA
C1/7063:	99AE2B  	STA $2BAE,Y
C1/7066:	9C7D7B  	STZ $7B7D
C1/7069:	9C7E7B  	STZ $7B7E
C1/706C:	9C7F7B  	STZ $7B7F
C1/706F:	AD837A  	LDA $7A83
C1/7072:	8DC27B  	STA $7BC2
C1/7075:	EECB7B  	INC $7BCB
C1/7078:	EE807B  	INC $7B80
C1/707B:	60      	RTS

C1/707C unknow

C1/707C:	AD6962  	LDA $6269      (from only C1/7041, load buttons pressed)
C1/707F:	1014    	BPL $7095      (branch if you didn't press B)
C1/7081:	E696    	INC $96
C1/7083:	9C7D7B  	STZ $7B7D
C1/7086:	9C7E7B  	STZ $7B7E
C1/7089:	9C7F7B  	STZ $7B7F
C1/708C:	AD837A  	LDA $7A83
C1/708F:	8DC27B  	STA $7BC2
C1/7092:	9CE97A  	STZ $7AE9
C1/7095:	60      	RTS

C1/7096 unknow

C1/7096:	20566D  	JSR $6D56		
C1/7099:	ADE97A  	LDA $7AE9
C1/709C:	F035    	BEQ $70D3
C1/709E:	AD857A  	LDA $7A85
C1/70A1:	99B32B  	STA $2BB3,Y
C1/70A4:	AD472F  	LDA $2F47
C1/70A7:	F017    	BEQ $70C0
C1/70A9:	AD7E7B  	LDA $7B7E
C1/70AC:	2920    	AND #$20
C1/70AE:	F003    	BEQ $70B3
C1/70B0:	AD472F  	LDA $2F47
C1/70B3:	0D7D7B  	ORA $7B7D
C1/70B6:	99B42B  	STA $2BB4,Y
C1/70B9:	AD7E7B  	LDA $7B7E
C1/70BC:	291F    	AND #$1F
C1/70BE:	8009    	BRA $70C9
C1/70C0:	AD7D7B  	LDA $7B7D
C1/70C3:	99B42B  	STA $2BB4,Y
C1/70C6:	AD7E7B  	LDA $7B7E
C1/70C9:	99B52B  	STA $2BB5,Y
C1/70CC:	ADCA62  	LDA $62CA
C1/70CF:	99AE2B  	STA $2BAE,Y
C1/70D2:	60      	RTS

C1/70D3 unknow

C1/70D3:	AD857A  	LDA $7A85
C1/70D6:	99B02B  	STA $2BB0,Y
C1/70D9:	AD472F  	LDA $2F47
C1/70DC:	F017    	BEQ $70F5
C1/70DE:	AD7E7B  	LDA $7B7E
C1/70E1:	2920    	AND #$20
C1/70E3:	F003    	BEQ $70E8
C1/70E5:	AD472F  	LDA $2F47
C1/70E8:	0D7D7B  	ORA $7B7D
C1/70EB:	99B12B  	STA $2BB1,Y
C1/70EE:	AD7E7B  	LDA $7B7E
C1/70F1:	291F    	AND #$1F
C1/70F3:	8009    	BRA $70FE
C1/70F5:	AD7D7B  	LDA $7B7D
C1/70F8:	99B12B  	STA $2BB1,Y
C1/70FB:	AD7E7B  	LDA $7B7E
C1/70FE:	99B22B  	STA $2BB2,Y
C1/7101:	ADE87A  	LDA $7AE8
C1/7104:	D006    	BNE $710C
C1/7106:	ADCA62  	LDA $62CA
C1/7109:	99AE2B  	STA $2BAE,Y
C1/710C:	B9AF2B  	LDA $2BAF,Y
C1/710F:	C908    	CMP #$08
C1/7111:	F004    	BEQ $7117
C1/7113:	C901    	CMP #$01
C1/7115:	D01C    	BNE $7133
C1/7117:	AD1E7A  	LDA $7A1E
C1/711A:	F04B    	BEQ $7167
C1/711C:	20488E  	JSR $8E48
C1/711F:	ACCA62  	LDY $62CA
C1/7122:	B94B89  	LDA $894B,Y
C1/7125:	2901    	AND #$01
C1/7127:	F01F    	BEQ $7148
C1/7129:	BD9D2B  	LDA $2B9D,X
C1/712C:	C902    	CMP #$02
C1/712E:	9004    	BCC $7134
C1/7130:	DE9D2B  	DEC $2B9D,X
C1/7133:	60      	RTS
C1/7134:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C1/7136:	9D9A2B  	STA $2B9A,X		(Left hand item index)
C1/7139:	A980    	LDA #$80
C1/713B:	9D9B2B  	STA $2B9B,X
C1/713E:	9E9C2B  	STZ $2B9C,X
C1/7141:	9E9D2B  	STZ $2B9D,X
C1/7144:	9E9E2B  	STZ $2B9E,X
C1/7147:	60      	RTS
C1/7148:	BD892B  	LDA $2B89,X
C1/714B:	C902    	CMP #$02
C1/714D:	9004    	BCC $7153
C1/714F:	DE892B  	DEC $2B89,X
C1/7152:	60      	RTS
C1/7153:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C1/7155:	9D862B  	STA $2B86,X		(Right hand item index)
C1/7158:	A980    	LDA #$80
C1/715A:	9D872B  	STA $2B87,X
C1/715D:	9E882B  	STZ $2B88,X
C1/7160:	9E892B  	STZ $2B89,X
C1/7163:	9E8A2B  	STZ $2B8A,X
C1/7166:	60      	RTS

C1/7167 unknow

C1/7167:	7B      	TDC 
C1/7168:	AA      	TAX 
C1/7169:	B9B02B  	LDA $2BB0,Y
C1/716C:	DD8626  	CMP $2686,X
C1/716F:	F00B    	BEQ $717C
C1/7171:	E8      	INX 
C1/7172:	E8      	INX 
C1/7173:	E8      	INX 
C1/7174:	E8      	INX 
C1/7175:	E8      	INX 
C1/7176:	E00005    	CPX #$0500
C1/7179:	D0F1    	BNE $7168
C1/717B:	60      	RTS
C1/717C:	BD8926  	LDA $2689,X
C1/717F:	C902    	CMP #$02
C1/7181:	9004    	BCC $7187
C1/7183:	DE8926  	DEC $2689,X
C1/7186:	60      	RTS
C1/7187:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C1/7189:	9D8626  	STA $2686,X
C1/718C:	A980    	LDA #$80
C1/718E:	9D8726  	STA $2687,X
C1/7191:	9E8826  	STZ $2688,X
C1/7194:	9E8926  	STZ $2689,X
C1/7197:	9E8A26  	STZ $268A,X
C1/719A:	60      	RTS

C1/719B unknow

C1/719B:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C1/719D:	8573    	STA $73
C1/719F:	8574    	STA $74
C1/71A1:	8575    	STA $75
C1/71A3:	207273  	JSR $7372
C1/71A6:	0A      	ASL A
C1/71A7:	AA      	TAX 
C1/71A8:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/71AA:	BD0F80  	LDA $800F,X		(Get X-coordinate of middle of monster)
C1/71AD:	4A      	LSR A
C1/71AE:	4A      	LSR A
C1/71AF:	4A      	LSR A
C1/71B0:	8536    	STA $36
C1/71B2:	BD1B80  	LDA $801B,X
C1/71B5:	4A      	LSR A
C1/71B6:	4A      	LSR A
C1/71B7:	4A      	LSR A
C1/71B8:	8538    	STA $38
C1/71BA:	7B      	TDC 
C1/71BB:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/71BD:	60      	RTS

C1/71BE unknow

C1/71C1:	AA      	TAX 
C1/71C2:	BD797B  	LDA $7B79,X
C1/71C5:	48      	PHA 
C1/71C6:	98      	TYA 
C1/71C7:	18      	CLC 
C1/71C8:	7F6777C1	ADC $C17767,X
C1/71CC:	AA      	TAX 
C1/71CD:	BD867A  	LDA $7A86,X
C1/71D0:	AA      	TAX 
C1/71D1:	68      	PLA 
C1/71D2:	2592    	AND $92
C1/71D4:	3F6177C1	AND $C17761,X
C1/71D8:	F010    	BEQ $71EA
C1/71DD:	AA      	TAX 
C1/71DE:	98      	TYA 
C1/71DF:	18      	CLC 
C1/71E0:	7F6777C1	ADC $C17767,X
C1/71E4:	AA      	TAX 
C1/71E5:	BD867A  	LDA $7A86,X
C1/71E8:	1002    	BPL $71EC
C1/71EA:	18      	CLC 
C1/71EB:	60      	RTS
C1/71EC:	0A      	ASL A
C1/71ED:	AA      	TAX 
C1/71EE:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/71F0:	BD0F80  	LDA $800F,X		(Get X-coordinate of middle of monster)
C1/71F3:	4A      	LSR A
C1/71F4:	4A      	LSR A
C1/71F5:	4A      	LSR A
C1/71F6:	853A    	STA $3A
C1/71F8:	BD1B80  	LDA $801B,X
C1/71FB:	4A      	LSR A
C1/71FC:	4A      	LSR A
C1/71FD:	4A      	LSR A
C1/71FE:	853C    	STA $3C
C1/7200:	A53A    	LDA $3A
C1/7202:	38      	SEC 
C1/7203:	E536    	SBC $36
C1/7205:	853E    	STA $3E
C1/7207:	A53C    	LDA $3C
C1/7209:	38      	SEC 
C1/720A:	E538    	SBC $38
C1/720C:	8540    	STA $40
C1/720E:	7B      	TDC 
C1/720F:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/7211:	38      	SEC 
C1/7212:	60      	RTS

C1/7213 unknow

C1/7213:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/7215:	A53E    	LDA $3E
C1/7217:	1006    	BPL $721F
C1/7219:	49FFFF  	EOR #$FFFF
C1/721C:	1A      	INC A
C1/721D:	853E    	STA $3E
C1/721F:	A540    	LDA $40
C1/7221:	1006    	BPL $7229
C1/7223:	49FFFF  	EOR #$FFFF
C1/7226:	1A      	INC A
C1/7227:	8540    	STA $40
C1/7229:	7B      	TDC 
C1/722A:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/722C:	A53E    	LDA $3E
C1/722E:	852C    	STA $2C
C1/7230:	852E    	STA $2E
C1/7232:	20B018  	JSR $18B0
C1/7235:	A630    	LDX $30
C1/7237:	DA      	PHX 
C1/7238:	A540    	LDA $40
C1/723A:	852C    	STA $2C
C1/723C:	852E    	STA $2E
C1/723E:	20B018  	JSR $18B0
C1/7241:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/7243:	68      	PLA 
C1/7244:	18      	CLC 
C1/7245:	6530    	ADC $30
C1/7247:	C573    	CMP $73
C1/7249:	B009    	BCS $7254
C1/724B:	8573    	STA $73
C1/724D:	7B      	TDC 
C1/724E:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/7250:	98      	TYA 
C1/7251:	8575    	STA $75
C1/7253:	60      	RTS
C1/7254:	7B      	TDC 
C1/7255:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/7257:	60      	RTS

C1/7258 unknow

C1/7258:	209B71  	JSR $719B
C1/725B:	7B      	TDC 
C1/725C:	A8      	TAY 
C1/725D:	20BE71  	JSR $71BE
C1/7260:	B00A    	BCS $726C
C1/7262:	7B      	TDC 
C1/7263:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/7265:	C8      	INY 
C1/7266:	C00600    	CPY #$0006
C1/7268:	D0F2    	BNE $725D
C1/726A:	60      	RTS
C1/726C:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/726E:	A540    	LDA $40
C1/7270:	10F0    	BPL $7262
C1/7272:	A53E    	LDA $3E
C1/7274:	100A    	BPL $7280
C1/7276:	A540    	LDA $40
C1/7278:	C53E    	CMP $3E
C1/727A:	F00D    	BEQ $7289
C1/727C:	900B    	BCC $7289
C1/727E:	80E2    	BRA $7262
C1/7280:	A540    	LDA $40
C1/7282:	18      	CLC 
C1/7283:	653E    	ADC $3E
C1/7285:	F002    	BEQ $7289
C1/7287:	10D9    	BPL $7262
C1/7289:	7B      	TDC 
C1/728A:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/728C:	201372  	JSR $7213
C1/728F:	4C6272  	JMP $7262		(BRA would be cleaner)

C1/7292 unknow

C1/7292:	209B71  	JSR $719B
C1/7295:	7B      	TDC 
C1/7296:	A8      	TAY 
C1/7297:	20BE71  	JSR $71BE
C1/729A:	B00A    	BCS $72A6
C1/729C:	7B      	TDC 
C1/729D:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/729F:	C8      	INY 
C1/72A0:	C00006    	CPY #$0006
C1/72A2:	D0F2    	BNE $7297 
C1/72A4:	60      	RTS
C1/72A6:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/72A8:	A540    	LDA $40
C1/72AA:	F0F0    	BEQ $729C
C1/72AC:	30EE    	BMI $729C
C1/72AE:	A53E    	LDA $3E
C1/72B0:	300A    	BMI $72BC
C1/72B2:	A53E    	LDA $3E
C1/72B4:	C540    	CMP $40
C1/72B6:	900D    	BCC $72C5
C1/72B8:	F00B    	BEQ $72C5
C1/72BA:	80E0    	BRA $729C
C1/72BC:	A540    	LDA $40
C1/72BE:	18      	CLC 
C1/72BF:	653E    	ADC $3E
C1/72C1:	F002    	BEQ $72C5
C1/72C3:	30D7    	BMI $729C
C1/72C5:	7B      	TDC 
C1/72C6:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/72C8:	201372  	JSR $7213
C1/72CB:	4C9C72  	JMP $729C

C1/72CE unknow

C1/72CE:	209B71  	JSR $719B
C1/72D1:	7B      	TDC 
C1/72D2:	A8      	TAY 
C1/72D3:	20BE71  	JSR $71BE
C1/72D6:	B00A    	BCS $72E2
C1/72D8:	7B      	TDC 
C1/72D9:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/72DB:	C8      	INY 
C1/72DC:	C00600    	CPY #$0006
C1/72DE:	D0F2    	BNE $72D3
C1/72E0:	60      	RTS

C1/72E2 unknow

C1/72E2:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/72E4:	A53E    	LDA $3E
C1/72E6:	10F0    	BPL $72D8
C1/72E8:	A540    	LDA $40
C1/72EA:	100A    	BPL $72F6
C1/72EC:	A53E    	LDA $3E
C1/72EE:	C540    	CMP $40
C1/72F0:	900D    	BCC $72FF
C1/72F2:	F00B    	BEQ $72FF
C1/72F4:	80E2    	BRA $72D8
C1/72F6:	A540    	LDA $40
C1/72F8:	18      	CLC 
C1/72F9:	653E    	ADC $3E
C1/72FB:	F002    	BEQ $72FF
C1/72FD:	10D9    	BPL $72D8
C1/72FF:	7B      	TDC 
C1/7300:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/7302:	201372  	JSR $7213
C1/7305:	4CD872  	JMP $72D8		(BRA would be cleaner)

C1/7308 unknow

C1/7308:	209B71  	JSR $719B
C1/730B:	7B      	TDC 
C1/730C:	A8      	TAY 
C1/730D:	20BE71  	JSR $71BE
C1/7310:	B00A    	BCS $731C
C1/7312:	7B      	TDC 
C1/7313:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/7315:	C8      	INY 
C1/7316:	C00600    	CPY #$0006
C1/7318:	D0F2    	BNE $730D
C1/731A:	60      	RTS
C1/731C:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/731E:	A53E    	LDA $3E
C1/7320:	F0F0    	BEQ $7312
C1/7322:	30EE    	BMI $7312
C1/7324:	A540    	LDA $40
C1/7326:	300A    	BMI $7332
C1/7328:	A540    	LDA $40
C1/732A:	C53E    	CMP $3E
C1/732C:	F00D    	BEQ $733B
C1/732E:	900B    	BCC $733B
C1/7330:	80E0    	BRA $7312
C1/7332:	A540    	LDA $40
C1/7334:	18      	CLC 
C1/7335:	653E    	ADC $3E
C1/7337:	F002    	BEQ $733B
C1/7339:	30D7    	BMI $7312
C1/733B:	7B      	TDC 
C1/733C:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/733E:	201372  	JSR $7213
C1/7341:	4C1273  	JMP $7312		(BRA is better)

C1/7344 unknow

C1/7344:	ADCF7A  	LDA $7ACF
C1/7347:	1A      	INC A
C1/7348:	2903    	AND #$03
C1/734A:	8DCF7A  	STA $7ACF
C1/734D:	D00A    	BNE $7359
C1/734F:	ADCE7A  	LDA $7ACE
C1/7352:	1A      	INC A
C1/7353:	1A      	INC A
C1/7354:	2903    	AND #$03
C1/7356:	8DCE7A  	STA $7ACE
C1/7359:	60      	RTS

C1/735A unknow

C1/735A:	ADCF7A  	LDA $7ACF
C1/735D:	3A      	DEC A
C1/735E:	2903    	AND #$03
C1/7360:	8DCF7A  	STA $7ACF
C1/7363:	C903    	CMP #$03
C1/7365:	D00A    	BNE $7371
C1/7367:	ADCE7A  	LDA $7ACE
C1/736A:	3A      	DEC A
C1/736B:	3A      	DEC A
C1/736C:	2903    	AND #$03
C1/736E:	8DCE7A  	STA $7ACE
C1/7371:	60      	RTS

C1/7372 unknow

C1/7372:	ADCE7A  	LDA $7ACE
C1/7375:	A8      	TAY 
C1/7376:	AA      	TAX 
C1/7377:	BF6777C1	LDA $C17767,X
C1/737B:	18      	CLC 
C1/737C:	6DCF7A  	ADC $7ACF
C1/737F:	AA      	TAX 
C1/7380:	BD867A  	LDA $7A86,X
C1/7383:	60      	RTS

C1/7384 unknow

C1/7384:	ADCE7A  	LDA $7ACE
C1/7387:	2901    	AND #$01
C1/7389:	F028    	BEQ $73B3
C1/738B:	205A73  	JSR $735A
C1/738E:	207273  	JSR $7372
C1/7391:	30F8    	BMI $738B
C1/7393:	AA      	TAX 
C1/7394:	B9797B  	LDA $7B79,Y
C1/7397:	3F6177C1	AND $C17761,X
C1/739B:	2D1D20  	AND $201D		(Remove any invalid character targets)
C1/739E:	2DAC61  	AND $61AC
C1/73A1:	2DAD61  	AND $61AD
C1/73A4:	2D9361  	AND $6193
C1/73A7:	F0E2    	BEQ $738B
C1/73A9:	8D7D7B  	STA $7B7D
C1/73AC:	9C7E7B  	STZ $7B7E
C1/73AF:	9C7F7B  	STZ $7B7F
C1/73B2:	60      	RTS

C1/73B3 unknow

C1/73B3:	205872  	JSR $7258
C1/73B6:	A575    	LDA $75
C1/73B8:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/73BA:	F019    	BEQ $73D5
C1/73BC:	8DCF7A  	STA $7ACF
C1/73BF:	207273  	JSR $7372
C1/73C2:	AA      	TAX 
C1/73C3:	B9797B  	LDA $7B79,Y
C1/73C6:	2592    	AND $92
C1/73C8:	3F6177C1	AND $C17761,X
C1/73CC:	8D7E7B  	STA $7B7E
C1/73CF:	9C7D7B  	STZ $7B7D
C1/73D2:	9C7F7B  	STZ $7B7F
C1/73D5:	60      	RTS

C1/73D6 unknow

C1/73D6:	ADCE7A  	LDA $7ACE
C1/73D9:	2901    	AND #$01
C1/73DB:	F028    	BEQ $7405
C1/73DD:	204473  	JSR $7344
C1/73E0:	207273  	JSR $7372
C1/73E3:	30F8    	BMI $73DD
C1/73E5:	AA      	TAX 
C1/73E6:	B9797B  	LDA $7B79,Y
C1/73E9:	3F6177C1	AND $C17761,X
C1/73ED:	2D1D20  	AND $201D		(Remove any invalid character targets)
C1/73F0:	2DAC61  	AND $61AC
C1/73F3:	2DAD61  	AND $61AD
C1/73F6:	2D9361  	AND $6193
C1/73F9:	F0E2    	BEQ $73DD
C1/73FB:	8D7D7B  	STA $7B7D
C1/73FE:	9C7E7B  	STZ $7B7E
C1/7401:	9C7F7B  	STZ $7B7F
C1/7404:	60      	RTS

C1/7405 unknow

C1/7405:	209272  	JSR $7292
C1/7408:	A575    	LDA $75
C1/740A:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/740C:	F019    	BEQ $7427
C1/740E:	8DCF7A  	STA $7ACF
C1/7411:	207273  	JSR $7372
C1/7414:	AA      	TAX 
C1/7415:	B9797B  	LDA $7B79,Y
C1/7418:	2592    	AND $92
C1/741A:	3F6177C1	AND $C17761,X
C1/741E:	8D7E7B  	STA $7B7E
C1/7421:	9C7D7B  	STZ $7B7D
C1/7424:	9C7F7B  	STZ $7B7F
C1/7427:	60      	RTS

C1/7428 unknow (pointers)

		(function)	(value for)	(value for)
				(C1/773F)	(C1/7756)
C1/7428:	BF74		(0)
C1/7430:	E974		(1)
C1/742C:	BF74		(2)
C1/742E:	EA74		(3)

C1/7430:	3874      			(0)
C1/7432:	3974    			(1)
C1/7432:	3974				(2)
C1/7436:	6374    			(3)

C1/7438:	60   		RTS			(from C1/7756, X = 0)

C1/7439 unknow

C1/7439:	AD847A  	LDA $7A84      (from C1/7756, X = 1 or 2, load character targeting)
C1/743C:	2902    	AND #$02       (is "one side only" set?)
C1/743E:	D01D    	BNE $745D      (branch if so)
C1/7440:	AD7B7B  	LDA $7B7B
C1/7443:	2592    	AND $92
C1/7445:	F016    	BEQ $745D
C1/7447:	EECE7A  	INC $7ACE
C1/744A:	203479  	JSR $7934
C1/744D:	900E    	BCC $745D
C1/744F:	8D7E7B  	STA $7B7E
C1/7452:	9C7D7B  	STZ $7B7D
C1/7455:	9C7F7B  	STZ $7B7F
C1/7458:	8A      	TXA 
C1/7459:	8DCF7A  	STA $7ACF
C1/745C:	60      	RTS
C1/745D:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/745F:	8DCE7A  	STA $7ACE
C1/7462:	60      	RTS

C1/7463 unknow

C1/7463:	ADCE7A  	LDA $7ACE		(from C1/7756, X = 3)
C1/7466:	C903    	CMP #$03
C1/7468:	F054    	BEQ $74BE
C1/746A:	AD847A  	LDA $7A84      (load character targeting)
C1/746D:	2902    	AND #$02       (is "one side only" set?)
C1/746F:	D01F    	BNE $7490      (branch if so)
C1/7471:	AD7B7B  	LDA $7B7B
C1/7474:	2592    	AND $92
C1/7476:	F018    	BEQ $7490
C1/7478:	A902    	LDA #$02
C1/747A:	8DCE7A  	STA $7ACE
C1/747D:	203479  	JSR $7934
C1/7480:	9037    	BCC $74B9
C1/7482:	8D7E7B  	STA $7B7E
C1/7485:	9C7D7B  	STZ $7B7D
C1/7488:	9C7F7B  	STZ $7B7F
C1/748B:	8A      	TXA 
C1/748C:	8DCF7A  	STA $7ACF
C1/748F:	60      	RTS

C1/7490 unknow

C1/7490:	AD7C7B  	LDA $7B7C
C1/7493:	2D1D20  	AND $201D		(Remove any invalid character targets)
C1/7496:	2DAC61  	AND $61AC
C1/7499:	2DAD61  	AND $61AD
C1/749C:	2D9361  	AND $6193
C1/749F:	F018    	BEQ $74B9
C1/74A1:	A903    	LDA #$03
C1/74A3:	8DCE7A  	STA $7ACE
C1/74A6:	205879  	JSR $7958
C1/74A9:	900E    	BCC $74B9
C1/74AB:	8D7D7B  	STA $7B7D
C1/74AE:	9C7E7B  	STZ $7B7E
C1/74B1:	9C7F7B  	STZ $7B7F
C1/74B4:	8A      	TXA 
C1/74B5:	8DCF7A  	STA $7ACF
C1/74B8:	60      	RTS
C1/74B9:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/74BB:	8DCE7A  	STA $7ACE
C1/74BE:	60      	RTS

C1/74BF unknow

C1/74BF:	AD847A  	LDA $7A84      (from C1/773F, X = 0 or 2, load character targeting)
C1/74C2:	2902    	AND #$02       (is "one side only" set?)
C1/74C4:	D01D    	BNE $74E3      (branch if so)
C1/74C6:	AD797B  	LDA $7B79
C1/74C9:	2592    	AND $92
C1/74CB:	F016    	BEQ $74E3
C1/74D0:	202279  	JSR $7922
C1/74D3:	900E    	BCC $74E3
C1/74D5:	8D7E7B  	STA $7B7E
C1/74D8:	9C7D7B  	STZ $7B7D
C1/74DB:	9C7F7B  	STZ $7B7F
C1/74DE:	8A      	TXA 
C1/74DF:	8DCF7A  	STA $7ACF
C1/74E2:	60      	RTS
C1/74E3:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/74E5:	8DCE7A  	STA $7ACE
C1/74E8:	60      	RTS
C1/74E9:	60      	RTS			(from C1/773F, X = 1)

C1/74EA unknow

C1/74EA:	ADCE7A  	LDA $7ACE		(from C1/773F, X = 3)
C1/74ED:	C901    	CMP #$01
C1/74EF:	F052    	BEQ $7543
C1/74F1:	AD847A  	LDA $7A84      (load character targeting)
C1/74F4:	2902    	AND #$02       (is "one side only" set?)
C1/74F6:	D01D    	BNE $7515
C1/74F8:	AD7B7B  	LDA $7B7B
C1/74FB:	2592    	AND $92
C1/74FD:	F016    	BEQ $7515
C1/7502:	203A79  	JSR $793A
C1/7505:	9037    	BCC $753E
C1/7507:	8D7E7B  	STA $7B7E
C1/750A:	9C7D7B  	STZ $7B7D
C1/750D:	9C7F7B  	STZ $7B7F
C1/7510:	8A      	TXA 
C1/7511:	8DCF7A  	STA $7ACF
C1/7514:	60      	RTS

C1/7515 unknow

C1/7515:	AD7A7B  	LDA $7B7A
C1/7518:	2D1D20  	AND $201D		(Remove any invalid character targets)
C1/751B:	2DAC61  	AND $61AC
C1/751E:	2DAD61  	AND $61AD
C1/7521:	2D9361  	AND $6193
C1/7524:	F018    	BEQ $753E
C1/7526:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/7528:	8DCE7A  	STA $7ACE
C1/752B:	204079  	JSR $7940
C1/752E:	900E    	BCC $753E
C1/7530:	8D7D7B  	STA $7B7D
C1/7533:	9C7E7B  	STZ $7B7E
C1/7536:	9C7F7B  	STZ $7B7F
C1/7539:	8A      	TXA 
C1/753A:	8DCF7A  	STA $7ACF
C1/753D:	60      	RTS
C1/753E:	A903    	LDA #$03
C1/7540:	8DCE7A  	STA $7ACE
C1/7543:	60      	RTS

C1/7544 unknow

C1/7544:	6676    	
C1/7546:	6976    	
C1/7548:	A776    	
C1/754A:	FE76 	

C1/754C:	A375    	
C1/754E:	A075    	
C1/7550:	D875    	
C1/7552:	3176    	

C1/7554 unknow

C1/7554:	200873   	JSR $7308
C1/7557:	A575    	LDA $75
C1/7559:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/755B:	F01B		BEQ $7577
C1/755D:	8DCF7A  	STA $7ACF
C1/755F:	207273  	JSR $7372
C1/7562:	AA      	TAX
C1/7564:	B9797B  	LDA $7B79,Y
C1/7567:	3F6177C1	AND $C17761,X
C1/756B:	2592    	AND $92
C1/756D:	8D7E7B  	STA $7B7E
C1/7570:	9C7D7B  	STZ $7B7D
C1/7573:	9C7F7B  	STZ $7B7F
C1/7576:	38      	SEC 
C1/7577:	60      	RTS
C1/7578:	18      	CLC 
C1/7579:	60      	RTS

C1/757A unknow

C1/757A:	20CE72  	JSR $72CE
C1/757D:	A575    	LDA $75
C1/757F:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/7581:	F01B    	BEQ $759E
C1/7583:	8DCF7A  	STA $7ACF
C1/7586:	207273  	JSR $7372
C1/7589:	AA      	TAX 
C1/758A:	B9797B  	LDA $7B79,Y
C1/758D:	3F6177C1	AND $C17761,X
C1/7591:	2592    	AND $92
C1/7593:	8D7E7B  	STA $7B7E
C1/7596:	9C7D7B  	STZ $7B7D
C1/7599:	9C7F7B  	STZ $7B7F
C1/759C:	38      	SEC 
C1/759D:	60      	RTS
C1/759E:	18      	CLC 
C1/759F:	60      	RTS
C1/75A0:	4C5475  	JMP $7554

C1/75A3 unknow

C1/75A3:	205475  	JSR $7554
C1/75A6:	B02F    	BCS $75D7
C1/75A8:	AD847A  	LDA $7A84      (load character targeting)
C1/75AB:	2902    	AND #$02       (is "one side only" set?)
C1/75AD:	D028    	BNE $75D7      (branch if so)
C1/75AF:	AD7A7B  	LDA $7B7A
C1/75B2:	2D1D20  	AND $201D		(Remove any invalid character targets)
C1/75B5:	2DAC61  	AND $61AC
C1/75B8:	2DAD61  	AND $61AD
C1/75BB:	2D9361  	AND $6193
C1/75BE:	F017    	BEQ $75D7
C1/75C0:	204079  	JSR $7940
C1/75C3:	9012    	BCC $75D7
C1/75C5:	8D7D7B  	STA $7B7D
C1/75C8:	9C7E7B  	STZ $7B7E
C1/75CB:	9C7F7B  	STZ $7B7F
C1/75CE:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/75D0:	8DCE7A  	STA $7ACE
C1/75D3:	8A      	TXA 
C1/75D4:	8DCF7A  	STA $7ACF
C1/75D7:	60      	RTS

C1/75D8 unknow

C1/75D8:	205475  	JSR $7554
C1/75DB:	B053    	BCS $7630
C1/75E0:	D04E    	BNE $7630
C1/75E2:	AD847A  	LDA $7A84      (character targetting byte)
C1/75E5:	2902    	AND #$02       (is "one side only?" set?)
C1/75E7:	D029    	BNE $7612      (branch if so)
C1/75E9:	AD7A7B  	LDA $7B7A
C1/75EC:	2D1D20  	AND $201D		(Remove any invalid monster targets)
C1/75EF:	2DAC61  	AND $61AC
C1/75F2:	2DAD61  	AND $61AD
C1/75F5:	2D9361  	AND $6193
C1/75F8:	F018    	BEQ $7612
C1/75FA:	204079  	JSR $7940
C1/75FD:	9013    	BCC $7612
C1/75FF:	8D7D7B  	STA $7B7D
C1/7602:	9C7E7B  	STZ $7B7E
C1/7605:	9C7F7B  	STZ $7B7F
C1/7608:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/760A:	8DCE7A  	STA $7ACE
C1/760D:	8A      	TXA 
C1/760E:	8DCF7A  	STA $7ACF
C1/7611:	60      	RTS

C1/7612 unknow

C1/7612:	AD7B7B  	LDA $7B7B
C1/7615:	2592    	AND $92
C1/7617:	F017    	BEQ $7630
C1/7619:	203479  	JSR $7934
C1/761C:	9012    	BCC $7630
C1/761E:	8D7E7B  	STA $7B7E
C1/7621:	9C7D7B  	STZ $7B7D
C1/7624:	9C7F7B  	STZ $7B7F
C1/7627:	8A      	TXA 
C1/7628:	8DCF7A  	STA $7ACF
C1/762B:	A902    	LDA #$02
C1/762D:	8DCE7A  	STA $7ACE
C1/7630:	60      	RTS

C1/7631 unknow

C1/7631:	205475  	JSR $7554
C1/7634:	B02F    	BCS $7665
C1/7636:	AD847A  	LDA $7A84      (character targetting byte)
C1/7639:	2902    	AND #$02       (is "one side only?" set?)
C1/763B:	D028    	BNE $7665      (branch if so)
C1/763D:	AD7C7B  	LDA $7B7C
C1/7640:	2D1D20  	AND $201D		(Remove any invalid monster targets)
C1/7643:	2DAC61  	AND $61AC
C1/7646:	2DAD61  	AND $61AD
C1/7649:	2D9361  	AND $6193
C1/764C:	F017    	BEQ $7665
C1/764E:	205879  	JSR $7958
C1/7651:	9012    	BCC $7665
C1/7653:	8D7D7B  	STA $7B7D
C1/7656:	9C7E7B  	STZ $7B7E
C1/7659:	9C7F7B  	STZ $7B7F
C1/765C:	A903    	LDA #$03
C1/765E:	8DCE7A  	STA $7ACE
C1/7661:	8A      	TXA 
C1/7662:	8DCF7A  	STA $7ACF
C1/7665:	60      	RTS
C1/7666:	4C7A75  	JMP $757A

C1/7669 unknow

C1/7669:	207A75  	JSR $757A
C1/766C:	B033    	BCS $76A1
C1/766E:	AD847A  	LDA $7A84      (character targetting byte)
C1/7671:	2902    	AND #$02       (is "one side only?" set?)
C1/7673:	D02C    	BNE $76A1      (branch if so)
C1/7675:	AD7A7B  	LDA $7B7A
C1/7678:	2D1D20  	AND $201D		(Remove any invalid monster targets)
C1/767B:	2DAC61  	AND $61AC
C1/767E:	2DAD61  	AND $61AD
C1/7681:	2D9361  	AND $6193
C1/7684:	F01B    	BEQ $76A1
C1/7686:	CECE7A  	DEC $7ACE
C1/7689:	204079  	JSR $7940
C1/768C:	9013    	BCC $76A1
C1/768E:	8D7D7B  	STA $7B7D
C1/7691:	9C7E7B  	STZ $7B7E
C1/7694:	9C7F7B  	STZ $7B7F
C1/7697:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/7699:	8DCE7A  	STA $7ACE
C1/769C:	8A      	TXA 
C1/769D:	8DCF7A  	STA $7ACF
C1/76A0:	60      	RTS
C1/76A1:	A902    	LDA #$02
C1/76A3:	8DCE7A  	STA $7ACE
C1/76A6:	60      	RTS

C1/76A7 unknow

C1/76A7:	207A75  	JSR $757A
C1/76AA:	B051    	BCS $76FD
C1/76AF:	F04C    	BEQ $76FD
C1/76B1:	AD847A  	LDA $7A84      (character targetting byte)
C1/76B4:	2902    	AND #$02       (is "one side only?" set?)
C1/76B6:	D029    	BNE $76E1      (branch if so)
C1/76B8:	AD7A7B  	LDA $7B7A
C1/76BB:	2D1D20  	AND $201D		(Remove any invalid monster targets)
C1/76BE:	2DAC61  	AND $61AC
C1/76C1:	2DAD61  	AND $61AD
C1/76C4:	2D9361  	AND $6193
C1/76C7:	F018    	BEQ $76E1
C1/76C9:	204079  	JSR $7940
C1/76CC:	9013    	BCC $76E1
C1/76CE:	8D7D7B  	STA $7B7D
C1/76D1:	9C7E7B  	STZ $7B7E
C1/76D4:	9C7F7B  	STZ $7B7F
C1/76D7:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/76D9:	8DCE7A  	STA $7ACE
C1/76DC:	8A      	TXA 
C1/76DD:	8DCF7A  	STA $7ACF
C1/76E0:	60      	RTS

C1/76E1 unknow

C1/76E1:	AD797B  	LDA $7B79
C1/76E4:	2592    	AND $92
C1/76E6:	F015    	BEQ $76FD
C1/76E8:	202279  	JSR $7922
C1/76EB:	9010    	BCC $76FD
C1/76ED:	8D7E7B  	STA $7B7E
C1/76F0:	9C7D7B  	STZ $7B7D
C1/76F3:	9C7F7B  	STZ $7B7F
C1/76F6:	9CCE7A  	STZ $7ACE
C1/76F9:	8A      	TXA 
C1/76FA:	8DCF7A  	STA $7ACF
C1/76FD:	60      	RTS

C1/76FE unknow

C1/76FE:	207A75  	JSR $757A
C1/7701:	B02F    	BCS $7732
C1/7703:	AD847A  	LDA $7A84      (character targetting byte)
C1/7706:	2902    	AND #$02       (is "one side only?" set?)
C1/7708:	D028    	BNE $7732      (branch if so)
C1/770A:	AD7A7B  	LDA $7B7A
C1/770D:	2D1D20  	AND $201D		(Remove any invalid monster targets)
C1/7710:	2DAC61  	AND $61AC
C1/7713:	2DAD61  	AND $61AD
C1/7716:	2D9361  	AND $6193
C1/7719:	F017    	BEQ $7732
C1/771B:	204079  	JSR $7940
C1/771E:	9012    	BCC $7732
C1/7720:	8D7D7B  	STA $7B7D
C1/7723:	9C7E7B  	STZ $7B7E
C1/7726:	9C7F7B  	STZ $7B7F	
C1/7729:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/772B:	8DCE7A  	STA $7ACE
C1/772E:	8A      	TXA 
C1/772F:	8DCF7A  	STA $7ACF
C1/7732:	60      	RTS

C1/7733 unknow

C1/7733:	ADCE7A  	LDA $7ACE
C1/7736:	2901    	AND #$01
C1/7738:	F008    	BEQ $7742
C1/773A:	AD1F20  	LDA $201F		(Load encounter type)
C1/773D:	0A      	ASL A
C1/773E:	AA      	TAX 
C1/773F:	7C2874  	JMP ($7428,X)

C1/7742 unknow

C1/7742:	AD1F20  	LDA $201F		(Load encounter type) (from C1/7738)
C1/7745:	0A      	ASL A
C1/7746:	AA      	TAX 
C1/7747:	7C4475  	JMP ($7544,X)

C1/774A unknow

C1/774A:	ADCE7A  	LDA $7ACE
C1/774D:	2901    	AND #$01
C1/774F:	F008    	BEQ $7759
C1/7751:	AD1F20  	LDA $201F		(Load encounter type)
C1/7754:	0A      	ASL A
C1/7755:	AA      	TAX 
C1/7756:	7C3074  	JMP ($7430,X)

C1/7759 unknow

C1/7759:	AD1F20  	LDA $201F		(Load encounter type)(from C1/774F)
C1/775C:	0A      	ASL A
C1/775D:	AA      	TAX 
C1/775E:	7C4C75  	JMP ($754C,X)

C1/7761 unknow (data)

C1/7761:	01
C1/7762:	02
C1/7763:	04
C1/7764:	08
C1/7765:	10
C1/7766:	20    	
C1/7767:	00
C1/7768:	06
C1/7769:	0C12

C1/776B unknow

C1/776B:	A60A    	LDX $0A
C1/776D:	8EE2E9  	STX $E9E2
C1/7770:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C1/7772:	8DE4E9  	STA $E9E4      (reset Blitz timer)
C1/7775:	9CE5E9  	STZ $E9E5      (reset Blitz timer)
C1/7778:	7B      	TDC 
C1/7779:	AA      	TAX 
C1/777A:	9EFEE9  	STZ $E9FE,X
C1/777D:	E8      	INX 
C1/777E:	E02000  	CPX #$0020
C1/7781:	D0F7    	BNE $777A
C1/7783:	9CE1E9  	STZ $E9E1
C1/7786:	9C6861  	STZ $6168
C1/7789:	A902    	LDA #$02
C1/778C:	8D847A    	STA $7A84      (set "one side only" in character targetting)
C1/778E:	A93D    	LDA #$3D
C1/7791:	8005    	BRA $7797

C1/7792 unknow

Several Commands
C1/7792:	9C412F    	STZ $2F41		(Fight jumps here)
C1/7795:	A938    	LDA #$38
C1/7797:	48		PHA
C1/7798:	EE6B7B  	INC $7B6B
C1/779B:	ADC27B  	LDA $7BC2
C1/779E:	8D837A  	STA $7A83
C1/77A1:	9C7D7B  	STZ $7B7D
C1/77A4:	9C7E7B  	STZ $7B7E
C1/77A7:	9C7F7B  	STZ $7B7F
C1/77AA:	9CCE7A  	STZ $7ACE
C1/77AD:	9CCF7A  	STZ $7ACF
C1/77B0:	9CB162  	STZ $62B1
C1/77B3:	9CB262  	STZ $62B2
C1/77B6:	9CB462  	STZ $62B4
C1/77B9:	AD847A  	LDA $7A84      (character targeting)
C1/77BC:	3006    	BMI $77C4      (branch if random target is set)
C1/77BE:	8536    	STA $36        (otherwise save for now)
C1/77C0:	C902    	CMP #$02       (is only "one side only" set?)
C1/77C2:	D00D		BNE $77D1      (branch if not)
C1/77C4:	AECA62  	LDX $62CA
C1/77C7:	BF6177C1	LDA $C17761,X
C1/77CB:	8D7D7B  	STA $7B7D
C1/77CE:	4C0179  	JMP $7901

C1/77D1 unknow

C1/77D1:	A536    	LDA $36        (load saved character targeting)
C1/77D3:	290C    	AND #$0C       (isolate two bits)
C1/77D5:	C90C		CMP #$0C
C1/77D6:	D026    	BNE $77FF
C1/77D9:	A536    	LDA $36        (load saved character targeting)
C1/77DB:	2940    	AND #$40       (is "cursor start on enemy" set?)
C1/77DD:	F00B      	BEQ $77EA      (branch if not)
C1/77DF:	A592    	LDA $92
C1/77E1:	8D7E7B  	STA $7B7E
C1/77E4:	EE7F7B  	INC $7B7F
C1/77E7:	4C0179  	JMP $7901

C1/77EA unknow

C1/77EA:	AD1D20  	LDA $201D		(Load valid character targets)
C1/77ED:	2DAC61  	AND $61AC
C1/77F0:	2DAD61  	AND $61AD
C1/77F3:	2D9361  	AND $6193
C1/77F6:	8D7D7B  	STA $7B7D
C1/77F9:	EE7F7B  	INC $7B7F
C1/77FC:	4C0179  	JMP $7901

C1/77FF unknow

C1/77FF:	C904    	CMP #$04
C1/7801:	D01A      	BNE $781D
C1/7803:	AD1D20  	LDA $201D		(Load valid character targets)
C1/7806:	2DAC61  	AND $61AC
C1/7809:	2DAD61  	AND $61AD
C1/780C:	2D9361  	AND $6193
C1/780F:	8D7D7B  	STA $7B7D
C1/7812:	A592    	LDA $92
C1/7814:	8D7E7B  	STA $7B7E
C1/7817:	EE7F7B  	INC $7B7F
C1/781A:	4C0179  	JMP $7901

C1/781D unknow

C1/781D:	A536    	LDA $36
C1/781F:	290C    	AND #$0C
C1/7821:	C908      	CMP #$08 
C1/7823:	D076    	BNE $789B
C1/7825:	A536    	LDA $36
C1/7827:	2940    	AND #$40
C1/7829:	D04A      	BNE $7875
C1/782B:	7B      	TDC 
C1/782C:	AA      	TAX 
C1/782D:	ADCA62  	LDA $62CA
C1/7830:	DD8C7A  	CMP $7A8C,X
C1/7833:	F023    	BEQ $7858
C1/7835:	E8      	INX 
C1/7836:	E00400  	CPX #$0004
C1/7839:	D0F5    	BNE $7830
C1/783B:	AD1D20  	LDA $201D		(Load valid character targets)
C1/783E:	2DAC61  	AND $61AC
C1/7841:	2DAD61  	AND $61AD
C1/7844:	2D9361  	AND $6193
C1/7847:	2D7C7B  	AND $7B7C
C1/784A:	8D7D7B  	STA $7B7D
C1/784D:	EE7F7B  	INC $7B7F
C1/7850:	A903    	LDA #$03
C1/7852:	8DCE7A  	STA $7ACE
C1/7855:	4C0179    	JMP $7901

C1/7858 unknow

C1/7858:	AD1D20  	LDA $201D		(Load valid character targets)
C1/785B:	2DAC61  	AND $61AC
C1/785E:	2DAD61  	AND $61AD
C1/7861:	2D9361  	AND $6193
C1/7864:	2D7A7B  	AND $7B7A
C1/7867:	8D7D7B  	STA $7B7D
C1/786A:	EE7F7B  	INC $7B7F
C1/786D:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/786F:	8DCE7A  	STA $7ACE
C1/7872:	4C0179    	JMP $7901

C1/7875 unknow

C1/7875:	A592    	LDA $92
C1/7877:	2D797B  	AND $7B79
C1/787A:	F00C    	BEQ $7888
C1/787C:	8D7E7B  	STA $7B7E
C1/787F:	EE7F7B  	INC $7B7F
C1/7882:	9CCE7A  	STZ $7ACE
C1/7885:	4C0179  	JMP $7901

C1/7888 unknow

C1/7888:	A592    	LDA $92
C1/788A:	2D7B7B  	AND $7B7B
C1/788D:	8D7E7B  	STA $7B7E
C1/7890:	EE7F7B  	INC $7B7F
C1/7893:	A902    	LDA #$02
C1/7895:	8DCE7A  	STA $7ACE
C1/7898:	4C0179    	JMP $7901

C1/789B unknow

C1/789B:	A536    	LDA $36
C1/789D:	2940  	        AND #$40
C1/789F:	D03C		BNE $78DD
C1/78A1:	7BAA    	BIT $AA7B,X
C1/78A3:	ADCA62  	LDA $62CA
C1/78A6:	DD8C7A  	CMP $7A8C,X
C1/78A9:	F01C    	BEQ $78C7
C1/78AB:	E8      	INX 
C1/78AC:	E00400  	CPX #$0004
C1/78AF:	D0F5    	BNE $78A6
C1/78B1:	AECA62  	LDX $62CA
C1/78B4:	BF6177C1	LDA $C17761,X
C1/78B8:	8D7D7B  	STA $7B7D
C1/78BB:	A903    	LDA #$03
C1/78BD:	8DCE7A  	STA $7ACE
C1/78C0:	8A		TXA
C1/78C1:	8DCF7A  	STA $7ACF
C1/78C4:	4C0179  	JMP $7901

C1/78C7 unknow

C1/78C7:	AECA62  	LDX $62CA
C1/78CA:	BF6177C1	LDA $C17761,X
C1/78CE:	8D7D7B  	STA $7B7D
C1/78D1:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/78D3:	8DCE7A  	STA $7ACE
C1/78D6:	8A		TXA
C1/78D7:	8DCF7A  	STA $7ACF
C1/78DA:	4C0179  	JMP $7901

C1/78DD unknow

C1/78DD:	202279  	JSR $7922
C1/78E0:	B012    	BCS $78F4
C1/78E2:	203479  	JSR $7934
C1/78E5:	8D7E7B  	STA $7B7E
C1/78E8:	A902    	LDA #$02
C1/78EA:	8DCE7A  	STA $7ACE  	
C1/78ED:	8A		TXA
C1/78EE:	8DCF7A  	STA $7ACF
C1/78F1:	4C0179  	JMP $7901
C1/78F4:	8D7E7B  	STA $7B7E
C1/78F7:	9CCE7A  	STZ $7ACE
C1/78FA:	8A      	TXA 
C1/78FB:	8DCF7A  	STA $7ACF
C1/78FE:	4C0179  	JMP $7901	(totally useless)

C1/7901 unknow

C1/7901:	AD847A  	LDA $7A84      (character targeting)
C1/7904:	2910    	AND #$10       (is "auto confirm" set?)
C1/7906:	F003    	BEQ $790B      (branch if not)
C1/7908:	9C7F7B  	STZ $7B7F
C1/790B:	68      	PLA 
C1/790C:	8DC27B  	STA $7BC2
C1/790F:	60      	RTS

C1/7910 unknow

C1/7910:	A2AA7A  	LDX #$7AAA
C1/7913:	4C7079  	JMP $7970

C1/7916:	A2B07A  	LDX #$7AB0
C1/7919:	4C7079  	JMP $7970

C1/791C:	A29E7A  	LDX #$7A9E
C1/791F:	4C7079  	JMP $7970

C1/7922:	A2A47A  	LDX #$7AA4
C1/7925:	4C7079  	JMP $7970

C1/7928:	A2AA7A  	LDX #$7AAA
C1/792B:	4C9C79  	JMP $799C

C1/792E:	A2B07A  	LDX #$7AB0
C1/7931:	4C9C79  	JMP $799C

C1/7934:	A29E7A  	LDX #$7A9E
C1/7937:	4C9C79  	JMP $799C

C1/793A:	A2A47A  	LDX #$7AA4
C1/793D:	4C9C79  	JMP $799C

C1/7940:	A2C27A  	LDX #$7AC2
C1/7943:	4CC879  	JMP $79C8

C1/7946:	A2C87A  	LDX #$7AC8
C1/7949:	4CC879  	JMP $79C8

C1/794C:	A2B67A  	LDX #$7AB6
C1/794F:	4CC879  	JMP $79C8

C1/7952:	A2B67A  	LDX #$7AB6
C1/7955:	4CC879  	JMP $79C8

C1/7958:	A2C27A  	LDX #$7AC2
C1/795B:	4C007A  	JMP $7A00

C1/795E:	A2C87A  	LDX #$7AC8
C1/7961:	4C007A  	JMP $7A00

C1/7964:	A2B67A  	LDX #$7AB6
C1/7967:	4C007A  	JMP $7A00

C1/796A:	A2B67A  	LDX #$7AB6
C1/796D:	4C007A  	JMP $7A00

C1/7970 unknow

C1/7970:	863A    	STX $3A
C1/7972:	7B      	TDC 
C1/7973:	A8      	TAY 
C1/7974:	7B      	TDC 
C1/7975:	AA      	TAX 
C1/7976:	B13A    	LDA ($3A),Y
C1/7978:	300B    	BMI $7985
C1/797A:	DD867A  	CMP $7A86,X
C1/797D:	F00E    	BEQ $798D
C1/797F:	E8      	INX 
C1/7980:	E00600  	CPX #$0006
C1/7983:	D0F5    	BNE $797A
C1/7985:	C8      	INY 
C1/7986:	C00600  	CPY #$0006
C1/7989:	D0E9    	BNE $7974
C1/798B:	18      	CLC 
C1/798C:	60      	RTS

C1/798D unknow

C1/798D:	8636    	STX $36
C1/798F:	AA      	TAX 
C1/7990:	A592    	LDA $92
C1/7992:	3F6177C1	AND $C17761,X
C1/7996:	F0E7    	BEQ $797F
C1/7998:	A636    	LDX $36
C1/799A:	38      	SEC 
C1/799B:	60      	RTS

C1/799C unknow

C1/799C:	863A    	STX $3A
C1/799E:	7B      	TDC 
C1/799F:	A8      	TAY 
C1/79A0:	7B      	TDC 
C1/79A1:	AA      	TAX 
C1/79A2:	B13A    	LDA ($3A),Y
C1/79A4:	300B    	BMI $79B1
C1/79A6:	DD927A  	CMP $7A92,X
C1/79A9:	F00E    	BEQ $79B9
C1/79AB:	E8      	INX 
C1/79AC:	E00600  	CPX #$0006
C1/79AF:	D0F5    	BNE $79A6
C1/79B1:	C8      	INY 
C1/79B2:	C00600  	CPY #$0006
C1/79B5:	D0E9    	BNE $79A0
C1/79B7:	18      	CLC 
C1/79B8:	60      	RTS 
C1/79B9:	8636    	STX $36
C1/79BB:	AA      	TAX 
C1/79BC:	A592    	LDA $92
C1/79BE:	3F6177C1	AND $C17761,X
C1/79C2:	F0E7    	BEQ $79AB
C1/79C4:	A636    	LDX $36
C1/79C6:	38      	SEC 
C1/79C7:	60      	RTS

C1/79C8 unknow

C1/79C8:	863A    	STX $3A
C1/79CA:	7B      	TDC 
C1/79CB:	A8      	TAY 
C1/79CC:	7B      	TDC 
C1/79CD:	AA      	TAX 
C1/79CE:	B13A    	LDA ($3A),Y
C1/79D0:	300D    	BMI $79DF
C1/79D2:	DD8C7A  	CMP $7A8C,X
C1/79D5:	F010    	BEQ $79E7
C1/79D7:	0638    	ASL $38
C1/79D9:	E8      	INX 
C1/79DA:	E00600  	CPX #$0006
C1/79DD:	D0F3    	BNE $79D2
C1/79DF:	C8      	INY 
C1/79E0:	C00600  	CPY #$0006
C1/79E3:	D0E7    	BNE $79CC
C1/79E5:	18      	CLC 
C1/79E6:	60      	RTS
C1/79E7:	8636    	STX $36
C1/79E9:	AA      	TAX 
C1/79EA:	AD1D20  	LDA $201D		(Load valid character targets)
C1/79ED:	2DAC61  	AND $61AC
C1/79F0:	2DAD61  	AND $61AD
C1/79F3:	2D9361  	AND $6193
C1/79F6:	3F6177C1	AND $C17761,X
C1/79FA:	F0DB    	BEQ $79D7
C1/79FC:	A636    	LDX $36
C1/79FE:	38      	SEC 
C1/79FF:	60      	RTS

C1/7A00 unknow

C1/7A00:	863A    	STX $3A
C1/7A02:	7B      	TDC 
C1/7A03:	A8      	TAY 
C1/7A04:	7B      	TDC 
C1/7A05:	AA      	TAX 
C1/7A06:	B13A    	LDA ($3A),Y
C1/7A08:	300B    	BMI $7A15
C1/7A0A:	DD987A  	CMP $7A98,X
C1/7A0D:	F00E    	BEQ $7A1D
C1/7A0F:	E8      	INX 
C1/7A10:	E00600  	CPX #$0006
C1/7A13:	D0F5    	BNE $7A0A
C1/7A15:	C8      	INY 
C1/7A16:	C00600  	CPY #$0006
C1/7A19:	D0E9    	BNE $7A04
C1/7A1B:	18      	CLC 
C1/7A1C:	60      	RTS
C1/7A1D:	8636    	STX $36
C1/7A1F:	AA      	TAX 
C1/7A20:	AD1D20  	LDA $201D		(Load valid character targets)
C1/7A23:	2DAC61  	AND $61AC
C1/7A26:	2DAD61  	AND $61AD
C1/7A29:	2D9361  	AND $6193
C1/7A2C:	3F6177C1	AND $C17761,X
C1/7A30:	F0DD    	BEQ $7A0F
C1/7A32:	A636    	LDX $36
C1/7A34:	38      	SEC 
C1/7A35:	60      	RTS

C1/7A36 unknow

C1/7A36:	08 A0     	
C1/7A38:	08 AC  
C1/7A3A:	08 B8  
C1/7A3C:	08 C4     
C1/7A3E:	10 A0   	
C1/7A40:	10 AC  	
C1/7A42:	10 B8    	
C1/7A44:	10 C4    	
C1/7A46:	30 A0    	
C1/7A48:	10 AC    	
C1/7A4A:	58 AC
C1/7A4C:	30 B8 

C1/7A4E unknow

C1/7A4E:	DA      	PHX 
C1/7A4F:	BD0F89  	LDA $890F,X      (Cursor memory)
C1/7A52:	2903    	AND #$03
C1/7A54:	9D0F89  	STA $890F,X      (Cursor memory)
C1/7A57:	852C    	STA $2C
C1/7A59:	A903    	LDA #$03
C1/7A5B:	852E    	STA $2E
C1/7A5D:	20B018  	JSR $18B0
C1/7A60:	98      	TYA 
C1/7A61:	18      	CLC 
C1/7A62:	6530    	ADC $30
C1/7A64:	AA      	TAX 
C1/7A65:	BD2F20  	LDA $202F,X
C1/7A68:	3003    	BMI $7A6D
C1/7A6A:	FA      	PLX 
C1/7A6B:	18      	CLC 
C1/7A6C:	60      	RTS
C1/7A6D:	FA      	PLX 			(from C1/7A68)
C1/7A6E:	38      	SEC 
C1/7A6F:	60      	RTS

C1/7A70 unknow

C1/7A70:	DA      	PHX 
C1/7A71:	BD0F89  	LDA $890F,X      (Cursor memory)
C1/7A74:	2903    	AND #$03
C1/7A76:	9D0F89  	STA $890F,X      (Cursor memory)
C1/7A79:	852C    	STA $2C
C1/7A7B:	A903    	LDA #$03
C1/7A7D:	852E    	STA $2E
C1/7A7F:	20B018  	JSR $18B0
C1/7A82:	98      	TYA 
C1/7A83:	18      	CLC 
C1/7A84:	6530    	ADC $30
C1/7A86:	AA      	TAX 
C1/7A87:	BD5F20  	LDA $205F,X
C1/7A8A:	3003    	BMI $7A8F
C1/7A8C:	FA      	PLX 
C1/7A8D:	18      	CLC 
C1/7A8E:	60      	RTS
C1/7A8F:	FA      	PLX			(from C1/7A8A)
C1/7A90:	38      	SEC 
C1/7A91:	60      	RTS

C1/7A92 unknow

C1/7A92:	9C412F  	STZ $2F41		(from C1/5529, X = 5)
C1/7A95:	9CE388  	STZ $88E3
C1/7A98:	ADCB7B  	LDA $7BCB
C1/7A9B:	F006    	BEQ $7AA3
C1/7A9D:	A90F    	LDA #$0F
C1/7A9F:	8DC27B  	STA $7BC2
C1/7AA2:	60      	RTS

C1/7AA3 unknow

C1/7AA3:	9CE87A  	STZ $7AE8		(from C1/7A9B)
C1/7AA6:	9CE97A  	STZ $7AE9
C1/7AA9:	A504    	LDA $04
C1/7AAB:	C940    	CMP #$40
C1/7AAD:	D00B    	BNE $7ABA
C1/7AAF:	E694    	INC $94
C1/7AB4:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/7AB6:	8DCC7B  	STA $7BCC
C1/7AB9:	60      	RTS
C1/7ABA:	A505    	LDA $05		(from C1/7AAD)
C1/7ABC:	C940    	CMP #$40
C1/7ABE:	D00B    	BNE $7ACB
C1/7AC0:	E694    	INC $94
C1/7AC5:	A902    	LDA #$02
C1/7AC7:	8DCC7B  	STA $7BCC
C1/7ACA:	60      	RTS
C1/7ACB:	ADCA62  	LDA $62CA		(from C1/7ABE)
C1/7ACE:	AA      	TAX 
C1/7ACF:	BDCC62  	LDA $62CC,X
C1/7AD2:	D00B    	BNE $7ADF
C1/7AD4:	AD2E2F  	LDA $2F2E
C1/7AD7:	F003    	BEQ $7ADC
C1/7AD9:	4CE27A  	JMP $7AE2

C1/7ADC:	4CCE7B  	JMP $7BCE		(from C1/7AD7)

C1/7ADF:	4C3F7C  	JMP $7C3F		(from C1/7AD2)

C1/7AE2 unknow

C1/7AE2:	AECA62  	LDX $62CA		(from C1/7AD9)
C1/7AE5:	BF5B4BC1	LDA $C14B5B,X
C1/7AE9:	A8      	TAY 
C1/7AEA:	204E7A  	JSR $7A4E
C1/7AED:	9008    	BCC $7AF7
C1/7AEF:	FE0F89  	INC $890F,X      (Cursor memory)
C1/7AF2:	204E7A  	JSR $7A4E
C1/7AF5:	B0F8    	BCS $7AEF
C1/7AF7:	A505    	LDA $05
C1/7AF9:	2908    	AND #$08
C1/7AFB:	F01E    	BEQ $7B1B
C1/7AFD:	BD0F89  	LDA $890F,X      (Cursor memory)
C1/7B00:	8536    	STA $36
C1/7B02:	7B      	TDC 
C1/7B03:	9D0F89  	STA $890F,X      (Cursor memory)
C1/7B06:	204E7A  	JSR $7A4E
C1/7B09:	9007    	BCC $7B12
C1/7B0B:	A536    	LDA $36
C1/7B0D:	9D0F89  	STA $890F,X      (Cursor memory)
C1/7B10:	8009    	BRA $7B1B

C1/7B12 unknow

C1/7B12:	BD0F89  	LDA $890F,X      (Cursor memory)		(from C1/7B09) 
C1/7B15:	C536    	CMP $36
C1/7B17:	F002    	BEQ $7B1B
C1/7B19:	E694    	INC $94
C1/7B1B:	A505    	LDA $05		(from C1/7AFB, C1/7B10)
C1/7B1D:	2904    	AND #$04
C1/7B1F:	F01F    	BEQ $7B40
C1/7B21:	BD0F89  	LDA $890F,X      (Cursor memory)
C1/7B24:	8536    	STA $36
C1/7B26:	A903    	LDA #$03
C1/7B28:	9D0F89  	STA $890F,X      (Cursor memory)
C1/7B2B:	204E7A  	JSR $7A4E
C1/7B2E:	9007    	BCC $7B37
C1/7B30:	A536    	LDA $36
C1/7B32:	9D0F89  	STA $890F,X      (Cursor memory)
C1/7B35:	8009    	BRA $7B40

C1/7B37 unknow

C1/7B37:	BD0F89  	LDA $890F,X      (Cursor memory)		(from C1/7B2E)
C1/7B3A:	C536    	CMP $36
C1/7B3C:	F002    	BEQ $7B40
C1/7B3E:	E694    	INC $94
C1/7B40:	A505    	LDA $05		(from C1/7B1F, C1/7B35)
C1/7B42:	2902    	AND #$02
C1/7B44:	F01F    	BEQ $7B65
C1/7B46:	BD0F89  	LDA $890F,X      (Cursor memory)
C1/7B49:	8536    	STA $36
C1/7B4B:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/7B4D:	9D0F89  	STA $890F,X      (Cursor memory)
C1/7B50:	204E7A  	JSR $7A4E
C1/7B53:	9007    	BCC $7B5C
C1/7B55:	A536    	LDA $36
C1/7B57:	9D0F89  	STA $890F,X      (Cursor memory)
C1/7B5A:	8009    	BRA $7B65

C1/7B5C unknow

C1/7B5C:	BD0F89  	LDA $890F,X      (Cursor memory)		(from C1/7B53)
C1/7B5F:	C536    	CMP $36
C1/7B61:	F002    	BEQ $7B65
C1/7B63:	E694    	INC $94
C1/7B65:	A505    	LDA $05		(from C1/7B44, C1/7B5A)
C1/7B67:	2901    	AND #$01
C1/7B69:	F01F    	BEQ $7B8A
C1/7B6B:	BD0F89  	LDA $890F,X      (Cursor memory)
C1/7B6E:	8536    	STA $36
C1/7B70:	A902    	LDA #$02
C1/7B72:	9D0F89  	STA $890F,X      (Cursor memory)
C1/7B75:	204E7A  	JSR $7A4E
C1/7B78:	9007    	BCC $7B81
C1/7B7A:	A536    	LDA $36
C1/7B7C:	9D0F89  	STA $890F,X      (Cursor memory)
C1/7B7F:	8009    	BRA $7B8A

C1/7B81 unknow

C1/7B81:	BD0F89  	LDA $890F,X      (Cursor memory)		(from C1/7B78)
C1/7B84:	C536    	CMP $36
C1/7B86:	F002    	BEQ $7B8A
C1/7B88:	E694    	INC $94
C1/7B8A:	A504    	LDA $04		(from C1/7B69, C1/7B7F)
C1/7B8C:	2930    	AND #$30
C1/7B8E:	C920    	CMP #$20
C1/7B90:	D008    	BNE $7B9A
C1/7B92:	E694    	INC $94
C1/7B94:	20A97C  	JSR $7CA9
C1/7B97:	4C3156  	JMP $5631
C1/7B9A:	C910    	CMP #$10    	(from C1/7B90)
C1/7B9C:	D008    	BNE $7BA6
C1/7B9E:	E694    	INC $94
C1/7BA0:	20A97C  	JSR $7CA9
C1/7BA3:	4C3B56  	JMP $563B
C1/7BA6:	A504    	LDA $04  		(from C1/7B9C)
C1/7BA8:	1008    	BPL $7BB2
C1/7BAA:	E696    	INC $96
C1/7BAC:	EE412F  	INC $2F41
C1/7BAF:	4CC87C  	JMP $7CC8
C1/7BB2:	AECA62  	LDX $62CA		(from C1/7BA8)
C1/7BB5:	BD0F89  	LDA $890F,X      (Cursor memory)
C1/7BB8:	0A      	ASL A
C1/7BB9:	AA      	TAX 
C1/7BBA:	BF467AC1	LDA $C17A46,X
C1/7BBE:	8DE488  	STA $88E4
C1/7BC1:	BF477AC1	LDA $C17A47,X
C1/7BC5:	8DE588  	STA $88E5
C1/7BC8:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/7BCA:	8DE388  	STA $88E3
C1/7BCD:	60      	RTS

C1/7BCE unknow

C1/7BCE:	AECA62  	LDX $62CA
C1/7BD1:	BF5B4BC1	LDA $C14B5B,X
C1/7BD5:	A8      	TAY 
C1/7BD6:	204E7A  	JSR $7A4E
C1/7BD9:	B018    	BCS $7BF3
C1/7BDB:	A505    	LDA $05
C1/7BDD:	290C    	AND #$0C
C1/7BDF:	F01A    	BEQ $7BFB
C1/7BE1:	E694    	INC $94
C1/7BE3:	A505    	LDA $05
C1/7BE5:	2908    	AND #$08
C1/7BE7:	F00A    	BEQ $7BF3
C1/7BE9:	DE0F89  	DEC $890F,X      (Cursor memory)
C1/7BEC:	204E7A  	JSR $7A4E
C1/7BEF:	B0F8    	BCS $7BE9
C1/7BF1:	8008    	BRA $7BFB
C1/7BF3:	FE0F89  	INC $890F,X      (Cursor memory)
C1/7BF6:	204E7A  	JSR $7A4E
C1/7BF9:	B0F8    	BCS $7BF3
C1/7BFB:	A504    	LDA $04
C1/7BFD:	1008    	BPL $7C07
C1/7BFF:	E696    	INC $96
C1/7C01:	EE412F  	INC $2F41
C1/7C04:	4CC87C  	JMP $7CC8

C1/7C07 unknow

C1/7C07:	A505    	LDA $05
C1/7C09:	290F    	AND #$0F
C1/7C0B:	C902    	CMP #$02
C1/7C0D:	D008    	BNE $7C17
C1/7C0F:	E694    	INC $94
C1/7C11:	20A97C  	JSR $7CA9
C1/7C14:	4C3156  	JMP $5631
C1/7C17:	C901    	CMP #$01
C1/7C19:	D008    	BNE $7C23
C1/7C1B:	E694    	INC $94
C1/7C1D:	20A97C  	JSR $7CA9
C1/7C20:	4C3B56  	JMP $563B
C1/7C23:	AECA62  	LDX $62CA
C1/7C26:	BD0F89  	LDA $890F,X      (Cursor memory)
C1/7C29:	0A      	ASL A
C1/7C2A:	AA      	TAX 
C1/7C2B:	BF3E7AC1	LDA $C17A3E,X
C1/7C2F:	8DE488  	STA $88E4
C1/7C32:	BF3F7AC1	LDA $C17A3F,X
C1/7C36:	8DE588  	STA $88E5
C1/7C39:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/7C3B:	8DE388  	STA $88E3
C1/7C3E:	60      	RTS

C1/7C3F unknow

C1/7C3F:	AECA62  	LDX $62CA
C1/7C42:	BF5B4BC1	LDA $C14B5B,X
C1/7C46:	A8      	TAY 
C1/7C47:	20707A  	JSR $7A70
C1/7C4A:	B018    	BCS $7C64
C1/7C4C:	A505    	LDA $05
C1/7C4E:	290C    	AND #$0C
C1/7C50:	F01A    	BEQ $7C6C
C1/7C52:	E694    	INC $94
C1/7C54:	A505    	LDA $05
C1/7C56:	2908    	AND #$08
C1/7C58:	F00A    	BEQ $7C64
C1/7C5A:	DE0F89  	DEC $890F,X      (Cursor memory)
C1/7C5D:	20707A  	JSR $7A70
C1/7C60:	B0F8    	BCS $7C5A
C1/7C62:	8008    	BRA $7C6C
C1/7C64:	FE0F89  	INC $890F,X      (Cursor memory)
C1/7C67:	20707A  	JSR $7A70
C1/7C6A:	B0F8    	BCS $7C64
C1/7C6C:	A504    	LDA $04
C1/7C6E:	101C    	BPL $7C8C
C1/7C70:	E696    	INC $96
C1/7C72:	20AB84  	JSR $84AB
C1/7C75:	20A97C  	JSR $7CA9
C1/7C78:	BD6020  	LDA $2060,X
C1/7C7B:	8D847A  	STA $7A84      (save as character targeting byte)
C1/7C7E:	A90E    	LDA #$0E
C1/7C80:	99AF2B  	STA $2BAF,Y
C1/7C83:	BD5E20  	LDA $205E,X
C1/7C86:	8D857A  	STA $7A85
C1/7C89:	4C9577  	JMP $7795

C1/7C8C unknow

C1/7C8C:	AECA62  	LDX $62CA
C1/7C8F:	BD0F89  	LDA $890F,X      (Cursor memory)
C1/7C92:	0A      	ASL A
C1/7C93:	AA      	TAX 
C1/7C94:	BF367AC1	LDA $C17A36,X
C1/7C98:	8DE488  	STA $88E4
C1/7C9B:	BF377AC1	LDA $C17A37,X
C1/7C9F:	8DE588  	STA $88E5
C1/7CA2:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/7CA4:	8DE388  	STA $88E3
C1/7CA7:	60      	RTS
C1/7CA8:	60      	RTS

C1/7CA9 unknow

C1/7CA9:	20566D  	JSR $6D56
C1/7CAC:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C1/7CAE:	8D857A  	STA $7A85
C1/7CB1:	99AF2B  	STA $2BAF,Y
C1/7CB4:	99B02B  	STA $2BB0,Y
C1/7CB7:	99B32B  	STA $2BB3,Y
C1/7CBA:	7B      	TDC 
C1/7CBB:	99B12B  	STA $2BB1,Y
C1/7CBE:	99B22B  	STA $2BB2,Y
C1/7CC1:	99B42B  	STA $2BB4,Y
C1/7CC4:	99B52B  	STA $2BB5,Y
C1/7CC7:	60      	RTS

C1/7CC8 unknow

C1/7CC8:	20AB84  	JSR $84AB	  	(from C1/7BAF)
C1/7CCB:	20A97C  	JSR $7CA9
C1/7CCE:	BD3020  	LDA $2030,X
C1/7CD1:	8D847A  	STA $7A84      (save as character targeting byte)
C1/7CD4:	BD2E20  	LDA $202E,X
C1/7CD7:	99AF2B  	STA $2BAF,Y
C1/7CDA:	297F    	AND #$7F
C1/7CDC:	0A      	ASL A
C1/7CDD:	AA      	TAX 
C1/7CDE:	7CE97C  	JMP ($7CE9,X)	(Jump to function for player Command)

C1/7CE1 x-magic command

C1/7CE1:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/7CE3:	8DE87A  	STA $7AE8
C1/7CE6:	4CA057  	JMP $57A0

C1/7CE9 commands (table)

C1/7CE9:	9277    (Fight)	
C1/7CEB:	6957    (Item)	
C1/7CED:	A057    (Magic)	
C1/7CEF:	9577    (Morph)	
C1/7CF1:	9577    (Revert)	
C1/7CF3:	9577    (Steal)	
C1/7CF5:	9577    (Capture)	
C1/7CF7:	1B56    (SwdTech)
C1/7CF9:	7558    (Throw)	 	
C1/7CFB:	B158    (Tools)	
C1/7CFD:	6B77    (Blitz) 	 
C1/7CFF:	9577    (Runic)	
C1/7D01:	ED58    (Lore)	
C1/7D03:	9577    (Sketch)	
C1/7D05:	9577    (Control)	
C1/7D07:	AE59    (Slot)	
C1/7D09:	2759    (Rage)
C1/7D0B: 	9577    (Leap)	
C1/7D0D:	9577    (Mimic)	
C1/7D0F:	5859    (Dance) 
C1/7D11:	3156    (Row)	
C1/7D13:	3B56    (Def)  	
C1/7D15:	9577    (Jump)	
C1/7D17:	E17C    (X-Magic)	
C1/7D19:	9577    (GP Rain)	
C1/7D1B:	9577    (Summon)	
C1/7D1D:	9577    (Health)	
C1/7D1F:	9577    (Shock)	
C1/7D21:	9577    (Possess)	
C1/7D23:	8359    (MagiTek)	

C1/7D25 unknow

C1/7D25:	9C412F    	STZ $2F41		(from C1/5529, X = 37)
C1/7D28:	9CE388  	STZ $88E3
C1/7D2E:	F005    	BEQ $7D35
C1/7D30:	A936    	LDA #$36
C1/7D32:	8DC27B  	STA $7BC2
C1/7D35:	A504    	LDA $04
C1/7D37:	101D    	BPL $7D56
C1/7D39:	E696    	INC $96
C1/7D3B:	20566D  	JSR $6D56
C1/7D3E:	AD827B  	LDA $7B82
C1/7D41:	4A      	LSR A
C1/7D42:	4A      	LSR A
C1/7D43:	4A      	LSR A
C1/7D44:	4A      	LSR A
C1/7D45:	4A      	LSR A
C1/7D46:	99B02B  	STA $2BB0,Y
C1/7D49:	ADCA62  	LDA $62CA
C1/7D4C:	99AE2B  	STA $2BAE,Y
C1/7D4F:	EE807B  	INC $7B80
C1/7D52:	EECB7B  	INC $7BCB
C1/7D55:	60      	RTS

C1/7D56 unknow

C1/7D56:	A509    	LDA $09		(from C1/7D37)
C1/7D58:	1005    	BPL $7D5F
C1/7D5A:	E696    	INC $96
C1/7D5C:	4C2856  	JMP $5628
C1/7D5F:	AECA62  	LDX $62CA		(from C1/7D58)
C1/7D62:	DA      	PHX 
C1/7D63:	A907    	LDA #$07
C1/7D65:	38      	SEC 
C1/7D66:	ED2020  	SBC $2020		(number of swdtechs known)
C1/7D69:	AA      	TAX 
C1/7D6A:	7B      	TDC 
C1/7D6B:	A8      	TAY 
C1/7D6C:	BF60A8C2	LDA $C2A860,X
C1/7D70:	99DA5D  	STA $5DDA,Y
C1/7D73:	E8      	INX 
C1/7D74:	C8      	INY 
C1/7D75:	C8      	INY 
C1/7D76:	C01000  	CPY #$0010
C1/7D79:	D0F1    	BNE $7D6C
C1/7D7B:	FA      	PLX 
C1/7D7C:	7B      	TDC 
C1/7D7D:	A8      	TAY 
C1/7D7E:	AD2020  	LDA $2020		(number of swdtechs known)
C1/7D81:	1A      	INC A
C1/7D82:	8536    	STA $36
C1/7D84:	A50E    	LDA $0E
C1/7D86:	2903    	AND #$03
C1/7D88:	D003    	BNE $7D8D
C1/7D8A:	EE827B  	INC $7B82		(Cyan's Swdtech bar)
C1/7D8D:	AD827B  	LDA $7B82		(Cyan's Swdtech bar)
C1/7D90:	4A      	LSR A
C1/7D91:	4A      	LSR A
C1/7D92:	4A      	LSR A
C1/7D93:	4A      	LSR A
C1/7D94:	4A      	LSR A
C1/7D95:	C536    	CMP $36
C1/7D97:	D004    	BNE $7D9D
C1/7D99:	7B      	TDC 
C1/7D9A:	8D827B  	STA $7B82		(Cyan's Swdtech bar)
C1/7D9D:	1A      	INC A
C1/7D9E:	8536    	STA $36
C1/7DA0:	7B      	TDC 
C1/7DA1:	AA      	TAX 
C1/7DA2:	A929    	LDA #$29
C1/7DA4:	9DDA5D  	STA $5DDA,X
C1/7DA7:	E8      	INX 
C1/7DA8:	E8      	INX 
C1/7DA9:	C636    	DEC $36
C1/7DAB:	D0F7    	BNE $7DA4
C1/7DAD:	AD827B  	LDA $7B82		(Cyan's Swdtech bar)
C1/7DB0:	100D    	BPL $7DBF
C1/7DB2:	A9F8    	LDA #$F8
C1/7DB4:	20ED7D  	JSR $7DED
C1/7DB7:	AD827B  	LDA $7B82
C1/7DBA:	20CE7D  	JSR $7DCE
C1/7DBD:	800B    	BRA $7DCA
C1/7DBF:	AD827B  	LDA $7B82		(Cyan's Swdtech bar)
C1/7DC2:	20CE7D  	JSR $7DCE
C1/7DC5:	A9F0    	LDA #$F0
C1/7DC7:	20ED7D  	JSR $7DED
C1/7DCA:	EE817B  	INC $7B81
C1/7DCD:	60      	RTS

C1/7DCE sword tech gauge

C1/7DCE:	297F    	AND #$7F		(from C1/7DBA, C1/7DC2)
C1/7DD0:	4A      	LSR A
C1/7DD1:	4A      	LSR A
C1/7DD2:	0A      	ASL A
C1/7DD3:	0A      	ASL A
C1/7DD4:	AA      	TAX 
C1/7DD5:	A904    	LDA #$04
C1/7DD7:	8536    	STA $36
C1/7DD9:	BFAC68C1	LDA $C168AC,X  (use ATB tiles for Cyan's SwdTech gauge)
C1/7DDD:	99737A  	STA $7A73,Y
C1/7DE0:	A935    	LDA #$35
C1/7DE2:	99747A  	STA $7A74,Y
C1/7DE5:	E8      	INX 
C1/7DE6:	C8      	INY 
C1/7DE7:	C8      	INY 
C1/7DE8:	C636    	DEC $36
C1/7DEA:	D0ED    	BNE $7DD9
C1/7DEC:	60      	RTS

C1/7DED unknow

C1/7DED:	8536    	STA $36		(from C1/7DB4, C1/7DED)
C1/7DEF:	A904    	LDA #$04
C1/7DF1:	8538    	STA $38
C1/7DF3:	A536    	LDA $36
C1/7DF5:	99737A  	STA $7A73,Y
C1/7DF8:	A935    	LDA #$35
C1/7DFA:	99747A  	STA $7A74,Y
C1/7DFD:	E8      	INX 
C1/7DFE:	C8      	INY 
C1/7DFF:	C8      	INY 
C1/7E00:	C638    	DEC $38
C1/7E02:	D0EF    	BNE $7DF3
C1/7E04:	60      	RTS

C1/7E05 unknow

C1/7E05:	9CE388  	STZ $88E3		(from C1/5529, X = 27)
C1/7E08:	ADCB7B  	LDA $7BCB
C1/7E0B:	F006    	BEQ $7E13
C1/7E0D:	A926    	LDA #$26
C1/7E0F:	8DC27B  	STA $7BC2
C1/7E12:	60      	RTS
C1/7E13:	A504    	LDA $04		(from only C1/7E0B)
C1/7E15:	1017    	BPL $7E2E
C1/7E17:	E694    	INC $94
C1/7E19:	20566D  	JSR $6D56
C1/7E1C:	A915    	LDA #$15
C1/7E1E:	99AF2B  	STA $2BAF,Y
C1/7E21:	ADCA62  	LDA $62CA
C1/7E24:	99AE2B  	STA $2BAE,Y
C1/7E27:	EE807B  	INC $7B80
C1/7E2D:	60      	RTS

C1/7E2E unknow

C1/7E2E:	AD2E2F  	LDA $2F2E		(from only C1/7E15)
C1/7E31:	F00A    	BEQ $7E3D
C1/7E33:	A506    	LDA $06
C1/7E35:	2930    	AND #$30
C1/7E37:	C910    	CMP #$10
C1/7E39:	D006    	BNE $7E41
C1/7E3B:	800D    	BRA $7E4A
C1/7E3D:	A509    	LDA $09
C1/7E3F:	1005    	BPL $7E46
C1/7E41:	E694    	INC $94
C1/7E43:	4C7356  	JMP $5673

C1/7E46 unknow

C1/7E46:	C902    	CMP #$02		(from only C1/7E3F)
C1/7E48:	F0F7    	BEQ $7E41
C1/7E4A:	AECA62  	LDX $62CA
C1/7E4D:	BD0F89  	LDA $890F,X      (Cursor memory)
C1/7E50:	0A      	ASL A
C1/7E51:	AA      	TAX 
C1/7E52:	AD2E2F  	LDA $2F2E
C1/7E55:	F00C    	BEQ $7E63
C1/7E57:	A970    	LDA #$70
C1/7E59:	8DE488  	STA $88E4
C1/7E5C:	A9A0    	LDA #$A0
C1/7E5E:	8DE588  	STA $88E5
C1/7E61:	800C    	BRA $7E6F
C1/7E63:	A938    	LDA #$38
C1/7E65:	8DE488  	STA $88E4
C1/7E68:	BF3F7AC1	LDA $C17A3F,X
C1/7E6C:	8DE588  	STA $88E5
C1/7E6F:	EEE388  	INC $88E3
C1/7E72:	60      	RTS

C1/7E73 unknow

C1/7E73:	9CE388  	STZ $88E3		(from C1/5529, X = 24)
C1/7E76:	ADCB7B  	LDA $7BCB
C1/7E79:	F006    	BEQ $7E81
C1/7E7B:	A923    	LDA #$23
C1/7E7D:	8DC27B  	STA $7BC2
C1/7E80:	60      	RTS
C1/7E81:	A504    	LDA $04		(from only C1/7E79)
C1/7E83:	1017    	BPL $7E9C
C1/7E85:	E694    	INC $94
C1/7E87:	20566D  	JSR $6D56
C1/7E8A:	A914    	LDA #$14
C1/7E8C:	99AF2B  	STA $2BAF,Y
C1/7E8F:	ADCA62  	LDA $62CA
C1/7E92:	99AE2B  	STA $2BAE,Y
C1/7E95:	EE807B  	INC $7B80
C1/7E98:	EECB7B  	INC $7BCB
C1/7E9B:	60      	RTS
C1/7E9C:	AD2E2F  	LDA $2F2E		(from only C1/7E83)
C1/7E9F:	F00A    	BEQ $7EAB
C1/7EA1:	A506    	LDA $06
C1/7EA3:	2930    	AND #$30
C1/7EA5:	C920    	CMP #$20
C1/7EA7:	D006    	BNE $7EAF
C1/7EA9:	800D    	BRA $7EB8
C1/7EAB:	A509    	LDA $09
C1/7EAD:	1005    	BPL $7EB4
C1/7EAF:	E694    	INC $94
C1/7EB1:	4C7C56  	JMP $567C
C1/7EB4:	C901    	CMP #$01
C1/7EB6:	F0F7    	BEQ $7EAF
C1/7EB8:	AECA62  	LDX $62CA
C1/7EBB:	BD0F89  	LDA $890F,X      (Cursor memory)
C1/7EBE:	0A      	ASL A
C1/7EBF:	AA      	TAX 
C1/7EC0:	AD2E2F  	LDA $2F2E
C1/7EC3:	F00C    	BEQ $7ED1
C1/7EC5:	A910    	LDA #$10
C1/7EC7:	8DE488  	STA $88E4
C1/7ECA:	A9A0    	LDA #$A0
C1/7ECC:	8DE588  	STA $88E5
C1/7ECF:	800C    	BRA $7EDD
C1/7ED1:	A908    	LDA #$08
C1/7ED3:	8DE488  	STA $88E4
C1/7ED6:	BF3F7AC1	LDA $C17A3F,X
C1/7EDA:	8DE588  	STA $88E5
C1/7EDD:	EEE388  	INC $88E3
C1/7EE0:	60      	RTS

C1/7EE1 slot symbols (data)

C1/7EE1:	1F      	(7)
C1/7EE2:	03      	(Dragon)
C1/7EE3:	01      	(Bar)
C1/7EE4:	01      	(Airship)
C1/7EE5:	00      	(Chocobo)
C1/7EE6:	00      	(Diamond)

C1/7EE7 get slot 1 symbol

C1/7EE7:	4A      	LSR A			
C1/7EE8:	4A      	LSR A
C1/7EE9:	4A      	LSR A
C1/7EEA:	4A      	LSR A
C1/7EEB:	0A      	ASL A
C1/7EEC:	AA      	TAX 
C1/7EED:	BF00A8C2	LDA $C2A800,X	(Slot 1 Conversion data?)
C1/7EF1:	60      	RTS

C1/7EF2 get slot 2 symbol

C1/7EF2:	4A      	LSR A
C1/7EF3:	4A      	LSR A
C1/7EF4:	4A      	LSR A
C1/7EF5:	4A      	LSR A
C1/7EF6:	0A      	ASL A
C1/7EF7:	AA      	TAX 
C1/7EF8:	BF20A8C2	LDA $C2A820,X	(Slot 2 Conversion data?)
C1/7EFC:	60      	RTS

C1/7EFD get slot 3 symbol

C1/7EFD:	4A      	LSR A
C1/7EFE:	4A      	LSR A
C1/7EFF:	4A      	LSR A
C1/7F00:	4A      	LSR A
C1/7F01:	0A      	ASL A
C1/7F02:	AA      	TAX 
C1/7F03:	BF40A8C2	LDA $C2A840,X	(Slot 3 Conversion data?)
C1/7F07:	60      	RTS

C1/7F08 get selected slot in slot command

C1/7F08:	9CE388  	STZ $88E3		(from C1/5529, X = 8)
C1/7F0E:	F006    	BEQ $7F16
C1/7F10:	A907    	LDA #$07
C1/7F12:	8DC27B  	STA $7BC2      (queue up to execute at C1/56A0)
C1/7F15:	60      	RTS
C1/7F16:	A504    	LDA $04        (is anyone pressing A?)
C1/7F18:	1053    	BPL $7F6D      (branch if not)
C1/7F1A:	E696    	INC $96
C1/7F1C:	AD927B  	LDA $7B92
C1/7F1F:	D019    	BNE $7F3A
C1/7F21:	AD492F  	LDA $2F49		(Load Monst. Form. Aux. byte 2)
C1/7F24:	2904    	AND #$04		(Check for "No Joker Doom")
C1/7F26:	F007    	BEQ $7F2F		(Branch if it's not disabled)
C1/7F28:	205B18  	JSR $185B		(Random number generator)
C1/7F2B:	093C    	ORA #$3C       (set bits 2, 3, 4, and 5)
C1/7F2D:	8003    	BRA $7F32      (this actually *helps* 7's to appear)
C1/7F2F:	205B18  	JSR $185B      (Random number generator)
C1/7F32:	8D7961  	STA $6179      (now the bitfield for the purposes of rigging the slots)
C1/7F35:	EE927B  	INC $7B92
C1/7F38:	8033    	BRA $7F6D
C1/7F3A:	AD937B  	LDA $7B93
C1/7F3D:	D030    	BNE $7F6F
C1/7F3F:	AD8F7B  	LDA $7B8F
C1/7F42:	D003    	BNE $7F47
C1/7F44:	4CEC7F  	JMP $7FEC
C1/7F47:	AD8C7B  	LDA $7B8C
C1/7F4A:	20E77E  	JSR $7EE7      (load symbol in drum 1)
C1/7F4D:	8D7B61  	STA $617B      (save it)
C1/7F50:	AA      	TAX 
C1/7F51:	BFE17EC1	LDA $C17EE1,X  (load bitfield data for this symbol)
C1/7F55:	8536    	STA $36        (store it for now)
C1/7F57:	AD7961  	LDA $6179      (load RNG result)
C1/7F5A:	2536    	AND $36        (are any bits set in the RNG result?)
C1/7F5C:	D007    	BNE $7F65      (branch if so)
C1/7F5E:	A904    	LDA #$04       (load the chocobo symbol)
C1/7F60:	8D7D61  	STA $617D
C1/7F63:	8005    	BRA $7F6A
C1/7F65:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C1/7F67:	8D7B61  	STA $617B      (for purposes of rigging drum 2)
C1/7F6A:	EE937B  	INC $7B93
C1/7F6D:	807D    	BRA $7FEC
C1/7F6F:	AD947B  	LDA $7B94
C1/7F72:	D042    	BNE $7FB6
C1/7F74:	AD907B  	LDA $7B90
C1/7F77:	F073    	BEQ $7FEC
C1/7F79:	AD8C7B  	LDA $7B8C
C1/7F7C:	20E77E  	JSR $7EE7      (load symbol in drum 1)
C1/7F7F:	8538    	STA $38        (save it for now)
C1/7F81:	AD8D7B  	LDA $7B8D
C1/7F84:	20F27E  	JSR $7EF2      (load symbol in drum 2)
C1/7F87:	853A    	STA $3A        (store drum 2's spot for now)
C1/7F89:	C538    	CMP $38        (does it match drum 1's spot?)
C1/7F8B:	D01F    	BNE $7FAC      (branch if not)
C1/7F8D:	A538    	LDA $38        (load drum 2's spot again)
C1/7F8F:	AA      	TAX 
C1/7F90:	BFE17EC1	LDA $C17EE1,X  (load bitfield data for this symbol)
C1/7F94:	8536    	STA $36        (store it for now)
C1/7F96:	AD7961  	LDA $6179      (load RNG result)
C1/7F99:	2536    	AND $36        (are any bits set in RNG result?)
C1/7F9B:	D009    	BNE $7FA6      (branch if so)
C1/7F9D:	A904    	LDA #$04       (load the chocobo symbol)
C1/7F9F:	8D7D61  	STA $617D
C1/7FA2:	A53A    	LDA $3A
C1/7FA4:	8008    	BRA $7FAE
C1/7FA6:	A53A    	LDA $3A        (load drum 2)
C1/7FA8:	0980    	ORA #$80       (???)
C1/7FAA:	8002    	BRA $7FAE
C1/7FAC:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C1/7FAE:	8D7C61  	STA $617C      (for purposes of rigging drum 3)
C1/7FB1:	EE947B  	INC $7B94
C1/7FB4:	8036    	BRA $7FEC
C1/7FB6:	AD917B  	LDA $7B91
C1/7FB9:	F031    	BEQ $7FEC
C1/7FBB:	AD8C7B  	LDA $7B8C
C1/7FBE:	20E77E  	JSR $7EE7      (load symbol in drum 1)
C1/7FC1:	8536    	STA $36        (save it)
C1/7FC3:	AD8D7B  	LDA $7B8D
C1/7FC6:	20F27E  	JSR $7EF2      (load symbol in drum 2)
C1/7FC9:	8537    	STA $37        (save it)
C1/7FCB:	AD8E7B  	LDA $7B8E
C1/7FCE:	20FD7E  	JSR $7EFD      (load symbol in drum 3)
C1/7FD1:	8538    	STA $38        (save it)
C1/7FD3:	22A3B4C2	JSL $C2B4A3    (compare all slot results)
C1/7FD7:	48      	PHA            (A = spell number?)
C1/7FD8:	20566D  	JSR $6D56      (Y = ?)
C1/7FDB:	68      	PLA
C1/7FDC:	99B02B  	STA $2BB0,Y
C1/7FDF:	ADCA62  	LDA $62CA
C1/7FE2:	99AE2B  	STA $2BAE,Y
C1/7FE5:	EE807B  	INC $7B80
C1/7FEB:	60      	RTS
C1/7FEC:	A509    	LDA $09        (are you pressing B?)
C1/7FEE:	1010    	BPL $8000      (branch if not)
C1/7FF0:	AD927B  	LDA $7B92
C1/7FF3:	0D937B  	ORA $7B93
C1/7FF6:	0D947B  	ORA $7B94
C1/7FF9:	D005    	BNE $8000      (branch if any drums have been stopped?)
C1/7FFB:	E696    	INC $96
C1/7FFD:	4CA056  	JMP $56A0