Final Fantasy VI:ROM map/Assembly C00

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C0/0000 unknow

C0/0000:	207968  	JSR $6879
C0/0003:	6B      	RTL
C0/0004:	0300    	
C0/0006:	08      	 
C0/0007:	08      	
C0/0008:	4C76C1  	JMP $C176
C0/000B:	4C3F4A  	JMP $4A3F
C0/000E:	EA      	NOP
C0/000F:	EA      	NOP
C0/0010:	EA      	NOP
C0/0011:	EA      	NOP
C0/0012:	EA      	NOP
C0/0013:	EA      	NOP
C0/0014:	EA      	NOP
C0/0015:	2024BB  	JSR $BB24      (from C1/0BA2, C1/102A, C3/13B1)
C0/0018:	6B      	RTL

C0/0019 unknow

C0/0019:	78      	SEI            (from C0/FF03, this is pretty much the entry point)
C0/001A:	18      	CLC
C0/001B:	FB      	XCE            (now in native mode...still)
C0/001C:	E220    	SEP #$20       (8 bit accum./memory)
C0/001E:	C210    	REP #$10       (16 bit index registers)
C0/0020:	A2FF15  	LDX #$15FF
C0/0023:	9A      	TXS            (make the stack point to $15FF)
C0/0024:	A20000  	LDX #$0000
C0/0027:	DA      	PHX
C0/0028:	2B      	PLD            (make the direct page reg. hold #$0000)
C0/0029:	7B      	TDC            (A = #$0000)
C0/002A:	48      	PHA
C0/002B:	AB      	PLB            (make the data bank reg. hold #$00)
C0/002C:	A901    	LDA #$01       (INC A!)
C0/002E:	8D0D42  	STA $420D      (Disable SlowROM???)
C0/0031:	9C0B42  	STZ $420B      (turn off DMA)
C0/0034:	9C0C42  	STZ $420C      (turn off HDMA)
C0/0037:	A98F    	LDA #$8F
C0/0039:	8D0021  	STA $2100
C0/003C:	9C0042  	STZ $4200      (turn off NMI, auto joypad read, etc)
C0/003F:	202505  	JSR $0525
C0/0042:	A20000  	LDX #$0000
C0/0045:	8600    	STX $00        ($00 and $01 will always hold #$0000 from here on out)
C0/0047:	A2FFFF  	LDX #$FFFF     (DEX?)
C0/004A:	8602    	STX $02        ($02 and $03 will hold #$FFFF for a while, this can be overwritten at some point)
C0/004C:	207305  	JSR $0573      (set NMI and IRQ locations)
C0/004F:	220000C5	JSL $C50000    (load the core music engine into the SPC chip)
C0/0053:	220600C3	JSL $C30006    (reset timers for input decoding)
C0/0057:	AF0600C0	LDA $C00006    (LDA #$08?!)
C0/005B:	8DC01F  	STA $1FC0      (Stores #08 to $1FC0)
C0/005E:	AF0700C0	LDA $C00007    (LDA #$08?!)
C0/0062:	8DC11F  	STA $1FC1      (Stores #08 to $1FC1)
C0/0065:	C220    	REP #$20       (16 bit accum./memory)
C0/0067:	AF0400C0	LDA $C00004    (LDA #$0003?!)
C0/006B:	8D641F  	STA $1F64      (Stores #0003 to $1F64, the current map, Darkness)
C0/006E:	7B      	TDC            (A = #$0000)
C0/006F:	E220    	SEP #$20       (8 bit accum./memory)
C0/0071:	9C5A11  	STZ $115A      (could do STZ $1159 and then SEP #$20...)
C0/0074:	9C5911  	STZ $1159      (optionally, you could've done STA $1159 before the SEP #$20)
C0/0077:	A940    	LDA #$40
C0/0079:	8DFA11  	STA $11FA
C0/007C:	208DBD  	JSR $BD8D
C0/007F:	644A    	STZ $4A        (from C0/00A1, C0/010A, C0/0116, C0/017F, C0/C65C, C0/C6B0)
C0/0081:	A901    	LDA #$01
C0/0083:	8584    	STA $84
C0/0085:	A54A    	LDA $4A
C0/0087:	D021    	BNE $00AA
C0/0089:	A584    	LDA $84
C0/008B:	F01D    	BEQ $00AA
C0/008D:	C220    	REP #$20       (16 bit accum./memory)
C0/008F:	AD641F  	LDA $1F64      (load current map)
C0/0092:	29FF03  	AND #$03FF     (we only care about the actual map number)
C0/0095:	AA      	TAX
C0/0096:	7B      	TDC            (A = #$0000)
C0/0097:	E220    	SEP #$20       (8 bit accum./memory)
C0/0099:	E00300  	CPX #$0003     (compare current map to Darkness)
C0/009C:	B006    	BCS $00A4      (if it's equal or higher, ie not a world map, branch)
C0/009E:	209703  	JSR $0397
C0/00A1:	4C7F00  	JMP $007F      (BRA would work)

C0/00A4 unknow

C0/00A4:	20BCBE  	JSR $BEBC
C0/00A7:	208603  	JSR $0386
C0/00AA:	206405  	JSR $0564
C0/00AD:	20A00E  	JSR $0EA0
C0/00B0:	20748D  	JSR $8D74
C0/00B3:	AC0308  	LDY $0803
C0/00B6:	C220    	REP #$20       (16 bit accum./memory)
C0/00B8:	B96D08  	LDA $086D,Y
C0/00BB:	4A      	LSR A
C0/00BC:	4A      	LSR A
C0/00BD:	4A      	LSR A
C0/00BE:	4A      	LSR A
C0/00BF:	E220    	SEP #$20       (8 bit accum./memory)
C0/00C1:	85B0    	STA $B0
C0/00C3:	C220    	REP #$20       (16 bit accum./memory)
C0/00C5:	B96A08  	LDA $086A,Y
C0/00C8:	4A      	LSR A
C0/00C9:	4A      	LSR A
C0/00CA:	4A      	LSR A
C0/00CB:	4A      	LSR A
C0/00CC:	E220    	SEP #$20       (8 bit accum./memory)
C0/00CE:	85AF    	STA $AF
C0/00D0:	7B      	TDC            (A = #$0000)
C0/00D1:	20F1BB  	JSR $BBF1
C0/00D4:	206FBC  	JSR $BC6F
C0/00D7:	20CCBB  	JSR $BBCC
C0/00DA:	205A9A  	JSR $9A5A      (This takes you to General Actions)
C0/00DD:	A54A    	LDA $4A
C0/00DF:	D004    	BNE $00E5
C0/00E1:	A584    	LDA $84
C0/00E3:	D0A0    	BNE $0085
C0/00E5:	20A318  	JSR $18A3
C0/00E8:	A54A    	LDA $4A
C0/00EA:	D004    	BNE $00F0
C0/00EC:	A584    	LDA $84
C0/00EE:	D095    	BNE $0085
C0/00F0:	202DC3  	JSR $C32D      (encounters and junk)
C0/00F3:	ADF111  	LDA $11F1
C0/00F6:	F015    	BEQ $010D
C0/00F8:	9CF111  	STZ $11F1
C0/00FB:	A20000  	LDX #$0000     (LDX $00 would work...)
C0/00FE:	86E5    	STX $E5
C0/0100:	A9CA    	LDA #$CA
C0/0102:	85E7    	STA $E7        (event queue starts at CA/0000)
C0/0104:	20B3C4  	JSR $C4B3
C0/0107:	2020BD  	JSR $BD20
C0/010A:	4C7F00  	JMP $007F

C0/010D unknow

C0/010D:	A556    	LDA $56          (from C0/00F6)
C0/010F:	F008    	BEQ $0119
C0/0111:	6456    	STZ $56
C0/0113:	203EC1  	JSR $C13E
C0/0116:	4C7F00  	JMP $007F
C0/0119:	204C81  	JSR $814C
C0/011C:	208130  	JSR $3081
C0/011F:	207875  	JSR $7578
C0/0122:	20D02B  	JSR $2BD0
C0/0125:	203C57  	JSR $573C
C0/0128:	20081F  	JSR $1F08
C0/012B:	20C21F  	JSR $1FC2
C0/012E:	208120  	JSR $2081
C0/0131:	200221  	JSR $2102
C0/0134:	202D5A  	JSR $5A2D
C0/0137:	2095CC  	JSR $CC95
C0/013A:	20266D  	JSR $6D26
C0/013D:	20AC73  	JSR $73AC
C0/0140:	20AF06  	JSR $06AF
C0/0143:	202308  	JSR $0823
C0/0146:	20BD0B  	JSR $0BBD
C0/0149:	20046A  	JSR $6A04
C0/014C:	A546    	LDA $46
C0/014E:	D003    	BNE $0153
C0/0150:	9C3206  	STZ $0632
C0/0153:	AD3721  	LDA $2137
C0/0156:	AD3C21  	LDA $213C
C0/0159:	8D3006  	STA $0630
C0/015C:	AD3C21  	LDA $213C
C0/015F:	AD3D21  	LDA $213D
C0/0162:	8D3106  	STA $0631
C0/0165:	AD3D21  	LDA $213D
C0/0168:	AD3106  	LDA $0631
C0/016B:	CD3206  	CMP $0632
C0/016E:	9003    	BCC $0173
C0/0170:	8D3206  	STA $0632
C0/0173:	20D4C5  	JSR $C5D4
C0/0176:	4C2BC6  	JMP $C62B
C0/0179:	4C8500  	JMP $0085
C0/017C:	207403  	JSR $0374
C0/017F:	4C7F00  	JMP $007F

C0/0182 unknow (NMI related)

C0/0182:	08      	PHP            (NMI already pushes the processor...)
C0/0183:	C230    	REP #$30
C0/0185:	48      	PHA
C0/0186:	DA      	PHX
C0/0187:	5A      	PHY
C0/0188:	8B      	PHB
C0/0189:	0B      	PHD
C0/018A:	C210    	REP #$10       (16 bit index registers)
C0/018C:	E220    	SEP #$20       (8 bit accum./memory)
C0/018E:	A20000  	LDX #$0000
C0/0191:	DA      	PHX
C0/0192:	2B      	PLD            (DP register holds #$0000)
C0/0193:	7B      	TDC 
C0/0194:	48      	PHA
C0/0195:	AB      	PLB            (data bank register holds #$00)
C0/0196:	AD1042  	LDA $4210
C0/0199:	9C0B42  	STZ $420B      (turn off DMA)
C0/019C:	9C0C42  	STZ $420C      (turn off HDMA)
C0/019F:	A9A1    	LDA #$A1
C0/01A1:	8D0042  	STA $4200
C0/01A4:	205F0F  	JSR $0F5F
C0/01A7:	200110  	JSR $1001
C0/01AA:	20BF0F  	JSR $0FBF
C0/01AD:	20371E  	JSR $1E37
C0/01B0:	AD8605  	LDA $0586
C0/01B3:	C902    	CMP #$02
C0/01B5:	D006    	BNE $01BD
C0/01B7:	20782A  	JSR $2A78
C0/01BA:	9C8605  	STZ $0586
C0/01BD:	AD8805  	LDA $0588
C0/01C0:	C902    	CMP #$02
C0/01C2:	D008    	BNE $01CC
C0/01C4:	20FB2A  	JSR $2AFB
C0/01C7:	9C8805  	STZ $0588
C0/01CA:	801C    	BRA $01E8
C0/01CC:	AD8505  	LDA $0585
C0/01CF:	C902    	CMP #$02
C0/01D1:	D006    	BNE $01D9
C0/01D3:	20472A  	JSR $2A47
C0/01D6:	9C8505  	STZ $0585
C0/01D9:	AD8705  	LDA $0587
C0/01DC:	C902    	CMP #$02
C0/01DE:	D008    	BNE $01E8
C0/01E0:	20CA2A  	JSR $2ACA
C0/01E3:	9C8705  	STZ $0587
C0/01E6:	80E4    	BRA $01CC
C0/01E8:	AD8A05  	LDA $058A
C0/01EB:	C902    	CMP #$02
C0/01ED:	D008    	BNE $01F7
C0/01EF:	207E2B  	JSR $2B7E
C0/01F2:	9C8A05  	STZ $058A
C0/01F5:	800D    	BRA $0204
C0/01F7:	AD8905  	LDA $0589
C0/01FA:	C902    	CMP #$02
C0/01FC:	D006    	BNE $0204
C0/01FE:	204D2B  	JSR $2B4D
C0/0201:	9C8905  	STZ $0589
C0/0204:	207B67  	JSR $677B
C0/0207:	203E88  	JSR $883E
C0/020A:	200386  	JSR $8603
C0/020D:	20B085  	JSR $85B0
C0/0210:	A9E0    	LDA #$E0
C0/0212:	8D3221  	STA $2132
C0/0215:	9C0B42  	STZ $420B      (turn off DMA)
C0/0218:	A943    	LDA #$43
C0/021A:	8D0043  	STA $4300
C0/021D:	A90F    	LDA #$0F
C0/021F:	8D0143  	STA $4301
C0/0222:	A2517C  	LDX #$7C51
C0/0225:	8E0243  	STX $4302
C0/0228:	A97E    	LDA #$7E
C0/022A:	8D0443  	STA $4304
C0/022D:	8D0743  	STA $4307
C0/0230:	AD2105  	LDA $0521
C0/0233:	2908    	AND #$08
C0/0235:	4A      	LSR A
C0/0236:	4A      	LSR A
C0/0237:	4A      	LSR A
C0/0238:	09FE    	ORA #$FE
C0/023A:	8D0C42  	STA $420C
C0/023D:	20B642  	JSR $42B6
C0/0240:	205310  	JSR $1053
C0/0243:	20370E  	JSR $0E37
C0/0246:	209B3B  	JSR $3B9B
C0/0249:	203C06  	JSR $063C
C0/024C:	206D05  	JSR $056D
C0/024F:	220C00C3	JSL $C3000C    (adjust game-time)
C0/0253:	E646    	INC $46
C0/0255:	E645    	INC $45
C0/0257:	E655    	INC $55
C0/0259:	C230    	REP #$30
C0/025B:	2B      	PLD 
C0/025C:	AB      	PLB
C0/025D:	7A      	PLY
C0/025E:	FA      	PLX
C0/025F:	68      	PLA
C0/0260:	28      	PLP            (pull what was pointlessly pushed)
C0/0261:	40      	RTI

C0/0262 unknow (IRQ related)

C0/0262:	08      	PHP            (IRQ already pushes the processor...)
C0/0263:	C230    	REP #$30
C0/0265:	48      	PHA
C0/0266:	DA      	PHX
C0/0267:	5A      	PHY
C0/0268:	8B      	PHB
C0/0269:	0B      	PHD
C0/026A:	C210    	REP #$10      (16 bit index registers)
C0/026C:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit accum./memory)
C0/026E:	A20000  	LDX #$0000
C0/0271:	DA      	PHX
C0/0272:	2B      	PLD            (made the direct page reg. hold #$0000)
C0/0273:	7B      	TDC 
C0/0274:	48      	PHA
C0/0275:	AB      	PLB           (made the data bank reg. hold #$00)
C0/0276:	AD1142  	LDA $4211
C0/0279:	1015    	BPL $0290
C0/027B:	A981    	LDA #$81
C0/027D:	8D0042  	STA $4200
C0/0280:	9C0C42  	STZ $420C      (turn off HDMA)
C0/0283:	A545    	LDA $45
C0/0285:	4A      	LSR A
C0/0286:	B005    	BCS $028D
C0/0288:	203F90  	JSR $903F
C0/028B:	8003    	BRA $0290
C0/028D:	207891  	JSR $9178
C0/0290:	C230    	REP #$30
C0/0292:	2B      	PLD 
C0/0293:	AB      	PLB
C0/0294:	7A      	PLY
C0/0295:	FA      	PLX
C0/0296:	68      	PLA
C0/0297:	28      	PLP            (pull what was pointlessly pushed)
C0/0298:	40      	RTI

C0/0299 calculate game checksum

C0/0299:	A20000  	LDX #$0000     (LDX $00 would work)
C0/029C:	861E    	STX $1E
C0/029E:	862A    	STX $2A
C0/02A0:	A9C0    	LDA #$C0
C0/02A2:	852C    	STA $2C
C0/02A4:	A00000  	LDY #$0000     (LDY $00 would work)
C0/02A7:	B72A    	LDA [$2A],Y
C0/02A9:	18      	CLC
C0/02AA:	651E    	ADC $1E
C0/02AC:	851E    	STA $1E
C0/02AE:	7B      	TDC 
C0/02AF:	651F    	ADC $1F
C0/02B1:	851F    	STA $1F
C0/02B3:	C8      	INY 
C0/02B4:	D0F1    	BNE $02A7
C0/02B6:	A52C    	LDA $2C
C0/02B8:	1A      	INC A
C0/02B9:	852C    	STA $2C        (INC $2C then LDA $2C would work...)
C0/02BB:	C9F0    	CMP #$F0       (have we hit bank F0 yet? this signifies no more ROM to read)
C0/02BD:	D0E5    	BNE $02A4      (branch if not)
C0/02C3:	C51F    	CMP $1F
C0/02C5:	D009    	BNE $02D0
C0/02CB:	C51E    	CMP $1E
C0/02CD:	D001    	BNE $02D0
C0/02CF:	60      	RTS
C0/02D0:	4CD002  	JMP $02D0      (jump to itself, hence an infinite loop)

C0/02D3 unknow

C0/02D3:	8D0113  	STA $1301      (from C0/4D02, C0/4D08, C0/4DFE, C0/B856, C0/C0F8)
C0/02D6:	A918    	LDA #$18
C0/02D8:	8D0013    	STA $1300
C0/02DB:	A980    	LDA #$80
C0/02DD:	8D0213    	LDA $1302
C0/02E0:	220400C5	JSL $C50004    (play a song)
C0/02E4:	60      	RTS

C0/02E5 unknow

C0/02E5:	DA      	PHX			(from only C0/4C78)
C0/02E6:	5A      	PHY
C0/02E7:	A600    	LDX $00
C0/02E9:	A00000  	LDY #$0000     (LDY $00...)
C0/02EC:	6425    	STZ $25
C0/02EE:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit accum./memory)
C0/02F0:	A522    	LDA $22
C0/02F2:	38      	SEC 
C0/02F3:	FF2E03C0	SBC $C0032E,X
C0/02F7:	8522    	STA $22
C0/02F9:	A524    	LDA $24
C0/02FB:	FF3E03C0	SBC $C0033E,X
C0/02FF:	8524    	STA $24
C0/0301:	9004    	BCC $0307      (branch only if the result wrapped)
C0/0303:	C8      	INY 
C0/0304:	4CEE02  	JMP $02EE      (no BRA?)
C0/0307:	A522    	LDA $22
C0/0309:	18      	CLC
C0/030A:	7F2E03C0	ADC $C0032E,X
C0/030E:	8522    	STA $22
C0/0310:	A524    	LDA $24
C0/0312:	7F3E03C0	ADC $C0033E,X
C0/0316:	8524    	STA $24
C0/0318:	7B      	TDC 
C0/0319:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit accum./memory)
C0/031B:	DA      	PHX
C0/031C:	8A      	TXA
C0/031D:	4A      	LSR A
C0/031E:	AA      	TAX
C0/031F:	98      	TYA
C0/0320:	9D5407  	STA $0754,X
C0/0323:	FA      	PLX
C0/0324:	E8      	INX
C0/0325:	E8      	INX
C0/0326:	E01000  	CPX #$0010
C0/0329:	D0BE    	BNE $02E9
C0/032B:	7A      	PLY
C0/032C:	FA      	PLX
C0/032D:	60      	RTS

C0/032E unknow (data)

C0/032E:	8096    	
C0/0330:	4042      	
C0/0332:	A086    	
C0/0334:	1027    	
C0/0336:	E803    	
C0/0338:	6400    	
C0/033A:	0A00    	
C0/033C:	0100 
C0/033E:	9800    	
C0/0340:	0F00    	
C0/0342:	0100    	
C0/0344:	0000    	
C0/0346:	0000    	
C0/0348:	0000    	
C0/034A:	0000    	
C0/034C:	0000    	

C0/034E unknow

C0/034E:	ADB91E    	LDA $1EB9      (from only C0/C0B4)
C0/0351:	2910    	AND #10        (song override in place?)
C0/0353:	D00A    	BNE $035F      (branch if so)
C0/0355:	AD3C05  	LDA $053C
C0/0358:	F019    	BEQ $0373
C0/035A:	8D801F  	STA $1F80
C0/035D:	8003    	BRA $0362
C0/035F:	AD801F  	LDA $1F80
C0/0362:	8D0113  	STA $1301
C0/0365:	A910    	LDA #$10
C0/0367:	8D0013  	STA $1300
C0/036A:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C0/036C:	8D0213  	STA $1302
C0/036F:	220400C5	JSL $C50004
C0/0373:	60      	RTS

C0/0374 unknow

C0/0374:	9C0B42  	STZ $420B      
C0/0377:	9C0C42  	STZ $420C      (turn off HDMA)
C0/037A:	A980    	LDA #$80
C0/037C:	8D0021  	STA $2100
C0/037F:	A900    	LDA #$00
C0/0381:	8D0042  	STA $4200
C0/0384:	78      	SEI 
C0/0385:	60      	RTS

C0/0386 unknow

C0/0386:	AD1042  	LDA $4210
C0/0389:	10FB    	BPL $0386
C0/038B:	A981    	LDA #$81
C0/038D:	8D0042  	STA $4200
C0/0390:	A900    	LDA #$00
C0/0392:	8D0021  	STA $2100
C0/0395:	58      	CLI 
C0/0396:	60      	RTS

C0/0397 unknow

C0/0397:	9C0502  	STZ $0205      (from only C0/009E)
C0/039A:	9C0B42  	STZ $420B      (turn off DMA)
C0/039D:	9C0C42  	STZ $420C      (turn off HDMA)
C0/03A0:	A98F    	LDA #$8F
C0/03A2:	8D0021  	STA $2100
C0/03A5:	A900    	LDA #$00
C0/03A7:	8D0042  	STA $4200      (turn off NMI, auto joypad read, etc)
C0/03AA:	A6E5    	LDX $E5
C0/03AC:	D00F    	BNE $03BD
C0/03AE:	A5E7    	LDA $E7
C0/03B0:	C9CA    	CMP #$CA
C0/03B2:	D009    	BNE $03BD
C0/03B4:	9CFD11  	STZ $11FD
C0/03B7:	9CFE11  	STZ $11FE
C0/03BA:	9CFF11  	STZ $11FF
C0/03BD:	200505  	JSR $0505
C0/03C0:	209170  	JSR $7091
C0/03C3:	20216F  	JSR $6F21
C0/03C6:	20886E  	JSR $6E88
C0/03C9:	AE0308  	LDX $0803
C0/03CC:	8EA61F  	STX $1FA6
C0/03CF:	AC0308  	LDY $0803
C0/03D2:	B97908  	LDA $0879,Y
C0/03D5:	8DFB11  	STA $11FB
C0/03D8:	8C0442  	STY $4204
C0/03DB:	A929    	LDA #$29
C0/03DD:	8D0642  	STA $4206      (to be divided by 41)
C0/03E0:	EA      	NOP
C0/03E1:	EA      	NOP
C0/03E2:	EA      	NOP
C0/03E3:	EA      	NOP
C0/03E4:	EA      	NOP
C0/03E5:	EA      	NOP
C0/03E6:	EA      	NOP
C0/03E7:	AC1442  	LDY $4214      (load the result)
C0/03EA:	B9701F  	LDA $1F70,Y    (palette number?)
C0/03ED:	4A      	LSR A
C0/03EE:	8DFC11  	STA $11FC
C0/03F1:	48      	PHA
C0/03F2:	DA      	PHX
C0/03F3:	5A      	PHY
C0/03F4:	0B      	PHD
C0/03F5:	8B      	PHB
C0/03F6:	08      	PHP 
C0/03F7:	220000EE	JSL $EE0000    (Is this the decompression routine?)
C0/03FB:	28      	PLP 
C0/03FC:	AB      	PLB
C0/03FD:	2B      	PLD 
C0/03FE:	7A      	PLY
C0/03FF:	FA      	PLX
C0/0400:	68      	PLA
C0/0401:	78      	SEI 
C0/0402:	9C0B42  	STZ $420B      (turn off DMA)
C0/0405:	9C0C42  	STZ $420C      (turn off HDMA)
C0/0408:	A98F    	LDA #$8F
C0/040A:	8D0021  	STA $2100
C0/040D:	A900    	LDA #$00
C0/040F:	8D0042  	STA $4200      (turn off NMI, auto joypad read, etc)
C0/0412:	EB      	XBA
C0/0413:	207305  	JSR $0573      (set C0's NMI and IRQ)
C0/0416:	201505  	JSR $0515      (Copy 256 bytes of RAM from 1200-12FF to 0000-00FF)
C0/0419:	207770  	JSR $7077
C0/041C:	20BF6E  	JSR $6EBF
C0/041F:	AD4E1D  	LDA $1D4E      (load miscellaneous settings)
C0/0422:	2907    	AND #$07       (isolate the wallpaper)
C0/0424:	8D6505  	STA $0565      (save the wallpaper)
C0/0427:	C220    	REP #$20       (16 bit accum./memory)
C0/0429:	AD641F  	LDA $1F64      (load map number)
C0/042C:	851E    	STA $1E
C0/042E:	29FF01  	AND #$01FF     (isolate the map number)
C0/0431:	8D641F  	STA $1F64      (save map number, without the flags)
C0/0434:	AD661F  	LDA $1F66      (load position to appear at)
C0/0437:	8DC01F  	STA $1FC0      (save it)
C0/043A:	7B      	TDC 
C0/043B:	E220    	SEP #$20       (8 bit accum./memory)
C0/043D:	A51F    	LDA $1F        (load upper map byte)
C0/043F:	2930    	AND #$30       (mask two bits)
C0/0441:	4A      	LSR A
C0/0442:	4A      	LSR A
C0/0443:	4A      	LSR A
C0/0444:	4A      	LSR A          (shift to the lower nybble)
C0/0445:	8D4307  	STA $0743
C0/0448:	A51F    	LDA $1F        (load upper map byte)
C0/044A:	2908    	AND #$08       (mask location name flag)
C0/044C:	8D4507  	STA $0745      (set location name to appear when map loads)
C0/044F:	AEFD11  	LDX $11FD
C0/0452:	86E5    	STX $E5
C0/0454:	ADFF11  	LDA $11FF
C0/0457:	85E7    	STA $E7
C0/0459:	C9CA    	CMP #$CA
C0/045B:	D00E    	BNE $046B
C0/045D:	E00000  	CPX #$0000
C0/0460:	D009    	BNE $046B
C0/0462:	A600    	LDX $00
C0/0464:	86E8    	STX $E8
C0/0466:	A980    	LDA #$80
C0/0468:	8DFA11  	STA $11FA
C0/046B:	60      	RTS

C0/046C LZ decompression routine

(Note that this routine is identical to C2/FF6D except that C2/FF6D does a save/set/restore on the direct page register.)
C0/046C:	8B      	PHB           
C0/046D:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit accum./memory)
C0/046F:	A7F3    	LDA [$F3]
C0/0471:	85FC    	STA $FC
C0/0473:	A5F6    	LDA $F6
C0/0475:	8F812100	STA $002181
C0/0479:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit accum./memory)
C0/047B:	A5F8    	LDA $F8
C0/047D:	2901    	AND #$01
C0/047F:	8F832100	STA $002183
C0/0483:	A901    	LDA #$01
C0/0485:	85FE    	STA $FE
C0/0487:	A00200  	LDY #$0002
C0/048A:	A97F    	LDA #$7F
C0/048C:	48      	PHA
C0/048D:	AB      	PLB           (set bank to 7F)
C0/048E:	A200F8  	LDX #$F800
C0/0491:	7B      	TDC 
C0/0492:	9D0000  	STA $0000,X
C0/0495:	E8      	INX
C0/0496:	D0FA    	BNE $0492
C0/0498:	A2DEFF  	LDX #$FFDE
C0/049B:	C6FE    	DEC $FE
C0/049D:	D009    	BNE $04A8
C0/049F:	A908    	LDA #$08
C0/04A1:	85FE    	STA $FE
C0/04A3:	B7F3    	LDA [$F3],Y
C0/04A5:	85FF    	STA $FF
C0/04A7:	C8      	INY 
C0/04A8:	46FF    	LSR $FF
C0/04AA:	9011    	BCC $04BD
C0/04AC:	B7F3    	LDA [$F3],Y
C0/04AE:	8F802100	STA $002180
C0/04B2:	9D0000  	STA $0000,X
C0/04B5:	E8      	INX
C0/04B6:	D037    	BNE $04EF
C0/04B8:	A200F8  	LDX #$F800
C0/04BB:	8032    	BRA $04EF
C0/04BD:	B7F3    	LDA [$F3],Y
C0/04BF:	EB      	XBA
C0/04C0:	C8      	INY 
C0/04C1:	84F9    	STY $F9
C0/04C3:	B7F3    	LDA [$F3],Y
C0/04C5:	4A      	LSR A
C0/04C6:	4A      	LSR A
C0/04C7:	4A      	LSR A
C0/04C8:	18      	CLC
C0/04C9:	6903    	ADC #$03
C0/04CB:	85FB    	STA $FB
C0/04CD:	B7F3    	LDA [$F3],Y
C0/04CF:	09F8    	ORA #$F8
C0/04D1:	EB      	XBA
C0/04D2:	A8      	TAY
C0/04D3:	B90000  	LDA $0000,Y
C0/04D6:	8F802100	STA $002180
C0/04DA:	9D0000  	STA $0000,X
C0/04DD:	E8      	INX
C0/04DE:	D003    	BNE $04E3
C0/04E0:	A200F8  	LDX #$F800
C0/04E3:	C8      	INY 
C0/04E4:	D003    	BNE $04E9
C0/04E6:	A000F8  	LDY #$F800
C0/04E9:	C6FB    	DEC $FB
C0/04EB:	D0E6    	BNE $04D3
C0/04ED:	A4F9    	LDY $F9
C0/04EF:	C8      	INY 
C0/04F0:	C4FC    	CPY $FC
C0/04F2:	D0A7    	BNE $049B
C0/04F4:	7B      	TDC 
C0/04F5:	EB      	XBA
C0/04F6:	AB      	PLB
C0/04F7:	6B      	RTL

C0/04F8 clean first 256 bytes of RAM

C0/04F8:	A20000  	LDX #$0000
C0/04FB:	9E0000  	STZ $0000,X
C0/04FE:	E8      	INX
C0/04FF:	E00001  	CPX #$0100     (LDX #$00FF DEX BPL would've worked just as easily)
C0/0502:	D0F7    	BNE $04FB
C0/0504:	60      	RTS

C0/0505 copy 256 bytes of RAM from 0000-00FF to 1200-12FF

C0/0505:	A20000  	LDX #$0000     
C0/0508:	BD0000  	LDA $0000,X
C0/050B:	9D0012  	STA $1200,X
C0/050E:	E8      	INX
C0/050F:	E00001  	CPX #$0100
C0/0512:	D0F4    	BNE $0508
C0/0514:	60      	RTS

C0/0515 copy 256 bytes of RAM from 1200-12FF to 0000-00FF

C0/0515:	A20000  	LDX #$0000     
C0/0518:	BD0012  	LDA $1200,X
C0/051B:	9D0000  	STA $0000,X
C0/051E:	E8      	INX
C0/051F:	E00001  	CPX #$0100
C0/0522:	D0F4    	BNE $0518
C0/0524:	60      	RTS

C0/0525 unknow

C0/0525:	7B      	TDC            (from only C0/003F)
C0/0526:	AA      	TAX
C0/0527:	8E8121  	STX $2181
C0/052A:	8D8321  	STA $2183
C0/052D:	A22001  	LDX #$0120
C0/0530:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C0/0533:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C0/0536:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C0/0539:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C0/053C:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C0/053F:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C0/0542:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C0/0545:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C0/0548:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C0/054B:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C0/054E:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C0/0551:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C0/0554:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C0/0557:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C0/055A:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C0/055D:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C0/0560:	CA      	DEX
C0/0561:	D0CD    	BNE $0530
C0/0563:	60      	RTS

C0/0564 unknow

C0/0564:	6455    	STZ $55        (from C0/00AA, C0/C102)
C0/0566:	A555    	LDA $55
C0/0568:	F0FC    	BEQ $0566
C0/056A:	6455    	STZ $55
C0/056C:	60      	RTS

C0/056D unknow

C0/056D:	220900C3	JSL $C30009    (from only C0/024C)
C0/0571:	7B      	TDC 
C0/0572:	60      	RTS

C0/0573 set NMI and IRQ points

C0/0573:	A95C    	LDA #$5C       
C0/0575:	8D0015  	STA $1500
C0/0578:	8D0415  	STA $1504
C0/057B:	A28201  	LDX #$0182
C0/057E:	8E0115  	STX $1501
C0/0581:	A9C0    	LDA #$C0
C0/0583:	8D0315  	STA $1503      (set NMI to JMP $C00182)
C0/0586:	A26202  	LDX #$0262
C0/0589:	8E0515  	STX $1505
C0/058C:	A9C0    	LDA #$C0       (A should still hold this value)
C0/058E:	8D0715  	STA $1507      (set IRQ to JMP $C00262)
C0/0591:	60      	RTS

C0/0592 unknow

C0/0592:	A980    	LDA #$80       (from only C0/BF5B)
C0/0594:	8D0021  	STA $2100
C0/0597:	A900    	LDA #$00
C0/0599:	8D0042  	STA $4200      (STZ $4200...turn off NMI, auto joypad read, etc)
C0/059C:	9C0B42  	STZ $420B      (turn off DMA)
C0/059F:	9C0C42  	STZ $420C      (turn off HDMA)
C0/05A2:	A903    	LDA #$03
C0/05A4:	0960    	ORA #$60       (there had better be a branch or jump that goes here...)
C0/05A6:	8D0121  	STA $2101
C0/05A9:	9C0221  	STZ $2102
C0/05AC:	9C0321  	STZ $2103
C0/05AF:	A909    	LDA #$09
C0/05B1:	8D0521  	STA $2105
C0/05B4:	9C0621  	STZ $2106
C0/05B7:	A948    	LDA #$48
C0/05B9:	8D0721  	STA $2107
C0/05BC:	A950    	LDA #$50
C0/05BE:	8D0821  	STA $2108
C0/05C1:	A958    	LDA #$58
C0/05C3:	8D0921  	STA $2109
C0/05C6:	A900    	LDA #$00
C0/05C8:	8D0B21  	STA $210B
C0/05CB:	A903    	LDA #$03
C0/05CD:	8D0C21  	STA $210C
C0/05D0:	A980    	LDA #$80
C0/05D2:	8D1521  	STA $2115
C0/05D5:	8D2121  	STA $2121
C0/05D8:	A933    	LDA #$33
C0/05DA:	8D2321  	STA $2123
C0/05DD:	A903    	LDA #$03
C0/05DF:	8D2421  	STA $2124
C0/05E2:	A9F3    	LDA #$F3
C0/05E4:	8D2521  	STA $2125
C0/05E7:	A908    	LDA #$08
C0/05E9:	8D2621  	STA $2126
C0/05EC:	A9F7    	LDA #$F7
C0/05EE:	8D2721  	STA $2127
C0/05F1:	A900    	LDA #$00
C0/05F3:	8D2821  	STA $2128
C0/05F6:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C0/05F8:	8D2921  	STA $2129
C0/05FB:	A900    	LDA #$00
C0/05FD:	8D2A21  	STA $212A
C0/0600:	A900    	LDA #$00
C0/0602:	8D2B21  	STA $212B
C0/0605:	A917    	LDA #$17
C0/0607:	8D2E21  	STA $212E
C0/060A:	9C2F21  	STZ $212F
C0/060D:	A922    	LDA #$22
C0/060F:	8D3021  	STA $2130
C0/0612:	A9E0    	LDA #$E0
C0/0614:	8D3221  	STA $2132
C0/0617:	A900    	LDA #$00
C0/0619:	8D3321  	STA $2133
C0/061C:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C0/061E:	8D0142  	STA $4201
C0/0621:	9C0742  	STZ $4207
C0/0624:	9C0842  	STZ $4208
C0/0627:	A2D700  	LDX #$00D7
C0/062A:	8E0942  	STX $4209
C0/062D:	60      	RTS

C0/062E random number generator

C0/062E:	DA      	PHX            (from C0/0EDB, C0/0EFD, C0/7B0C, C0/7B19, C0/7BB1, C0/B271)
C0/062F:	EE6D1F  	INC $1F6D      (increment RNG index in SRAM)
C0/0632:	AD6D1F  	LDA $1F6D      (load RNG index from SRAM)
C0/0635:	AA      	TAX
C0/0636:	BF00FDC0	LDA $C0FD00,X  (Load Xth entry of Random number table)
C0/063A:	FA      	PLX
C0/063B:	60      	RTS

C0/063C unknow

C0/063C:	AD7B07  	LDA $077B		(from only C0/0249)
C0/063F:	D00E    	BNE $064F
C0/0641:	AD8107  	LDA $0781
C0/0644:	D009    	BNE $064F
C0/0646:	AD2105  	LDA $0521
C0/0649:	2920    	AND #$20
C0/064B:	D002    	BNE $064F
C0/064D:	801E    	BRA $066D
C0/064F:	AD2605  	LDA $0526
C0/0652:	2903    	AND #$03
C0/0654:	0A      	ASL A
C0/0655:	0A      	ASL A
C0/0656:	AA      	TAX
C0/0657:	BF7D06C0	LDA $C0067D,X
C0/065B:	8D2321  	STA $2123
C0/065E:	BF7E06C0	LDA $C0067E,X
C0/0662:	8D2421  	STA $2124
C0/0665:	BF7F06C0	LDA $C0067F,X
C0/0669:	8D2521  	STA $2125
C0/066C:	60      	RTS

C0/066D unknow

C0/066D:	A933    	LDA #$33		(from C0/064D)
C0/066F:	8D2321  	STA $2123
C0/0672:	A903    	LDA #$03
C0/0674:	8D2421  	STA $2124
C0/0677:	A9F3    	LDA #$F3
C0/0679:	8D2521  	STA $2125
C0/067C:	60      	RTS

C0/067D unknow (data)

C0/067D:	3303    	AND ($03,S),Y	
C0/067F:	F300    	SBC ($00,S),Y
C0/0681:	B303    	LDA ($03,S),Y
C0/0683:	F300    	SBC ($00,S),Y
C0/0685:	FF0FFF00	SBC $00FF0F,X
C0/0689:	330F    	AND ($0F,S),Y
C0/068B:	F300    	SBC ($00,S),Y

C0/068D unknow

C0/068D:	EE6605  	INC $0566
C0/0690:	AD6605  	LDA $0566
C0/0693:	4A      	LSR A
C0/0694:	B008    	BCS $069E
C0/0696:	A2B38C  	LDX #$8CB3
C0/0699:	8E8121  	STX $2181
C0/069C:	8006    	BRA $06A4
C0/069E:	A2538E  	LDX #$8E53
C0/06A1:	8E8121  	STX $2181
C0/06A4:	A97E    	LDA #$7E
C0/06A6:	8D8321  	STA $2183
C0/06A9:	A9D0    	LDA #$D0
C0/06AB:	206E0B  	JSR $0B6E
C0/06AE:	60      	RTS

C0/06AF unknow

C0/06AF:	AD7B07  	LDA $077B		(from only C0/0140)
C0/06B2:	3001    	BMI $06B5
C0/06B4:	60      	RTS
C0/06B5:	291F    	AND #$1F		(from C0/06B5)
C0/06B7:	0A      	ASL A
C0/06B8:	CD7C07  	CMP $077C
C0/06BB:	F010    	BEQ $06CD
C0/06BD:	B008    	BCS $06C7
C0/06BF:	CE7C07  	DEC $077C
C0/06C2:	CE7C07  	DEC $077C
C0/06C5:	8006    	BRA $06CD
C0/06C7:	EE7C07  	INC $077C
C0/06CA:	EE7C07  	INC $077C
C0/06CD:	AC0308  	LDY $0803
C0/06D0:	B96A08  	LDA $086A,Y
C0/06D3:	38      	SEC 
C0/06D4:	E55C    	SBC $5C
C0/06D6:	18      	CLC
C0/06D7:	6910    	ADC #$10
C0/06D9:	8D7D07  	STA $077D
C0/06DC:	B96D08  	LDA $086D,Y
C0/06DF:	38      	SEC 
C0/06E0:	E560    	SBC $60
C0/06E2:	38      	SEC 
C0/06E3:	E908    	SBC #$08
C0/06E5:	8D7E07  	STA $077E
C0/06E8:	EE6605  	INC $0566
C0/06EB:	AD6605  	LDA $0566
C0/06EE:	4A      	LSR A
C0/06EF:	B008    	BCS $06F9
C0/06F1:	A2B38C  	LDX #$8CB3
C0/06F4:	8E8121  	STX $2181
C0/06F7:	8006    	BRA $06FF
C0/06F9:	A2538E  	LDX #$8E53
C0/06FC:	8E8121  	STX $2181
C0/06FF:	A97E    	LDA #$7E
C0/0701:	8D8321  	STA $2183
C0/0704:	AD7C07  	LDA $077C
C0/0707:	851A    	STA $1A
C0/0709:	D009    	BNE $0714
C0/070B:	A9D0    	LDA #$D0
C0/070D:	206E0B  	JSR $0B6E
C0/0710:	9C7B07  	STZ $077B
C0/0713:	60      	RTS
C0/0714:	A20001  	LDX #$0100		(from C0/0709)
C0/0717:	8E0442  	STX $4204
C0/071A:	A51A    	LDA $1A
C0/071C:	8D0642  	STA $4206
C0/071F:	EA      	NOP
C0/0720:	EA      	NOP
C0/0721:	EA      	NOP
C0/0722:	EA      	NOP
C0/0723:	EA      	NOP
C0/0724:	EA      	NOP
C0/0725:	EA      	NOP
C0/0726:	AD1442  	LDA $4214
C0/0729:	8D0242  	STA $4202
C0/072C:	A51A    	LDA $1A
C0/072E:	8527    	STA $27
C0/0730:	A980    	LDA #$80
C0/0732:	8526    	STA $26
C0/0734:	6428    	STZ $28
C0/0736:	6429    	STZ $29
C0/0738:	E210    	SEP #$10      (8 bit index registers)
C0/073A:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit accum./memory) 
C0/073C:	A629    	LDX $29
C0/073E:	8E0342  	STX $4203
C0/0741:	A526    	LDA $26
C0/0743:	38      	SEC 
C0/0744:	ED1642  	SBC $4216
C0/0747:	8526    	STA $26
C0/0749:	3014    	BMI $075F
C0/074B:	EB      	XBA
C0/074C:	9F007B7E	STA $7E7B00,X
C0/0750:	A427    	LDY $27
C0/0752:	8C0342  	STY $4203
C0/0755:	A528    	LDA $28
C0/0757:	18      	CLC
C0/0758:	6D1642  	ADC $4216
C0/075B:	8528    	STA $28
C0/075D:	80DD    	BRA $073C
C0/075F:	7B      	TDC 
C0/0760:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit accum./memory)
C0/0762:	AD7E07  	LDA $077E
C0/0765:	38      	SEC 
C0/0766:	E51A    	SBC $1A
C0/0768:	9003    	BCC $076D
C0/076A:	206E0B  	JSR $0B6E
C0/076D:	AC7D07  	LDY $077D
C0/0770:	A61A    	LDX $1A
C0/0772:	EC7E07  	CPX $077E
C0/0775:	9003    	BCC $077A
C0/0777:	AE7E07  	LDX $077E
C0/077A:	CA      	DEX
C0/077B:	98      	TYA
C0/077C:	38      	SEC 
C0/077D:	FF007B7E	SBC $7E7B00,X
C0/0781:	B001    	BCS $0784
C0/0783:	7B      	TDC 
C0/0784:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C0/0787:	98      	TYA
C0/0788:	18      	CLC
C0/0789:	7F007B7E	ADC $7E7B00,X
C0/078D:	9002    	BCC $0791
C0/078F:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C0/0791:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C0/0794:	CA      	DEX
C0/0795:	D0E4    	BNE $077B
C0/0797:	AC7D07  	LDY $077D
C0/079A:	A61A    	LDX $1A
C0/079C:	AD7E07  	LDA $077E
C0/079F:	C9D0    	CMP #$D0
C0/07A1:	B03C    	BCS $07DF
C0/07A3:	18      	CLC
C0/07A4:	651A    	ADC $1A
C0/07A6:	C9D0    	CMP #$D0
C0/07A8:	9007    	BCC $07B1
C0/07AA:	A9D0    	LDA #$D0
C0/07AC:	38      	SEC 
C0/07AD:	ED7E07  	SBC $077E
C0/07B0:	AA      	TAX
C0/07B1:	862A    	STX $2A
C0/07B3:	A600    	LDX $00
C0/07B5:	98      	TYA
C0/07B6:	38      	SEC 
C0/07B7:	FF007B7E	SBC $7E7B00,X
C0/07BB:	B001    	BCS $07BE
C0/07BD:	7B      	TDC 
C0/07BE:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C0/07C1:	98      	TYA
C0/07C2:	18      	CLC
C0/07C3:	7F007B7E	ADC $7E7B00,X
C0/07C7:	9002    	BCC $07CB
C0/07C9:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C0/07CB:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C0/07CE:	E8      	INX
C0/07CF:	E42A    	CPX $2A
C0/07D1:	D0E2    	BNE $07B5
C0/07D3:	A9D1    	LDA #$D1
C0/07D5:	38      	SEC 
C0/07D6:	E51A    	SBC $1A
C0/07D8:	38      	SEC 
C0/07D9:	ED7E07  	SBC $077E
C0/07DC:	206E0B  	JSR $0B6E
C0/07DF:	C210    	REP #$10      	(16 bit index registers)
C0/07E1:	60      	RTS

C0/07E2 unknow

C0/07E2:	A51A    	LDA $1A		(from C0/0862, C0/0892, C0/08C1)
C0/07E4:	8D0242  	STA $4202
C0/07E7:	4A      	LSR A
C0/07E8:	851A    	STA $1A
C0/07EA:	A51B    	LDA $1B
C0/07EC:	AA      	TAX
C0/07ED:	BF6DFEC2	LDA $C2FE6D,X  (load from the sine table)
C0/07F1:	18      	CLC
C0/07F2:	6980    	ADC #$80
C0/07F4:	8D0342  	STA $4203
C0/07F7:	EA      	NOP
C0/07F8:	EA      	NOP
C0/07F9:	EA      	NOP
C0/07FA:	AD1742  	LDA $4217
C0/07FD:	38      	SEC 
C0/07FE:	E51A    	SBC $1A
C0/0800:	60      	RTS

C0/0801 unknow

C0/0801:	A51A    	LDA $1A		(from C0/0871, C0/08A0, C0/08CF)
C0/0803:	8D0242  	STA $4202		
C0/0806:	4A      	LSR A
C0/0807:	851A    	STA $1A
C0/0809:	A51B    	LDA $1B
C0/080B:	18      	CLC
C0/080C:	6940    	ADC #$40
C0/080E:	AA      	TAX           (BRA $07EC?)
C0/080F:	BF6DFEC2	LDA $C2FE6D,X  (load from the sine table)
C0/0813:	18      	CLC
C0/0814:	6980    	ADC #$80
C0/0816:	8D0342  	STA $4203
C0/0819:	EA      	NOP
C0/081A:	EA      	NOP
C0/081B:	EA      	NOP
C0/081C:	AD1742  	LDA $4217
C0/081F:	38      	SEC 
C0/0820:	E51A    	SBC $1A
C0/0822:	60      	RTS

C0/0823 unknow

C0/0823:	AD8107  	LDA $0781		(from only C0/0143)
C0/0826:	D001    	BNE $0829
C0/0828:	60      	RTS
C0/0829:	AC7F07  	LDY $077F		(from C0/0826)
C0/082C:	B96A08  	LDA $086A,Y
C0/082F:	38      	SEC 
C0/0830:	E55C    	SBC $5C
C0/0832:	18      	CLC
C0/0833:	6910    	ADC #$10
C0/0835:	8D7D07  	STA $077D
C0/0838:	B96D08  	LDA $086D,Y
C0/083B:	38      	SEC 
C0/083C:	E560    	SBC $60
C0/083E:	8D7E07  	STA $077E
C0/0841:	C221    	REP #$21
C0/0843:	AD9007  	LDA $0790
C0/0846:	18      	CLC
C0/0847:	694000  	ADC #$0040
C0/084A:	8D9007  	STA $0790
C0/084D:	7B      	TDC 
C0/084E:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit accum./memory)
C0/0850:	AD9007  	LDA $0790
C0/0853:	29C0    	AND #$C0
C0/0855:	851B    	STA $1B
C0/0857:	AD9107  	LDA $0791
C0/085A:	0A      	ASL A
C0/085B:	18      	CLC
C0/085C:	651B    	ADC $1B
C0/085E:	851B    	STA $1B
C0/0860:	641A    	STZ $1A
C0/0862:	20E207  	JSR $07E2      (notice each time this is called...)
C0/0865:	18      	CLC
C0/0866:	6D7E07  	ADC $077E      (...these 2 lines follow it)
C0/0869:	38      	SEC 
C0/086A:	E930    	SBC #$30
C0/086C:	8D5D07  	STA $075D
C0/086F:	641A    	STZ $1A
C0/0871:	200108  	JSR $0801
C0/0874:	18      	CLC
C0/0875:	6D7D07  	ADC $077D
C0/0878:	8D5C07  	STA $075C
C0/087B:	AD9007  	LDA $0790
C0/087E:	29C0    	AND #$C0
C0/0880:	851B    	STA $1B
C0/0882:	AD9107  	LDA $0791
C0/0885:	0A      	ASL A
C0/0886:	18      	CLC
C0/0887:	651B    	ADC $1B
C0/0889:	38      	SEC 
C0/088A:	E920    	SBC #$20
C0/088C:	851B    	STA $1B
C0/088E:	A920    	LDA #$20
C0/0890:	851A    	STA $1A
C0/0892:	20E207  	JSR $07E2
C0/0895:	18      	CLC
C0/0896:	6D7E07  	ADC $077E
C0/0899:	8D5F07  	STA $075F
C0/089C:	A940    	LDA #$40
C0/089E:	851A    	STA $1A
C0/08A0:	200108  	JSR $0801
C0/08A3:	18      	CLC
C0/08A4:	6D7D07  	ADC $077D
C0/08A7:	8D5E07  	STA $075E
C0/08AA:	AD9007  	LDA $0790
C0/08AD:	29C0    	AND #$C0
C0/08AF:	851B    	STA $1B
C0/08B1:	AD9107  	LDA $0791
C0/08B4:	0A      	ASL A
C0/08B5:	18      	CLC
C0/08B6:	651B    	ADC $1B
C0/08B8:	18      	CLC
C0/08B9:	6920    	ADC #$20
C0/08BB:	851B    	STA $1B
C0/08BD:	A920    	LDA #$20
C0/08BF:	851A    	STA $1A
C0/08C1:	20E207  	JSR $07E2
C0/08C4:	18      	CLC
C0/08C5:	6D7E07  	ADC $077E
C0/08C8:	8D6107  	STA $0761
C0/08CB:	A940    	LDA #$40
C0/08CD:	851A    	STA $1A
C0/08CF:	200108  	JSR $0801
C0/08D2:	18      	CLC
C0/08D3:	6D7D07  	ADC $077D
C0/08D6:	8D6007  	STA $0760
C0/08D9:	EE6605  	INC $0566
C0/08DC:	AD6605  	LDA $0566
C0/08DF:	4A      	LSR A
C0/08E0:	B008    	BCS $08EA
C0/08E2:	A2B38C  	LDX #$8CB3
C0/08E5:	8E8121  	STX $2181
C0/08E8:	8006    	BRA $08F0
C0/08EA:	A2538E  	LDX #$8E53
C0/08ED:	8E8121  	STX $2181
C0/08F0:	A97E    	LDA #$7E
C0/08F2:	8D8321  	STA $2183
C0/08F5:	AD5D07  	LDA $075D
C0/08F8:	CD5F07  	CMP $075F
C0/08FB:	900C    	BCC $0909
C0/08FD:	AE5C07  	LDX $075C
C0/0900:	AC5E07  	LDY $075E
C0/0903:	8E5E07  	STX $075E
C0/0906:	8C5C07  	STY $075C
C0/0909:	AD5F07  	LDA $075F
C0/090C:	CD6107  	CMP $0761
C0/090F:	900C    	BCC $091D
C0/0911:	AE5E07  	LDX $075E
C0/0914:	AC6007  	LDY $0760
C0/0917:	8E6007  	STX $0760
C0/091A:	8C5E07  	STY $075E
C0/091D:	AD5D07  	LDA $075D
C0/0920:	CD5F07  	CMP $075F
C0/0923:	900C    	BCC $0931
C0/0925:	AE5C07  	LDX $075C
C0/0928:	AC5E07  	LDY $075E
C0/092B:	8E5E07  	STX $075E
C0/092E:	8C5C07  	STY $075C
C0/0931:	AD5D07  	LDA $075D
C0/0934:	CD5F07  	CMP $075F
C0/0937:	D017    	BNE $0950
C0/0939:	AD5C07  	LDA $075C
C0/093C:	CD5E07  	CMP $075E
C0/093F:	900C    	BCC $094D
C0/0941:	AE5C07  	LDX $075C
C0/0944:	AC5E07  	LDY $075E
C0/0947:	8E5E07  	STX $075E
C0/094A:	8C5C07  	STY $075C
C0/094D:	4C240A  	JMP $0A24		(could use BRL $0A24)

C0/095A unknow

C0/0950:	AD5E07  	LDA $075E
C0/0953:	CD6007  	CMP $0760
C0/0956:	900C    	BCC $0964
C0/0958:	AE5E07  	LDX $075E
C0/095B:	AC6007  	LDY $0760
C0/095E:	8E6007  	STX $0760
C0/0961:	8C5E07  	STY $075E
C0/0964:	AD5F07  	LDA $075F
C0/0967:	CD6107  	CMP $0761
C0/096A:	D003    	BNE $096F
C0/096C:	4C780A  	JMP $0A78		(could use BRL $0A78)
C0/096F:	AD5D07  	LDA $075D
C0/0972:	852C    	STA $2C
C0/0974:	AD5F07  	LDA $075F
C0/0977:	38      	SEC 
C0/0978:	ED5D07  	SBC $075D
C0/097B:	8528    	STA $28
C0/097D:	AD5E07  	LDA $075E
C0/0980:	8526    	STA $26
C0/0982:	AD5C07  	LDA $075C
C0/0985:	8527    	STA $27
C0/0987:	207F0B  	JSR $0B7F
C0/098A:	851A    	STA $1A
C0/098C:	842A    	STY $2A
C0/098E:	AD6107  	LDA $0761
C0/0991:	38      	SEC 
C0/0992:	ED5D07  	SBC $075D
C0/0995:	8528    	STA $28
C0/0997:	AD6007  	LDA $0760
C0/099A:	8526    	STA $26
C0/099C:	AD5C07  	LDA $075C
C0/099F:	8527    	STA $27
C0/09A1:	207F0B  	JSR $0B7F
C0/09A4:	842D    	STY $2D
C0/09A6:	C51A    	CMP $1A
C0/09A8:	D01A    	BNE $09C4
C0/09AA:	A42A    	LDY $2A
C0/09AC:	C42D    	CPY $2D
C0/09AE:	9014    	BCC $09C4
C0/09B0:	AE5E07  	LDX $075E
C0/09B3:	AC6007  	LDY $0760
C0/09B6:	8E6007  	STX $0760
C0/09B9:	8C5E07  	STY $075E
C0/09BC:	A62A    	LDX $2A
C0/09BE:	A42D    	LDY $2D
C0/09C0:	862D    	STX $2D
C0/09C2:	842A    	STY $2A
C0/09C4:	AD6107  	LDA $0761
C0/09C7:	38      	SEC 
C0/09C8:	ED5F07  	SBC $075F
C0/09CB:	902A    	BCC $09F7
C0/09CD:	8528    	STA $28
C0/09CF:	AD6007  	LDA $0760
C0/09D2:	8526    	STA $26
C0/09D4:	38      	SEC 
C0/09D5:	AD5E07  	LDA $075E
C0/09D8:	8527    	STA $27
C0/09DA:	207F0B  	JSR $0B7F
C0/09DD:	8430    	STY $30
C0/09DF:	AD5F07  	LDA $075F
C0/09E2:	8532    	STA $32
C0/09E4:	AD6107  	LDA $0761
C0/09E7:	852F    	STA $2F
C0/09E9:	AD5C07  	LDA $075C
C0/09EC:	C220    	REP #$20      	(16 bit accum./memory)
C0/09EE:	EB      	XBA
C0/09EF:	AA      	TAX
C0/09F0:	A8      	TAY
C0/09F1:	7B      	TDC 
C0/09F2:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit accum./memory)
C0/09F4:	4CC20A  	JMP $0AC2		(could use BRL $0AC2)

C0/09F7 unknow

C0/09F7:	49FF    	EOR #$FF
C0/09F9:	1A      	INC A
C0/09FA:	8528    	STA $28
C0/09FC:	AD5E07  	LDA $075E
C0/09FF:	8526    	STA $26
C0/0A01:	38      	SEC 
C0/0A02:	AD6007  	LDA $0760
C0/0A05:	8527    	STA $27
C0/0A07:	207F0B  	JSR $0B7F
C0/0A0A:	8430    	STY $30
C0/0A0C:	AD6107  	LDA $0761
C0/0A0F:	8532    	STA $32
C0/0A11:	AD5F07  	LDA $075F
C0/0A14:	852F    	STA $2F
C0/0A16:	AD5C07  	LDA $075C
C0/0A19:	C220    	REP #$20      	(16 bit accum./memory) 
C0/0A1B:	EB      	XBA
C0/0A1C:	AA      	TAX
C0/0A1D:	A8      	TAY
C0/0A1E:	7B      	TDC 
C0/0A1F:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit accum./memory)
C0/0A21:	4C180B  	JMP $0B18		(could use BRL $0B18)

C0/0A24 unknow

C0/0A24:	AD6107  	LDA $0761
C0/0A27:	38      	SEC 
C0/0A28:	ED5D07  	SBC $075D
C0/0A2B:	8528    	STA $28
C0/0A2D:	AD6007  	LDA $0760
C0/0A30:	8526    	STA $26
C0/0A32:	AD5C07  	LDA $075C
C0/0A35:	8527    	STA $27
C0/0A37:	207F0B  	JSR $0B7F
C0/0A3A:	842A    	STY $2A
C0/0A3C:	AD6107  	LDA $0761
C0/0A3F:	38      	SEC 
C0/0A40:	ED5F07  	SBC $075F
C0/0A43:	8528    	STA $28
C0/0A45:	AD6007  	LDA $0760
C0/0A48:	8526    	STA $26
C0/0A4A:	AD5E07  	LDA $075E
C0/0A4D:	8527    	STA $27
C0/0A4F:	207F0B  	JSR $0B7F
C0/0A52:	842D    	STY $2D
C0/0A54:	AD5D07  	LDA $075D
C0/0A57:	852C    	STA $2C
C0/0A59:	AD6107  	LDA $0761
C0/0A5C:	8532    	STA $32
C0/0A5E:	852F    	STA $2F
C0/0A60:	C220    	REP #$20      	(16 bit accum./memory)
C0/0A62:	AD5C07  	LDA $075C
C0/0A65:	29FF00  	AND #$00FF
C0/0A68:	EB      	XBA
C0/0A69:	AA      	TAX
C0/0A6A:	AD5E07  	LDA $075E
C0/0A6D:	29FF00  	AND #$00FF
C0/0A70:	EB      	XBA
C0/0A71:	A8      	TAY
C0/0A72:	7B      	TDC 
C0/0A73:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit accum./memory)
C0/0A75:	4CC20A  	JMP $0AC2		(could used BRA $0AC2, saving one byte) 

C0/0A78 unknow

C0/0A78:	AD5F07  	LDA $075F
C0/0A7B:	38      	SEC 
C0/0A7C:	ED5D07  	SBC $075D
C0/0A7F:	8528    	STA $28
C0/0A81:	AD5E07  	LDA $075E
C0/0A84:	8526    	STA $26
C0/0A86:	AD5C07  	LDA $075C
C0/0A89:	8527    	STA $27
C0/0A8B:	207F0B  	JSR $0B7F
C0/0A8E:	842A    	STY $2A
C0/0A90:	AD6107  	LDA $0761
C0/0A93:	38      	SEC 
C0/0A94:	ED5D07  	SBC $075D
C0/0A97:	8528    	STA $28
C0/0A99:	AD6007  	LDA $0760
C0/0A9C:	8526    	STA $26
C0/0A9E:	AD5C07  	LDA $075C
C0/0AA1:	8527    	STA $27
C0/0AA3:	207F0B  	JSR $0B7F
C0/0AA6:	842D    	STY $2D
C0/0AA8:	AD5D07  	LDA $075D
C0/0AAB:	852C    	STA $2C
C0/0AAD:	AD6107  	LDA $0761
C0/0AB0:	852F    	STA $2F
C0/0AB2:	8532    	STA $32
C0/0AB4:	AD5C07  	LDA $075C
C0/0AB7:	C220    	REP #$20      	(16 bit accum./memory)
C0/0AB9:	EB      	XBA
C0/0ABA:	AA      	TAX
C0/0ABB:	A8      	TAY
C0/0ABC:	7B      	TDC 
C0/0ABD:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit accum./memory)
C0/0ABF:	4CC20A  	JMP $0AC2		(could eliminate, saving three bytes)

C0/0AC2 unknow

C0/0AC2:	A52C    	LDA $2C
C0/0AC4:	206E0B  	JSR $0B6E
C0/0AC7:	A532    	LDA $32
C0/0AC9:	38      	SEC 
C0/0ACA:	E52C    	SBC $2C
C0/0ACC:	F01D    	BEQ $0AEB
C0/0ACE:	8522    	STA $22
C0/0AD0:	6423    	STZ $23
C0/0AD2:	C221    	REP #$21
C0/0AD4:	8A      	TXA
C0/0AD5:	18      	CLC
C0/0AD6:	652A    	ADC $2A
C0/0AD8:	AA      	TAX
C0/0AD9:	8D7F21  	STA $217F
C0/0ADC:	98      	TYA
C0/0ADD:	18      	CLC
C0/0ADE:	652D    	ADC $2D
C0/0AE0:	A8      	TAY
C0/0AE1:	8D7F21  	STA $217F
C0/0AE4:	C622    	DEC $22
C0/0AE6:	D0EC    	BNE $0AD4
C0/0AE8:	7B      	TDC 
C0/0AE9:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit accum./memory)
C0/0AEB:	A52F    	LDA $2F
C0/0AED:	38      	SEC 
C0/0AEE:	E532    	SBC $32
C0/0AF0:	F01D    	BEQ $0B0F
C0/0AF2:	8522    	STA $22
C0/0AF4:	6423    	STZ $23
C0/0AF6:	C221    	REP #$21
C0/0AF8:	8A      	TXA
C0/0AF9:	18      	CLC
C0/0AFA:	6530    	ADC $30
C0/0AFC:	AA      	TAX
C0/0AFD:	8D7F21  	STA $217F
C0/0B00:	98      	TYA
C0/0B01:	18      	CLC
C0/0B02:	652D    	ADC $2D
C0/0B04:	A8      	TAY
C0/0B05:	8D7F21  	STA $217F
C0/0B08:	C622    	DEC $22
C0/0B0A:	D0EC    	BNE $0AF8
C0/0B0C:	7B      	TDC 
C0/0B0D:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit accum./memory)
C0/0B0F:	A9D0    	LDA #$D0
C0/0B11:	38      	SEC 
C0/0B12:	E52F    	SBC $2F
C0/0B14:	206E0B  	JSR $0B6E
C0/0B17:	60      	RTS

C0/0B18 unknow

C0/0B18:	A52C    	LDA $2C		(from C0/0A21, via JMP)
C0/0B1A:	206E0B  	JSR $0B6E
C0/0B1D:	A532    	LDA $32
C0/0B1F:	38      	SEC 
C0/0B20:	E52C    	SBC $2C
C0/0B22:	F01D    	BEQ $0B41
C0/0B24:	8522    	STA $22
C0/0B26:	6423    	STZ $23
C0/0B28:	C221    	REP #$21
C0/0B2A:	8A      	TXA
C0/0B2B:	18      	CLC
C0/0B2C:	652A    	ADC $2A
C0/0B2E:	AA      	TAX
C0/0B2F:	8D7F21  	STA $217F
C0/0B32:	98      	TYA
C0/0B33:	18      	CLC
C0/0B34:	652D    	ADC $2D
C0/0B36:	A8      	TAY
C0/0B37:	8D7F21  	STA $217F
C0/0B3A:	C622    	DEC $22
C0/0B3C:	D0EC    	BNE $0B2A
C0/0B3E:	7B      	TDC 
C0/0B3F:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit accum./memory)
C0/0B41:	A52F    	LDA $2F
C0/0B43:	38      	SEC 
C0/0B44:	E532    	SBC $32
C0/0B46:	F01D    	BEQ $0B65
C0/0B48:	8522    	STA $22
C0/0B4A:	6423    	STZ $23
C0/0B4C:	C221    	REP #$21
C0/0B4E:	8A      	TXA
C0/0B4F:	18      	CLC
C0/0B50:	652A    	ADC $2A
C0/0B52:	AA      	TAX
C0/0B53:	8D7F21  	STA $217F
C0/0B56:	98      	TYA
C0/0B57:	18      	CLC
C0/0B58:	6530    	ADC $30
C0/0B5A:	A8      	TAY
C0/0B5B:	8D7F21  	STA $217F
C0/0B5E:	C622    	DEC $22
C0/0B60:	D0EC    	BNE $0B4E
C0/0B62:	7B      	TDC 
C0/0B63:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit accum./memory)
C0/0B65:	A9D0    	LDA #$D0
C0/0B67:	38      	SEC 
C0/0B68:	E52F    	SBC $2F
C0/0B6A:	206E0B  	JSR $0B6E
C0/0B6D:	60      	RTS

C0/0B6E unknow

C0/0B6E:	DA      	PHX		
C0/0B6F:	AA      	TAX
C0/0B70:	F00B    	BEQ $0B7D
C0/0B72:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C0/0B74:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C0/0B77:	9C8021  	STZ $2180
C0/0B7A:	CA      	DEX
C0/0B7B:	D0F7    	BNE $0B74
C0/0B7D:	FA      	PLX
C0/0B7E:	60      	RTS

C0/0B7F division function

C0/0B7F:	A526    	LDA $26        
C0/0B81:	38      	SEC 
C0/0B82:	E527    	SBC $27
C0/0B84:	9015    	BCC $0B9B
C0/0B86:	EB      	XBA            (move to high byte)
C0/0B87:	A8      	TAY            (then transfer all of A to Y)
C0/0B88:	8C0442  	STY $4204
C0/0B8B:	A528    	LDA $28
C0/0B8D:	8D0642  	STA $4206      (divide by contents of $28)
C0/0B90:	7B      	TDC            (2 cycles)
C0/0B91:	EA      	NOP            (4 cycles)
C0/0B92:	EA      	NOP            (6 cycles)
C0/0B93:	EA      	NOP            (8 cycles)
C0/0B94:	EA      	NOP            (10 cycles)
C0/0B95:	EA      	NOP            (12 cycles)
C0/0B96:	EA      	NOP            (14 cycles)
C0/0B97:	AC1442  	LDY $4214      (19 cycles)
C0/0B9A:	60      	RTS

C0/0B9B division function

C0/0B9B:	49FF    	EOR #$FF       (atomic, from C0/0B84, subtract 255)
C0/0B9D:	1A      	INC A          (and add 1)
C0/0B9E:	EB      	XBA            (move to the high byte)
C0/0B9F:	A8      	TAY            (then transfer all of A to Y)
C0/0BA0:	8C0442  	STY $4204
C0/0BA3:	A528    	LDA $28
C0/0BA5:	8D0642  	STA $4206      (divide by contents of $28)
C0/0BA8:	7B      	TDC            (2 cycles)
C0/0BA9:	EA      	NOP            (4 cycles)
C0/0BAA:	EA      	NOP            (6 cycles)
C0/0BAB:	EA      	NOP            (8 cycles)
C0/0BAC:	EA      	NOP            (10 cycles)
C0/0BAD:	EA      	NOP            (12 cycles)
C0/0BAE:	C220    	REP #$20       (16 bit accum./memory, 15 cycles)
C0/0BB0:	AD1442  	LDA $4214      (20 cycles, overkill much?)
C0/0BB3:	4502    	EOR $02        (EOR #$FF, though it could also be 0...)
C0/0BB5:	1A      	INC A          (and add 1)
C0/0BB6:	A8      	TAY            (put result in Y)
C0/0BB7:	7B      	TDC            (A = #$0000)
C0/0BB8:	E220    	SEP #$20       (8 bit accum./memory)
C0/0BBA:	A901    	LDA #$01       (INC A...)
C0/0BBC:	60      	RTS

C0/0BBD unknow

C0/0BBD:	AD2105  	LDA $0521      (from only C0/0146)
C0/0BC0:	2920    	AND #$20
C0/0BC2:	D001    	BNE $0BC5
C0/0BC4:	60      	RTS
C0/0BC5:	EE6605  	INC $0566      (from C0/0BC2)
C0/0BC8:	AD6605  	LDA $0566
C0/0BCB:	4A      	LSR A
C0/0BCC:	B008    	BCS $0BD6
C0/0BCE:	A2B38C  	LDX #$8CB3
C0/0BD1:	8E8121  	STX $2181      (7E/8CB3...)
C0/0BD4:	8006    	BRA $0BDC
C0/0BD6:	A2538E  	LDX #$8E53     (from C0/0BCC)
C0/0BD9:	8E8121  	STX $2181      (7E/8E53...)
C0/0BDC:	A97E    	LDA #$7E       (from C0/0BD4)
C0/0BDE:	8D8321  	STA $2183
C0/0BE1:	6426    	STZ $26
C0/0BE3:	AD9007  	LDA $0790
C0/0BE6:	4A      	LSR A
C0/0BE7:	B02D    	BCS $0C16
C0/0BE9:	C220    	REP #$20      	(16 bit accum./memory)
C0/0BEB:	AD8307  	LDA $0783
C0/0BEE:	18      	CLC
C0/0BEF:	693200  	ADC #$0032
C0/0BF2:	8D8307  	STA $0783
C0/0BF5:	7B      	TDC 
C0/0BF6:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit accum./memory)
C0/0BF8:	AD8407  	LDA $0784
C0/0BFB:	AA      	TAX
C0/0BFC:	BF6DFEC2	LDA $C2FE6D,X  (load from the sine table)
C0/0C00:	18      	CLC
C0/0C01:	6980    	ADC #$80
C0/0C03:	4A      	LSR A
C0/0C04:	8527    	STA $27
C0/0C06:	C220    	REP #$20      	(16 bit accum./memory)
C0/0C08:	EE9007  	INC $0790
C0/0C0B:	AD9007  	LDA $0790
C0/0C0E:	4A      	LSR A
C0/0C0F:	29FF00  	AND #$00FF
C0/0C12:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit accum./memory)
C0/0C14:	8035    	BRA $0C4B

C0/0C16 unknow

C0/0C16:	C220    	REP #$20      	(from C0/0BE7)(16 bit accum./memory)
C0/0C18:	AD8507  	LDA $0785
C0/0C1B:	18      	CLC
C0/0C1C:	691E00  	ADC #$001E
C0/0C1F:	8D8507  	STA $0785
C0/0C22:	7B      	TDC 
C0/0C23:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit accum./memory)
C0/0C25:	AD8607  	LDA $0786
C0/0C28:	18      	CLC
C0/0C29:	6940    	ADC #$40
C0/0C2B:	AA      	TAX
C0/0C2C:	BF6DFEC2	LDA $C2FE6D,X  (load from the sine table)
C0/0C30:	18      	CLC
C0/0C31:	6980    	ADC #$80
C0/0C33:	4A      	LSR A
C0/0C34:	18      	CLC
C0/0C35:	6970    	ADC #$70
C0/0C37:	8527    	STA $27
C0/0C39:	C220    	REP #$20      	(16 bit accum./memory)
C0/0C3B:	EE9007  	INC $0790
C0/0C3E:	AD9007  	LDA $0790
C0/0C41:	4A      	LSR A
C0/0C42:	18      	CLC
C0/0C43:	694000  	ADC #$0040
C0/0C46:	29FF00  	AND #$00FF
C0/0C49:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit accum./memory)
C0/0C4B:	AA      	TAX			(from C0/0C14)
C0/0C4C:	BF6DFEC2	LDA $C2FE6D,X  (load from the sine table)
C0/0C50:	3014    	BMI $0C66
C0/0C52:	C220    	REP #$20      	(16 bit accum./memory)
C0/0C54:	0A      	ASL A
C0/0C55:	38      	SEC 
C0/0C56:	E91800  	SBC #$0018
C0/0C59:	8520    	STA $20
C0/0C5B:	18      	CLC
C0/0C5C:	693000  	ADC #$0030
C0/0C5F:	8524    	STA $24
C0/0C61:	7B      	TDC 
C0/0C62:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit accum./memory)
C0/0C64:	801B    	BRA $0C81

C0/0C66 unknow

C0/0C66:	C220    	REP #$20      	(from C0/0C50)(16 bit accum./memory)
C0/0C68:	4502    	EOR $02
C0/0C6A:	1A      	INC A
C0/0C6B:	0A      	ASL A
C0/0C6C:	4502    	EOR $02
C0/0C6E:	1A      	INC A
C0/0C6F:	0900FE  	ORA #$FE00
C0/0C72:	38      	SEC 
C0/0C73:	E91800  	SBC #$0018
C0/0C76:	8520    	STA $20
C0/0C78:	18      	CLC
C0/0C79:	693000  	ADC #$0030
C0/0C7C:	8524    	STA $24
C0/0C7E:	7B      	TDC 
C0/0C7F:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit accum./memory)
C0/0C81:	C221    	REP #$21		(from C0/0C64)
C0/0C83:	A526    	LDA $26
C0/0C85:	AA      	TAX
C0/0C86:	69000C  	ADC #$0C00
C0/0C89:	A8      	TAY
C0/0C8A:	7B      	TDC 
C0/0C8B:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit accum./memory)
C0/0C8D:	A521    	LDA $21
C0/0C8F:	3002    	BMI $0C93
C0/0C91:	8008    	BRA $0C9B
C0/0C93:	A525    	LDA $25		(from C0/0C8F)
C0/0C95:	3002    	BMI $0C99
C0/0C97:	803C    	BRA $0CD5
C0/0C99:	807C    	BRA $0D17		(from C0/0C95)
C0/0C9B:	A968    	LDA #$68		(from C0/0C91)
C0/0C9D:	8522    	STA $22
C0/0C9F:	6423    	STZ $23
C0/0CA1:	C221    	REP #$21
C0/0CA3:	8A      	TXA			(from C0/0CBD)
C0/0CA4:	6520    	ADC $20
C0/0CA6:	AA      	TAX
C0/0CA7:	B01A    	BCS $0CC3
C0/0CA9:	8D7F21  	STA $217F		(from C0/0CC9)
C0/0CAC:	98      	TYA
C0/0CAD:	6524    	ADC $24
C0/0CAF:	A8      	TAY
C0/0CB0:	B019    	BCS $0CCB
C0/0CB2:	8D7F21  	STA $217F		(from C0/0CD3)
C0/0CB5:	8E7F21  	STX $217F
C0/0CB8:	8C7F21  	STY $217F
C0/0CBB:	C622    	DEC $22
C0/0CBD:	D0E4    	BNE $0CA3
C0/0CBF:	7B      	TDC 
C0/0CC0:	E220    	SEP #$20   		(8 bit accum./memory)
C0/0CC2:	60      	RTS

C0/0CC3 unknow

C0/0CC3:	A502    	LDA $02		(from C0/0CA7)
C0/0CC5:	AA      	TAX
C0/0CC6:	6420    	STZ $20
C0/0CC8:	18      	CLC
C0/0CC9:	80DE    	BRA $0CA9

C0/0CCB unknow

C0/0CCB:	A502    	LDA $02		(from C0/0CB0)
C0/0CCD:	A8      	TAY
C0/0CCE:	6424    	STZ $24
C0/0CD0:	6425    	STZ $25
C0/0CD2:	18      	CLC
C0/0CD3:	80DD    	BRA $0CB2

C0/0CD5 unknow

C0/0CD5:	A968    	LDA #$68		(from C0/0C97)
C0/0CD7:	8522    	STA $22		
C0/0CD9:	6423    	STZ $23
C0/0CDB:	C220    	REP #$20      	(16 bit accum./memory)
C0/0CDD:	A520    	LDA $20
C0/0CDF:	4502    	EOR $02
C0/0CE1:	1A      	INC A
C0/0CE2:	8520    	STA $20
C0/0CE4:	8A      	TXA
C0/0CE5:	38      	SEC 
C0/0CE6:	E520    	SBC $20
C0/0CE8:	AA      	TAX
C0/0CE9:	901B    	BCC $0D06
C0/0CEB:	8D7F21  	STA $217F		(from C0/0D0B)
C0/0CEE:	98      	TYA
C0/0CEF:	18      	CLC
C0/0CF0:	6524    	ADC $24
C0/0CF2:	A8      	TAY
C0/0CF3:	B018    	BCS $0D0D
C0/0CF5:	8D7F21  	STA $217F		(from C0/0D15)
C0/0CF8:	8E7F21  	STX $217F
C0/0CFB:	8C7F21  	STY $217F
C0/0CFE:	C622    	DEC $22
C0/0D00:	D0E2    	BNE $0CE4
C0/0D02:	7B      	TDC 
C0/0D03:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit accum./memory)
C0/0D05:	60      	RTS

C0/0D06 unknow

C0/0D06:	A600    	LDX $00		(from C0/0CE9)
C0/0D08:	8620    	STX $20
C0/0D0A:	7B      	TDC 
C0/0D0B:	80DE    	BRA $0CEB

C0/0D0D unknow

C0/0D0D:	A502    	LDA $02		(from C0/0CF3)
C0/0D0F:	A8      	TAY
C0/0D10:	6424    	STZ $24
C0/0D12:	6425    	STZ $25
C0/0D14:	18      	CLC
C0/0D15:	80DE    	BRA $0CF5

C0/0D17 unknow

C0/0D17:	A968    	LDA #$68		(from C0/0C99)
C0/0D19:	8522    	STA $22
C0/0D1B:	6423    	STZ $23
C0/0D1D:	C220    	REP #$20      	(16 bit accum./memory)
C0/0D1F:	A520    	LDA $20
C0/0D21:	4502    	EOR $02
C0/0D23:	1A      	INC A
C0/0D24:	8520    	STA $20
C0/0D26:	A524    	LDA $24
C0/0D28:	4502    	EOR $02
C0/0D2A:	1A      	INC A
C0/0D2B:	8524    	STA $24
C0/0D2D:	8A      	TXA			(from C0/0D49)
C0/0D2E:	38      	SEC 
C0/0D2F:	E520    	SBC $20
C0/0D31:	AA      	TAX
C0/0D32:	901B    	BCC $0D4F
C0/0D34:	8D7F21  	STA $217F		(from C0/0D54)
C0/0D37:	98      	TYA
C0/0D38:	38      	SEC 
C0/0D39:	E524    	SBC $24
C0/0D3B:	A8      	TAY
C0/0D3C:	9018    	BCC $0D56
C0/0D3E:	8D7F21  	STA $217F
C0/0D41:	8E7F21  	STX $217F		(from C0/0D5B)
C0/0D44:	8C7F21  	STY $217F
C0/0D47:	C622    	DEC $22
C0/0D49:	D0E2    	BNE $0D2D
C0/0D4B:	7B      	TDC 
C0/0D4C:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit accum./memory)
C0/0D4E:	60      	RTS

C0/0D4F unknow

C0/0D4F:	A600    	LDX $00		(from C0/0D32)
C0/0D51:	8620    	STX $20
C0/0D53:	7B      	TDC 
C0/0D54:	80DE    	BRA $0D34

C0/0D56 unknow

C0/0D56:	A400    	LDY $00		(from C0/0D3C)
C0/0D58:	8424    	STY $24
C0/0D5A:	7B      	TDC 
C0/0D5B:	80E1    	BRA $0D3E

C0/0D5D unknow

C0/0D5D:	A97E    	LDA #$7E		(is this function ever called?)
C0/0D5F:	48      	PHA
C0/0D60:	AB      	PLB
C0/0D61:	C220    	REP #$20      	(16 bit accum./memory)
C0/0D63:	A400    	LDY $00
C0/0D65:	BB      	TYX
C0/0D66:	B9087D  	LDA $7D08,Y
C0/0D69:	C95387  	CMP #$8753
C0/0D6C:	D007    	BNE $0D75
C0/0D6E:	BF8D0DC0	LDA $C00D8D,X
C0/0D72:	99087D  	STA $7D08,Y    (set VRAM positioning?)
C0/0D75:	8A      	TXA
C0/0D76:	18      	CLC
C0/0D77:	690200  	ADC #$0002     (INC A INC A would save two bytes)
C0/0D7A:	290700  	AND #$0007
C0/0D7D:	AA      	TAX
C0/0D7E:	C8      	INY 
C0/0D7F:	C8      	INY 
C0/0D80:	C8      	INY 
C0/0D81:	C05A00  	CPY #$005A
C0/0D84:	D0E0    	BNE $0D66
C0/0D86:	7B      	TDC 
C0/0D87:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit accum./memory)
C0/0D89:	7B      	TDC            (A is already #$0000)
C0/0D8A:	48      	PHA
C0/0D8B:	AB      	PLB
C0/0D8C:	60      	RTS

C0/0D8D unknow (data)

C0/0D8D:	6387    	
C0/0D8F:	7387    	
C0/0D91:	8387    	
C0/0D93:	9387    	

C0/0D95 unknow

C0/0D95:	A920    	LDA #$20
C0/0D97:	8D5207  	STA $0752
C0/0D9A:	A940    	LDA #$40
C0/0D9C:	8D5307  	STA $0753
C0/0D9F:	A980    	LDA #$80
C0/0DA1:	8D0242  	STA $4202
C0/0DA4:	A26387  	LDX #$8763
C0/0DA7:	8E8121  	STX $2181
C0/0DAA:	A97E    	LDA #$7E
C0/0DAC:	8D8321  	STA $2183      (7E/8763...)
C0/0DAF:	AD4600  	LDA $0046
C0/0DB2:	291F    	AND #$1F
C0/0DB4:	AA      	TAX
C0/0DB5:	861E    	STX $1E
C0/0DB7:	AD4600  	LDA $0046
C0/0DBA:	0A      	ASL A
C0/0DBB:	291F    	AND #$1F
C0/0DBD:	AA      	TAX
C0/0DBE:	8620    	STX $20
C0/0DC0:	A02000  	LDY #$0020
C0/0DC3:	A61E    	LDX $1E
C0/0DC5:	BFF70DC0	LDA $C00DF7,X
C0/0DC9:	8D0342  	STA $4203
C0/0DCC:	8A      	TXA
C0/0DCD:	1A      	INC A
C0/0DCE:	291F    	AND #$1F
C0/0DD0:	851E    	STA $1E
C0/0DD2:	AD1742  	LDA $4217
C0/0DD5:	0D5207  	ORA $0752
C0/0DD8:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C0/0DDB:	A620    	LDX $20
C0/0DDD:	BF170EC0	LDA $C00E17,X
C0/0DE1:	8D0342  	STA $4203
C0/0DE4:	8A      	TXA
C0/0DE5:	1A      	INC A
C0/0DE6:	291F    	AND #$1F
C0/0DE8:	8520    	STA $20
C0/0DEA:	AD1742  	LDA $4217
C0/0DED:	0D5307  	ORA $0753
C0/0DF0:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C0/0DF3:	88      	DEY 
C0/0DF4:	D0CD    	BNE $0DC3
C0/0DF6:	60      	RTS

C0/0DF7 unknow (data)

C0/0DF7:	1011    	
C0/0DF9:	1213    	
C0/0DFB:	1415    	
C0/0DFD:	1617    	
C0/0DFF:	1819      	
C0/0E01:	1A1B  	
C0/0E03:	1C1D  	
C0/0E05:	1E1F	
C0/0E07:	1F1E
C0/0E09:	1D1C
C0/0E0B:	1B1A  	
C0/0E0D:	1918  	
C0/0E0F:	1716    	
C0/0E11:	1514    	
C0/0E13:	1312    	
C0/0E15:	1110  
C0/0E17:	0001    	
C0/0E19:	0203    	
C0/0E1B:	0405    	
C0/0E1D:	0607    	
C0/0E1F:	0809    	
C0/0E21:	0A0B      	
C0/0E23:	0C0D  	
C0/0E25:	0E0F
C0/0E27:	0F0E	
C0/0E29:	0D0C
C0/0E2B:	0B0A  	
C0/0E2D:	0908    	
C0/0E2F:	0706    
C0/0E31:	0504    	
C0/0E33:	0302    	
C0/0E35:	0100    	

C0/0E37 unknow

C0/0E37:	ADF011  	LDA $11F0		(from only C0/0243)
C0/0E3A:	F025    	BEQ $0E61
C0/0E3C:	1A      	INC A
C0/0E3D:	C220    	REP #$20      	(16 bit accum./memory)
C0/0E3F:	0A      	ASL A
C0/0E40:	0A      	ASL A
C0/0E41:	0A      	ASL A
C0/0E42:	0A      	ASL A
C0/0E43:	8510    	STA $10
C0/0E45:	AD9607  	LDA $0796
C0/0E48:	38      	SEC 
C0/0E49:	E510    	SBC $10
C0/0E4B:	8D9607  	STA $0796
C0/0E4E:	1006    	BPL $0E56
C0/0E50:	9C9607  	STZ $0796
C0/0E53:	9CF011  	STZ $11F0
C0/0E56:	7B      	TDC 
C0/0E57:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit accum./memory)
C0/0E59:	AD9707  	LDA $0797
C0/0E5C:	AA      	TAX
C0/0E5D:	BF820EC0	LDA $C00E82,X
C0/0E61:	8F33827E	STA $7E8233
C0/0E65:	8F37827E	STA $7E8237
C0/0E69:	8F3B827E	STA $7E823B
C0/0E6D:	8F3F827E	STA $7E823F
C0/0E71:	8F43827E	STA $7E8243
C0/0E75:	8F47827E	STA $7E8247
C0/0E79:	8F4B827E	STA $7E824B
C0/0E7D:	8F4F827E	STA $7E824F
C0/0E81:	60      	RTS

C0/0E82 unknow (data)

C0/0E82:	0F 1F 2F 3F	
C0/0E86:	4F 5F 6F 7F	
C0/0E8A:	8F 9F AF BF	
C0/0E92:	EF DF CF BF	
C0/0E96:	AF 9F 8F 7F	
C0/0E9A:	6F 5F 4F 3F	
C0/0E9E:	2F 1F

C0/0EA0 unknow

C0/0EA0:	A546    	LDA $46		(from C0/00AD)
C0/0EA2:	4A      	LSR A
C0/0EA3:	9023    	BCC $0EC8
C0/0EA5:	AD4B07  	LDA $074B
C0/0EA8:	8D0242  	STA $4202
C0/0EAB:	A9C08D  	LDA #$8DC0
C0/0EAE:	0342    	ORA $42,S
C0/0EB0:	EA      	NOP
C0/0EB1:	EA      	NOP
C0/0EB2:	EA      	NOP
C0/0EB3:	AD1742  	LDA $4217
C0/0EB6:	8D4B07  	STA $074B
C0/0EB9:	A600    	LDX $00
C0/0EBB:	8E4C07  	STX $074C
C0/0EBE:	8E4E07  	STX $074E
C0/0EC1:	8E5007  	STX $0750
C0/0EC4:	8E7F00  	STX $007F
C0/0EC7:	60      	RTS

C0/0EC8 unknow

C0/0EC8:	AD4A07  	LDA $074A		(from C0/0EA3)
C0/0ECB:	2903    	AND #$03
C0/0ECD:	8522    	STA $22
C0/0ECF:	F036    	BEQ $0F07
C0/0ED1:	AD4A07  	LDA $074A
C0/0ED4:	290C    	AND #$0C
C0/0ED6:	4A      	LSR A
C0/0ED7:	4A      	LSR A
C0/0ED8:	F00C    	BEQ $0EE6
C0/0EDA:	AA      	TAX
C0/0EDB:	202E06  	JSR $062E          (Random number generator)
C0/0EDE:	3F450FC0	AND $C00F45,X
C0/0EE2:	D023    	BNE $0F07
C0/0EE4:	8014    	BRA $0EFA
C0/0EE6:	AD4A07  	LDA $074A
C0/0EE9:	29FC    	AND #$FC
C0/0EEB:	8D4A07  	STA $074A
C0/0EEE:	A522    	LDA $22
C0/0EF0:	AA      	TAX
C0/0EF1:	BF450FC0	LDA $C00F45,X
C0/0EF5:	8D4B07  	STA $074B
C0/0EF8:	800D    	BRA $0F07
C0/0EFA:	A522    	LDA $22
C0/0EFC:	AA      	TAX
C0/0EFD:	202E06  	JSR $062E          (Random number generator)
C0/0F00:	3F450FC0	AND $C00F45,X
C0/0F04:	8D4B07  	STA $074B
C0/0F07:	9C4D07  	STZ $074D
C0/0F0A:	9C4F07  	STZ $074F
C0/0F0D:	9C5107  	STZ $0751
C0/0F10:	9C8000  	STZ $0080
C0/0F13:	AD4A07  	LDA $074A
C0/0F16:	2910    	AND #$10
C0/0F18:	F006    	BEQ $0F20
C0/0F1A:	AD4B07  	LDA $074B
C0/0F1D:	8D4C07  	STA $074C
C0/0F20:	AD4A07  	LDA $074A
C0/0F23:	2920    	AND #$20
C0/0F25:	F006    	BEQ $0F2D
C0/0F27:	AD4B07  	LDA $074B
C0/0F2A:	8D4E07  	STA $074E
C0/0F2D:	AD4A07  	LDA $074A
C0/0F30:	2940    	AND #$40
C0/0F32:	F006    	BEQ $0F3A
C0/0F34:	AD4B07  	LDA $074B
C0/0F37:	8D5007  	STA $0750
C0/0F3A:	AD4A07  	LDA $074A
C0/0F3D:	1005    	BPL $0F44
C0/0F3F:	AD4B07  	LDA $074B
C0/0F42:	857F    	STA $7F
C0/0F44:	60      	RTS

C0/0F45 unknow

C0/0F45:	0003    	
C0/0F47:	060C    	
C0/0F49:	0007    	
C0/0F4B:	0F1F	

C0/0F4D unknow

C0/0F4D:	A910		LDA #$10		(from C0/C0AB)
C0/0F4F:	854A    	STA $4A
C0/0F51:	A910    	LDA #$10
C0/0F53:	854C    	STA $4C
C0/0F55:	60      	RTS

C0/0F56 unknow

C0/0F56:	A990    	LDA #$90	
C0/0F58:	854A    	STA $4A
C0/0F5A:	A9F0    	LDA #$F0
C0/0F5C:	854C    	STA $4C
C0/0F5E:	60      	RTS

C0/0F5F unknow

C0/0F5F:	A54A    	LDA $4A		(from C0/01A4)
C0/0F61:	3013    	BMI $0F76
C0/0F63:	A54C    	LDA $4C
C0/0F65:	29F0    	AND #$F0
C0/0F67:	C9F0    	CMP #$F0
C0/0F69:	F01E    	BEQ $0F89
C0/0F6B:	A54A    	LDA $4A
C0/0F6D:	291F    	AND #$1F
C0/0F6F:	18      	CLC
C0/0F70:	654C    	ADC $4C
C0/0F72:	854C    	STA $4C
C0/0F74:	8015    	BRA $0F8B
C0/0F76:	A54C    	LDA $4C
C0/0F78:	F00F    	BEQ $0F89
C0/0F7A:	A54A    	LDA $4A
C0/0F7C:	291F    	AND #$1F
C0/0F7E:	8510    	STA $10
C0/0F80:	A54C    	LDA $4C
C0/0F82:	38      	SEC 
C0/0F83:	E510    	SBC $10
C0/0F85:	854C    	STA $4C
C0/0F87:	8002    	BRA $0F8B
C0/0F89:	644A    	STZ $4A
C0/0F8B:	A54C    	LDA $4C
C0/0F8D:	4A      	LSR A			(from C0/42BF)
C0/0F8E:	4A      	LSR A
C0/0F8F:	4A      	LSR A
C0/0F90:	4A      	LSR A
C0/0F91:	8D0021  	STA $2100
C0/0F94:	60      	RTS

C0/0F95 unknow

C0/0F95:	9C1521  	STZ $2115
C0/0F98:	9C0B42  	STZ $420B      (turn off DMA)
C0/0F9B:	A941    	LDA #$41
C0/0F9D:	8D0043  	STA $4300
C0/0FA0:	A918    	LDA #$18
C0/0FA2:	8D0143  	STA $4301
C0/0FA5:	A52C    	LDA $2C
C0/0FA7:	8D0443  	STA $4304
C0/0FAA:	A63B    	LDX $3B
C0/0FAC:	8E1621  	STX $2116
C0/0FAF:	A62A    	LDX $2A
C0/0FB1:	8E0243  	STX $4302
C0/0FB4:	A639    	LDX $39
C0/0FB6:	8E0543  	STX $4305
C0/0FB9:	A901    	LDA #$01
C0/0FBB:	8D0B42  	STA $420B      (turn on channel 1 of DMA)
C0/0FBE:	60      	RTS

C0/0FBF unknow

C0/0FBF:	9C0221  	STZ $2102		(from C0/01AA)
C0/0FC2:	9C0B42  	STZ $420B      (turn off DMA)
C0/0FC5:	A940    	LDA #$40
C0/0FC7:	8D0043  	STA $4300
C0/0FCA:	A904    	LDA #$04
C0/0FCC:	8D0143  	STA $4301
C0/0FCF:	A20003  	LDX #$0300
C0/0FD2:	8E0243  	STX $4302
C0/0FD5:	A900    	LDA #$00
C0/0FD7:	8D0443  	STA $4304
C0/0FDA:	8D0743  	STA $4307
C0/0FDD:	A22002  	LDX #$0220
C0/0FE0:	8E0543  	STX $4305
C0/0FE3:	A901    	LDA #$01
C0/0FE5:	8D0B42  	STA $420B       (turn on channel 1 of DMA)
C0/0FE8:	60      	RTS

C0/0FE9 unknow

C0/0FE9:	A20002  	LDX #$0200		(from C0/BF8E)
C0/0FEC:	A9F0    	LDA #$F0
C0/0FEE:	9DFD02  	STA $02FD,X
C0/0FF1:	CA      	DEX
C0/0FF2:	CA      	DEX
C0/0FF3:	CA      	DEX
C0/0FF4:	CA      	DEX
C0/0FF5:	D0F7    	BNE $0FEE
C0/0FF7:	A22000  	LDX #$0020
C0/0FFA:	9EFF04  	STZ $04FF,X
C0/0FFD:	CA      	DEX
C0/0FFE:	D0FA    	BNE $0FFA
C0/1000:	60      	RTS