EarthBound:Door Destinations Table

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Door Destinations Table
Game EarthBound
Start Address 0x0F0200
End Address 0x0F284E
# of Entries 841
Entry Length 11 (0xB)
Total Length 9807 bytes (0x264F)
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The Door Destinations Table stores the details on where each door in the game leads, including any code that it calls the the direction you face after going through.


There are some gaps in the door data containing Sign pointers or unknown data at the following locations:

  • 0xF0780-0xF07AC
  • 0xF07D8-0xF07F8
  • 0xF0824-0xF0848
  • 0xF0B97-0xF0BB7
  • 0xF0CCA-0xF0CD2
  • 0xF0FDF-0xF0FE7
  • 0xF1034-0xF1058
  • 0xF10F2-0xF10F6
  • 0xF147C-0xF1480
  • 0xF15A9-0xF15AD
  • 0xF1D74-0xF1D80
  • 0xF1D8B-0xF1DA3
  • 0xF1FB3-0xF1FD3
  • 0xF1FE9-0xF1FF5
  • 0xF214A-0xF216C
  • 0xF22E2-0xF22F7
  • 0xF23E9-0xF2499
  • 0xF25B7-0xF25C3
  • 0xF27A7-0xF27BF



  • Length: 4 bytes (0x4)
  • Offset within entry: 0x0-0x3
  • Range of values: 0x0-0x00FFFFFF, but it must point to valid text; may or may not require a pointer to the ROM as opposed to RAM

The code to call when entering this door

Unknown 1

Function Unknown

Unknown 2

Function Unknown

Y Coordinate and Direction

These bytes control both the Y-Coordinate of the destination and the direction you face after entering. The highest 2 bits of the second byte control the direction, with the remaining 6 bits controlling being the upper byte for the Y-Coordinate

X Coordinate

Controls the X-Coordinate of the destination.


Determines the style of the transition, using the same list as the [1F 21 XX} warps