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Battle Actions Table
Game EarthBound
Start Address 0x157D68
End Address 0x158C4F
# of Entries 318 (?)
Entry Length 12 bytes (0x0C)
Total Length 3816 bytes (0xee8)
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The Battle Actions Table stores information about how to execute enemy and item actions.



Direction of the attack.

Value Direction
0 party
1 enemy


Target of the attack.

Value Target
0 none
1 one
2 random one
3 row
4 all

Action type

Type of action.

Value Action type
0 nothing
1 physical (damage halved by defending and shields)
2 physical (damage unaffected by defending and shields)
4 item
5 other

PP cost

Psychic Points cost to use this action.

Text address

SNES address of the text displayed when this action is executed or 0x00000000 for no text displayed. Note that this text may include control codes which execute the action.

ASM address

SNES address of the machine code called to execute this action or 0x00000000 for no code called.

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