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All values are little endian and hex unless otherwise noted.

          008E6B = Debug mode when set to 6D (see TCRF for details)

          7E00C0 = One aspect of horn upgrade

          7E00C3 = One aspect of jaw upgrade

7E00C5 to 7E00C6 = Current health (BCD)
7E00C7 to 7E00C8 = Max health (BCD)
          7E00C9 = Biting damage stat
          7E00CA = Strength damage stat
          7E00CB = Kick damage stat
          7E00CC = Strike damage stat
          7E00CD = Horn damage stat
          7E00CE = Horn durability stat
          7E00CF = Defense stat
          7E00D0 = Agility stat
          7E00D1 = Jumping stat
7E00D2 to 7E00D5 = Current EVO points

          7E0758 = Unused debug flag
          7E0759 = Unused debug flag
          7E075A = Debug flag to enable stage viewer
          7E075B = Debug flag to freeze enemies
          7E075C = Debug flag to allow skipping areas in overview map
          7E075D = Debug flag to prevent death at 0 health