Castlevania:Level 5,6,7,Castle Map and Misc Graphics

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Level 5, 6, 7, Castle Map, and Misc Graphics
Game Castlevania
Start Address 0x0C010
End Address 0x1000F
# of Entries 11
Entry Length Varies
Total Length 16367 bytes (0x3FEF)
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Level 5 Graphical Data

  • 0C010-0C90F

Enemy Graphics

  • 0C910-0D08F

Dead Space

  • 0D090-0D18F

Level 6 Graphical Data

  • 0D190-0DA8F

Enemy Graphics

  • 0DA90-0DF8F

Dead Space

  • 0DF90-0DFEF

Level 7 Graphical Data

  • 0DFF0-0EC0F

Dead Space

  • 0EC10-0EDAF

Castle Map

  • 0EDB0-0F48F

Power-ups, UI, Hearts and Point Markers

  • 0F490-0FF0F

Dead Space

  • 0FF10-1000F