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  • 1E392 = Starting lives
  • 0A137 = Starting HP
  • 1E397 = Starting continues
  • 1066B = Lives (after using a continue)
  • 0F2B1 = HP (after losing a life)


  • 1C001-????? = Level/screen ID list
    • A list of internal level IDs can be found here.


  • 03B51-03B5B = Level-based music ID list
    • Determines the music that each level should have. For a list of IDs, see here.
  • 00D36 = Title screen music ID


  • 0E3B0-0E3C1?? = Music tempo list
  • 10F8D-10FA0 = ASM code to continuously increase Clinger Winger music tempo

Internal Data for Battletoads in Ragnarok's World

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