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RyanVG - Where can i get your hacks at?  So far all i've been able to find is World Heroes 3 and Adventures in Vancouver BC.  I think you have some interesting ideas and want to check them out!
PS- Why are you retiring in 2007?
I'm retiring because I'm tired of the ROM hack scene and I'm sick and tired of no-one on I-Mockery.com taking notice of my ROM hacks. This was my only reason I was making ROM hacks. I wanted to be famous on I-Mockery.com just like you, Jomb.
P.S., Have you also tried [http://www.datacrystal.org/wiki/Dalton_McGuinty's_Kids'_Computer_Game Dalton McGuinty's Kids Computer Game]? It's really funny, in a serious political sort of way.
  I agree that most of the ROM-hack community is full of humorless, Lets-make-55,000-identical-mario brothers-hacks!, lames.  These people have nothing better to do then get on their high horse and pretend they are better than you because your hack has a swear word in it.  But you should ignore them.  Make hacks that you consider cool or funny.  Sites like I-Mockery.com will come and go, when i made my 1st hack there was no such thing as I-mockery.com.  Actually I think you could make your own hacked ROM website and it would be almost as funny as I-mockery, based on the comments and descriptions you've put on all your games in here (for example, your description of Back To The Future 4 had me busting a gut).    I-mockery probably has'nt done any of your hacks because you dont appear to have changed much graphically from what i've seen so far, and they mainly are into graphics (compare their review of Little Remo to the one of The Lone Rapist.. they were way more into Remo, and i think it's because i did'nt change as many graphics in TLR).
  Actually i did just recently manage to find Dalton Mcguinty.  I'm confused about what is changed.  I actually tried to hack McKids myself a year or so ago and gave up because most of the text appears to be compressed and i did'nt feel like wasting all my time trying to break the compression.  Did you manage to do it?  I played the beginning and it was still Ronald McDonald telling me about the magic bag. 
  I think i got most of your hacks now except for Sexual Pac-Man, Ninja Gay Den, and Zionist Freedom Fighters.  Those ones are getting no meaningful results in search engines.  I'm hoping to find them so that i can possibly use them in the mini-game inside the hack i'm working on currently.
PS - I have no idea why this comment is running off the side of the screen.

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