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RyanVG - Where can i get your hacks at?  So far all i've been able to find is World Heroes 3 and Adventures in Vancouver BC.  I think you have some interesting ideas and want to check them out!
PS- Why are you retiring in 2007?
I'm retiring because I'm tired of the ROM hack scene and I'm sick and tired of no-one on I-Mockery.com taking notice of my ROM hacks. This was my only reason I was making ROM hacks. I wanted to be famous on I-Mockery.com just like you, Jomb.
P.S., Have you also tried [http://www.datacrystal.org/wiki/Dalton_McGuinty's_Kids'_Computer_Game Dalton McGuinty's Kids Computer Game]? It's really funny, in a serious political sort of way.

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