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Jigglysaint is a rom hacker who deals primarily with the finding of data for games not currently hacked by the general population. Among his works he has found extensive information on various Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, NES and SNES games including such titles as Link's Awakening(Gameboy), Metroid Zero Mission(Gameboy Advance), The Guardian Legend(NES), and Equinox(SNES)

Jigglysaint has his limitations, which means that he kinda sucks at actually rom hacking. He doesn't know any programming, is graphcically impared, and never finshes any projects. For those reasons he concentrates mainly on data finding.

Jiggly's weapon of choice is the Rom corruptor. Deamed worthless by most people, in the right hands can be a deadly force to reckon with. Only advanced programmers can compete with his awesome data finding skills. It's a gift, really it is!

Jigglysaint can be contacted via AIM, at Acmlms, or on IRC at No need to give out any additional information since Jigglysaint has one of those names that are just so unique that nobody else on the internet has a name like that. He also goes by King Tom sometimes.