The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening:RAM map

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RAM Purpose
DBD0 Quantity of keys in posession
DB16 - DB3D Beginning of dungeon item flags. 5 bytes fo each dungeon, 5th byte is quantity of keys for that dungeon
D401 Destination data byte 1: 00 - overworld, 01 - dungeon, 02 - side view area
D402 Destination data byte 2: Values from 00 to 1F accepted. FF is Color Dungeon
D403 Destination data byte 3: Room number. Must appear on map or it will lead to an empty room
D404 - D405 Destination data X and Y co-ordinates
DBAE Your position on the 8x8 dungeon grid
DB00 - DB01 Your currently held items.
DB02 - DB0B Inventory
DB0C - DB15 Auto use items and keys - 00 empty, 01 has item