Terranigma:RAM map

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  • 7E047E-7E047F Current location No.
  • 7E0610-????? Ark's name
  • 7E0648 Equipped item
  • 7E0690-7E0692 EXP
  • 7E0694-7E0696 Number of Gems
  • 7E081E-7E081F Map X-Scroll
  • 7E0822-7E0823 Map Y-Scroll
  • 7E0A00-7E0E1F OAM Buffer
  • 7E1000-7E1001 Player X-coordinate
  • 7E1002-7E1003 Player Y-coordinate
  • 7F0600-7F07FF CGRAM Buffer
  • 7F0800-7F0802 Color Math Buffer
  • 7F0800-7F0802 Sprite Buffer (Here are all sprites stored, it is calculated whether or not they are transferred in OAM buffer, depending on their position)