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Super Mario World was the first SNES game, and is quite possibly the most extensively hacked SNES game.




Lunar Magic is the principal Super Mario World hacking utility. It is available here.

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There are ostensibly many complete hacks of Super Mario World.

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Level Format

Super Mario World uses an object-based format to store it's levels. These objects are grouped into 4 main categories:

  • Standard objects
  • Tileset specific Objects
  • Extended Objects
  • Direct MAP16 Objects

Standard objects Standard objects are such items are concrete blocks or pipes that use mainly the first page of8x8 and 16x16 tiles.

Tileset Specific Objects Tileset specific objects are objects listrs chosen by level tileset, and mainly use graphics from the second 8x8 page, and both normal MAP16 pages. These objects are not as widely available as other objecfts due to memory restraints and SMW's internal coding.

Extended Objects These objects are objects that were so far out to left field, or just used so rarely, they were not used as commonly as other objects, and so stored in their own definition.

Direct MAP16 objects Inclusion of an ASM hack by FuSoYa in Lunar Magic allows hackers to incorpaorate specific tiles in the MAP16 tables into a level. Normally, you would need a special object to do so, which is one reason for the disporportionate number of extended objects with a size of 1x1 16x16 tiles.


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