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Level Data
Game Star Fox
Start Address 0x028000
End Address 0x06ffff
# of Entries unknown
Entry Length unknown
Total Length 65,536 bytes (0x10000)
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Level Data

Level data is located in 2 separate pages in ROM memory. Each level has a starting address, where a list of events are read. Some events jump to other addresses, and can even jump to a "subroutine" of events that will be executed, and then the level will return to the event immediately after the calling event. The level data can be viewed as a language or instruction set to be read one instruction at a time and interpreted like any other language. Some events include native CPU instructions that will be executed before the next event is processed.

Level Entry Points

Name ROM Address System Address
Black Hole 0x06C89A 0x0D489A
Out Of This World 0x06C8E5 0x0D48E5
Scramble 0x06D068 0x0D5068
Corneria 1/2 0x06D0BB 0x0D50BB
Asteroid 1 0x06D268 0x0D5268
Space Armada 0x06D2C3 0x0D52C3
Meteor 0x06D586 0x0D5586
Venom 1/2 Space 0x06D602 0x0D5602
Venom 1 Surface 0x06D67F 0x0D567F
Sector X 0x06DF4C 0x0D5F4C
Titania 0x06DFA8 0x0D5FA8
Sector Y 0x06E02A 0x0D602A
Venom 1/2 Space 0x06E085 0x0D6085
Highway 0x06E0F5 0x0D60F5
Asteroid 3 0x06E62A 0x0D662A
Fortuna 0x06E651 0x0D6651
Sector Z 0x06E6D8 0x0D66D8
Macbeth 0x06E81C 0x0D681C
Venom 3 Space 0x06E8B9 0x0D68B9
Venom 3 Surface 0x06E929 0x0D6929
Training 0x06EE9A 0x0D6E9A