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0x0004B8 to 0x00068F (01D7) = Letter Graphics (unused)              (1BPP)
0x030F16 to 0x031AF5 (0BDF) = Letter Graphics                       (4BPP MSX/MD/WSC)
0x023740 to 0x0278BF (417F) = Copyright screen Graphics             (4BPP MSX/MD/WSC)
0x02B0DA to 0x02EF59 (3E7F) = Scooby and Shaggy Graphics            (4BPP MSX/MD/WSC)


0x000100 to 0x00018E (008E) = Some Copyright text (unused)          (Legacy ASCII)
0x14199D to 0x145EB0 (4513) = A lot of text Part 1                  (Legacy ASCII)
0x1AF330 to 0x1B3500 (41D0) = A lot of text Part 2                  (Legacy ASCII)
0x1F7080 to 0x1F7490 (0410) = Sound test text                       (Legacy ASCII)
0x1F74A6 to 0x1F74E8 (0042) = All characters in decending order
0x1F74E9 to 0x1FFFF0 (8B07) - Empty space filled with FF

Internal Data for Scooby-Doo Mystery (Genesis)

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