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==External Links==
==External Links==
* [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pokemon_Trading_Card_Game Wikipedia article]
* [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pokemon_Trading_Card_Game Wikipedia article]
[[Category: Pokémon]]
[[Category: Pokémon]]

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Pokémon Trading Card Game
Pokemon TCG Title (animated).gif
Internal Name POKECARD
Region Code U.S.A. & Europe
Type Color
SGB Support Yes
Cartridge Type ROM + MBC5 + RAM + BATT
License Code $01 (NINTENDO)
ROM Size 8 Mbit
ROM Checksum $26A6
SRAM Size 256 Kbit
Header Checksum $34
ROM map | RAM map | Text table | Notes | Tutorials


No known utilities for Pokémon Trading Card Game.


There is a Character Hack out, but no others are currently known.


Pokémon: Trading Card Game is a port of the successful TCG from Nintendo and Wizards of the Coast to the Game Boy Color. It contains cards from the Base, Jungle and Fossil sets, and also a few cards specific to this version.

Known Dumps

  • Pokemon Card GB (J) [C][!]
  • Pokemon Trading Card Game (E) (M3) (Eng-Ger-Fre) [C][!]
  • Pokemon Trading Card Game (E) (M3) (Eng-Spa-Ita) [C][!]
  • Pokemon Trading Card Game (U) [C][!]

External Links

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The Cutting Room Floor features additional info about this game.