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[[Wikipedia:Pac-Man|Pac-Man]] has been extensively hacked.
{{INES| title = Pac-Man
|image = [[Image:Pacman Title.png]]
{{magnify|factor=1.5|text=[[Pac-Man:ROM map|ROM map]]}}
|mapperno = 0
|mappername = [[NROM]]
{{magnify|factor=1.5|text=[[Pac-Man:RAM map|RAM map]]}}
|prgrom = 1 x 16kB
|chrrom = 1 x 8kB
|mirroring = Horizontal
(Note: include some utilites here for Pac-Man)
|4screen = No
|sram = No
|game = Pac-Man
There are about a dozen ROM hacks for Pacman. Here is a list of all known Pac-Man ROM hacks:
* [https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/2188/ Pac-Man: The New Levels]
Acid Pac-Man can be downloaded at http://www.planetemu.net/index.php?section=roms&dat=231&action=showrom&id=235472
* [https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/2655/ Pac-Man Remix]
Clyde's Revenge can be downloaded at http://www.planetemu.net/index.php?section=roms&dat=231&action=showrom&id=236308
* [https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/2186/ Maze Tussle]
* [https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/3544/ Pac-Yuyu]
Jail Bait can be downloaded at http://www.planetemu.net/index.php?section=roms&dat=231&action=showrom&id=237797
* [https://www.romhacking.net/translations/3034/ Arabic]
* [https://www.romhacking.net/translations/2994/ Hungarian]
* [http://www.romhacking.net/translations/3363/ Spanish]
Oct Man version 0.7 can be downloaded at http://www.planetemu.net/index.php?section=roms&dat=231&action=showrom&id=239061
==Known Dumps==
* Pac-Man (E) [!]
Puc-Man can be downloaded at http://www.planetemu.net/index.php?section=roms&dat=231&action=showrom&id=239325
* Pac-Man (J)
* Pac-Man (U) (Namco) [!p]
Rush can be downloaded at http://www.planetemu.net/index.php?section=roms&dat=231&action=showrom&id=239567
Slack Man can be downloaded at http://www.planetemu.net/index.php?section=roms&dat=231&action=showrom&id=239816
Unicron can be downloaded at http://www.planetemu.net/index.php?section=roms&dat=231&action=showrom&id=240908
Warman can be downloaded at http://www.planetemu.net/index.php?section=roms&dat=231&action=showrom&id=241007
Until Pac-Man was released in the arcades, arcade video games in North America were primarily "space shooters," or video games where people controlled spaceships in space that had to shoot something (asteroids, aliens, etc). Since then, video arcade games have diversified (and even became educational.)
==External Links==
==External Links==
(Note: include some links here)
* No external links yet.
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Pacman Title.png
Mapper No. 0
Mapper Name NROM
PRG-ROM Pages 1 x 16kB
CHR-ROM Pages 1 x 8kB
Mirroring Horizontal
4-Screen Mirroring No
SRAM Enabled No
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Known Dumps

  • Pac-Man (E) [!]
  • Pac-Man (J)
  • Pac-Man (U) (Namco) [!p]

External Links

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