Final Fantasy 4 Advance:ROM map

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392A5C - Beginning of event pointers, which are relative and consist of 4 bytes.

0DBA00 - Beginning of map event pointers. Map events are 12 bytes long, and are used to place event data on maps. Event ID is the same as the pointer list at 392A5C. All treasure chests are also defined by this 12 byte data.

Format for treasure chests:

The first 2 bytes are the chest ID number. Next, are the chest content bytes, which are 6 bytes. The first 2 of those bytes are for items, the second 2 are for enemy encounters, and if the first 2 bytes are FFFF, the next 4 bytes are money amount. The next 2 bytes are used for what tile the chest turns to when the item is obtained. The last 2 bytes are currently unknown.

F0EEB - start of list for the item shop in Baron

395D8A - This is the encounter ID for Baigan. Changing this makes you fight a different monster.

0D95A4 - Map pointers. It alternates between graphic pointers and clipping pointers. Note that for treasure chests, co-ordinates are NOT used, but rather the first chest entry in that map's index will be in the first "chest" clipping, and go from top to bottom, left to right. Also note the map compression has not been cracked yet.

0D67F0 - warp data for the Black Mage room in Baron Castle. The first 2 bytes are map ID, and the second 2 bytes are exit locations. The rest is currently unknown.