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This table was tested with Donkey Kong Country (U) v1.0 as well as a pre-release beta of the game. It should work fine in Cartography.


<pre00=\n\n 20= 21=! 22=" 26=& 27=' 2C=, 2D=- 2E=. 2F=/ 30=0 31=1 32=2 33=3 34=4 35=5 36=6 37=7 38=8 39=9 3A=: 3B=; 3F=? 41=A 42=B 43=C 44=D 45=E 46=F 47=G 48=H 49=I 4A=J 4B=K 4C=L 4D=M 4E=N 4F=O 50=P 51=Q 52=R 53=S 54=T 55=U 56=V 57=W 58=X 59=Y 5A=Z 5C=ä 5D=ö 5E=ü 5F=ß 60=ç 61=a 62=b 63=c 64=d 65=e 66=f 67=g 68=h 69=i 6A=j 6B=k 6C=l 6D=m 6E=n 6F=o 70=p 71=q 72=r 73=s 74=t 75=u 76=v 77=w 78=x 79=y 7A=z 7C=à 7D=è 7E=é 7F=ê 80=î 81=ô 82=ù 83=û A0= \n A1=!\n A2="\n A6=&\n A7='\n AC=,\n AD=-\n AE=.\n AF=/\n B0=0\n B1=1\n B2=2\n B3=3\n B4=4\n B5=5\n B6=6\n B7=7\n B8=8\n B9=9\n BA=:\n BB=;\n BF=?\n C1=A\n C2=B\n C3=C\n C4=D\n C5=E\n C6=F\n C7=G\n C8=H\n C9=I\n CA=J\n CB=K\n CC=L\n CD=M\n CE=N\n CF=O\n D0=P\n D1=Q\n D2=R\n D3=S\n D4=T\n D5=U\n D6=V\n D7=W\n D8=X\n D9=Y\n DA=Z\n DC=ä\n DD=ö\n DE=ü\n DF=ß\n E1=a\n E2=b\n E3=c\n E4=d\n E5=e\n E6=f\n E7=g\n E8=h\n E9=i\n EA=j\n EB=k\n EC=l\n ED=m\n EE=n\n EF=o\n F0=p\n F1=q\n F2=r\n F3=s\n F4=t\n F5=u\n F6=v\n F7=w\n F8=x\n F9=y\n FA=z\n FC=à\n FD=è\n FE=é\n FF=ê\n</pre>