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All offsets are from the US version, and may or may not apply to the European version.

  • C60E = Lives
  • C60D = HP
  • C63C = Continues
  • CB67 = Current music tempo
  • FFE3-FFE8 = Score
  • CA79 = Current hundred-thousands digit of score
    • Whenever the score increases, this byte is compared with FFE4. If these bytes are not equal to each other, update CA79 to the current value of FFE4. When this value is changed and it is an odd number, award an extra life. The effect of this is to award extra lives when the hundred-thousands digit of the player's score is odd (i.e. 100,000 points, 300,000 points, 500,000 points, 700,000 points, etc.)

Internal Data for Battletoads & Double Dragon (Game Boy)

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