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I think this title being on the list is unwarranted because as I've mentioned the EU disc of the compilation of the first two arcade Parodius titles are already in English anyway including the title screens of both games. So should we remove that title from the PSX category? See notes/links for details. But maybe someone wants to transfer the English text from the EU to US pack for playing on their NTSC-region PSX consoles?


Referenced Title: Gokujō Parodius Da! Deluxe Pack.

  • Note: Perhaps you may want to save all these information below in a second. You may wish to research some games in the future so you can refer to these links. You'll thank me later. Also, I may update it a few times.

Perhaps nobody will come over here to see this. But whenever an editor like me has to read and consider what are the names of the developer(s) & publisher(s) (There can be more than 1 each) for a given game that is on a list or one wants to add then everybody has to be careful not to trust that database website Gamefaqs wholeheartedly and blindly. Because the names they put up on some games are NOT as reliable or correct as a number of other database websites.

1) I, for example, came across one bad error when I researched "Kowloon's Gate" for the second time (After finding a new retrospective to it) and found that its naming of Artdink as the developer was simply wrong. They were a co-publisher along with Sony Music Entertainment to the game. Its developer was Zeque. So I made the correction.

2) Another example where a word in a game's title for a system may not be perfect is one of the two Toudou Ryuunosuke games, part of a detective murder mystery series (1 is a remake, the other is new), on the Nintendo DS handheld device. In the remake game some of the more well-known websites such as Gamefaqs, Yesasia, Gamespot,, SolarisJapan (Japanese store), Amazon and lesser known ones like PriceSpy, Pure Nintendo and Nintendo Everything (Review score compilations) has the last word Koufune in the main title: Toudou Ryuunosuke Tantei Nikki: Aen no Koufune.

But Video-Games-Museum, ds-scene and GameTDB instead has Hakobune at the end of that title. So which one is the correct word? Well, I lean more towards the latter. Maybe they could have been translated into two different ways from the original Japanese words but with similar meanings.

2.5) One small example of a title mispelling of a game for the Famicom. Takeshi no Sengoku Fūunji (three u's in the last word). But Gamefaqs horribly mispelt that last word as Fuuunko! Uh huh?

Moreover, even Gamefaqs and Video-Games-Museum have only the two DS games in the series registered on its database whereas Mobygames has the two older games on the PC-98 in its record.

3) Also, even Wikipedia (As listed below) may not be perfect as well. For example, the Megadrive game "Mamono Hunter Yohko" (Based on anime Devil Hunter Yohko) has switched over developer & publisher names at its Wikipedia article. But HardcoreGaming101, Mobygames and even Gamefaqs listed the developer as Klon while the publisher is NCS Masaya.

4) Another example of how so utterly wrong Gamefaqs can be even regarding the genre classification of a game does occur to the very much unknown titles that were released on post-2000 systems (at least for the duration of their sales), especially the PS2, i.e. if they stayed only inside Japan. One such title is Mahoroba Stories - Library of Fortune, where it's claimed that it is an adventure! Perhaps they've quoted from this dailymotion video dated from 2014, also with the wrong description. Fortunately when the reliable PSXDataCenter database had uploaded a packet of new entries to the PS2 page in late April 2017 I learnt that this game is a simple RPG, though with an adventure-like story! As I have warned before, Gamefaqs is POORLY researched.

So the more reliable websites that you can follow up on are:

  • Giantbomb
  • PSXDataCenter (For PSX games)
  • Wikipedia and usually the Wikia articles for some games
  • Of course, HardcoreGaming101 (The most famous English-language website documenting the obscure and famous retro and modern video games from Japan and around the world! Note: Warning! On October the 7th/8th/9th, 2017, this website had converted to a modern web architecture, meaning old links, including those found as links on the DC lists page may not work. They still need 1 year from that date to convert all old game articles to the revamped site. For the old links, just replace ( behind those article suffix addresses with ( Eg. Old ( instead becomes ( without those brackets.)
  • Maybe (Though it's user-submitted and as always it's so incomplete. Not every game is listed there and many pages look awfully incomplete with no screenshots!)
  • (So good catalogue with a mix of retrospective, overview and review to many old gems and not-so-good ones on several old systems like the Famicom, its FDS add-on, PC Engine & CD variants; and finally the Super Famicom/SNES.)
  • (Perfect and simple database for all Superfamicom and Super Nintendo games in existence. You can even find whether some games came on the SFC, BS-X or both. Most game pages only seem to have a title screen but they all contain company & internal ROM details.)
  • (Curator of known and unknown SFC & SNES games; including prototype and unreleased games and their data. Most games listed don't seem to have their own profile page.)

Bonus sites:

  • (I refer to this database a lot whenever trying to dig through scant information & media about a rare or relatively undocumented games. You won't find the names of firms who built games here. Can find many games from 1990's systems on this website. It is rather similar to mobygames terms of content and a bit lighter than Giantbomb & Gamefaqs. Each available game page can have a few screenshots, videos, etc.)
  • (Kinda similar to HG101 in breadth of content but particularly focusing on Japanese games from old systems! A very good blog.)
  • (Shoot 'Em Up games blog in a similar design as above's shinjuforest blog.)
  • (A bit similar to HG101 but more like a blog ala shinjuforest. Creates small reviews or retrospectives with nice media of many obscure retro games. Worth it.)
  • (Excellent blog written by a 'grumpy Brit gamer', who usually scolds most of the [bad] games that he's had to review! Has massive retrospectives on usually obscure and sometimes classic retro games on the old systems.)
  • (Very similar to above's lunaticobscurity's blog. But only more occasionally updated. Covers mainly Japanese games from very old systems like the PC Engine CD.)
  • (Newly populated blog site started on Jan 2016 by the same creator of his classic site - that old site which was discontinued in the 2000's decade but is still online has that classic gray background and red menu tabs. He is an avid SNES/SFC nerd and had amassed about 400 SNES/SFC games in the 2000's, though unfortunately he's stopped there & then. He wrote many great reviews with ratings on many SNES & especially SFC games, almost all of them good. Worth reading. Most articles on the new blog are sourced from his old site but edited and many more media content added; while there are some new reviews, too. He has some fantastic features worth looking up.)
  • (Blog started in mid-2010, but I discovered it right near the end of 2017 with days to go after finding a "Shounen Ashibe" review! The guy behind this blog considers RVGFanatic a friend of his which is obvious as his blog has a similar design to the latter's old, earlier website version with a thin, crunched-up text body in the middle part of the browser screen, a dark background, and he generously sprinkles his review pages with oodles of captioned screenshots. His own unique perk: he adds in a proper rating score out of 10's in each review next to a cute yellow star mascot picture! Great reviews on SFC/SNES games (Especially obscure ones) but also the odd ones for games on Nintendo's other old consoles like NES & GB. Well worth checking out.)
  • (Brand new walkthrough and review blog covering true RPGs - no adventure, sim, etc - released only in Japan on the Super Famicom. Blog started in Feb 2017, & the blogger has strict criteria rules for what games he'd be playing & reviewing. Usefully, the list of all real SFC RPGs can be seen in a google docs sheet link in the right-hand pane. But the main problem with his blog contents is that his reviews are just too dour like he doesn't understand the time and circumstances in which these RPG games were made in - early times and growing pains for 2D JRPG development. But you can see lots of shots and learn much about each SFC RPG in his own multi-part walkthrough posts.)
  • (Covers both SNES and Genesis games styled in the blogspot sites of above. Does the occasional Japanese imports. "A fresh retrospective look back at the classic 16-bit (SNES/Super Nintendo and Sega Megadrive/Genesis) games played during the 1990’s. Most weeks a game is replayed and reviewed to see how it compares today - is it still a classic and worth another look?")
  • (It is an actual auction store but doesn't really look like one - the design makes it look more of a quasi-database for all Sega Saturn & perhaps Dreamcast games. But it can have profiles for games from other systems, eg. the PC Engine CD format and Famicom Disk System format. You'd see lots of media of game boxes and materials for sale; and at the top the basic details including company names and a brief blurb but really nothing more. However this website constantly gets referred to early in any Google search results for finding Saturn games.)
  • (A fabulous classic website with a retro-like gaming design. Has large amounts of reviews for all the 2D Sega consoles including the Master System, Game Gear, Genesis and its two add-ons. They're mostly English games but there will be the odd Japan-only game reviews. They're just great, great, great!)
  • (Good review site for just about all the games on the TurboGrafx-16 and CD systems, including the Japanese ones. No longer updated after 2014. But you never know.)
  • (Fantastic database with excellent documentation and an overview and media of all games on the PC Engine & CD systems [Same as TurboGrafx].)
  • (Similar to pcengine's database above. But picture-less. Has accurate details about the makers and tidbits of the date of release, genre and stuff about all PC-E/CD games.)
  • (Interesting website with fancy media and functional menus but a bit hard to get around. Has reviews for retro, 2000's decade and modern system games but almost without exception in the English language. Has a few retrospectives too.)

No longer updated anymore:

  • (Not sure if it's being updated but likely not. You can see many reviews for games on many old Japanese and Western platforms.)
  • (Very old and badly designed website with a number of reviews of old anime-based SFC games.)
  • (From a cult classic reviewer called 'VyseTheDetermined'. Another great, but slightly lesser known peer to both old RVGFanatic & SteveTheFish's sites dedicated to reviewing obscure Japanese SFC games. Each review has a nice showcase of mixed media and details about the game and their makers. Dated web design. This site stopped uploading new content in early 2012 but don't be disappointed as the same creator has his own Youtube channel where you can find many old videos covering the same games he reviewed before from 2010 onwards. He's still making several videos of the obscure Japanese games on Arcade and various gaming systems on average a few times every month to this day, circa 2017!

-- Note: Find his old platform review pages: NES/FC, SFC, GEN/MD, Sega CD, GG, GB/C, PSX, Saturn, Wonderswan/Color.)

  • (Great referential source for games on many Sega consoles. Its high-quality Youtube channel is still active, circa 2017. Also has a SNES catalog, although the game pages there are very lacking. Has databases for SMD, MD, Mega CD, Saturn, DC & Naomi Arcade. Each game page has a title & brief details of the game, medium-size box cover shots and a nice, small review.)
  • (Information database for the PC-FX platform, the successor to the PC-Engine. All PC-FX games are listed, but not all will have their own page.)
  • (I don't use this blog but some of you old-school fans may like it. It had articles in 2015-2016 but is not updated anymore so it seems. It has reviews on Japanese & English-language JRPGs on the FDS, NES and SNES.)
  • (Rare website dedicated solely to reviews of wrestling games on old consoles and many past TV shows/events. Yeah, it's good. It also has many profiles of past Japanese and American wrestlers. It's cool. No longer updated after late 2015.)

Japanese databases: [They can usually contain the exact perfect title in every word for a game, unlike Gamefaqs, so mind you. Although they can be lacking in terms of the company names behind the games.]

  • (Fortunately when you come across this website you should already be in the North American branch if you may be outside Japan on the Net. So virtually all of the important words and menu text on its website are in English. This is a very rare website where you can find a game's product description, especially for post-2000 console games such as those on the Nintendo DS handheld device that you may find nowhere else. A game's blurb may be in Japanese so it'll be hard to put it in google translate [As even that may refuse to beam them out into English]; but keep persisting and you'll get it!)
  • (A nice and concise database with brief details, correct title and nice box cover displays of the games especially on post-2000 systems: DS, 3DS, GC, Wii, Wii U and PS3.)
  • (Not bad. But not as complete as the above two - yesasia & gametdb. However can have lots of nice screenshots when a game page is on there.)
  • (Good for the Nintendo DS games with brief details and box cover of each game and screenshot pop-ups. Don't worry, the ROM download links there seem to be inactive now.)
  • (This is an example of a specific sub-genre of PSX games. This website lets you look at the title screen and a couple quick screenshots per game page. So it's great to catch up with research on the many Japanese-only console games that are still left un-translated. That website has coverage for a number of mid-1980's to 2000 console platforms. Try to use Google Translate on it.)

Japanese Games-focused media websites [NEW! In English language but they focus on modern games made in Japan only, especially post-2005/2010! Can be very useful to research for any good un-localized titles on modern systems, ie. PS3/4, PS Vita.]:

  • (Most neat, elegant website with pretty layouts and good thumbnail pictures and instant clicks of the latest news collated into many categories. You can even go to an individual search page representing all the available article links for a specific game.)
  • (Much messier than above's gematsu and ad-riddled so could cause freezing crashes on a browser on your mobile smart-phone. But the design may have its fans.
  • (Man, I hadn't paid much attention to this till recently in May 2017. But this is a very handy review site that regularly covers many worthwhile games on systems like the PS3/4, PC and etc, some of which were never released properly in the West [Just either Japanese-only or in Asia with/without English subtitles]. It does cover visual novel games [Has relevant warnings on ecchi content] and sometimes covers Western made adventures.)
  • (Since the PS Vita was unfortunately cut off from selling in the West even though it did decently well in the early 2010's many games made for it since then stayed inside Japan. This one is an ideal review site to catch up with what are the good PS Vita games.)
  • (Sure this review website does review Western games like adventures, RPGs, shooters and open-worlders, especially those with a good story. BUT it very often reviews Japanese made games. I love its reviews and ratings as they're much more balanced than below's digitalldownloaded, which is WAY too weaning, having too much praise of many Japanese games that can be off-putting with super-high ratings.)
  • (I believe the main reviewer of this site to be Australian. He tends to give glowing reviews to the Japanese only games whereas elsewhere some of them may get only above-average or average reviews. If you can stomach that then this is a pretty website with good text. He also covers Western made adventures.)
  • (Never heard of this before till I came across a World of Final Fantasy review on it. It's got a scathing review of FF XV, but I'm fine with that. It seems to review the latest Japanese-made games on the consoles. So it's worth a look. Decent ratings for most games.)
  • (Similar to videochums above. Nice, big review pages with few screenshots. It does review some Western games but a lot of its reviews are for games from Japan. Although the web design is very simple, it's got convenient browse facilities on the right pane for searching for reviews by year, and games on different systems. Ratings can be brutally harsh.)