Metroid II: Return of Samus:RAM map

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Please add more.

0xCFE9 health alarm timer
0xD027 X position within area (pixels)
0xD028 X position within area (screen)
0xD029 Y position within area (pixels)
0xD02A Y position within area (screen)
0xD02B side you're facing
0xD045 current equipment
0xD048 related to interacting with water
0xD04D current beam
0xD051 current hp 
0xD053 current missiles
0xD084 displayed hp
0xD086 displayed missiles
0xD088 save station "save completed" message timer
0xD09A global metroids remaining
0xD09E room transition pause flag?
0xD0A0 debug mode flag
0xD0A2 current measure (music)
0xD0A7 local metroids remaining
0xDFF3-DFF6 current note of channel? (music)